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part 10 : Here to change his life forever

The morning sun dawned, Armaan Riddhima were lost in each others dream in their separate rooms. Riddhima was looking like an angel sleeping with a smile on her, she had been dreaming about her Mr. Right Armaan the whole night on the other side Armaan was also dreaming about his Ms. Perfect Riddhima. Armaan eventually fell for Riddhima n had started loving her and realized it but his fears permitted him from confessing his love for Riddhima. Armaan's beauty sleep was disturbed by a phone call. *ring* *ring*
Riddhima: Good Morning Armaan
Armaan was still sleeping, Riddhima started screaming his name on the other side waking Armaan up from his sleep.
Riddhima: Hello U there?
Armaan: Huh yeah good morning.
Riddhima: Okay so yeah I called to inform you that we are going to an amusement park today. U r coming right?
Armaan: Uhmmm May be
Riddhima: Excuse me u don't have a choice. U better be ready in an hour.

Armaan couldn't say no or lets say he didn't have any other choice than going to the amusement park with Riddhima. He quickly got off the bed, got ready and they left for Amusement park.
As soon as the two got their Riddhima acted all kiddish and insisted on sitting on the slower rides where as Armaan did not enjoy them at all.
A: Come on Riddhima do not be such a baby if u sit on this rollercoasters you won't die.
R: Armaan what if something happens and I fall off. I have acrophobia and I m scared of riding on the rollercoaster.
He just laughed seeing how innocent she is.
A: if you trust me a bit then you will come on this with me. I assure you nothing will happen to you. You'll be fine I promise.
Riddhima made a sad little face and then finally agreed because she trusted him more then anything.
As they took their seats Riddhima was still scared and was holding to Armaan tight, which made Armaan laugh how she acted like a kid. Throughout the whole ride and on other roller coasters she sat so close to Armaan holding this hand tight Armaan was enjoying their closeness and so was Riddhima. She felt protected being so close to him, and him holding her. The whole day pass by enjoying almost all the rides in the park, having close moments and loads of fun. As they were walking back to their hotel since the weather was nice and the place they had their dinner was nearby Riddhima was surprised seeing one of her guy friend who used to go to the same college as Riddhima in U.S. Armaan didn't know about this guy. Riddhima and her friend Tarun were quite close and were busy catching up with each other since they had not met after college armaan felt completely ignored and he did not like it. Tarun Riddhima's friend was getting too intimate with Riddhima and Riddhima did not say anything this had now started to piss armaan off and he couldn't take it he had enough of this. Suddenly there was a BAMP Armaan hit Tarun on his face. Armaan couldn't control his anger any longer, he couldn't see anyone near Riddhima he was getting over possessive for Riddhima. On the other side Tarun couldn't take the beating he got from Armaan, his ego was hurt so both of them got into fight. A worried Riddhima tried to stop Armaan from further hitting Tarun.
Riddhima: Armaan stop it!!! STOP IT ARMAAN!!!
Armaan: No Riddhima how dare he touch you, I am not gonna leave me.
Riddhima: Armaan meri kasam please stop fighting. Please lets go, Armaan please for me!!!
Armaan: theek hai chalo. I am leaving him only for you, if it wasn't for you he wouldn't have gone live from here.
Riddhima pulled Armaan and dragged him into the hotel in Riddhima's room.
Riddhima: Armaan tumhe kitni chot lagi hai…she gets up brings the first aid box from the closet and puts ointment on the bruises and taps them.
Riddhima: Armaan achanak tumhe kya ho gaya. Itna sara gussa. Whats wrong with you.
Armaan: Riddhima Why the hell was he touching you like that what the hell did that guy think of himself. He was just one of those flirts and irritating guys.
Riddhima: Whats wrong with you armaan I have knows him longer then you he is not like that you are just overreacting.
Armaan: Of course how long have we known each other anyways I mean nothing to you right? I was just stupid to beat that guy up because I wanted you to be safe.
Riddhima: Armaan that was not because you wanted me to be safe it was an ego problem you had. That is why you beat him up. You are just like one of those typical guys who do what they want and do not care about anything else Armaan: You know what riddhima do what you want. I don't care about you and yes I am one of those typical guys happy. You are no less either you don't care about anybody else then yourself.
Riddhima: you are saying that armaan do you realise what I have done for you in the past few years(Tears in her eyes). You know what armaan you never understood me and never will so I guess you should just go to hell.
Both of them then walked away parting ways. This was one of the hugest fights they had ever had armaan was really hurt by the fact that riddhima has not understood what his intention behind hitting tarun was. Riddhima was also extremely hurt by his actions. The two had not spoken for the past two days and armaan had started to drink again where as riddhima had not eaten properly for the past two days. This was hurting both of them and It hurted to see each other in pain. Armaan had now realized that he needed riddhima by his life else his life would once again be lifeless. He realized now he had to sort out stuff with her and talk to her finally confess that he was madly in love with her. He went to her and found her sitting on the balcony. He tried talking to her but she ignored him. He then grabbed her and pushed her to the wall.
Armaan: talk to me Riddhima dammit. Do you even realize how hard its been for me since the past two days Riddhima: Armaan you always look at your own pain but don't care about others.

