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Part 11 :Betrayal (AR)

Recap:  The gang decides to go to Kasauli Club for the evening.  A girl is really mad as she doesn't know where Armaan has gone.  She vows to get Armaan back.  In Kasauli, Armaan and Riddhima share a moment together.  They later go to the club, where Riddhima recalls her first meeting with Armaan.  They come back to the hotel, where the boys find out that Maya and Vivek have come there, too, and Armaan is really mad.  He recalls his second meeting with Riddhima in the college where they had bet.

The next morning, the boys of the gang had gathered up together in Atul's room.  They all were worried on the fact that Maya was here.
" Pata nahin yeh Maya yahaan kyun aayi hain?  I just hate her!  She's a bloody b*tch! " Armaan said with full anger.
" Shaant ho jao Amy.  Iss tarah se naaraaz hone ka koi fayeda nahin hain.  Thande dimaag se socho.  Tab hi hum koi bhi kaam sahi tarike se kar paayenge. " Amit tried to calm Armaan down.
" Kaise shaant rahoon main Amu?  Kaise?  Uss Maya ne meri poori zindagi tabah kar di.  She ruined my entire life!  Usski planning ki vajaah se aaj Riddhima ko mujh par vishwaas nahin hain.  Usski vajaah se aaj meri Riddhima mujhse baat tak karne ko tayaar nahin hain.  Main usske ek kadam paas jaata hoon toh who dus kadam peeche chali jaati hain.  Riddhima ko toh mere pyaar par bhi vishwaas nahin hain.  Usse yeh lagta hain ki maine usse shaadi usske jism ke liye ki.  Aise mein main kaise shaant rahoon Amu? " Armaan got up angrily and said everything he had in his heart.  As he finished, he knocked down the flower vase that was in front of him.
" Armaan!  Toh tu kya karega?!  Maar dalega ussko?  Jaa!  Maar daal!  Yeh rahi gun, aur jaake katal kar de usska! " Rahul got up angrily and shouted.  He went to his drawer and took the gun that was there, and placed it in Armaan's hand.
" Dekh kya raha hain?  Jaa, maar daal ussko!  Yeh hi toh chahta hain na tu?  Isse sirf tu gunhegaar saabit hoga, Maya nahin.  Riddhima tujh par vishwaas karne lagi hain, lekin tere gussa karne se nuksaan sirf tera hain Armaan. "  Rahul explained to Armaan.  He made him sat down and then started to talk again.
" Armaan.  Main samajh sakta hoon ki tujh par kya beet rahi hain.  Meri bhi shaadi huyi hain.  Main bhi pyaar karta hoon kissi se.  Lekin Armaan gussa karne se kuch nahin hoga.  Tu jitna jaanta tha, utna tune hume bata diya.  Ab tu sirf Ridzi ko sach bataane ki tayaari kar.  Baaki sab hum dekh lenge. " Armaan nodded.
" Lekin guys mujhe bohat darr lag raha hain.  Main Maya ko bohat achhi tarah se jaanta hoon, woh haar nahin mane waali.  Woh zaroor kuch karegi.  Tum logo ne kal usski aankhen nahin dekhi thi kya?  Gussa, junoon, sab tha usski aankhon mein.  Jaise woh kissi ka khoon kar degi. " Her raged filled eyes flashed before his eyes.
" Tu itna sure kaise hain? " Atul asked and Armaan smiled a little and turned towards Atul.
" Duniya ke liye main Maya ko teen mahine se jaanta hoon.  Lekin tu bhi jaanta hain ki sach kya hain. " No one spoke for a while.  Everyone just looked at Armaan.  Horror was starting to enter everyone's heart.
" Main Maya ko teen mahine se nahin, teen saal se jaanta hoon.  Aur sirf main hi nahin, hum sab usse jaante hain.  Faraq sirf itna hain, ki kissi ko kuch yaad nahin.  Hain na? " Armaan spoke in a grave tone.  There was dead silence in the room.  It seemed as if everyone had stopped breathing.
We see the same girl in a dark room standing in front of the mirror where Armaan and Riddhima's photos were clipped.  She opened the drawer and took out some more pictures and clippers.  She picked up the first picture, which was Anjali's, and clipped that to the mirror.  She did the same with other pictures, too.  Once she was done, she stood there, and looked at all the pictures.
" Rahul, Atul, Amit... tum sab mein se kissi ko bhi main yaad nahin.  How sad.  Kitni ajeeb si baat hain na?  Teen saal pehle, hum sab kitne ache dost the.  Lekin ab, tum sab mujhe nahin pehchaante.  Kaise pehchaanoge?  Chhod ke jo jaana pada tha mujhe tum sab ko.  Sab... uss... Riddhima ki vaje se.  Sab kuch chheen liya ussne mujhse.  Mere dost, meri zindagi... mera pyaar.  Sab kuch.  Lekin ab nahin.  Not anymore.  Kyunki main wapas aa gayi hoon.  Mera sab kuch wapas lene.  MAYA SAXENA IS BACK! " Maya said with great care in her eyes and tone as she remembered her past with the boys, which then turned into a sad one.  But then her tone became bitter as she said Riddhima's name, which soon turned into anger.
" Guys, Maya sirf dikhne mein bholi bhaali hain.  Andar se woh kya hain, yeh hum sab jaante hain.  Ek saal pehle kya hua tha, yeh yaad hain na tum logo ko? " They all recalled what had happened a year back.  There was no way they could forget that scary night.


