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Part 13 :Betrayal (AR)

        A Mere Attraction?

Recap: Muskaan comes to Riddhima and tells her that Armaan is innocent, and Riddhima becomes even more determined to find out the truth.  Anjali, Sapna, and Muskaan reach the club where the boys are, and Atul tells everyone the truth, from which the girls are shocked, but they support Armaan.  Later on, Armaan goes back to his past.

Riddhima came back from taking a shower, and her eyes fell on Armaan, who was sound asleep.  A magnetic pull just pulled Riddhima towards Armaan.  She sat on the bed beside him and just stared at him.
He looked angelic while sleeping.  Riddhima could just stare at him forever, in the same way.  He had a slight frown on his face, which sent an urge to Riddhima to turn the frown, into a smile.  Her hand raised, and went towards Armaan.  She caressed his hair lovingly.  A smile automatically came upon her lips.  As a result, the frown went away, and a smile appeared on his face.  She bent down kissed his cheek, and let her lips linger over him. 

Even in his sleep, Armaan could recognize her touch.  He turned on his side, and put his arm over her waist.  Riddhima gasped.  She realized what she was doing.  She looked at his arm, and then back at him.  She tried to remove his hand but all in vain.  Instead of loosening his grip, he tightened his grip on her.  Armaan's hand went into her shirt.  Since her shirt, was short, it immediately rose up, exposing her waist.  Riddhima suddenly felt his hot breath on her waist, and she closed her eyes, but opened it back, trying her best not to lose her control, though she was failing miserably.  She silently prayed to God to help her.  As if God heard her, Armaan moved to the other side.  He didn't like being pushed so much, so he just turned over to other side, to get some good sleep.
Riddhima thanked God in her heart, and tried very hard to catch her breath.  After a couple minutes, Riddhima fell asleep.
After a good 30 minute sleep, they all freshened up, and met out in the garden, including Maya and Vivek.
" Hey guys!  Kya chal raha hain?  Tum log toh dikhte bhi nahin ho? " said Vivek.
" Kuch chal nahin raha hain Vivek.  Hum toh bas tired hain.  Issi liye nahin dikhte.  Aur waise, aaj tujhe aisa toh kya kaam tha ki tu humare saath club nahin gaya? " said Rahul.
" Arre kuch nahin yaar.  Office ka kaam.  Mere employees thode se careless ho gaye hain.  Unhe hi line pe laana tha. "
" Oh ok.  I understand yaar. "
" Waise guys.  Main bohat bore ho rahi hoon.  Let's play a game! " said Riddhima.
" Idea toh achha hain, lekin kaunsi game khele? " said Anjali.  They all thought for a while, when Atul came up with an idea.
" Truth and Dare!  Let's play this!  Issi bahaane hum ek doosre ki dill ke baat bhi jaan lenge. " Atul said the last part looked at Anjali, which caused her to blush.  The gang whistled and Atul blushed, too.
" Ok guys.  Game ke rules toh sabko pata honge hi, right? " said Rahul, to which everyone nodded. " Good!  So let the game begin! " Rahul spinned the bottle, and the bottle first landed on Atul.  Atul was shocked.
" So AJ?  Truth?  Ya dare? " Rahul asked mischeviously, which caused him to gulp.
' Kya karun?  Truth ya dare?  Truth kaha, toh pata nahin yeh uloo ka pattha mujhse kya ugalva lega.  Aur dare kaha, toh Atul beta teri toh shamat aajeygi.  Kya karun? ' Atul thought to himself.
" T... truth. "
" Truth? " Rahul said cocking his eyebrow.  Atul nodded.  " Toh theek hain.  Bata.  Tune Anjie ko propose kaise kiya tha? " Atul sighed in relief.
"Propose? " Rahul nodded.  Atul got up and went towards Anjali, who blushed.  The gang clapped.  Atul got down on his knees, and held his hand out.
" Anjali, jab maine tumhe pehli baar dekha tha, mujhe tumse ussi waqt pyaar ho gaya tha.  Uss din se leke aaj tak, sote, jaagte, uthte, bethte, main hamesha tumhare baare mein sochta hoon.  Only about you.  Tumne meri zindagi aur bhi khoobsurat kar di hain Anjali.  Aur main chahta hoon ki apni zindagi ki har subha, tumhare iss khoobsurat chehre ko dekh kar shuru ho, aur tumhare chehre ko dekh kar khatam.  Marry me Anjali. " Anjali had tears in her eyes , but a huge smile on her lips by the time Atul finished.  Everyone present there was looking at the couple in admiration.  Even Maya was happy with this.
" Yes. " Anjali nodded and hugged Atul, while everyone clapped.
" I love you Anjali. "
" I love you too Atul. " They broke apart, and sat down in their spots.
" Wow AJ!  Mujhe nahin pata tha ki tu itna romantic hain. " said Amit.  Atul just smiled.
" Ok now my turn! " Atul spinned the bottle, and it landed on Sapna.
" Woohoo!  Sapzi! " The gang clapped for her.  Sapna got scared at this.
" Sapna ben.  Ave tame shu karso?  Sachu keho, ke kai karine bataoho? (What will you do now?  Say the truth, or take up a challenge?) " Atul asked naughtily.  Sapna thought for a while.
" Truth. "
" Ok!  Toh, yeh batao.  Kya tumhe kabhi kissi se... pyaar hua hain? " Atul said the last part looking towards Amit, who suddenly took more interest.  Sapna thought for a while.
" Pata nahin. "
" Huh? "
" What, huh? Main nahin jaanti ki mujhe kissi se pyaar hua hain ki nahin. "
" Kya tumhe kabhi aisa laga ki tum kissi se pyaar karti ho, ya usse like karti ho? " Sapna thought again.  Riddhima, who was sitting beside her, whispered in her ear.
" Sapzi.  Need help? " Sapna nodded and Riddhima smiled.
" Apni aankhen band karo, aur apne dill se puchho.  Shaayad tumhe isska javaab mill jaaye. " Sapna listened to her, and closed her eyes.
' Kisse pyaar karti hoon main?  Kaun hain woh? ' Sapna asked herself.  She saw a person standing in the dark.  She knitted her eyebrows together to concentrate on the person.  The person started to come closer, and Sapna realized that it was a guy.  As he came closer, Sapna could see who the guy was.  It was none other than Amit.  She immediately opened her eyes and looked at Riddhima who had a smile on her face.
" Amit? " Sapna asked in a very low whisper.  Riddhima just smiled and slowly nodded a yes.  Sapna was shocked at this.  She just stood up, and ran towards her room, leaving everyone shocked.
" Ridzi?  Tune aisa toh kya kaha Sapzi se ki woh aise chali gayi? " asked Muskaan.
" Zyaada kuch nahin.  Maine bas usse kissi baat ka ehsaas dilaaya. " She looked at Atul and Amit, and nodded with a smile.  Atul and Amit smiled widely at this.