Armaan: Did u even bother asking me why I did that the other day you just jumped on me and said I was like any of the other guys.

Riddhima: I did not ask you and you did not bother explaining instead you told me to go to hell.
Armaan: God Riddhima don't you understand that whenever someone comes near you I can't bear it and my blood starts to boil and I feel like killing that person. That is why I hated it when Tarun came close to you. Im sorry Riddhima for that day, Please do not be mad at me I am really sorry I don't want to fight you or loose you. I miss us being together and close
Riddhima: can I ask you something Armaan why do care for me so much? Why do you get angry when someone comes near me? Why do you feel like killing that person? Why can't you see anyone near me? Bolo Armaan bolo. Please tell me itna sara gussa kyun.
Armaan: Because I love you. I have realized that the feelings I had for you was much more than friendship. The feelings and concerns I had for you was not a concern and feelings that a normal friend has for another friend. You make me feel special and whenever you are with me I feel complete, I forget about what I have gone through I forget about all the sadness I forget that there is a world around us. The life I had lived before you came in my life was miserable, I would rather say I had no life. I had become a workaholic, I forget that there was a world I live in which there is a life called social life. The only thing that mattered to me the most was my work, and I used to drink every single night to make myself feel better. Drinking was the only support I had. (Armaan became emotionally and tears dropped from his eyes).
Riddhima wiped the tears with her hands and said Armaan I promise I will never leave and do something that will harm you. You are everything to me. I promise Ill make you forget everything that happen to you in your past and come out of it. Can we start fresh, can we forget everything that happen and rather than remembering it and crying over it can we start new and make a better future that will be filled with only and only love.
Armaan: Riddhima please don't leave me alone I will die. You are everything that I have. You are my world. My world revolves around you. If anything happens to you I won't be able to survive I'll die. I promise I'll try to forget my past and move on and surely we can start new today. Saying this Armaan hug her tight not willing to leave her ever, she hugged him back. She was feeling protected in his arms and knew that he will be always with her, on the other hand Armaan's happiness didn't have any bounds today. He got someone to look for, he got the love of his life, he got someone who can take care of him and love him the same way he does, he got someone who can support him throughout his life, he got someone on whom he can rely on, he got a reason to live. He felt like he achieved everything in his life. They sat their in each other's arms and fall asleep in the same position.
The sun rays were hitting their faces due to which Armaan woke up and tried to move but realized the position they have been sleeping the whole night, he saw the Riddhima wasn't comfortable sleeping in the position so he picked her up and made her sleep putting blanket on her and went to his room to get ready. After half an hour he came back to Riddhima's room seeing Riddhima still sleeping. He thought to himself how innocent she looks just like a baby, cute and adorable. He went sat next to her and gave a quick peck on her forehead without disturbing her but less he knew that she was awake was waiting to see his reaction and waiting for him to wake her up.
Armaan: Riddhima get up, come on its our last day in Goa. Lets enjoy it to our best.
Riddhima: mhmm 5 minutes plz Armaan.
Armaan: tum uth rahi ho ki main…your 5 mins are up…Riddhima didn't get up she was joking around with him but less she knew that next minute she was fully drenched. Armaan had splash a full bucket of water on her. Riddhima got up from the bed all angry and started chasing Armaan with Armaan running in the whole room to save his life. Riddhima was about to slip due to the water and Armaan got hold of her before she fell on the floor and they got lost in each other's eyes with Armaan holding Riddhima for couple mins.
*knock* *knock*
The knock on the door brought them out of their eye lock. Riddhima rushed in the bathroom to get ready while Armaan opened the door to find the waiter standing there with the breakfast he had ordered for them. Armaan took the tray in and close the door.