" MAYA!  YEH TUMNE KYA KIYA? " Armaan, Atul, Amit, and Rahul barged into a dark room, where Maya was sitting at a table with a sharp blade in her hands.  Armaan tooked the blade from her hand, and then slapped her.
" Kya kiya maine Armaan? " Maya said as if nothing had happened.
" TUMNE RIDDHIMA PAR HAMLA KYUN KIYA? " This made Maya's anger reach the peak.
" Maya yeh kya ho gaya hain tumhe?  Tum kyun aise behave kar rahi ho? " Rahul asked calmly.
" Main kyun aisi behave kar rahi hoon?!  Main aise iss liye behave kar rahi because I love Armaan!  I LOVE HIM DAMN IT! " The boys were shocked at Maya's confession.
" What? " said a horrified Armaan.
" Yes Armaan, I love you.  Aur main uss Riddhima ko hamare beech kabhi nahin aane doongi.  NEVER! "
" TUM PAAGAL HO GAYI HO KYA? " Armaan shouted.
" Maya, I don't love you.  I love Riddhima. " Armaan said calmly.  Maya started to go back and then knocked the table over in anger.
" Kyunki woh sirf bahar se hi nahin, andar se bhi bohat khubsoorat hain.  Aur woh andar ki khubsoorati tum mein nahin hain. "
" THAT BLOODY- " Maya was about to curse her, when Armaan slapped her again, and she fell on the floor.  Blood was oozing from the corner of her lips.  She looked back at Armaan.
" DON'T YOU DARE MAYA!  DON'T YOU DARE! " Armaan was furious.  He was about to kill her when Atul, Amit, and Rahul came and held him back.
" Armaan!  Bas!  Let's go from here! " said Atul.
" You know what Maya?  Tum mere pyaar ke laayak hi nahin.  You don't deserve me. " Armaan said in a disgusted tone and then headed towards his car.  Maya got up and ran after him.
" Armaan!  Armaan!  Armaan please mujhe chhod kar matt jao!  PLEASE ARMAAN!  Main tumhare bina marr jaaungi!  ARMAAN! " By the time Maya reached them, the boys had already sat in the car, and had started to drive, while Maya tried to stop them, but they left, leaving a crying and raged Maya behind.

Flashback ends...

The boys were sitting in the same position as before, but their faces were horror-striked as they remembered that horrible night.
" I can't believe ki Maya aisa kar sakti hain.  Woh pehle kitni achhi thi, lekin ab toh woh bilkul badal gayi hain. " Atul said sadly.
" Haan yaar.  Jo ladki hamari itni achhi dost thi, ussi ne sab kuch khatam kar diya. " Amit agreed with him.
" Lekin guys yeh socho, mujhe toh sirf aadha sach pata hain.  Agar yeh aadha itna bura hain, toh baaki ka aadha kaisa hoga? " Armaan asked.
" Woh chaahe jitna bhi bura kyun na ho Amy, hum sab dat kar usska saamna karenge.  Hum Maya ko kabhi nahin jeetne denge.  Never. " Rahul encouraged the boys with a smile and they all had a group hug.  After a while they all separated.
" Ok guys, yeh emotional drama khatam karo, and let's go and have some fun. "  The boys smiled and then left.  Since it was around 11 AM, they decided to eat lunch.

At the Restraunt...