In Sapna's Room...

Sapna came into the room and ran to the bed.  She was shocked at the newly discovered fact.
" M... main... main... A... Am... it se... pyaar... karti h... hoon?  Ai... aisa... aisa kaise... ho... sakta hain? " Sapna stuttered as she found out that she loved Amit.  Amit!  How could she love Amit?  She hated him!  Then how could she see Amit when she asked herself the question?  She was thinking about all this when she heard a knock on the door.  She wiped her tears, and went to open the door and saw Riddhima standing there.
" Kya main andar aa sakti hoon? " Riddhima asked with a smile.
" Aao na. " She went out of the way for Riddhima to come.  She went and sat on the bed.
" Aao betho na! " Riddhima patted the side of her bed.  Sapna smiled and sat down on the bed.  She appeared really uncomfortable and Riddhima smiled.
" Darr rahi ho? " Sapna looked at Riddhima and faked a smile.
" Darr?  M... mujhe kyun darr lage ga? "
" Toh kya tumhe iss baat se hairaani nahin hain ki tum Amit se pyaar karti ho? " Sapna just looked down.
" Hota hain Sapna.  Hota hain.  Mere saath bhi aisa hi hua tha. "
" Lekin aisa kaise ho sakta hain Ridzi?  I mean, main aur woh bhi Amit se pyaar?  How is this even possible? "
" Kyun possible nahin hain Sapna?  Tum Amit se pyaar karti ho!  Yeh koi gunaah nahin hain. " She tried to explain.
" Lekin Ridzi.  Amit aur main bilkul alag hain.  Hum dono ki personalities, taur, tareeke, sab kuch alag hain.  Hum dono mein koi similarities nahin hain.  Toh phir main Amit se kaise pyaar kar sakti hoon? "
" Kyun nahin kar sakti Sapna?  Mujhe aur Armaan ko dekh lo.  Hum dono ek doosre se kitne alag hain.  Lekin phir bhi hum ek doosre se pyaar karte hain.  Toh phir tum Amit se pyaar kyun nahin kar sakti? "
" I don't know Ridzi.  I just don't know. " Sapna held her head.
" Sapna.  Pyaar mein personalities, similarities, differences, likes, dislikes, yeh sab koi maaine nahin rakte.  Tum Amit se humesha pyaar karti thi, karti ho, aur humesha ussi pyaar karogi. " When Sapna didn't react, she just held her by her shoulders, and turned her around.
" Sapna.  Achha chalo.  Mere ek savaal ka javaab do.  Kya jab tum Amit ko dekhti ho, toh kya tumhe uss mein kho jaane ka mann karta hain? " Sapna looked at Riddhima and then nodded.
" Kya usske baare mein sochte hue, tum apne baalon se khelti ho? "
" Haan. " Sapna said and Riddhima smiled.
" Toh isska matlab tumhe Amit se pyaar ho gaya hain.  Aur tum chaahke bhi iss sach ko badal nahin sakti.  Aur ek baat kahun? " Sapna nodded.
" Amit also loves you. " Sapna was shocked at this.
" Kya? " Her voice was nothing but a whisper.
" Haan Sapzi.  Woh yeh baat tumse bohat pehle kehta, lekin usse darr tha, ki kahin tum usse mana na kar do. " Sapna just stared blankly at Riddhima.
" Tumhe yeh sab pata tha? "
" Haan. "
" Toh phir pehle kyun nahin bataya? "
" Kyunki mujhe pelhe tumhe realize karvaana tha, ki tum bhi usse pyaar karti ho. " Sapna just drifted into her thoughts.
" Achha yeh sab chodo Sapzi.  Bahar sab humara wait kar rahe hain.  Hum pehle vahaan jaate hain.  Ok? " Sapna smiled, and nodded.  Both left for the garden.

