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Part 15 :Betrayal (AR)

      Meri Aawargi

Recap: Amit and Sapna confess their love for each other at the church.  Armaan is about to tell Riddhima the truth, but doesn't because he got a call earlier saying that if tries to tell Riddhima anything, then she'll kill Riddhima or any of his friends.  Riddhima gets upset, and remembers her past.  Two other people are discussing whether Armaan will tell Riddhima or not, and it is revealed that the girl had mixed pills in Armaan's drink.

The next morning, Armaan and the gang were sitting in Rahul's room.  They had gotten up early because Armaan had called Rahul up, and told them about what happened, and they decided to meet up in Rahul's room.  Armaan had told them everything that had happened.  From the call he got, to his and Riddhima's talk in their room.

" Mujhe kuch samajh mein nahin aa raha.  I don't know what to do. " said Armaan.
" Amy.  I think tumhe Ridzi ko sab kuch bata dena chahiye.  I mean, usse bata do ki sach kya hain, aur usse kaho ki woh evidences dhoondne mein tumhari help karein. " said Anjali.
" Tumhe kya lagta hain Anjie ?  Kya yeh idea mere dimaag mein nahin aaya tha?  Anjie main Riddhima ya tum logo ko leke koi bhi risk nahin lena chahta.  Woh bohat smart hain.  Usse yeh pata karne mein zara bhi daer nahin lage gi ki maine Riddhima ko sab kuch bata diya hain.  Aur main apni problems ki vajah se tum logo ki life khatre mein nahin daal sakta. "
" Teri problems?  Amy teri problems, teri kabse ho gayi?  Agar aaj hum par koi problem aayi hoti, toh tu yeh hi chahta, ki hum apni problems tere saath share na karein?  Nahin na?  Toh phir tu humse yeh kaise expect kar sakta hain ki hum teri problems ko apni na samjhein? " said Rahul.  Armaan hugged Rahul.  They broke apart, and then thought for a while.
" I think humme pehle evidences dhoondne chahiye.  Usske baad Riddhima ko main sab sach bata doonga. " said Armaan.
" Hmm.  Yeh hi theek rahega aur safe bhi.  Waise Amy, tune achha kiya ki tune Ridzi ko kuch nahin bataya. " said Muskaan.
" Kyun? " said Rahul.
" Arre idiot!  Agar Amy ne Ridzi ko bata diya hota, toh zaahir si baat hain woh dono phirse saath saath hote.  Aur yeh kaafi evident bhi lagta. "
" Kaise? "
" Yaar tu hamesha idiot, ka idiot hi rahega.  Itni si akkal nahin hain tere mein?  Agar woh saath saath hote, toh humaara pyaar sa Amy hamesha Ridzi ke saath romance karne ka mauka dhoondta rahega.  Aur humaari bholi Ridzi kitna blush karti hain.  Woh aise hi toh blush nahin karne waali na?  Yeh tere ko evident nahin lagta? " Muskaan explained.
" Ohhh! " said Rahul.
" Ghonchu kahi ka. " Muskaan muttered under her breath, but Rahul heard it.
" Kya kaha? "
" Ghonchu!  Apne kaan ka ilaaj kara! "
" Abe tu itna chilaati kyun hain?  Mun nahin dukhta kya tera? "
" KYA?!  MAIN CHILAATI HOON! " Muskaan shouted.
" BAS GUYS BOHAT HO GAYA! " Armaan shouted, making the two jump.  They look embarrassed and they sat down.  They all looked at each other and burst out into laughters.  They calmed down after a while, and got serious again.
" Waise Amy, mujhe nahin pata tha ki tu blush bhi karta hain. " said Amit.
" Blush?  Aur main?  Pshhhhhh! "
" Jhoot mat bolo Amy.  Maine kuch daer pehle hi tujhe blush karte hue dekha. " Anjali said with a smirk.  Armaan blushed even more, and they all whistled.
" Kya yaar tum log bhi?  Aur Amit.  Tu toh aise baat kar raha hain jaise tu kabhi blush nahin karta. "
" Main kahaan blush karta hoon? "
" Kyun?  Jab hum log tujhe Sapzi ko le ke tease karte the, tab tu laal, neela, peela, hara, bhara, laal ke jitney bhi shades hain, sab tere mun pe dikhaayi dete the tere chehre par. " Sapna blushed at this.  They all whistled again.
" Ok guys, bas.  Mazaak band.  Amy, Ridzi kahaan hain? " asked Anjali.
" Woh toh so rahi hain. "
" Good.  Ab dhyaan rakhna ki Ridzi ko iss waqt kuch bhi pata na chale, warna probem ho jaayegi. "
" Kya nahin batana hain Ridzi ko? " They all looked at the door, and saw Riddhima standing there in her red nighty, looking at them suspiciously.  The gang looked at each other, and then at Riddhima.
" Woh... woh... Ridzi... " Atul stuttered.
" Woh Ridzi, hum humare past ke baare mein baat kar rahe the.  Yaad hain jab hum Lonavla gaye the, aur tu humme uss disc mein le gayi thi, bas usski baat kar rahe the. " Muskaan said.
" Subah ke saade paanch baje? "
" Kyun?  Baat karne ke liye kya time dekha jaata hain? "
" Nahin.  Bas aise hi pooch rahi thi. " Riddhima said with a smile.
" Ab jab hum sab yahin hain, toh let's talk about the plans for the day.  Rahul, aaj hum kahaan jaaye? " Riddhima walked over to the couch, and sat beside Armaan, and asked.
" Umm... let's go to Gilbert Trail. " Rahul suggested.
" What's so unusual about this place? " asked Anjali.
" Nothing's unusual.  Yeh ek trail hain, jo long walk ke liye ek dum perfect hain.  It's natural beautiful. "
" Hmm.  Humme aaj vahin pe jaana chahiye.  Waise bhi kal ke noisy day ke baad, thodi shanti to milni hi chahiye. " said Sapna.
" Yea. "
" Toh hum ek kaam karte hain, thodi daer ke liye so jaate hain, aur phir ek-do baje hum nikalte hain.  Ok? " said Muskaan.
" Sure. "