Riddhima: Armaan who was it?
Armaan: Waiter he brought our breakfast. Get ready and come out fast I m hungry.
Riddhima: Okay I'll be there in 15 mins.
15mins later Riddhima came out with water dripping from her hair wearing a white shirt with jeans. She looked just like an angel. Armaan was totally lost in her. Riddhima came and hit him on his shoulder making him come out of his dream land. They both had their breakfast and the whole day they did some sight seeing and enjoy their last day in Goa. They had so much fun, they got to know each other better and they loved being with each other. At night Armaan had planned a surprise for Riddhima. He wanted to make that day very special for her.
In the evening Armaan had made all his arrangements and everything was ready. He just had to let Riddhima know so he knocked on her room door.
Riddhima: Coming…can't you wait…
Armaan: Nahi kar sakta wait…okay so I just came to tell you that get ready in 15 mins I have something for you. Ill be waiting for you come down in the lobby in 15 minutes.
Riddhima: What where are you taking me?
Armaan: don't worry tumhe kha nahi jaonga. Itna bhi trust nahi karti.
Riddhima: Aisi baat nahi hai but still….okay fine ill be down in 15 mins and she closes the door.
Armaan's waiting for Riddhima downstairs in the lobby wearing red shirt and jeans. Riddhima comes down wearing a beautiful simple but gorgeous red sari with light makeup and earnings. Armaan couldn't take his eyes off her, she was looking absolutely stunning.
Armaan blind folded Riddhima and tells her to hold his hand and go where he is taking her, Riddhima being herself couldn't kept asking Armaan where he was taking her. Armaan took the blind fold off and Riddhima was shock to see all the decorations. She was standing on a yacht that was entirely decorated with lights, candles, and flowers. As she moved around to see the whole yacht she was wordless. She didn't have any words to describe how she felt at that moment. Everything around was so pretty it, it was way beyond her thoughts. Riddhima had tears in her eyes looking at everything. It was so wonderful, it seemed like a dream to her.
Armaan wiping the tears off her face he said "I can't see tears in your eyes, I promise as long as I am with you I'll always keep you happy and make sure you never see these tears. Acha ab batao kaise laga mera surprise?
Riddhima: I m speechless…I have no words to describe how I feel…Armaan thank you so much for everything I can't believe this is real, it seems like some dream.
Armaan lead her towards the table, pulled the chair for her and made her sit. Taking the seat opposite to her he opened champagne poured into a glass so they can drink from the same one sitting their talking. After couple minutes they did a close dance holding each other closely, feeling each other's breathe and hearing each other heartbeats, they felt like on top of the world being in each other's arm dancing on the tunes of romantic songs. After the lovely romantic dance they had delicious dinner and now it was the time for the actual surprise. After dinner Armaan took Riddhima to the deck and they stood there in Titanic pose feeling the cold air hitting their faces, making Riddhima's hair blow which covered Armaan's face, Armaan could smell her fragrance.

Riddhima was shock seeing how words written in the sky.
Riddhima: Armaan yeh saab kya hai?
Armaan: the reason behind this surprise. He sat on his knees holding a ring in his hand which had "Forever yours" engraved in it.
Armaan: Ms Riddhima Gupta I Armaan Mallik promise to keep you happy all my life and I love you more than anything in the world, You mean everything to me, You are my better half and I can't think of living without you, you have become my life, my everything. Will you Marry Me?
Riddhima had tears today her happiness didn't have any bounds she felt on cloud nine. She hadn't thought even in her dream that her love of life will propose her like this and that she is so special for him and he loves her more than she loves him. With tears in her eyes she said YES and made Armaan get up and stood hugging each other not caring about anything.
That night passed with tons of romantic moments, fun, enjoyment and most importantly the best part of the date proposing. That was the day she was never gonna forget she got everything she wanted. Her love of her life was with her and they were so much in love. That night she slept peacefully dreaming about her love like she has never before.

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