In the Garden...

Both came into the garden with the gang staring at them.  They sat down in their places, started the game once again.  Sapna spinned the bottle, and it landed on Vivek.
" You don't gotta ask sweetheart.  Dare as usual! " Vivek said trying to flirt with her.
" Theek hain.  Toh, ek kaam karo.  Aadhe ghante ke liye vahaan, uss paed ke paas jaa kar murga bano. " Rahul who was drinking his soda, immediately spit it out, and rolled while laughing.
" HAHA!  VIVEK... MURGA... HAHAHAHAHA! " Atul laughed uncontrollably.  Vivek pretty much fainted at the dare.
" Ab aise dekh kya rahe ho Vivi?  Tumne dare choose kiya, so fulfill it. " said Riddhima.  Vivek stood up, and went towards the tree, and became a chicken with a sulking face.  The gang laughed.   This time, Muskaan spinned the bottle.  It landed on Riddhima.
" Hmm, so Ridzi.  Truth or dare? "
" Truth. "
" Truth?  Toh theek hain.  Umm... tu ek baat bata.  Tujhe Armaan se kab, aur kaise pyaar hua tha? " Riddhima paused for a while, and looked at Armaan, who looked at her expectantly.
" Mujhe Armaan se, Lonavla mein pyaar hua tha.  Hum unn goondon se bachne ki koshish kar rahe the, aur mujhe vahin Armaan se pyaar ho gaya tha. " Riddhima looked down, and confessed.
" Oooooh!  Wow!  Very nice Ridzi! " Riddhima smiled, and spinned the bottle.  It landed on Rahul.
" Truth or dare? "
" Umm... dare. "
" Dare?  Theek hain.  Abhi, issi waqt jaa ke... Muski ko... ek kiss de do. " Riddhima finished off with a smile.  Muskaan was shocked, and Rahul smiled mischeiviously.  He looked at Muskaan who was saying no through her eyes, but he didn't budge.  He got up and started to go towards her.  Muskaan kept shaking her head, but even before she knew, Rahul just bent down, and kissed her tightly on her lips, silencing her.  The kiss went on for a few more seconds when Rahul broke apart.  He winked at Muskaan, who blushed, and then went to his seat.  Everyone clapped for them.
Rahul took the bottle, and spinned it around and it landed on Maya.
" Truth or dare? "
" Truth. " she said smilingly.  Rahul smirked.
" Ok so Maya.  Tell me.  Have you ever tried to kill someone? " Rahul spoke gravely.  Maya suddenly became pale.  A strange blend of anger and shock came on her face, and she looked at Riddhima.
" Haan. " She looked back at Rahul.
" Ek baar meri life mein koi chor aaya tha, aur ussne mera sab kuch mujhse chheen liya.  Aur maine usski jaan lene ki koshish ki.  Lekin woh chor bach gaya.  Bas ek baar mujhe mauka mill jaaye.  Main usski jaan le lungi. " she said with gritted teeth.  Tension rose in the atmosphere, which was feeled by every single person present there.  The gang knew who Maya meant and they all stiffened up, ready to protect Riddhima.
Riddhima, on the other hand, felt like Maya was indicating something towards her.  A few beads of sweat formed on her head, but she wiped them off.  A flash suddenly passed in front of her eyes.  She saw someone pushing a girl, and that girl crying for help.  She couldn't see who that person or girl was, as it was all black.  She tried to concentrate on the people, but the picture wasn't getting any clearer.  She clenched the grass she was sitting on, into a tight fist.  She next saw the person hitting the girl really hard with a glass vase and she collapsed to the ground.
Riddhima suddenly gasp loudly which gained everyone's attention.  They turned to Riddhima and saw horror on her face, and beads of sweat on her forehead.  Armaan understood what she might have seen and immediately signaled Sapna to look over Riddhima.  She nodded and shook her.  Riddhima came out of her thoughts and looked at Sapna.
" Kya hua Ridzi?  Tum itni pareshaan kyun lag rahi ho? " She asked worriedly.
