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Part 14 :Betrayal (AR)

   Amit and Sapna

Recap: The gang plays truth and dare in the garden, and Riddhima sees a flash of something.  Sapna realizes that she is in love with Amit.  Armaan walks on glass on a dare from Maya.  Armaan and Riddhima share an intimate moment in their room.  Sapna takes Riddhima to her room to figure out her feelings.  Riddhima recalls her past when she first fell for Armaan.

The next morning, the gang freshened up and went to Atul's room, for breakfast.  They sat down on the bean bags and started to have their breakfast.  Just then, Muskaan's eyes fell on Armaan's hand.  His hand was wrapped in a bandage, and it was slightly bleeding through.
After Riddhima left with Sapna, Armaan was really mad.  He was so frustrated with everything, that he had knocked the glass vase down, which had injured his hand.  He took care of himself, but he knew that it wouldn't help.
" Armaan!  Yeh tumhare haath ko kya hua?  Yeh chot kaise lagi tumhe? " Muskaan asked worriedly.  Everyone's eyes went to his hand, and they got worried.  Armaan looked at his hand for a minute, and looked up.

" Oh, yeh... kuch nahin.  Bas... aaj subah bathroom jaate waqt mera haath glass se takraaya tha, aur yeh chot lag gayi. " Armaan just smiled at the end.
" Thank God chot zyaada nahin lagi. " Sapna thanked God in her mind.  Armaan smiled, and looked at Riddhima, who was staring intently at him.  Her eyes were asking him so many questions.
' Tum hi ne khud ko chot pohanchaayi thi na? '
' Haan. ' Riddhima just stared at him.  Her face didn't show any expression, but her eyes showed how much hurt she was.
' Kyun khud ko itni chot pohancha rahe ho? '
' Tumse door rehna se achha hain ki main khud aise chot pohanchaoon. ' Tears were clear in his eyes.  Riddhima was on the verge of tears, but she looked away.  Armaan closed his eyes, to stop the tears from falling out.
" Waise guys.  Aaj ka kya plan hain? " asked Anjali.
" Pata nahin.  Tum logo ka kya plan hain? " said Rahul.
" Maine suna hain ki yahaan pe ek church hain, jiski bohat maanyata hain.  Hum job hi wish karte hain, woh zaroor poori hoti hain.  Let's go there. " said Sapna.  The gang was kind of surprised with the suggestion, but then decided to say okay.
" Ok.  We'll go there today. " Sapna smiled.
They all left after finishing their breakfast, except for Riddhima and Amit.
" Ridzi!  Kya kaha Sapna ne? " Amit asked impatiently.  Riddhima looked down.
" Bolo na Ridzi!  Kya kaha ussne? "
" Woh... woh A... Amit... Sa... Sapzi ne kaha... ki... " Riddhima stuttered and then shook her head and looked up. " tum jaa kar ussi se pooch lo na. " Riddhima said with a sad face, and then left.  Amit was shocked at this and suddenly became very sad.  He turned to Atul, who was equally shocked.
" AJ!  Yeh... yeh Ridzi aise kyun baat kar rahi thi?  Kya Sapna mujhse pyaar nahin karti? "
" Nahin Amit.  Sapzi tujhse pyaar karti hain.  Aur yeh usski aankhon mein saaf dikhta hain. " Amit some what calmed down and left for his room.
They all soon finished up their lunch and all, and around 5 PM, they left for the Anglican Church.

At the Anglican Church...

