Monday, 4 November 2019

Part 12 :Betrayal (AR)

    Picnic in Lonavla...

Recap: Armaan and the boys are talking about Maya, and they recall their last encounter with her.  During lunch, Maya tries to secretly flirt with Armaan, but Rahul stops her.  Sapna starts to realize that she's starting to feel something for Amit, but dismisses the thought.  Riddhima remembers her past and decides to find out the truth.

" Ridzi! " A knock on the door brought Riddhima back to the present.  She closed the photo album, and opened the door, and saw Muskaan standing there.
" Arre Muski?  Tu yahaan kaise?  Koi kaam tha? "
" Kyun?  Main bina kaam ke nahin aa sakti kya? "
" Arre nahin!  Aisi toh koi baat nahin hain. "
" Ab kya tu mujhse yahin pe baat karegi?  Andar nahin bulaayegi? "
" Sorry meri maa!  Aaja! " Riddhima rolled her eyes and called her in with a smile.
Muskaan flopped herself down on the bed, and Riddhima did the same.
" Chal bata.  Kasauli kaisa hain? " Muskaan asked, suddenly excited to gossip.
" Bohat achha hain.  I love it here.  Kitni shanti hain yahaan. "

" Haan.  Yeh baat toh sola aane sach kahi tune! " Both chuckled and Muskaan's gaze fell on the photo album that was laying on the bed.  She picked it up.
" Wow!  Photo album!  Yeh toh woh hi album hain na, jisme humari college ki saari photos hain?! "
" Yup!  Bore ho rahi thi, toh socha ki kyun na college ki yaadein taaza kar loon! "
" Bohat achha kiya tune Ridzi! " Muskaan said happily.  She flipped through the pages and saw many pictures.
" Yeh dekh Ridzi!  Yaad hain?  Tere college ka pehla din! "  Both smiled at it.  It was the picture where Riddhima was coming in with a smirk on her face, and the boys were staring at her.
" Aur yeh?  Jab hum sab pehli baar mile the! " This time, it was the picture when they all had met for the first time.
" Aur yeh waali hum kaise bhul sakte hain?  Yaad hain?  Amy ne kaise tujhe 'poore' college mein kiss kiya tha!  OMG!  Usske baad toh tu kitna gussa ho gayi thi!  Kitne paagal the tum dono!  Actually, hum sab ke sab paagal the! " Muskaan laughed in her typical style, while Riddhima's smile faltered.  Muskaan noticed this and realized that Riddhima was still upset about the whole drama.  She smiled encouragingly, and placed her hand on Riddhima's shoulder.  Riddhima looked up.
" Dekh Ridzi.  Main jaanti hoon ki tu woh Amy waali baat ko le kar bohat upset hain.  Lekin iss tarah se upset hone ka kya fayeda? "
" Jaanti hoon Muski.  Lekin kya karun?  Armaan ne jo kiya, usske baad main upset kaise nahin ho sakti Muski? " Her eyes started to well up now.  Muskaan understood and this, and closed her eyes for a second.