" Ku... kuch nahin.  Main... bas... ai... aise... hi. " Riddhima stuttered and wiped off the beads of sweat from her forehead.  " Ok, lets continue the game. " Riddhima said smilingly.  Maya spinned the bottle, and it landed on Armaan.  Armaan looked at her in anger, and Maya smirked.
" So Armaan?  Truth?  Or dare? "
" Dare. "
" Oh.  Toh, jaise ki hum sab jaante hain, ki tum Riddhima se bohat pyaar karte ho, uss ke liye tumhe kuch karna padega. "
" Kya? " Armaan was confused.  How could Maya say anything like that?  She wants him right, so what's this new drama?  Maya just smirked and stood up.  She went and took some bottles.  She came back and broke the bottles in order, which was a path from Armaan to Riddhima.  After breaking them, she went and sat back down.  Everyone looked at her confused.
" Agar itna pyaar karte ho Riddhima se, toh inn kaanch ke tookdon par chal ke, Riddhima se paas jao. " They all stared at her in shock, while she smiled.
" Maya yeh tum kya keh rahi ho?  Tum Amy ko kaanch ke tookdon par chalaogi?  What's wrong with you? "
" What?  Agar Armaan sach mein Riddhima se pyaar karta hain, toh kaanch ke tookdon par chalna usske liye koi badi baat nahin honi chahiye.  Kyun Armaan? " Armaan just stared at her in disbelief.
' Soch lo Armaan.  Agar Riddhima ko chuno ge, toh tumhe dard ke ilaavah kuch nahin milega.  Kyunki main, tum dono ki zindagi mushkilon se bhar dungi.  Promise. '
' Main jaanta hoon tum aisa kyun kar rahi ho.  But you know what?  Agar Riddhima ka saath paane ke liye mujhe inn tookdon par bhi chalna pade, toh main chalunga. ' Armaan got up, and took off his shoes.  Everyone present there was shocked.  They all never thought that Armaan would agree to do that.
Armaan stepped on the piece of glass, and immediately hissed and closed his eyes in pain.  Riddhima flinched seeing Armaan in pain, and closed her eyes, with her fingers clenched into a hard fist.  Armaan opened his eyes and turned his gaze towards Riddhima, who simply refused to open her eyes.  Armaan smiled, and slowly stepped ahead, letting the pieces of glass tear through his skin.  A lone tear fell out of Riddhima's eye, which didn't go unnoticed Armaan.
'  Kyun khud se bhaagti ho Riddhima?  Why?  Chot mujhe lagti hain, lekin dard tumhe hota hain.  Maan lo Riddhima, ki tum aaj bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho.  Sirf mujhse.  Mere bina nahin reh sakti tum.  You love me.  And I promise, I'll make you say this.  Promise. ' Armaan thought to himself, and then stepped on the next piece of glass, not feeling anything at all.
He walked on all the glasses, and stood in front of Riddhima.  He saw the tear, and bent down and wiped it with his thumb.
" Riddhima. " Armaan whispered.  Riddhima opened her eyes as she felt someone's cool breath on her face, and looked at Armaan.  She was relieved that Armaan was alright.  Armaan held her by her shoulders and made her stand up.  He hugged her tightly, and she hugged him back after a few seconds.  The gang clapped for them really loudly, while Maya was boiling in anger.  She never thought that Armaan would walk on glass for only Riddhima.
Armaan broke apart from Riddhima, and held her hand.  He turned to Maya.
" Riddhima ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon.  Kuch bhi.  Chaahe woh inn kaanch ke tookdon par chalna hi kyun na ho.  Apne pyaar ko saabit karne ke liye mujhe inn kaanch ke tookdon par chalne ki zaroorat nahin hain. " Maya glared at him and Armaan and the gang smiled.  Armaan had indirectly given Maya a tight slap.  Maya got up, and left for her room.  Armaan started to walk, but was about to fall because his foot was bleeding, but Riddhima took his arm around her shoulder, and walked him to their room, very carefully.