" Ok, toh main chalti hoon. " Riddhima said with a smile, and then left for her room, while the others stayed back, and looked at each other.
" That-was-so-freaking-close. " said Atul.
" I know.  Ek second ke liye toh main darr hi gayi thi. " said Anjali.
" We gotta be careful now. " said Muskaan.
" Kyun? " asked Armaan.
" Kyunki... maine kuch din pehle hi Ridzi ko ek chota sa hint diya tha, jiss mein usse thoda sa vishwaas toh ho gaya tha ki Amy bilkul nirdosh hain. "
" Iss mein careful hone ki kya baat hain?  Yeh toh achha hain na?  Hum yeh hi toh chahte the ki Ridzi Amy par vishwaas karein. " said Rahul.
" Problem ye hain, ab Ridzi aur bhi zyaada alert hogi.  Woh sab kuch jaanne ki koshish karegi usske liye khatra ban sakta hain.  She's always curious about everything.  And curiosity always kills the cat. "
" Don't worry Muski.  Riddhima ko sab pata chalega.  Lekin tab hi, jab main chaahunga. " said Armaan.
On the other hand, Riddhima was pacing up and down the room.
' Kuch toh baat hain.  Muski ne mujhse jhoot kyun kaha? Ek baat toh saaf hain, ki woh sab Lonavla ke baare mein baat nahin kar rahe the.  Toh phir kya baat ho sakti hain?  Jab unn sab ne mujhe vahaan dekha, toh woh log ek dum shocked ho gaye the.  Jaise ki unhone koi bhoot dekh liya ho.  Something's not right.  Kahin woh log uss sach ke baare mein toh baat nahin kar rahe the?  Agar aisa hain toh matlab mere elaavah sab sach jaante hain.  Lekin agar baat kuch aur huyi toh?  Oh come on Ridzi!  Itni subah ko woh kya baat kar sakte hain?  Lekin agar unn sab ko pata hain, toh phir mujhse yeh baat kyun chhupaayi jaa rahi hain?  Kaise pata lagaoon main?  Koi mujhe kuch nahin batayega.  I know that damn well!  Oh God!  Please help me! ' Riddhima thought to herself.   Just then Armaan entered the room.  He looked at Riddhima, and knew immediately that she was not convinced by Muskaan's lies.  Instead of saying anything, he just walked over to the bed.
" Tum log kya baat kar rahe the? " Riddhima asked.  Armaan stopped.
' Damn.  Ab main Riddhima se kya kahun? ' Armaan thought to himself.
" Muski ne kaha na.  Hum Lonavla ki baat kar rahe the. " Armaan didn't look at her, and Riddhima got angry.  She went up to him, and turned him around.
" Jhooth.  Phirse jhooth.  Tum log uss sach ke baare mein baat kar rahe the na? " Armaan was shocked.
" N... nahin. "
" Kyun jhooth bol rahe ho Armaan?  Main jaanti hoon tum ussi ke baare mein baat kar rahe the.  Armaan tum... tum mujhe bata kyun nahin dete ki sach kya hain?  Kyun mujhse yeh baat chhupa rahe ho?  Jab main tumhaari koi baat sunna nahin chaahti thi, toh humesha mujhse baat karna chaahte the, aur ab, jab main sab kuch jaanna chaahti hoon, toh kyun mujhe kuch bata nahin rahe?  Huh?  Bolo. " Riddhima grabbed his collar and asked him.  Armaan had closed his eyes, and had turned his face away.
' I'm sorry Riddhima.  Main tumhe kuch nahin bata sakta.  Agar tum mujhse nafrat karna chaahti ho, toh karo.  Tumhaari nafrat main seh sakta hoon Riddhima, lekin tumhe khona... yeh main bilkul nahin seh sakta. ' Armaan thought.  He raised his hands, and took it up to her hands.  He firmly held both of her hands, and removed her hands from his collar.  He opened his eyes, looked at her for a second, and then left the room.
Riddhima looked at the door, as if waiting for him to come back.  She crossed her hands, and looked away as tears rolled down her cheeks.
' Armaan.  Tum mujhse sach chhupaana chahte ho na.  Chhupaao.  Lekin I promise you.  Main sab kuch jaan kar hi rahungi. ' She wiped her tears, and then went to take a shower.
Armaan came back in his room after a minute, and didn't see Riddhima in the room.  He got worried, but then heard the shower sound, and knew that Riddhima is in the shower.  He went and stood in the balcony.  With his eyes closed, he heard the sound of the beautiful morning.  It was all peaceful.  It seemed as if he was away from all miseries, all worries of life.  The chirping of the birds, and leaves falling off the trees, the silent breeze of Kasauli was just mind refreshing.
His phone went off, and he came out of the trance.  He took the phone, without looking at the caller ID.
" Hello? "
" Hello, Armaan.  How are you? " It was the same girl that Armaan had talked to yesterday.
" Tum? "
" Haan.  Kyun?  Kissi aur ko expect kar rahe the kya? "
" Tumne mujhe iss waqt phone kyun kiya?  Maine mana kiya than a tumhe? "
" Oh sweety I can call you whenever I want to.  Aur maine tumhe iss waqt iss liye phone kiya, because I was missing you.  Kitna time ho gaya tumse mille.  I wanted to meet you baby. "
" I am not your baby.  And mujhe tumse millne ka koi shauk nahin hain. "
" But I want to meet you.  I miss you so much. "
" Naa hi main tumse millna chaahta hoon, aur naa hi tumhaari shakal dekhna chaahta hoon. "
" Fine then Mr. Mallik.  You'll regret this decision of yours.  Tum mujhse sirf uss Riddhima ki vajah se nahin milna chaahte na?  Fine.  Agar bachcha sakte ho, toh bachcha lena apni Riddhima ko. " She spoke in a low, but furious tone, and then disconnected the call.  Armaan looked at his phone.  He was scared of her threat.
" Ab kya karna chaahti hain yeh? " Armaan asked himself.