" Aur agar main yeh kahun, ki Amy ne kuch bhi galat nahin kiya... woh nirdosh hain... toh? " Riddhima suddenly raised her eyes.  This question seemed more like a statement to her, through Muskaan's tone.  She looked at Muskaan with thousands of questions in her eyes.
" Kya jaanti hain tu Muski? " Riddhima spoke with great difficulty.  Muskaan knew this was coming.  She deliberately said this because she had to let Riddhima know that Armaan isn't wrong.  Though she knew she couldn't tell Riddhima anything as she didn't know anything, herself, she just knew that Armaan isn't wrong.  She closed her eyes, and tightened her grip on Riddhima's shoulder.
" Dekh Ridzi.  Sach kya hain, yeh toh main bhi nahin jaanti.  Main sirf itna jaanti hoon ki Amy ne kuch bhi galat nahin kiya.  Woh bekasoor hain.  Aur woh aaj bhi, apni Basket se bohat pyaar karta hain.  Aur yeh Mrs. Muskaan Garewal nahin, Muski bol rahi hain. " Muskaan had seen the questions in her eyes, but along with that, she had also seen a new ray of hope in Riddhima's eyes.  As if the old Riddhima is back.  Riddhima immediately hugged Muskaan and cried, and she hugged her back.  She rubbed her back to calm her down.
" Main bhi yeh hi chaahti hoon Muski ki Armaan nirdosh ho.  I... I want him to be just mine. " She suddenly broke apart from her.
" Lekin... lekin maine jo dekha, usske upar main kaise vishwaas na karun Muski?  Woh photos... woh photos jhooth toh nahin ho sakte na Muski. "
" Tu theek keh rahi hain Ridzi.  Woh photos jhooth nahin ho sakte, lekin yeh toh zaroori nahin hain na Ridzi, ke woh jo bhi humse keh rahe ho, woh hi sach ho.  Hum jo dekhte hain, zaroori nahin, ki woh humesha sach ho. " Riddhima stared blankly at Muskaan.  She knew that Muskaan knew something, but she also knew that she wouldn't tell her anything as of now.  So she decided to keep mum.
" Waise Ridzi, I think ke achha hi hua ki Amy ne tujhe sab ke saamne yun kiss kiya tha. " Muskaan said, bringing Riddhima back from her thoughts.  She looked at her with wide eyes.
" WHAT? "
" What WHAT?  Dekh, agar Amy tujhe kiss nahin karta toh phir tu use badla nahin leti.  Agar tu use badla nahin leti, toh phir tujhe use pyaar kaise hota? "
" Muski!  Tera dimaag to thikaane pe hain na? " Riddhima thought Muskaan had totally lost it.
" Mera dimaag bilkul theek hain.  Lekin main jhooth toh nahin bol rahi na?  Tu Amy se badla toh lena chaahti thi, lekin nahin liya, kyunki isse pehle tum dono dost ban gaye the.  Aur tu, ussi din use apna dill de bethi thi! " Riddhima blushed at this, Muskaan shook her head.
Riddhima's question had reminded her of something.  Maya.  She knew that something was going on between Armaan and Maya.  She had to find out immediately about this.
" Chal Ridzi, ab main chalti.  Mujhe abhi, abhi kuch yaad aaya. " Both hugged each other and Muskaan left.