Everyone came and started to sit down.  As usual the couples wanted to sit together.  Armaan already took his seat, and Riddhima was going to sit beside him but Maya took the seat before Riddhima could sit there.  Riddhima felt bad and Armaan looked at Maya, and then Riddhima.  Riddhima looked around for another chair, and then went and sat beside Vivek.  Rahul, who was sitting right beside Riddhima, saw anger in Armaan's eyes and spoke up.
" Oye Armaan, tu yahaan aaja.  Mujhe meri Muskaan ke saath bethna hain! "  Rahul said in fake anger, and Armaan was more than happy to change seats with him.
" Toh aaja!  Maine kahaan pakad ke rakha hain? " And in an instant, they got up, and switched seats.  While going, Armaan gave a grateful smile to Rahul, and Rahul said no problem through his eyes.  Maya saw this and was extremely mad and this showed in her eyes, but not on her face.  The girls noticed everything.
They had noticed how Armaan didn't stay anywhere near her, and that Maya always tries to come close to him.  This incident made them even more sure that something was going on.  Anjali, Sapna, and Muskaan asked the boys through their eyes, and Rahul made a gesture which said I'll tell you later.  Not only those 3, but Riddhima, too, had noticed the tension between Armaan and Maya.
On the other hand, Armaan, who felt relieved after sitting beside Riddhima, still wasn't very happy as Maya was sitting in front of him.
" Guys, ab tum log wait kya kar rahe ho?  Come on, let's attack the food! " said Amit.  The gang smiled and they started to eat the food.  Everything was going well.  They all were chit-chatting, gossiping, making fun of each other, laughing, and what not.  Among all this, someone's love had started to blossom.  Who's?  Amit and Sapna's.
Amit wanted some rice, and so did Sapna and they forwarded their hands at the same time.  Amit, instead of holding the spoon, held Sapna's hand and it felt as if a current went through their bodies.  Sapna and Amit looked at each other and got lost in each other's eyes.
' Keh do Sapna.  Keh do ki tum bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho.  Keh do ki tumhare dill mein sirf main hoon.  Keh do Sapna.  Main woh teen shabd sunne ke liye taras gaya hoon.  Just say it. ' Amit thought to himself.  As if Sapna had somehow heard his words, she spoke up.
" I... love' " Sapna said staring into his eyes.
" You love? "
" I... love... rice. " Sapna, said Amit looked at her shocked, while the gang tried to stifle their laughter.
" What? " Amit asked, not being able to digest what she just said.
" Haan.  I love rice.  Issi liye toh main yeh lene jaa rahi thi.  Aur tumne mera haath kyun pakda hua hain?  Chhodo. " Sapna said, and Amit left her hand.
" Thanks. " Though Sapna had started to eat, and looked normal, she was surprised at what was about to happen.
' Yeh kya ho gaya tha mujhe?  Kyun main hamesha Amit ki aankhon mein kho jaati hoon?  Kyun uss ke chehre se main nazar nahin utha paati?  Why is this happening to me? '  Sapna thought to herself, but then dismissed the thought.
On the other hand, Maya was furious.
' Phirse tumne aisa kiya Armaan.  Mujhe chhod kar uss Riddhima ke paas chale gaye. '  Maya thought while eating her food.  She looked up at Riddhima. ' Aisa kya hain iss Riddhima ke andar jo ussne mujhe chhod diya?  Lekin koi baat nahin.  End mein Armaan aayega ko mere hi paas.  No matter what happens. ' Maya thought to herself, and smiled inwardly.
She looked up at Armaan and placed her hand beside her cheeks.  She took off the flip-flops that she was wearing and slowly took her feet towards Armaan's legs.  Armaan, who was taking a spoon towards his mouth, stopped as he felt someone's feet touching his legs.  He looked up to see Maya smiling seductively and biting her lower lip a little.  She started to rub his legs by her feet.  Her legs then went up, and rested on his knees.
Riddhima turned her face to get some rice, and saw Armaan looking straight, and not eating the rice he had in his spoon.  She followed his gaze and saw Maya smiling a little.  She was unable to understand what was going on and kept moving her head back and forth between Armaan and Maya.
Amit, who saw this, looked at Rahul and tried to grab his attention.  When he finally got it, he said through his eyes to look at Armaan and Maya.  Rahul looked at Maya and then down.  He realized that she wasn't wearing her shoes, and that her legs were straight and he understood what was going on.  Quickly thinking of something, he took the glass of water and looked at Muskaan.  He then deliberately spilled water on Maya's dress and Maya was shocked.  She removed her feet from Armaan's knees, and wore her shoes.
" Oh I'm so sorry Maya!  Maine yeh jaan mujh kar nahin kiya.  I'm extremely sorry! " Rahul pretended to be sorry.  Maya looked up at him irritated, and then at Armaan, who was smirking, and then composed herself.
" It's ok Rahul.  Mistakes sab se hoti hain.  Kabhi aise, " Maya said in a sugary-coated tone with a smile and then looked at Riddhima " toh kabhi waise. " Implying that Armaan made a mistake by choosing Riddhima.  The smirk on Armaan's face faded a little and then Maya left.
' Mistake main nahin, tum kar rahi ho.  Mujhe Riddhima se alag karne ki mistake. '  Armaan thought to himself.
On the other hand, Riddhima was totally confused.  She had no clue about what was going on.  She was mad seeing Maya trying to come so close to Armaan, but on the same time she was confused seeing anger in Armaan's eyes.
' Uss Maya ki itni himmat?  Ki woh mere Armaan par dore daale?!  How dare she!?  Samajhti kya hain woh khud ko?  Lekin Armaan hamesha usse gusse bhari nazron se kyun dekhta hain?  Why?  Kya chal raha hain unn dono ke beech mein?  Mujhe pata lagana hi hoga.  I'll have to find out. ' Riddhima thought to herself.  She was determined to find out the truth.  Soon the lunch was over, and everyone was in their room, resting.  They were tired after yesterday, and had decided to rest for a day or so.   The girls were in their rooms, resting, while the boys had gone to the club to do their 'party'.