In their room...

Riddhima put him on the bed very carefully, and went to the drawer.  She took out the first-aid kit, and ran to the bathroom, to get some water.  She ran back to Armaan, who was terribly in pain.  She took his foot, and very gently placed it in the bucket filled with ice water.
" Riddhima! " Armaan hissed.  For a moment he was in pain, but it then soothed up as the pain started to subside.
After a while, Riddhima took out his feet from the bucket, and placed them on her thighs, and wiped them.  She took out the antiseptic liquid and started to clean the cuts.  Armaan hissed, but Riddhima immediately blew on it, making it less painful.  While Riddhima was busy cleaning the cuts, Armaan was busy admiring her.
He saw how Riddhima's eyes often closed as she was cleaning the cuts.  She then took out the ointment and applied it on his feet.
" Kya zaroorat thi kaanch ke tookdon par chalne ki?  Mana kar dete toh kuch chala nahin jaata tumhara! " Riddhima scolded him as she wrapped the bandage around his feet, and he just smiled.  She looked up saw him staring at her lovingly.
She looked in his eyes, and saw love, and only love in them.  She snapped out of the thought and got up.  She started to go, but Armaan grabbed her wrist, and pulled her back onto the bed, and pinned her beneath him.  Riddhima stared at him in horror.
" Armaan yeh tum kya kar rahe ho?  Chodo mujhe. " Riddhima spoke in a low voice.
" Kyun khud se bhaag rahi ho Riddhima?  Keh kyun nahin deti ki tum aaj bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho? "
" Main tumse pyaar karti thi... ab nahin. " Armaan went closer and whispered huskily in her ears.
" Toh phir jab mujhe chot lag rahi thi, toh tumhe inti taqleef kyun ho rahi thi? " Riddhima couldn't say anything else once she felt his breath on her skin.
" Chot mujhe lag rahi thi, lekin aasoon tumhari aankhon se nikal rahe the.  Kyun? " He went closer to her, and whispered ever so softly.  Riddhima closed her eyes as she felt his lips touch her ear.  It sent a little tingling down her spine.  He bit her ear lobe and she hissed, but he licked the same spot.
Riddhima wasn't in her senses anymore.  She was totally absorbed in the moment.  Armaan went down and kissed her jaw line.  Her hands snaked up behind his neck, urging him to go further.  He went up, and captured her lips.  Her hands snaked into his hair, and she grabbed a fistful of his hair, arousing him even more.  He cupped a side of her face and caressed it with his thumb.  He left her lips, and slid down to her throat, kissing every inch of her.  He dropped his hand down to the nape of her neck, as he kissed her sensuously.  His lips traveled over to her shoulders, and he kept kissing.  He moved the sleeves down and kissed her there.
" Armaan. " Riddhima whispered.
" I love you. " Armaan whispered back.  They suddenly heard a knock on the door.
" Armaan!  Riddhima! " It was Anjali.  Riddhima opened her eyes, and realized what was happening.  She pushed Armaan off the bed, and ran into the bathroom, leaving a shocked Armaan behind.  He held his head, and got up and straightened his shirt and hair.  He went and opened the door, to see Anjali, Sapna, and Muskaan standing there.
" Hi Armaan. " said Sapna.
" H... hi.  Tu... tum log... ya... yahaan... iss waqt? "
" Kyun? Nahin aa sakte kya? " said Sapna.  She felt that something was wrong.  She then noticed that Armaan's lips were swollen, and a few buttons of his shirt were open.
' Oh!  Toh yahaan romantic mood ban raha tha?  Aur hum kabaab mein haddi ki tarah yahaan aa gaye.  Idiots!  Ridzi kahaan hain?  Hmm.  Shaayad woh embarrass hogi.  Hmm, yehi theek rahega. ' Sapna thought to herself.
" Ab hum kya yahin pe reh ke baat karenge?  Andar nahin bulaoge kya? " said Muskaan.  Armaan moved away, and let the girls come in.  They sat down on the couch and they just randomly talked.  After a while, Riddhima came out of the bathroom, and sat between Sapna and Anjali in a way that she couldn't see Armaan.
" Waise Ridzi  Main soch rahi thi, ki kyun na aaj raat tum mere room mein so jao.  Mujhe kuch kaam tha, toh socha ki tum meri thodi help kar do gi.  If you don't mind. "
" No, it's alright.  Main aa jaungi. " Riddhima said with a smile, and then looked at Armaan, but immediately looked away.  After a while, they left for their rooms.
Armaan was confused on what to do.  He knew Riddhima loved him, but he also knew that Riddhima wouldn't believe him without proof.  He closed his eyes, and recalled the moment they shared in the room, and a smile came on his face.
" I love her. "

In Sapna's Room...