In Muskaan's Room...

Muskaan took out her cell phone and started to call Rahul.  She impatiently waited for Rahul to pick up the phone.
" Hello? " Rahul finally picked up the phone, which seemed like ages to Muskaan.
" Hello Rahul, tum kahaan ho? " Rahul sensed seriousness in her voice.
" Main iss waqt club ke casino mein hoon, baaki saare boys ke saath.  Kyun, koi problem hain kya? "
" Tum vahin ruko, main Anji aur Sapzi ko le kar aati hoon. " Muskaan cut the call, leaving Rahul surprised.
" Kya hua Rahul?  Kis ka call tha? " asked Armaan.
" Muskaan ka.  Woh bohat tensed lag rahi thi.  Keh rahi thi woh yahin aa rahi hain, Anji aur Sapzi ko leke. " The boys were surprised at this.
" Aisa toh kya hua hoga? " asked Amit.
" I don't know. "
On the other hand, Muskaan called Anjali and Sapna in her room.  She told them about the Maya tension and told them that they'll have to come with her.  Both of them agreed, and went to the club.

At the Club...

The boys were playing pool when Anjali, Sapna, and Muskaan came in.
" Rahul. " The boys turned around and saw the girls there.
" Haan bol Muskaan.  Kya hua?  Tum phone par itni pareshaan kyun thi? "
" Kyunki main sach jaanna chaahti hoon.  In fact hum sab ladkiyaan. "
" Sach?  Kaunsa sach? "
" Maya. " The boys understood what Muskaan was talking about, and they took the girls to the rest area over there.
" Ab batao.  Kya baat hain? " said Anjali.
" Anjali... " Atul told the truth.  The girls were shocked at this.
" KYA? "
" Haan. "
" Isska matlab Maya ko kabhi kuch hua hi nahin tha?  Ab tak woh Malasiya mein thi? " said a shocked Sapna.
" Haan Sapna.  Maya ne hum sab se jhooth bola tha.  Woh reports jhoothi thi.  Yeh sab ussne sirf iss liye kiya, taaki ussne jo gunaah kiya tha, usse woh bach jaaye.  Ab tak jo kuch bhi hua hain, woh sab ek planning thi. " said Amit.
" Oh my God!  I can't believe this!  Mujhe toh vishwaas hi nahin ho raha ki Maya aisa kar sakti hain.  Aur woh bhi hum sab ke saath. " Muskaan said, totally bewildered at the new fact.
" I agree!  Hum sab kitna vishwaas karte the uss par.  Aur woh?  She doesn't deserve our friendship! " Anjali made a disgusted face.
" Thank God ki Ridzi ko kuch bhi yaad nahin.  Warna woh toh tut hi jaati. " said a very tensed Atul.
" Issi liye toh maine ab tak use kuch nahin bataaya.  Agar use pata chal gaya ki jiss ladki ki woh itni achhi dost thi, ussi ne usski zindagi barbaad karne ki koshish ki, toh pata nahin kya hoga. " Armaan said.  The girls came towards Armaan.
" Don't worry Amy.  Kuch nahin hoga.  Hum sab hain na tumhare saath. " Sapna said encouragingly.  Everyone smiled and went for a group hug.
Soon after that, all of them left for the hotel.  The boys rested in their rooms.  It was about 5:00 PM.  After the boys 'party', the girls decided to hang out, and do their little kitty party in Sapna's room to kill time.

Armaan's Room...

Armaan flopped himself down on the bed, and held his head, smiling.  He was happy that now, not only the boys, but the girls were also going to support him.
' Bas kuch aur din Riddhima.  Ek baar main Maya ke khilaaf saare evidences collect kar loon, usske baad main tumhe sab kuch sach sach bata doonga.  I promise. '  Armaan thought to himself.  As he opened his eyes, he saw a photo album on the couch.  He got up and went towards it.  He took it, and brought it with him to the bed, and opened it up.  He realized that it contained the photos from their college times.  He smiled remembering it.  He kept flipping through the pages, when his eyes caught one of pictures which sent him back to his past.


