Sunday, 17 November 2019

part 13 : Here to change his life forever

As Armaan entered their bedroom his eyes started in search of Riddhima his Riddhima who was all his from now, as he was lost in his thoughts of how his life changed after Riddhima's entry in his life his eyes fell on his wife, his love, his life who was lost in her thoughts, so he went near her and put his hand on her shoulder which made her come out of her day dreaming. "Kya soch rahi thi?" asked Armaan. "Yeh soch rahi thi ki today I have everything one can ask for a really loving and caring husband the love of my life, a wonderful family, so many new relations…my life seems complete…" said Riddhima. "Come on Riddhima we can talk about this sometimes later, I am so not in a mood to do all these boring talks when I have something better to do" said Armaan with his naughty expressions which made Riddhima blushed…Armaan started removing her jewelry…taking off her earrings placing a quick peck on each of her earlobes, then the necklace and placing wet kisses from
her neckline to shoulder…leaving couple love bites here and there which made Riddhima mourn in pain but Armaan made up for the pain by sucking the places where he left the love bites….Taking off all her jewelry he lifted her up and laid her down on the bed. He moved forward and pecked her cheek, forehead, earlobes, neck teasing her…she couldn't take it anymore so ended up placing her lips on his which was supposed to be a sweet slow kiss but as seconds passed it turned into a long passionate kiss that lasted about 5 minutes…Short of breath made her break their kiss, which turned Armaan on. He stripped the pallu of her saree off, throwing it on the floor. He kissed all over her upper body from her face, to shoulder, to her chest , her stomach which made Riddhima tickle. Removing her blouse he licked her bo***m making Riddhima dug her nail in his shirt…Armaan pulled Riddhima in making their bodies move in rhythm together while Riddhima's mourn got louder but she was enjoying it…it showed the love they had for each other…Next moment they were laying next to each other on the bed entangled with each other, after hours of making love. "Armaan lets get ready you need to drop me home for all the rasams". "Hmm riddhima so that means you wont be home the whole day" asked armaan sadly. "Oh my armaan you will pick me up in the evening and come for dinner there" Said Riddhima. Armaan dropped Riddhima to her parents house he was going to have a boring day indeed with no one at home he has gotten so used to having Riddhima around him that he felt extremely lonely when she wasn't around. Riddhima felt good to spend quality time with her parents but she wondered what armaan must be doing at the very moment. It was time for armaan to come to her place her parents hadn't really gotten a chance to interact with him because everything had happened in such a rush  Today was a good chance and everyone would get to know each other much better. They all sat on the table and dinner was served shashank had so many question to ask armaan and he wanted to get to know him better. Armaan was extremely nervous I mean after all this was the first time he had properly faced his father in law. "So Armaan what are your plans for the future I mean do you plan to live in India with Riddhima" He asked. Armaan wondered why he was asking such absurd questions. "Sir Well I have my own business and Riddhima is my partner in It and so obviously I plan to stay back here and settle with Riddhima here". "Oh so you're going to continue with what your'e already doing" Asked a curious Father in law. "sir now it's my duty to keep Riddhima happy and along with that make sure she has a stable life and I truly believe  that what I am currently doing is good enough so that are future can be secure" Said Armaan confidently. "Sir I know you're worried about Riddhima and if I'll keep her happy and I have always looked upon to you as a fatherly figure and you have the right to tell me and ask me everything, Sir today I promise to you that ill always keep Riddhima happy and be with her in all good and bad times" Said Armaan. Shashank was impressed and from what armaan had said he was sure that he was the perfect guy for Riddhima and he would keep her happy. He wasn't afraid of the future now because he knew Riddhima had a husband like armaan who would always protect her. " Armaan, I can proudly say today that I am glad to have a son in law like you and from now on call me papa not sir" Said shanshank happily. Riddhima was happy how he had managed to please his dad just by talking to him once. She now knew armaan was the perfect guy for her and she was happy he was welcome into the family. The family spoke for a while more and it was time for the couple to go home. Riddhima hugged her parents good bye and left with armaan. Now that her parents had approved of him life could not get better for the both of them.

Aliya & Komal

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