Sapna needed help in figuring out her feelings, and Riddhima helped her in it.  She knew how it felt for a girl to accept the fact that she's in love.  After all, she DID go through all this.
Soon, Sapna went to sleep, and Riddhima just layed there on the bed.  She thought about the moment they shared in the room.
' Agar aaj Sapna nahin aayi hoti, toh pata nahin kya ho jata. ' Her mind suddenly drifted to the day when she felt something for Armaan.


While eating her gola, Riddhima heard some noises surrounding her.  Then, she heard someone whistle at her.  She turned around, and saw 4 bikes circling around her.
" Wah!  Kya ladki hain yaar!  Yeh mill jaaye toh poori raat ban jaaye, kyun doston!? " A guy on the bike said.
" Haan!  Oh madam!  Thoda gola, humme bhi toh chakhaye! " Riddhima looked at the boys in disgust.  She felt a hand on her shoulder, and immediately turned around to see the gola-waala staring cheaply at her.  She realized that he was in all this, too.
Anger rised up in her veins, and she punched the guy very hardly in his face and he fell onto the ground.  He touched his nose, and saw blood, oozing out of it.  He got angry and got up.  The 4 people who were riding the bikes, stopped and got down.  The gola waala grabbed her by her wrists.
" Bohat haath chalte hain na tere?  Tujhe toh kaabu mein karna hi padega. " Riddhima tried to struggle out of his grip, but his grip was very tight.  Riddhima kicked him very hard on his leg, and he fell to the ground.  The other boys got very angry and 2 of the boys held her arms from either sides and the other 2 advanced towards her.  Riddhima kicked one of them between his legs, and kicked the other on the side of his face.  Both fell on the ground and Riddhima made a back-flip and then smashed the other 2 guys' head into each other.
On the other hand, the gang was eating their dinner and chatting.
" Waise guys, yeh Ridzi ab tak kyun nahin aayi?  Gola khaane mein kitna time lagta hain? " said a concerned Sapna.
" Pata nahin.  She should've been back by now. " said Amit.
" Kahin woh koi problem mein toh nahin phasi? " said Atul.
" Main jaa kar dekhta hoon. "  said Armaan.  He got up and went outside of the restraunt.  He went to the place where they had left Riddhima.  He reached there, and saw Riddhima fighting with 4 muscular boys, and one down.  Was she out of her mind!  He ran over to her, and took control of 2 boys, while Riddhima dealt with the other 2.
" What the hell do you think you're doing! " Armaan said while fighting.
" Basketball khel rahi hoon. " Riddhima said after a few seconds.
" Funny!  Don't you think tumhe humaare saath aana chahiye tha? "
" Nahin! "
" Yaar tumhari problem kya hain!?  Ek toh tumhari help kar raha hoon, AUR TUM HO KI MUJHE ATTITUDE DE RAHI HO!? " Armaan stopped fighting and shouted.
"TOH KYA MAINE KAHA THA MERI HELP KARNE KE LIYE!? " Riddhima shouted back in equal tone.  They both were attacked by the boys again, and this time, they fought back in pairs.  After a while, they saw that at least 10 more people come in.  They all were from the same gang and they stood with the other boys.  Armaan and Riddhima looked at the boys in horror, and then at each other.
' Gotta run babes! ' Armaan thought.
' I'm all in! ' Riddhima thought back.  They held each others' hand and ran, while the boys ran after them.
" Oh God!  Aaj toh mera dum nikal jaayega!  Abhi, abhi toh khaana khaya hain! " Armaan whined.
" Tumne toh phir bhi kuch khaya hain.  Main toh sirf gole pe jee rahi hoon! "  They stopped and panted for air.  They held their knees for support, and looked back to see the boys, about 25 feet away from them.  Armaan looked at his surroundings, and saw a jungle next to them.  He took hold of Riddhima and ran inside, shocking the witts out of Riddhima.
" Armaan!  What the hell are you doing?! "
" Running!  Mujhe unn mushtando se ladne ka koi shauk nahin hain, samjhi. " Both kept running past the trees for quite a long time, when something went into Riddhima's feet and she screamed.
" Ah! " Riddhima fell onto the ground and Armaan looked at her worriedly.
" Riddhima!  Kya hua?  Are you ok? "
" I think... mere paer mein kuch chala gaya. " Riddhima said in pain.  Armaan looked at her feet, and saw what went into it.
" Riddhima.  Tumhare paer mein kankad chala gaya hain. " Armaan slowly took it out and Riddhima screamed.
" Ah! " Riddhima clutched his shirt and closed her eyes in pain.  She slowly opened them and saw Armaan staring intently at her.  She pulled back, and Armaan snapped out of his thoughts.