Riddhima was sitting in the canteen, thinking about something.  After the kiss, Riddhima had been thinking of ways to get revenge from Armaan, but neither of her plans seemed right to her.
" Hey Ridzi!  What's up? " Riddhima came out of her thoughts when she heard her name being called.  She turned her head, and saw the gang coming towards her with a smile.  She smiled back.  They took their seats, and some pulled a few chairs from other tables.
" So?  Kya chal raha hain? " asked Amit.
" Kuch nahin. "
" Toh phir tum yahaan aise kyun baithi ho? " asked Muskaan.
" Bas aise hain. " Riddhima put a fake smile on her face.  The gang understood that Riddhima is upset because of yesterday's incident.
" Kal ke incident ko leke pareshaan ho na? " Sapna asked very sweetly and Riddhima nodded.
" Ridzi!  Yeh naya nahin hain.  Amy toh hain hi aisa.  Aur yeh pehli baar nahin hain ki ussne kisi ladki ko saare college ke saamne kiss kiya ho.  Lekin kal mujhe pehli baar laga ki... " Atul explained to Riddhima, to which Riddhima nodded.  Then he suddenly drifted into his own thoughts.
" Kya laga tumhe AJ? " asked Rahul.  Atul came back from his thoughts and shook his head.
" Nahin, kuch nahin. " He shook his head with a smile.
" Achha yeh sab chodo.  Ridzi, tum hume apne bare mein kuch batao. " Muskaan diverted the topic.
" Main apne bare mein kya bataoon?  Tum log sab kuch toh jaante ho. " Riddhima shrugged her shoulders.
" Kuch bhi.  Achha chalo theek hain.  Tumhari family mein kaun, kaun hain? "
" Meri family mein?  Meri family mein meri sabse sweet mom, strict dad, aur sabse achhi di hain. " Riddhima said proudly, with a huge smile on her face, which could brighten up an entire room.
" Di? " asked Atul.
" Haan.  Di.  Meri sabse achhi Anji Di.  Unka poora naam Anjali hain, lekin main unhe pyaar se Anji Di kehti hoon, aur woh mujhe Ridz, ya Ridzi bulaati hain.  Depends on her mood.  Waise toh bohat strict hain, lekin mujhse bohat pyaar karti hain. " Atul suddenly seemed really interested in knowing about Anjali.
" Achha?  Kahaan hain woh? "
" Anji Di? Woh bhi mere saath US mein hi thi.  Woh bhi yeh hi college join kar rahi hain, but kuch dino ke baad.  Unhe thoda sa kaam hain, jaise hi woh finish ho jayega, she'll be here.  And I can bet.  You all will love her.  A LOT! " They all smiled seeing the happy and bubbly Riddhima and after hearing the description of Anjali, they all were pretty excited to meet her.
" Wow!  Iss se toh milna padega. " Atul said dreamily.
" Kisse milne ki baat ho rahi hain? " All the heads in the canteen turned and saw Armaan standing there leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face.  Riddhima got angry and immediately looked away and clenched her fingers into a rock-solid fist, ready to knock him out.
Armaan saw this, and his smirk turned into a devilish, but killing smile.  He started to walk to the table and sent flying kisses to the girls sitting at other tables, who blushed.  Armaan took a seat from another table, and deliberately sat down in front of Riddhima, with his hands resting on the back of the chair.
" What's up guys?  Kya baatein chal rahi hain? "
" Kuch nahin.  Bas Ridzi ke family ke baare mein baat kar rahe the. " Sapna said with a smile.
" Interesting!  Gosh!  Meri kismat!  Kaash main paanch minute pehle aaya hota. " Armaan cupped a side of his own face, and looked at Riddhima.  Riddhima glared at Armaan, and his smile turned into a grin.
' Sigh.  If only looks could kill, I would've been dead by now.  But gotta admit.  Basket gusse main aur bhi hot lagti hain. '  Armaan thought to himself.  The gang noticed the tension between Armaan and Riddhima, and Amit decided to divert the topic.
" Um, guys!  A new news.  Hume ek, do din ki chhuti mill rahi hain.  So let's go for picnic! "
" Wow!  That's nice!  Lekin hum kahaan jaaye? " asked a confused Atul.
" Patiala chalte hain!  Bohat mazaa aayega! " Muskaan suggested.
" Koi zaroorat nahin hain Muski!  Last time bhi toh hum Patiala gaye the! " said Rahul.
" Surat chalte hain! " Sapna suggested.
" Mujhe neend aa rahi hain! *yawn* " Atul yawned.

" Bike race! " Amit suggested and Armaan agreed with him.
" Yup!  Awesome dude! "
" Haddi tudwaani hain kya? " said Rahul.
" Guys, let's go to Lonavla.  Main vahaan pehle bhi bohat baar jaa chuki hoon apni family ke saath.  Picnic ke liye best spot hain.  What say? " A suddenly excited Riddhima suggested and the gang just gaped at her.  After a while, when they didn't say anything, Riddhima snapped her fingers, and they all came out of their thoughts..
" Hello?  Tum log mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho? "
" Ridzi!  Idea toh bohat hi achha hain! " said Muskaan.
" Haan!  Waise bhi hum yahaan ki studies se bore ho gaye hain.  Lonavla jaayenge, toh phir thoda relax feel karenge. " said Amit.
" So what are we waiting for guys?  Let's start packing! " said an excited Armaan.  He was surprised at Riddhima's suggestion.  He had thought that Riddhima would suggest to go to a fast place, somewhere more like a discotheque, but Riddhima's suggestion was completely different from what he had thought.
' Kya hain iss ladki mein?  Humesha mujhe surprise kar deti hain. ' Armaan thought to himself.
Soon after that, the gang went to their house, and started to pack.  Since they were only going for 2-3 days, they didn't have to pack much.  Soon in about an hour or so, they were ready to go, and they went to Muskaan's house.  They sat there for a while, when Muskaan found out that she has forgotten a few things.  The girls helped her, and when Muskaan finally found what she wanted, Riddhima went to the bus, which was in front of Muskaan's house.