As soon as they arrived there, everyone was just awed by the beauty of the place.  The church was built in a shape of a cross, which simply added to the beauty of the place.
" Wow yaar!  This is so beautiful! " said Muskaan.
" Yea, I know!  Let's go in and check it out! " said an excited Riddhima.
They went in, and checked out the exquisite art around.  It had some amazing pictures and sculptures of Jesus and Mother Mary.
After a while, they sat down.  They closed their eyes, and folded their hands, and prayed.
' Maine apni zindagi mein sirf ek hi ladki se pyaar kiya hain.  Riddhima.  Main usse bohat pyaar karta hoon.  Apni zindagi se bhi zyaada.  I can't live without her.  Please help me find some evidences against Maya.  Main Maya ko meri aur Riddhima ki zindagi barbaad nahin karne de sakta.  Please help me. ' Armaan prayed.  He opened his eyes, and looked at Riddhima, who had her eyes closed, and was praying.
' Main sirf yeh jaana chahti hoon ki sach kya hain.  Aisa toh kya hua tha ki... ki Armaan kissi aur ladki ke saath...  Aur yeh Maya?  Armaan aakhir Maya se itni nafrat kyun karta hain?  Aur Maya?  Woh kyun Armaan ke itne kareeb jaane ki koshish kar rahi hain?  Please help me.  I want my Armaan back. ' Riddhima opened her eyes, as she felt someone's eyes on her, and looked at Armaan.  She looked away as she found herself getting lost into those deep blue eyes.
On the other hand, Atul and Anjali, and Rahul and Muskaan asked for everything to be well, in everyone's life, especially Armaan and Riddhima's as they were going through the worst phase of their marriage.
Soon after their prayers, they all started to leave for the hotel, when Riddhima recalled something.
" Oh no!  Guys!  Main apna cell phone vahin par bhool gayi!  Armaan, chalo mere saath! " Riddhima took his hand, and started to go.
" Lekin Riddhima- "
" Armaan chalo! " Riddhima gave Armaan a 'do as I say ' look, so he just decided to keep quiet and followed her.
" Oh God!  Main apna purse bhool gayi! " said Anjali.
" Atul, Muskaan, tum dono chalo na mere saath. "
" Main bhi aata hoon. " said Rahul.  The four left, and Amit and Sapna looked at each other and gave an awkward smile.
" Umm... chalein? " said Sapna.  Amit nodded with a smile and they started to walk.  Amit was lost in his own world.
' What's going on?  Kya Sapna mujhse pyaar karti hain?  Does she love me?  Ridzi ne mujhse kuch kyun nahin kaha?  Why? ' Amit was so lost in his own thoughts that he never realized when Sapna stopped walking beside him.  He came out of his thoughts, and then turned his face to look at Sapna, but he didn't find her.
" Sapna? " Amit called out for her, but didn't find her anywhere.  He got very tensed.
" Sapna! " He started to search around for her, but got very upset when he didn't find her anywhere.  She suddenly heard the door behind him shutting.  He turned around, and ran to the door.  He opened it and went inside.
The room was totally dark.  He scanned through it saw nothing at first, but as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw that it was a big hall, more of a party hall, but he couldn't see anymore.
" I think main galat jagah par aa gaya.  Sapna yahaan kaise ho sakti hain? " He turned around, and started to go, but then heard a sound.  He turned around and saw a few candles lit up.  He got surprised with it.
Now that the candles were lit up, he could see most of the things perfectly.
It was decorated with simple decorations, but it looked beautiful.  He heard some footsteps behind him, and turned around.  He saw Sapna coming, wearing a beautiful purple spagetthi strap dress and her hair was down.
She smiled as she came closer to him.
" Sapna... yeh sab kya... " Amit was surprised.  His dream was actually coming true!  Everything was the same as he had imagined it.
" Tumhe kya lagta hain? " Amit was completely surprised now.  Was this all for him?
" I love you Amit. " Sapna said with a smile.  Amit was dumbfounded.  He was jumping inside his heart, but his body was totally numb.  He didn't know how to react on this.  Sapna understood this, and smiled.  She went forward, and kissed him on his cheek.  In a matter of a minute, Sapna was twirling in the air, giggling.  Amit kept twirling her, and then finally put her down.  Sapna's hands were were behind his neck, and had her forehead against his.
" I love you, too. " Sapna smiled, and opened her eyes.  Amit captured her lips immediately, and kissed her gently.
Sounds of claps echoed in the room as the gang came in the hall with a smile on their face.  Amit and Sapna broke apart, and looked at the gang.
" Congrats! " They all said together.
" Thanks. " Sapna looked at Riddhima and mouthed a thanks to her, while Riddhima just blinked her eyes saying ' no problem ' and smiled.
" Waise guys, yeh sab tum logo ne plan kab kiya? " Amit asked surprised with the arrangements.
" Well Amit, isska credit Ridzi ko jaata hain. " said Rahul.
" Ridzi? "
" Haan.  Main. "
" Lekin yeh sab kaise? "
" Zyaada kuch nahin karna tha.  Yaad hain tumne ek din mujhse kaha tha, ki tum jis ladki se pyaar karte ho, woh purple mein bohat achhi lagti hain.  Aur scene bhi bilkul aisa hi hona chahiye.  Toh bas.  Maine kal Sapzi ko yeh sab bata diya.  Yeh arrangements maine hi karvaayi thi.  Aur maine issi liye tumhe aaj subah kuch nahin bataya tha, taaki hum tumhe surprise kar sakein.  And the results are here. " Riddhima said with a smile.
" Oh my God Ridzi, you are the best! " Amit went and hugged her, only to receive a murderous glare from Amit.  He immediately backed off, and went and stood with Sapna.  The gang tried to stifle their laughs, and succeeded.
After a while, they left the church and went to eat.
" Guys, bohat bhook lagi hain.  Let's go and eat something. " said Muskaan.
" Yea, lekin aaj kuch hatke khaate hain.  Let's eat something from the street! " said Riddhima.
" Yea, nice idea!  Hey Rahul.  Chal humme vada pao khilaane le jaa na. " Muskaan requested.
" Achha baba, chalo. " They left for the famous Bandsamosa and ate there.  Along with dinner, there was so much going on.  Amit and Sapna kept romancing, Rahul and Muskaan fought, Atul and Anjali talked to each other romantically, and Armaan and Riddhima kept stealing glances at each other.
Soon, they left for the hotel as they were really tired with the day's events.