" Chalo Riddhima.  Humme chalna padega. " Armaan got up and Riddhima tried to stand up, but couldn't.
" Main chal nahin paungi Armaan.  My feet are hurting really bad. " Armaan looked at her feet, and then back at her.
" Theek hain, tum thoda aaraam kar lo.  Usske baad hum chalte hain. " Riddhima nodded once and smiled.
Riddhima was leaning against a tree, and Armaan was across from her.  Both were relaxing a little, well Armaan was the one relaxing.
Riddhima's stomach was hurting because of hunger.  She hadn't eaten anything since the morning, except for the 'gola', but her stomach had already digested that because of all that running.  She held her stomach tightly, and at the same time, Armaan opened his eyes.
" Basket?  Kya hua? " Riddhima looked up.
" Kuch nahin. " Armaan then realized that Riddhima was starving.
" Tumne toh kuch bhi nahin khaya. " Riddhima nodded.
" Tum yahin ruko, main kuch arrangements karta hoon. " Armaan got up and left.  Riddhima smiled.
" Yeh Armaan bhi, bilkul pagal hain.  Woh mere samajh ke toh bahar hi hain.  Kabhi itna mean, kabhi itna achha.  I don't understand him.  Like, never.  He's... he's just different.  Sabse alag hain woh.  Sabko hamesha hasaata hain. " Riddhima smiled at her words.  She suddenly heard some noise.
" Dhoondo unhe! " Riddhima gasped.  She realized that those goons were still searching for them.  Riddhima tried to get up.
" Oh, toh tum yahaan ho. " One of the good, was standing right in front of her.  Riddhima got scared.  Her foot was injured, and even Armaan wasn't there to help her.  What could she do?  The other goons came and stood behind the first one, and made her stand up.
"Bohat haath chalte hain na tere?  Huh? " He slapped Riddhima and she fell on the ground.  He clutched a fistful of her hair and made her look at them.
" Kahaan hain tera woh hero?  Chala gaya?  Usske haat bohat chalte hain na?  Bilkul teri tarah. " He slapped her once again and she fell back again in immense pain.  Tears came out of her eyes.  She turned back to see the goons unbuttoning their shirts.  Her eyes widened in horror.  She started to move back, while the goons advanced towards her.  One goon bent down to touch her and she closed her eyes tightly, but she never felt anything.  She opened her eyes and saw Armaan standing there, holding that goon's hand.
His eyes were blood-shot.  Hatred and furry was clear in them.  His grip on the hand grew tighter and stronger, and the guy, struggled in pain.  A sound of bone breaking came and the guy fell to the ground.  The others attacked Armaan, but Armaan wasn't scared of any of them.  He fought with them.  In a while, 5 of them were down.
He was fighting, when one of the boys, hit him on his head with a hard stick.  Everything went dizzy in front of his eyes, as he held his head and fell on the ground.  They started to hit him with sticks and all.
Riddhima was scared.  When she saw Armaan there, she was relieved.  But that relieve, turned into shock and confusion.  Armaan was thrashing the goons with such anger that she had never seen.  Yes, she saw Armaan mad, but not this mad.  Mad?  It was anger, furry, madness.  She didn't know why Armaan was behaving this way.
' Armaan iss tarah kyun behave kar raha hain?  Why?  Woh mere liye kyun itna kar raha hain?  Itna gussa kyun hain woh? '  Riddhima thought to herself.  She suddenly saw Armaan falling of the ground.
" ARMAAN! " Riddhima screamed.  She stood up on her feet and ran towards him.
" Armaan!  Armaan utho Armaan!  Armaan UTHO! " Riddhima shook him vigorously.  At the same time, 2 of the goons came, and took Riddhima away from Armaan.  Riddhima slapped the guy that had hit Armaan and he slapped back with force 10 times more and she fell back on the ground.
" Ah! " As soon as Riddhima's scream reached Armaan's ear, he opened his eyes, and looked at Riddhima's side.  He got up, and took off the shirt he was wearing.  He took the stick that was lying beside him and hit the guy that slapped Riddhima.  He fell on the ground.  He started to hit him and was about to kill him when Riddhima screamed.
" Armaan! " Armaan looked at Riddhima who was scared to death.  He left the guy, and ran to Riddhima.  He took her hand, and started to run past the trees, with a few of the goons following them.  Both were running when Riddhima hissed a little, as her feet were still hurting.  Armaan heard her, and stopped and looked at her.  He looked behind and saw the goons still there.  He pulled her and pinned her behind a tree.
" Armaan- "