On the Bus...

On the bus, Riddhima was trying to find herself a nice and comfortable seat, when she suddenly bumped into someone in front of her.
" Oops!  I'm so... " The rest of the words never came out of her throat as she saw the person in front of her.  It was none other than Armaan.
He was getting really bored with the boys around him, so he thought to go and reserve a seat for himself.  He had his iPod on, so he obviously couldn't hear anything.  When Riddhima entered the bus, Armaan was bent down because he had dropped his pack of gum, and when he stood up, and started to go, Riddhima bumped into him.
" Hey Basket! " Armaan said arrogantly.  Riddhima gave him a murderous look, and took her seat, which was coincidently right across from Armaan's.  He smiled, and took his seat, too.  He put the song he was listening to on pause, and turned to Riddhima.  Since the seat could easily fit 2 people, Armaan put both of his legs on it and crossed him arms, leaning against the windows.
Riddhima knew that Armaan was looking at her and gave him a sideway glance, but then turned her head back outside the window.
" Itni bhi kya naaraazgi Basket?  I know you enjoyed our little kiss yesterday. " Riddhima's fingers clenched into a really hard fist.  She so could knock Armaan out right now.  After all, when would her karate skills be a help?
" Mtch.  Come on Basket!  It was just a little kiss!  What's the big deal? " Armaan said carelessly.  Riddhima turned to him.  She stared at him incredously.
" What's the big deal?  It's not a big deal for you Mr. Armaan Mallik, but it is for me!  How dare you KISS me in front of everyone!?  Do you even have a damn idea about what everyone in the entire college is thinking about me?  They think that I'm another one of your sex toys.  But let me clear it out for you Mr. Mallik that I'm not!  And I'm warning you for the last time Armaan!  STAY-AWAY-FROM-ME!  I'm not one of those girls who'll do anything at your one sign! " Riddhima said furiously.  She stressed on each of the words, very carefully and then turned back to the window as she heard the gang advancing towards the bus.
Soon everyone took their seats, and the bus took off.  They all were playing many games, and all were busy enjoying themselves, except for 2 people: Armaan and Riddhima.
Riddhima had almost fallen asleep and Armaan was busy staring at her.  Her words had indeed surprised him. No actually surprise would be an underestimate.  He was shocked.  Shocked at the fact that it's a big deal for someone like Riddhima to be kissed in front of everyone.  I mean HELLO!  She's from US!  These things are so freakin' common there!  And it's not like she hasn't been kissed.  She's a hot chick!  There is no way that she has NOT been kissed.  So why was she acting like she never has even been touched by a guy?  She was dancing so freely and seductively in the club that day, so what happened today?  And what the hell did she mean by one of his 'sex toys'?  Yes it's true that girls would go bonkers to have a one-night-stand with him, but he's not like that.  He's not gonna pick any random girl and go sleep around with her!  Heck he's a virgin!  And he himself is surprised at that!
Suddenly a gush of wind came in through the windows and flirted with Riddhima's hair.  It seemed that even the wind was desperate to feel her.  He suddenly felt jealous of the wind, but stopped when he saw an angelic smile on Riddhima's face.  His lips automatically stretched into a smile.


