Saturday, 16 November 2019

part 12 : Here to change his life forever

Riddhima had moved out of armaan place before the wedding because the guy and girl living together before marriage was considered immoral. Her parents had a house but she never loved there because she would be lonely. the day of the wedding had finally arrived riddhimas parents hadn't been able to make it to the other functions because of the overbooked flights  but they couldn't miss out on the wedding. She hadn't  seen her parents for quite some time but they had been in constant touch through the phone and she had told them about armaan on the phone. All her parents cared were for was her happiness and if she thought her happiness lied in armaan they were happy. However being her parents they had to speak to her face to face asking her if she was ready to get into such a commitment especially with armaan. Riddhima was ecstatic to see them after a long time and she wasn't even sure how much time shed be able to give them after settling down in india but
they had given her a pleasant surprise saying they were planning to move to India. She was extremely happy today it was the day she'd finally get married to the love of her life and her parents had given her a worlds best surprise what more did Riddhima need. "  riddhima me and your dad wanted to talk to you|" Said Padma. "Ofcourse mom"Said riddhima. " Beta are you sure about this descion of yours I mean are you sure you'll stay happy with armaan"asked shashank. Riddhima was shocked now why was her dad asking her this now ofcourse she was happy and she thought her parents were to that's how they had made it sound on the phone.Padma noticed the discomfort on riddhima face. "riddhima beta your dad didn't mean it in that way ofcourse we are happy that you have found your life partner but we are worried being your parents "Tried Explaining padma."See Riddhima we honestly care only about your happiness we were just reconfirming if you were happy and are ready to get into such a commitment"Said shashank. "Beta are happiness lies in yours and as long as you are happy so are we"Said Padma. Riddhima had tears in her eyes "Thank you mom dad I am going to miss you a lot"She said slightly sobbing. They had a hug and Shanky and padma wished her the best and told her they were sure armaan would keep her happy."Guys if your talks are over can we get Riddhima ready" Interrupted muskan and Niki. "Sure Beta main arrangements check karke aata hoon" Said shashank.Riddhima kept looking at her phone waiting for armaans call "Oye Riddhima kiske phone ka intezaar hai" Teased muskaan."Kuch nahi I was just checking the time "Lied riddhima. "Yeah Right btw Abhi was telling me that armaan hasn't spoken about you at all today" Said Nikki to tease her. Riddhima made a sad and disappointed face "Riddhima he was dying to call you just like you are waiting for him but Rahul and Abhi have distracted him" Said Muskan. Riddhima blushed slightly she was missing him, tonight they were getting married but she hated not talking to him early in the morning. He finally got some time away from the boys and called her but she didn't get  chance a chance to answer the phone due to the noise in the background armaan was upset he wouldn't get to speak to her but after all she'd be only his after today.Riddhima was finally taken downstairs and she saw armaan waiting for her on the mandap. They made each other where the garlands and they took the seven pheras exchanging vows with each other. They were finally married and belonged to each other and this time both of their lives had changed forever.

Aliya & Komal

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