Riddhima's room...

Riddhima was in her room, going through the photo album she had.  She, then, saw a picture of her and Armaan's at the basketball court and remembered a day at the college.


It was a bright, sunny morning with a tinge of coolness in the air as it had rained last night.  People were jogging around and exercising to warm up.  Somewhere down the lane, Riddhima was doing the same.
She was in the college's basketball court and she was playing basketball, alone.  She was wearing a yellow-orange track suit, and had a redish-orange headband in her hair, which stopped the hair from falling on her face.  Her mouth moved, as she chewed the strawberry flavored gum.
She dribbled the ball, and then scored, though she was totally unaware the pair of eyes, that were on her.  She suddenly heard someone clap for her and she turned around and saw Armaan walking towards her.
" Nice! "
" Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho? " She asked with her head tilted a bit, and her eye brows knit together.
" Well.  Main toh yahaan par basketball khelne aaya tha.  Lekin maine yeh dekh liya. " Riddhima nodded once, and then started to dribble the ball again, when she heard Armaan talk again, and stopped.
" Waise you know?  Yeh jo game hain na, akele nahin khela jaata. " Riddhima looked back at Armaan, still dribbling the ball, but at a slower rate.  Armaan walked towards her.  He took the ball and then scored, while looking right into her eyes.
" One-on-one.  What say? " Neither of them broke the eye contact.  Riddhima rolled her eyes and started to go past him, but stopped at his comment.
" Darr gayi? " Anger filled her veins and she turned around, her eyes big with determination.  She walked up to him and stood in front of him, staring directly into his eyes.
" Done! " She said in a low tone and Armaan smirked.
" Soch lo.  Haar jaaogi. " Armaan challenged her and Riddhima scoffed.  She looked at the ground and then back at him with a
smirk on her face.  She went a bit more closer to him and said in a very low voice.
" Riddhima Gupta ne kabhi haarna nahin seekha. "
" Yeh toh waqt hi batayega Basket, ki kaun jeetne ke liye bana hain, aur kaun haarne ke liye. " Armaan looked away, and then back at her.  Riddhima was surprised with the nickname Armaan gave her, but didn't let that show on her face.
In no time, the two were standing on the two sides of the court.  Armaan had the ball in his hand, which was extended.  He suddenly threw the ball in the air, and both jumped to get the ball.  Armaan was the one who got it.  He dribbled the ball while Riddhima tried to get it.  He faked a move and Riddhima fell into it, and he scored.  The turn was Riddhima's now.
She dribbled the ball with both hands.  Armaan was behind her, and he tried to get the ball, but Riddhima was too quick for it.  She moved her hair to the other side, and in the process, it hit Armaan's face.
Armaan froze for a while.  He looked at Riddhima, who was too much into the game.  He carefully noticed all her features once again.  His eyes fell on her nape.  It seemed as if it was just waiting for his touch.
' Aisa kya hain iss ladki mein, jo main iss pe se kabhi apni nazar nahin hata pata?  Kyun main baar, baar Riddhima ki taraf kheecha chala jaa raaha hoon?  Main toh sirf isse do din se jaanta hoon, toh phir... kya hain yeh?  Kya mujhe Riddhima se... no dude.  Yeh sirf attraction hain.  Aur kuch nahin.  Tu sirf Riddhima ki taraf attract ho raaha hain.  Nothing else. ' Armaan thought to himself.
Riddhima, who finally noticed Armaan not trying to get the ball, turned around to see Armaan staring at her, as if lost somewhere.  She took the advantage of the situation, and then quickly dribbled the ball to the basket, and scored, and then cheered for herself.