Jo khwaabon khayaalon mein,
Socha nahin tha,
Tune mujhe itna pyaar diya

Main jab bhi jahaan bhi,
Kadi dhoop mein tha,
Teri joolf ne mujh pe saaya kiya ' 2

(Armaan kept looking at Riddhima with a smile on his face.  She had her head leaning against the window ceil.  Since all the windows were open, the breeze was making her hair go all over her face.  A very cute scowl was on her face.)

Haan tu hain,
Haan tu hain,
Meri baaton mein tu hain,
Mere khwaabon mein tu,
Yaadon mein tu,
Iraadon mein tu hain ' 2
Iraadon mein tu hain...

(Flashes of him and Riddhima crossed his mind.  When he saw her the first time, her big eyes, her lips, her body,  when he had held her close to him, when they danced together, when he had gotten to know that Riddhima helped Molly, Riddhima's slap, Riddhima's first day in college, their banter, their bet, they way he cornered her, when he kissed her, the way Riddhima got so excited when she talked about her family, and her shouting at him on the bus.)

(He took a look at the gang and saw that they all were asleep.  In fact everyone was asleep on the bus, except for him and the driver.  He very quietly stood up and went to her seat.  He bent down and very slowly and gently removed her hair from her face and back her ear.  Her scowl automatically turned into a smile.  A VERY cute one.)

Koyi bhi aisa,
Lamha nahin hain,
Jisme mere tu hota nahin hain,
Main so bhi jaaun,
Raaton mein lekin,
Tu hain ki mujh mein...
Sota nahin...
Tu hain ki mujh mein...
Sota nahin...

(He took in a full view of her face.  This was the first time he saw her beautiful face so closely.  He traced her face through his eyes.  He noticed every feature of her very carefully.  He felt an urge to touch her soft, milky skin.  Following his heart's urge, he raised his hand up to her face and cupped it.)

Haan tu hain,
Haan tu hain,
Meri baaton mein tu hain,
Mere khwaabon mein tu,
Yaadon mein tu,
Iraadon mein tu hain ' 2
Iraadon mein tu hain...

(He brushed her her soft, delicate skin, very carefully with his thumb.  As if it could break with more pressure.  A sensation of passion ran through his eyes.  But as soon as he brushed his thumb over her cheeks, a frown came over her face, and he immediately backed off and went to his seat.)

' Kyun usske paas hone se mujhe achha lagta hain?  Kyun main usski taraf khicha chala jaa raha hoon?  Why?  Usske paas hone se, kyun mere dill ki dhadkane tez ho jaati hain?  Mujhe use mille sirf do-teen din hue hain aur... aur main Riddhima ke liye aisa feel karne laga hoon.  Why? ' He thought to himself.

(He looked up and saw Riddhima putting her head on the back of the seat, and her legs on the seat.  Just like the way Armaan was sitting.  She still had a smile on her face.)

Hain teri inaayat...
Tujhse milli hain,
Honto pe mere...
Hasi jo khilli hain...
Usse mere chehra...
Chhupa bhi na paaye,
Tujhe paake haasil...
Huyi jo khushi hain...
Tujhe paake haasil,
Huyi jo khushi...

(Armaan couldn't help but smile on this.  He was starting to love every gesture of her.  He saw how Riddhima rubbed her nose very cutely, cringling her nose, and then burying her face further in the seat.  His smile turned into a grin.

Haan tu hain,
Haan tu hain,
Meri baaton mein tu hain,
Mere khwaabon mein tu,
Yaadon mein tu,
Iraadon mein tu hain

Jo khwaabon khayalon mein,
Socha nahin tha,
Tune mujhe itna pyaar diya,
Main jab bhi jahaan bhi,
Kadi dhoop mein tha,
Teri joolf ne mujhpe...
Saaya kiya...

Haan tu hain,
Haan tu hain,
Meri baaton mein tu hain,
Mere khwaabon mein tu,
Yaadon mein tu,
Iraadon mein tu hain ' 2
Iraadon mein tu hain...

He closed his eyes and fell asleep, only to meet Riddhima in his dreams.

They all soon arrived in Lonavla, and went to Hotel Lagoona Resort, the hotel in which they were staying.  It was a very nice, 5-Star hotel.

