Friday, 15 November 2019

Part 11 : Here to change his life forever

They were finally together and the marriage preperations were going on these two were finally glad they would be together. Armaan had finally changed for good and he had started to love life with riddhima around him. He still had that fear something would happen to Riddhima but when he said such emotional stuff it would hurt her so he tried to avoid it. She had always made sure he never felt that she would leave him and more then that she had promised to remain by his side forever and ever. Today was  Armaans bachelor party the guys had not told the girls about it but they had found out anyways. Riddhima was slightly annoyed at armaan for going but then she realized that it was a thing before marriage and everyone went to it. She wondered what he would be doing there more then that she had spoken to him the whole day and was missing him terribly. All the girls decided to go check out what the guys were upto and Riddhima only went because she really wanted to see him. All of
them left to the location where the party was taking place all the guys seemed to be enjoying armaan was dancing to but he terribly missed Riddhima. Suddenly his phone rang riddhima called him in private because she knew the others would bother her. "Armaan" She said in a low voice. "Riddhima why do you sound so low is something bothering you baby"He questioned. "Armaan where are you right now"She asked."Riddhima at home these guys were just all over" He lied.He hated lying to her but he thought she would not like it Riddhima was extremely annoyed at the fact that he lied to her and closed the phone without saying anything.Now she was as excited to catch the boys redhanded. Armaan was no mood to party anymore he was worried about riddhima where had she gone suddenly and she wasn't even answering her phone anymore.He just left the party and now he was getting horrible thoughts in his mind of loosing her.Riddhima and the girls got there and were shocked to see the girls surrounded by a group of girls. Riddhima questioned about the guys riddhima herself was shocked not to see them there. RIdhdima got extremely worried and realized that he was probably worried for her after she had closed the phone on him abruptly.She tried calling him several times but he did not pick up. She knew where she would find him and when she got there that's where he was.He sat their extremely upset and as he saw riddhima coming towards him he hugged her tight. "Riddhima tum theek toh ho tumhe kuch huva toh nahi tumne achanak phone kyun band kar diya I was extremely scared" He said in a teary voice. "I'm sorry armaan I am perfectly fine I was just annoyed at you but I did not know you would get so worried"Said Riddhima. "I am sorry for lying to you riddhima I was not sure how you'd take it. Promise me next time you will answer my calls because it worried me like hell" Said armaan. She promised to make sure she would not hurt him like this again.

Aliya & Komal

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