Armaan and Riddhima's room...

Riddhima was back in her room with Armaan.  Armaan was sitting on the couch watching Riddhima, while she was cleaning the room.
She still was really uncomfortable on staying in one room with Armaan after their intimate moment yesterday.
She was trying her best to ignore him.  She would keep stealing glances at him, but they only lasted for a fraction of a second.  Armaan was getting tired and frustrated of this.  Why couldn't she trust him?  Tired of this, he got up, and walked over to Riddhima in anger.  He took hold of her upper arm, and pinned her to the wall.  Riddhima was shocked.
" Bas Riddhima!  Bohat ho gaya!  Enough is enough! " Armaan spoke in a low angry tone, shocking Riddhima.  She somewhere knew why he was angry, but then brushed it off.
" Armaan... mujhe jaane do. " Riddhima started to struggle, but Armaan pinned her to the wall again.  This time he was much closer to her.
" Meri poori baat soone bina tum kahin nahin jaa rahi. "
" Kuch sunne ke liye baaki hain kya? "
" Haan!  Bohat kuch baaki hain! " Armaan tightened his grip over hers, making her close her eyes in pain.  She opened her eyes and looked into Armaan's eyes.
His eyes showed her how much he loved her, how much he pained to be with her.  He didn't want to be away from her.  All he wanted was to just stay in her arms.
" Riddhima... please trust me.  I haven't done anything wrong. " Armaan just managed a whisper.
" Toh phir tum hi bata do na Armaan.  What's the truth? " Armaan cupped her face and rested his forehead against her's.  Both closed their eyes.
" Riddhima, main tumhe kuch nahin bata sakta.  I can't. "
" Why? "
" Kyunki mere paas koi proof nahin hain. "
" I don't care. " Armaan just moved away from her and shook his head slowly.  He went into the bathroom and sank down to the floor.
" I'm sorry Riddhima.  Main tumhe kuch nahin bata sakta.  Agar maine tumhe kuch bhi batane ki koshish ki, toh main tumhe kho dunga.  I can't lose you. " Armaan silently sobbed.  He remembered the conversation he had this evening.