" Wow yaar Ridzi!  Kya hotel hain! " said Muskaan.
" Yea!  It's just beautiful! " Sapna agreed with Muskaan.
" Thanks guys! "
" Manna padega Ridzi!  Tumhari choice bohat achhi hain! " said Atul.
" Thanks AJ. "
" Not bad Basket. " Riddhima nodded and turned to the gang.
" Guys tum log ek kaam karo.  Reception pe jaake apni keys le lo.  Main tum logo ka saamaan leke aati hoon. " The gang rushed to the reception to get their keys.  Riddhima called the bell-boy, and told him to take the luggage to everyone's rooms, and she took her purse from the bus.  She started to go, but stopped when Armaan called her.
" Yo!  Basket! " Riddhima turned around and saw Armaan leaning against the bus.
" Kya hain? "
" Woh, actually main tumse sorry kehna chaahta tha. "
" Sorry? "
" Yea!  I mean maine tumhe sabke saamne kiss kiya, I shouldn't have done that.  So I'm very sorry about that. " Riddhima was shocked first, but then decided to just leave it, and forgive him.
" It's ok. " Armaan smiled.
" Thanks. " Riddhima smiled and was about to leave again, when Armaan stopped her again.
" Um, Basket! " She turned again.
" Bolo. "
" Ab jab tumne mujhe maaf kar hi diya hain, toh friends? " Armaan held his hand out towards her, and Riddhima looked at it.  She smiled and shaked hands with him.
" Friends. " Both smiled widely.

At 3:00...

The gang was sitting in Amit's room, discussing what to do for the evening, as they were going to go back to Mumbai the day after tomorrow.
" Guys?  Aaj hum kya karein?  Humme jitna enjoy karna hain, aaj aur kal hi karna padega. " asked Sapna.
" Ridzi.  Tu ho koi idea de na!  Tujhe toh Lonavla ke baare mein bohat kuch pata hain na? " said Atul.
" Yea Basket!  Tum hi koi idea do. " Riddhima looked at Armaan and smiled at him.  After their patch up, they had become really good friends.
" Um... " Riddhima thought.  Then she suddenly had an idea.
" Idea!  Let's go to Bhushi Dam! " Riddhima snapped her fingers, and said with lots of excitement.
" BHUSHI DAM? " The gang asked all together.
" Yeh kya hota hain? "
" Yeh kis khet ki muli hain? "
" Yeh kaisa naam hain? "
" Yeh kahaan aaya? "
All these questions were bombarded on Riddhima and she tried to calm everyone down, but all in vain.  She had to shout in order to shut them up.
" SHUT UP! " All quieten up, and looked at Riddhima.
" Guys!  I'm not a robot ok!  Ek saath kitne savaal karoge? "
" Sorry. " They all looked down.
" It's ok.  Bhushi Dam ek dam hain.  Vahaan par ek bohat hi beautiful waterfall hain.  Jab main choti thi, tab main aur  meri poori family picnic ke liye jaate the.  It's like a must see!  Hume vahin jaana chahiye. "
" Ok then!  Now it's fixed.  Hum vahin jaayenge! " Armaan said cheerfully.  And the plan was made.  They'll go to Bhushi Dam for the evening.  They all took appropriate things for it, and they were ready by noon.  Around 6:30 in the evening, they all met outside the resort near the van.
The boys were already standing outside, chit-chatting about their love life, when the girls came.  First came Sapna.  She was wearing what she always wore, but she was somehow looking even more prettier.  She didn't realize that someone was getting lost into her.  Atul, Rahul, and Armaan were trying their best to hide their smile, but someone was unaware of the fact that he was next in line.
Next came Muskaan.  She was looking at beautiful as ever with her goldenish curls.  She wore a white tank with blue long flowy skirt.  Armaan and Atul tried even more harder to stop themselves from laughing.  Guess who was next in line?  Armaan!
Riddhima came down the stairs too, looking very hot.  She wore a plain black tube top with a matching scarf, and black capris.  Armaan was completely lost in Riddhima.
Atul was shocked when he saw the boys lost in the girls.  He looked at the girls, and then the boys.  He coughed to get the boys' attention, but all in vain.  He decided to push Amit, who was right beside him, and in result, they fell on each other.
The girls were shocked at this and immediately ran towards them to help, but the boys were already up.
" Kya kar raha hain tu AJ?  Marega kya? " Armaan shouted.
" Tu tum log Sapzi, Muski, aur Ridzi ko aise aankhen phad, phad ke kya dekh rahe the?!  Sama jaana hain kya unnke andar?! " Atul, too, shouted back, and the boys were embarrassed.  The girls raised an eyebrow and looked at each other.
" Ooooh.  Toh tum boys hum ladkiyon pe flat ho chuke ho?  Right! " said Riddhima.  Armaan retorted immediately.
" Koi right-wight nahin!  Hum log tum par koi flat-vlat nahin hue hain! "
" Really?  To phir humme aise ghoor ghoor kar kyun dekh rahe the? " Riddhima asked in a sugar coated tone, and Armaan dropped his gaze.  Rahul immediately spoke up.
" Ab kya poori sham yahin pe rehne ka iraada hain kya?  Chalna nahin hain? " The girls tried to surpress their smirks, and then they all left for Bhushi Dam.