Armaan came out of the trance, and then looked at Riddhima who had scored.  He held his head and looked back at Riddhima.  Riddhima turned her thumbs downwards, and sticked her tongue out.
" Yo Basket!  Ek basket kar lene se koi game jeet nahin jaata.  Samjhi? " Armaan said cooly.
" Whatever! " Riddhima rolled her eyes, and both resumed the game.  The game went on for quite a while, when she got a call.
" Hello? "
" Shit!  Yea, I'm coming!  Bye! " She cut the call, and then looked at Armaan.
" Sorry Amy.  Gotta go!  We'll resume the game later. " Riddhima said in her American accent, and then left, and Armaan kept looking at her.
" Strange girl.  Amy?  Nice! " Armaan shook his head.  He then remembered that Riddhima called him 'Amy'.  He cocked his brows, and nodded.
They soon met again in the college.
Armaan and his group was talking, when Riddhima entered the college, and was passing them, when a guy called her.  Riddhima went towards him.
" Hi!  I'm Atul. " He extended his hand towards her.  Riddhima looked at him, and then shook his hand with a smile.
" Riddhima. "
" Very nice to meet you. "
" Same here. "
" So you're from US huh? "
" Yup. "
"Miss it? "
" Sorta, not much. "
" Why?  Don't you like it there? "
" It's alright.  Not much to do either. "
" Which part are you from? "
" New York. "
" Wow!  Isn't it pretty cold there? "
" Yes indeed! "
" Like it here? "
" Yea. "
" Tum yahaan kaise?  I mean, you're from US, and... " Atul asked confused.
" Woh actually mere parents chaahte the ki mein yahin pe aake main college degree loon.  So I'm here. "
" Oh, that's cool! " Riddhima nodded.
" So friends? " Riddhima smiled and nodded again.
" Friends! "
" Well, toh since we're friends now, tum mujhe Atul ki jagah, AJ bula sakti ho. "
" AJ? " Riddhima asked confused.
" Yea.  A-J, Atul-Joshi. " Atul cleared it up.
" Oh, ok!  Nice name AJ.  Well, you can call me Ridzi. "
" Nice!  I like Ridzi more! " Riddhima laughed at this.
" Yea, me too! "
" So come, let me introduce you to my group. "
" Sure. " Atul took Riddhima to his group, that was sitting outside the college.
" Hey guys!  What's up? " Atul asked cheerfully.  He hi-5ed 3 other people.
" Nothin' much!  Bas tera hi intezaar kar rahe the. " A girl with golden curly hair responded.
" 'K guys.  Let me introduce you all to my new friend. " Riddhima came up with a smile and everyone looked at her.
" Guys, this is Ridzi, a new student at this college. "
" Hi! " The gang welcomed her.
" Ridzi, this is Sapna. " A girl with medium, black hair smiled and welcomed her.
" Hi Ridzi!  You can call me Sapzi! "
" Ok Sapzi! "
" This is Amit, we call him Amu, but you can think of another nickname. " The gang laughed at this, and Amit smacked Atul on his shoulder.
" Ouch!  Lagta hain! " Atul whined.
" That's good!  Tujhe toh lagna hi chahiye! " Amit turned towards Riddhima. " Hi, I'm Amit.  Nice to meet you. "
" Same here! "
" This is Muskaan, we call her Muski.  Isse toh tum bach kar hi rehna.  Yeh jab maarti hain na, toh bohat lagta hain. " Atul said the last real quietly, but to his bad luck, Muskaan heard this.
" Oye khote!  Apni zabaan ko lagaam de!  Samjha kya! " Muskaan shouted at him, and Riddhima got scared.
" Don't worry, Ridzi.  Yeh toh roz ka hain. " Sapna said, and Ridzi smiled and nodded.
" Sorry meri maa! " Atul joined his hands together and apologized.  He turned back to Riddhima.  " Ridzi, this is Rahul.  Isski aur Muski ki kabhi nahin banti.  Demo dekhna hain? " Riddhima raised one of her eye brows.
" Sure. "
" Oye Muski!  Yeh Rahul mujhe kal keh raha tha ki tu bilkul pagal hain.  Aur tujhe bilkul bhi tameez nahin hain. " As expected, Muskaan went mad and started to shout at Rahul.