They all were eating, when Armaan suddenly got a phone call.  He looked at the caller ID, and saw the name, that he didn't want to see at all.  He disconnected the call, but it rang again in a few seconds.  This time he took the phone, and went out the eating place.
" Tumne mujhe phone kyun kiya? " Armaan said in a low angry tone.
" Tumhe warn karne ke liye. " A female voice came from the other side.
" Kis liye? "
" Riddhima ko kuch matt batana. "
" Achha?  Aur tum kaun hoti ho mujhe yeh bataane waali?  Main Riddhima ko sab sach bata kar hi rahunga.  Aur woh bhi aaj hi. "
" Theek hain Mr. Armaan Mallik.  Jo batana hain bata do.  Lekin ek baat ka khayal rakhna.  Agar Riddhima, ya tumhare kissi bhi dost ko, kuch bhi hua, toh usski zimidaar, main nahin hongi. " Then the call was disconnected, and Armaan was suddenly scared of this.

Flashback ends...

Riddhima was still standing in the same position she was in.  She was extremely confused now.  How could Armaan just say that he didn't have any proof?  Armaan isn't the kind of guy that searches for proof to prove himself.  If he knows something, he'll just say it, without ANY proof.  Then why would he need proof now?  Especially when she was ready to listen to whatever he was going to say?  Something was definitely wrong.
She dimmed the lights and then layed on the bed.  She kept on thinking about what Armaan said.  She heard the sound of the door opening, and closed her eyes.
Armaan came out wearing his night clothes, and saw Riddhima sleeping.  He turned off the lights, and went to sleep, thinking about Riddhima.  Riddhima opened her eyes, and went back to her past once again.


The warm rays of the Sun fell on the skins of the two people in the cottage.  They slowly opened their eyes, and found that they were in the cottage.  The two sat up, and looked at each other.
" AMY! "
" RIDZI! "
They heard Rahul and Amit shouting out their names.
" Chalo. " said Armaan.  They walked out of the cottage, and met the gang there.
" Amy!  Ridzi! " They ran to the them, and hugged them.
" Tum log yahaan kaise aa gaye?  Aur tum dono yeh chot kaise lagi? " Sapna asked worriedly.
" Woh actually Sapzi, main gola kha rahi thi, aur vahaan achanak se kuch gunde aa gaye, jinhe uss gole vale ne bulaya tha.  Hum dono ne unn logo se fight toh ki, lekin kuch daer ke baad kuch aur gunde aa gaye, aur humme chhupne ne ke liye iss jungle mein aana pada.  Mere paer mein chot lagi, toh humne vahaan thodi dear rest kar liya.  Lekin woh gunde vahaan bhi aa gaye, aur Armaan ne unn sab se fight ki.  Hum bohat thak gaye the, iss liye hum yahaan, iss cottage mein aa gaye. "
" Oh my God!  Uss gole vaale ki toh main- " Muskaan got very angry and got in her fighting mode, but Rahul held her back.
" Lekin tum logo ko yeh kaise pata chala ki hum log yahaan jungle mein the? " asked Armaan.
" Iss se. " Atul held up the scarf Riddhima was wearing last night.  " Yeh humme jungle ke bahar mila tha.  Humme blood ke marks bhi mile the, aur usse trace karte, karte, hum yahaan aa gaye. " Atul explained.
" So guys, sabse pehle toh humme wapas hotel jaane chahiye.  Tum dono ki dressing bhi toh karni hain. " said Sapna.  They left the jungle, and went back to the hotel.  They did Armaan and Riddhima's dressing, and then they all rested for a while as they were tired because of the events.

In Riddhima's room...

Riddhima was lying on her stomach writing in her diary, thinking about last night's events.  She kept thinking about the way Armaan fought with the goons for her, the way he protected her and then pinned her to the tree because he was worried for her.  She wrote in her diary.