At Bhushi Dam...

They arrived at Bhushi Dam in a very short period of time.  They all were completely surprised at the beauty of that place.  It was a pure, natural beauty.
" Wow Ridzi!  This is a very beautiful place!  Tumhari choice vakai hi bohat achhi hain. " Sapna said.
" Iss mamle mein toh mujhe agree karna hi padega Basket!  Tumhari choice sach mein bohat achhi hain. "
" Thanks. " Riddhima said with a huge smile.
They all kept going around and around and saw many different things.  They saw some beautiful waterfalls and the scenario was just breathtaking.  Most of them had never seen such a beautiful and calm place as they were always busy with Mumbai night-life and college and many other things.  Now because of Riddhima, they have now seen a beautiful place on Earth.
After a while, they all were very hungry, and they saw the 'Gole-waala' on the street, and decided to take pleasure of that.  As predicted, the girls mostly chose 'kala-Khatta' and the boys choice the other available flavors.
" Bas yaar.  Agar maine aur khaya toh mere paet dukhega. " said Muskaan.
" Haan yaar.  Chalo ab hum dinner karne ke liye jaate hain.  Dekho na kitna andhera ho gaya hain.  Aur abhi toh nau baj chuke hain.  Let's go get some dinner! " said Rahul.
" Tum logo ko jaana hain toh jao, main toh abhi ek hazaar aur gole khaane vaali hoon! " Riddhima said childishly.  Armaan smiled at this childish behavior of Riddhima, and saw saw how she very cutely ate her gola.
" Theek hain Ridzi.  Hum vahaan uss restraunt mein jaa rahe hain.  Tum jaldi apne gola khake vahaan aa jaana.  Ok? " said Amit.
" Ok! " The gang left and Riddhima enjoyed her gola, completely unaware of the fact that someone's lusty eyes were on her.  Those pair of eyes belonged to none other than the gola-waala.
He eyed her down lustfully from head-to-toe.  He pretended to drop something, and bent down to pick it up.  He took out his cell phone and quickly made a call to someone, and then disconnected it.  He stood up and touched his moustache.
' Ab humse bach ke kahaan jaogi? ' He thought to himself and smiled evily.

Flashback ends...

Armaan came out of his thoughts as he felt someone open the door.  He looked up and saw Riddhima there.  She had come to take a quick bath as she was tired from the kitty party.
She looked at Armaan and then went to the bathroom.  Armaan sighed and smiled at the memory.  He put down the album and decided to take a short nap.

What had happened after the gang had left?  Which reports was Sapna talking about?  Stay tuned to find out...



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