" TOH TU KYA KUCH KAM HAIN KYA! " Muskaan shouted back and the gang laughed at this.
" Bas ab bohat ho gaya!  AJ!  Tu kitna jhooth bolega?!  Muski, Rahul ne kuch nahin kaha tha. " Amit explained, and both sat down.
" Sorry Ridzi.  Inn dono ka toh chalta rehta hain. " Amit said.
" No, no!  It's ok.  Main bhi  bilkul Muski jaisi hi hoon. "
" Oye sachi! " said a surprised Muskaan.
" Haan ji!  Tum Patiala se ho? " Riddhima said in Punjabi style.
" Haan! "
" Mere papa bhi udhar se hi hain. "
" Arre wah!  Tab toh hum behne huyi! "
" Haan ji!  Ab apni behen ke gale lag jao! " They both hugged each other and then broke apart.
" Achha Ridzi, yeh hain- " Atul was about to introduce Armaan to Riddhima, but she cut him off.
" Armaan Mallik. "
" Haan, lekin tumhe kaise pata? " This time, Armaan spoke up.
" Yaad hain AJ, meine woh club vaali baat tujhe batayi thi? "
" Haan. "
" Yeh Riddhima wohi dancer hain, jisne Sumi aur Molly ki shaadi tod di thi. " The gang was shocked at this.  They so hadn't expect this.
" KYA? "
" Haan. " Armaan said cooly, and turned back to Riddhima, who had her arms crossed against her chest.
" Haan, main hi woh dancer thi jisske baare mein Amy ne tum logo se baat ki hogi.  Lekin maine Sumit aur Molly ki shaadi nahin todi.  Maine sirf Molly ko Sumit ki assliyat batayi.  Main nahin chaahti ki Molly zindagi bhar iss dhoke mein rahein ki Sumit bohat achha ladka hain.  Aur mujhe nahin lagta ki maine kuch bhi galat kiya hain. " Riddhima said looking straight in Armaan's eyes.  Armaan was a bit surprised at Riddhima's retort, but then recovered quickly.
" Nahin Ridzi.  Tumne kuch bhi galat nahin kiya.  Doosron ka toh pata nahin, but I'm with you. " Sapna said and Riddhima smiled.
" Main bhi. " Muskaan agreed and stood with Riddhima.  Sapna, too, joined her.  Slowly, the rest of the gang, too, stood with Riddhima, and Armaan was standing alone in front of Riddhima.
" Amy.  Tu aaj galat hain.  Ridzi ne jo bhi kiya, theek kiya.  Sumit ko koi haq nahin tha Molly ki zindagi ke saath khelne ka.  Kahin na kahin, hum bhi isske zimedaar hain. " said Atul.
" Haan Amy.  AJ bilkul sahi keh raha hain. " said Amit.  Armaan was shocked at this.  He thought that the boys definitely would've supported him, if not the girls, but he was wrong.
" Guys yeh kya ho gaya hain tum logo ko?  Tum log mera nahin, iss Riddhima ka saath de rahe ho? "
" Haan Amy.  Hum Ridzi ka saath de rahe hain.  Because she's right, and you're wrong. " said Sapna.
" Whatever! " Armaan rolled his eyes and went away.
Riddhima looked at the gang and smiled.
" Thanks guys, for supporting me. "
" No Ridzi, thanks to YOU.  Aaj tumhari vajah se humme apni galti ka ehsaas hua. " Amit said and they all hugged each other.  They broke apart and Rahul spoke up.
" Now you're officially in our gang!  Welcome! " They all smiled widely.
After a while, they went to Professor Shubhankar's class for his lecture.  They spent a good 2 hours in it, and then they went for lunch break.  The lunch break was soon over, and they didn't have class for about another 30 mintues because of the teachers' meeting.  The gang was going to the garden for some more chit chat.
" Oh God!  Yeh professors itne boring kyun hote hain? " Muskaan complained.
" I know!  Lecture ke alaava kuch aur aata hi nahin. " Riddhima agreed with her.
" I swear dude, agar mujhe pata hota ki college itna boring hone vaala hain na, main kabhi KG bhi pass nahin karta. " Atul said and everyone laughed.  Riddhima looked down to take out something from her bag, and then realized that she left it in the class.
" Oh no!  I left my bag in the class.  Guys, main abhi aati hoon. " Saying that, Riddhima ran to the class and got her bag.  What she didn't realize, was that all this while, someone was keeping an eye on her.