Dear Diary,
     I don't know what's happening to me.  Everytime I close my eyes, I can only see Armaan.  Everything around me, somehow takes me towards Armaan.  I feel as if I'm losing my control over myself.  What's happening to me?
     I feel like running towards him, and hugging him tight, and never letting go.  Why?  Yesterday when he fought for me, I was feeling so happy.  No one had ever fought like that for me.  Yes, people, especially boys, often want to kill each other to get me as a prize, but this was different.  Armaan didn't fight for me to get me as a prize.  In fact he fought for me, to protect me.  No one has ever done this for me.  No one.  The anger in his eyes when he fought for me, was just different.
    When he had pinned me to the tree, it felt so... so right.  As if he had a right over me.  His body is intriguing.  I had never seen anyone so strong and muscular.  Well, after excluding Salman Khan, I can say that.
    When he had kissed my wound, I had pretty much surrendered myself to him.  Why did this happen?  Am I falling for him?  Am I... am I in love with him?  No.  How is this possible?  Armaan is just my friend.  I can't fall in love with him.  But I never have felt this way for anyone.  Not even my male friends.  Maybe it's just infatuation.  I'll be over Armaan soon.
    You know something?  I feel so good after coming to Lonavla.  It's like so peaceful here!  The scenery is just beautiful.  I wish it was beautiful like this in US.  Anyways, now I'm gonna be staying here.  So let me enjoy my life!  I know I've ignored you for a while, but what to do?  College just occupies my time.  I'm sorry about that.  I promise I'll talk to you EVERDAY now.  And if I don't, then you can give me any punishment you want.  Promise.  But for right now, good bye.  :-D


Riddhima put her diary up and then layed on her bed.

Armaan's room...

Armaan was just over the moon after finding out that he loves Riddhima.  The only thing he had to do now, was to make Riddhima realize that she loves him, too.
" Main jaanta hoon Basket.  Tum bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho.  Lekin maanogi nahin.  But I promise Basket.  Main tumhe iss baat ka ehsaas dila kar hi rahunga. " Armaan smiled.  The events from yesterday came back to him, and he smiled.
Soon they all met up in the garden of the place to decide what to do for the evening.
" So?  What's the plan? "
" Ridzi se pooch na.  Woh toh Lonavla ko bohat ache se jaanti hain. " said Amit.
" Yea.  Aur Ridzi, agar yahaan koi disc ya aisa kuch ho na, toh please humme vahaan le ja.  I'm dying to shake my leg on the floor! " said Muskaan.  They all shook their head with a smile.  Riddhima thought for a while.
" Yea!  Yahaan ek disc toh hain.  Aaj hum vahaan jaa sakte hain. "
" Yippa!  So done!  Aaj hum disc mein jaayenge. " said Armaan.  They all were very happy on this, and then chit chatted for a while.

Flashback ends...

Riddhima closed her eyes, and went to sleep, dreaming about none other than Armaan.
" Tumne usse phone kiya? " a male voice asked.
" Haan. " a female voice replied.
" Kya kaha tumne usse? "
" Yeh hi.  Ki agar ussne Riddhima ko kuch bhi bataya, toh main Riddhima ko nuksaan pohanchaungi. "
" Aur ussne kya kaha? "
" Woh kuch keh paaye, usse pehle hi maine call disconnect kar diya. "
" Lekin agar ussne Riddhima ko kuch bata diya toh? "
" Don't worry.  Armaan kuch bhi karega, lekin Riddhima ko yeh nahin batayega, ki uss raat ko maine usski drink mein nashe ki goliyaan mila di thi.  And he slept with me, only because he was intoxicated. "
" Hmm.  Waise achha hain ki Armaan ko sirf aadha hi sach pata hain.  Agar usse poora sach pata hota.  Toh we would've been been dead by now. "
" I know.  Lekin Riddhima ya kissi aur ko poora sach pata chale, isse pehle humara plan kaamiyaab ho jaayega. "
" Hmm. " The guy took a drink from the glass he was holding, and took a look at the girl.  He eyed her up and down and smiled evily.  The girl felt his gaze on her and looked up.  She arched her eyebrow, asking him what, and he just smirked.  He pulled her close by her waist.
" What do you want? "
" You know what I want. " The girl smirked and the boy smacked his lips on her.
Who's this girl that threatened Armaan?  Who's that boy?  Why do they want to separate Armaan and Riddhima from each other?  Stay tuned to find out...


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