" Shh.  Bas Riddhima.  Tumhare pao mein chot lagi hain.  Aise mein tumhe itna bhaagna nahin chahiye.  Hum thodi daer yahin rukte hain.  Tab tak yeh goonde bhi bhaag jaayenge. " Riddhima turned her head to see the goons searching for them.  They both kept looking in their direction for a while.
Riddhima turned her heard towards Armaan as she felt his body pressing hardly on hers'.  They were even less than an inch apart.  Riddhima started to notice his features.  Though it was a dark, cold night, the moonlight was enough for her to see him.  She started to caress his body with her big, green, emerald eyes.
His forehead, which was covered by a cloud of his hair.  His greyish-blue eyes in which she was drowning into.  His moist lips, which she wanted to feel so badly with her own.  His angelic face, which could even make the angels up in the heaven bow down, and drool over him.  Her gaze dropped down on his well-toned body, which sent an urge through her body to be held tightly by him.
 ' Yeh kya ho raha hain mujhe?  What's happening to me?  Kyun main apni nazar Armaan par se nahin hata pa rahi?  Aisa toh maine pehle kabhi, kisi bhi ladke ke liye mehsoos nahin kiya.  Toh phir ab kya hua? ' Riddhima thought to herself.  A cool breeze came which made Riddhima's hair fly over her face.  Riddhima saw the wound on his forehead and raised her hand to touch it.
Armaan felt Riddhima touch him, and he looked at her.  She was looking absolutely stunning in the moonlight.  Just like an angel.  Armaan dropped his gaze down to her lips, which were perfectly parted.  His gaze dropped even more further down to her throat.  He realized that the scarf she was wearing, was not there anymore.  He gulped seeing her bare skin.
He removed the hair from her face and Riddhima closed her eyes feeling his touch.  Something suddenly caught his attention.  He saw the wounds beside her lips.  It was still bleeding a little.  He leaned in and kissed her there.  Riddhima gasped as his lips touched her's and closed her eyes.  She opened her eyes back and looked at Armaan.  None of them spoke for a while.  They just kept on staring at each other.
" Tumne unn goondon ko aise kyun maara? "
" Koi tumhe haaat lagaye, mujhe pasand nahin. "
" Kyun? "
" Kyunki- " Armaan saw the goons there, and looked around.  He saw a small cottage there, and picked Riddhima up and carried her there.
They entered the cottage and Armaan layed her on a stack of hay.
"So jao Basket.  Raat ke baara baj rahe hain.  Go to sleep. " Riddhima nodded and closed her eyes.  Armaan looked at her and smiled.
" Armaan. "
" Bolo. "
" Tum Atul ko phone kar do aur unn se keh do ki hum yahaan hain.  Woh log bohat tensed honge. " Armaan smiled at her concern.
" Tum so jao Basket.  Main unhe phone kar ke keh doonga. " Riddhima closed her eyes, and was asleep in no time.  Armaan called the gang and told them about the events, and that they were fine.  He prepared a stack for him, too, and sat there.
He knew that what he was feeling, was not attraction or anything.  It was way more than that, and he could feel it.
' What is this?  What kind of feeling is this? ' Armaan thought.  He closed his eyes, and something came into his mind.
It was something that his Bi had told him, a very long time ago.
' Amy.  Agar kabhi bhi tumhe yeh lage, ki tumhe kissi se pyaar ho gaya ho, toh apni aankhein band karo aur apne dill pe haath rakho.  Agar uss ladki ka chehra tumhari aankhon ke saamne aaye, toh tumhe usse pyaar hua hain. '
Armaan opened his eyes as he remembered this.  He decided to try it.  He closed his eyes and waited for something to come.  He suddenly saw someone walking towards him.  As the person came close, Armaan just knew that it's a girl.  Now he was just waiting impatiently to see the girl's face.  In the next moment, he saw Riddhima's smiling face.
He opened his eyes in shock, as he realized that yes, he is in love with Riddhima.
" I love her. "
It was nothing more than a mere whisper.
' But does she love you too? '
A voice came from the inside.  He didn't know the answer to this.  But he had this feeling that Riddhima did feel something for him.  Even if it was a mere attraction.  But was it really a mere attraction?

Flashback ends...

Riddhima was asleep by the time she recalled the day and she had a cute smile on her face.

Maya's room...

She threw the vase she had in her hand on the mirror.  She couldn't believe that Armaan chose Riddhima over her, again.
" Tumne phir se uss Riddhima ko chuna Armaan?  Phir se?  Lekin don't worry Armaan.  Riddhima ke dill mein jo tumhare liye pyaar hain na, usse main MITTA DOONGI! " Maya said with fire in her eyes.


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