(She got out of the classroom, and then was going, when someone gave her a rose.  She accepted it.  She started to go again, and got a rose again, and accepted it again.  This happened a few more times, and Riddhima got irritated, though she still accepted the rose with a smile.  The next time, she saw a group of people standing in front of her with a bouquet of roses.  She couldn't believe her eyes.  She turned around and got the shock of her life.  A bunch of people, even more than the group behind her, were playing trumpets and dancing.  Several heart-shaped balloons were flying and Armaan came from between.  Riddhima's mouth opened wide as she stared at the scenario, though after a while she recovered.  Armaan walked towards her with a smile.  He wore a baby blue t-shirt with loose, pale jeans.  His hair was a bit shaggy.  He suddenly took her hand, and started to dance with her.  He twirled her in and out.  He brought her close and swayed with her.  He spinned her and she halted to a stop.  When she looked at him, Armaan was standing with a group of boys.

Jab bhi koi ladki dekhoon,
Mera dill deewaana bole

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole
(He pointed his finger at Riddhima, and put his hand on his heart and rubbed it.  He jumped and his body faced left side.  With his hand on his heart, his shoulder went back and forth as he bent downwards, and then back up, Riddhima turned around and started to go, but she had an amused smile on her face.)

Gaao taraana yaara,
Jhoom, jhoom ke haule, haule

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole
(He spread his arms and went forward with his legs going to the front, one-by-one.  He jumped and his legs spread apart at a good distance.  His hands went over his head as his wrists twisted around and then he brought his hands back down and pushed his hands forward two times.  He jumped and his body faced left side.  With his hand on his heart, his shoulder went back and forth as he bent downwards, and then back up again.)

Mujhko lubhaati hain javaaniyaan,
Masti lutaati zindigaaniyaan
Maane na kehna pagal,
Mast pavan sa dill yeh dole,

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole

Ole, ole, ole,
Ole, ole, ole
(Riddhima stopped at a corner and looked behind.  Armaan went towards a girl and slided his finger against her arm.  He went to another girl and danced with her a little.  He went back while spinning his finger.  He bent a little with his finger doing a zig-zag line.  He jumped and his body faced left side.  With his hand on his heart, his shoulder went back and forth as he bent downwards, and then back up again and he looked at Riddhima who slowly shook her head with a smile and kept walking.  He shaked his body and kept going forward.)

Jab bhi koi ladki dekhoon,
Mera dill deewaana bole

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole

Gaao taraana yaara,
Jhoom, jhoom ke haule, haule

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole

(Riddhima went to the library that was really close to as she remembered that she had to get a book.  She looked through the shelves and Armaan entered the library, looking for Riddhima.  He quickly thought of something, while Riddhima got the book she wanted, and checked it out.  Riddhima started to go, when she saw Armaan looking at her with a smile.  She looked at him and then rolled her eyes with a faint smile on her face and left.  Armaan followed her out.

Koi maane ya na maane,
Main hoon aashiq aavaara,
Main saudaayi deewaana,
Mujhko chaahat ne maara
(Armaan stepped from right, to left, and then bent down, and then back again.  He went backwards and fell back, but the people behind him, held him.)

(Riddhima looked back, and then started to go again.)

Yeh chikne, chikna chehre,
Yeh gori, gori baahein,
Bechain mujhe karti hain,
Yeh chanchal shauk adaayein
(He went to a girl, caressed her face.  He pulled a girl from behind and slid his finger down her arm.  He pushed the girl and bent down.  He made his arms look wavy and then jumped back up.)

Mujhko milli hain yeh bechainiyaan,
Likho khayalon mein kahaaniyaan
Dekhoon jahaan koi shama,
Sang ussi ke haule, haule

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole

Ole, ole, ole,
Ole, ole, ole
(Armaan dances with a few other girls.  He then bents down, and moves his body from left to right, while moving upwards.  He does the steps from the video, and then shakes his body while going forwards.)

Jab bhi koi ladki dekhoon,
Mera dill deewaana bole

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole

(Riddhima goes to one of the corridors when she finds the gang.  She is talking to them when Armaan comes there, too.  Both look at each other for a while, and then Riddhima gets up and starts to go.)

Main toh dooba rehta hoon,
Yaadon ki rang raliyon mein,
Mere sapno ka ghar hain,
Mehbooba ki galiyon mein
(Armaan follows Riddhima, who has a bored look on her face.  She turns around at the fact that Armaan refers to her as his 'mehbooba'.  She rolls her eyes and starts to go back to the garden to get her books.)

Deedaar jo ho pariyon ka,
Main bekaabo ho jaaun,
Rangeen lage yeh duniya,
Main khwaabon mein kho jaaun
(Armaan is following Riddhima when he sees other girls and he flirts with them a bit.)

Maangoon haseeno se nishaaniyaan,
Behke shabaabo ki ravaaniyaan,
Husn ka jalva meri in,
Aankhon ka parda khole

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole

(He gets some roses from the other girls and he goes to Riddhima.  He pulls her by her arm, and pins her to a pillar beside him and Riddhima is shocked.  He leans in to kiss her, but Riddhima pushes him away and goes to the garden to get her books.  Armaan leans against the pillar and smiles to himself.  He goes behind Riddhima and his group of friends form a circle around Riddhima.

Jab bhi koi ladki dekhoon,
Mera dill deewaana dole

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole
(Armaan comes and enters the circle, and then goes stand with his friends.  He raises both of his hands and pushes them forward.)

Gaao taraana yaara,
Jhoom, jhoom ke haule, haule

Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole
(He goes in the circle and raises his hands above his head and twists his wrists around.  He goes around Riddhima and then kisses Riddhima on her lips.  Riddhima is taken aback by this action and goes numb for a while.  Armaan breaks apart from her and goes, while Riddhima just stands there, shocked by this.  Armaan looks back and grins.  He winks at her and then goes away.)

The song ends and The gang comes and stands beside a shocked Riddhima.
" Ridzi!  Are you okay? " Muskaan asked worriedly, but Riddhima didn't respond.  They all had seen how Armaan had kissed Riddhima, and they all were shocked at this.  They were worried about Riddhima.
" Ridzi! " Sapna shook Riddhima and she looked at them with a bit teary eyes.
" Are you ok? " Amit asked.
" Yes guys, I'm fine. " Riddhima choked at her words.  She felt highly embassassed and humiliated.  No one had dared to touch her, and now someone had just kissed her, without her permission, and that, too, in front of the entire college!
" Ridzi, tum jhooth mat bolo.  Tumhari aankhon ke aasoon dikh rahe hain hume. " said Rahul.
" Guys, main chalti hoon.  I'll be back soon. " Riddhima said and left.  Rahul started to go behind her, but Muskaan stopped him.
" Ruk jaa Rahul.  Iss waqt Ridzi ko akele rehne de. "
" Lekin Muski iss waqt Ridzi ko humari zaroorat hain.  She needs us.  Aur tu kaise keh sakti hain ki usse akele rehne dena chahiye? "
" Kyunki main bhi ek ladki hoon.  Ridzi kya, koi bhi ladki yeh nahin she paayegi ki koi bhi ladka usse jaa kar yun sab ke samne kiss kar de.  Ridzi is a strong girl.  Woh sambhal jaayegi.  She just needs some time. " Muskaan explained this to Rahul, and Rahul just kept staring at her.  He was amazed on the fact that Muskaan is so understanding, though he quickly came out of the trance.
On the other hand, Riddhima ran to the girl's restroom.  She ran and sat on the bench there, crying.
" Uss Armaan ki himmat kaise huyi mujhe kiss karne ki?  How dare he kiss me? " She cried for a while, but then sat up and wiped her tears.
" Nahin.  Main nahin roungi.  Armaan ne jo kiya hain, usske liye main usse kabhi maaf nahin karungi.  Armaan Mallik... I promise... you'll have to pay for this.  Main tumhe iss ke liye sazaa de kar hi rahungi.  And that I promise you. " Riddhima said in a determined way.

Flashback ends...

Riddhima chuckled as she remembered that day.  They were so crazy!  She compared that day with this and became sad again.  She closed her eyes, and a lone tear came out.  She wiped it, and opened her eyes again.  She suddenly remembered about Armaan and Maya.
" Koi baat toh zaroor hain.  Armaan, Maya ke saath itne meanly kyun behave kar raha hain?  Something's fishy.  I'll have to
find this out. " Riddhima said to herself and was determined to find out the truth.

Why did Maya leave her friends?  What has Maya done?  What's the entire truth?  What had Riddhima done after Armaan had kissed her?  Will Riddhima be successful in finding out the truth?  Stay tuned to find out...



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