Gilbert Trail...

" Wow!  This is so beautiful! " Anjali whispered.
" Yea.  Rahul.  I just love you for this! " Muskaan said excitedly, and she hugged Rahul really tightly, and then kissed him on the cheek.  The boys whistled, and Muskaan blushed.  She broke apart from Rahul, and they all chuckled.
" Ok guys.  Let's start walking.  Maza karo! " said Rahul.
They all started to walk, and were chit-chatting about various things.
" Waise Amit.  Tum mere Mummy-Pappa se kab baat karoge? "
" Kis ke baare mein? "
" Mtchh.  Arre humaari shaadi ki baare mein! "
" Oh!  Umm.  Let's see... Bees saal ke baad. " Amit joked, and Sapna's mouth fell open.  Everyone laughed at her state.  She hit Amit on his arm, very hardly, and even he started to laugh.
" Jaise hi hum vaapas Delhi jaayengi, tab hi main tumhaari mummy-papa se baat karunga.  Ok? " Sapna smiled widely and hugged Amit.
" I love you! "
" Love you, too. " They all smiled, and resumed their walk.  They all walked for quite a while.
"Guys.   Tum log ko chalna hain toh chalo.  Main bohat thak gayi hoon.  Main yahaan iss bench par bethti hoon, I'll join you all in a while. " said Riddhima.  They all nodded, and went ahead with the walk, while Riddhima sat down on the bench.
" Wooh!  Very nice place.  Rahul ne sach mein bohat achhi jagah chuni hain. " Riddhima said with a wide smile on her face.  She closed her eyes, and leaned back.  She cleared her mind off of everything, and and just stayed still there, taking in the calmness of the place.  Her mind suddenly drifted off to her past.


As decided, they all got ready and met at 6:00 at the reception.  All of them were there, except for Riddhima.
" Yaar yeh Ridzi kahaan hain? " said Muskaan.
" Pata nahin.  Shaayad tayaar ho rahi hogi. " said Sapna.
" Maybe. "
" Tayaar hone mein ko itna time lagaata hain kya? " Atul asked horrified.
" Shut up AJ! " said Amit.
In a while, Riddhima showed up.  She wore a short, denim blue dress with heels, and silver accessories like earrings, and bangles in one hand.

Armaan's jaws touched the floor after seeing Riddhima like this.  She looked so desirable in that dress.  Atul saw his reaction, and smiled.
" Bohat hot lag rahi hain na Ridzi? "
" Bohat hot lag rahi nahin. "
" Bohat sexy hain na? "
" Bohat sexy hain. "
" She's very desirable? "
" She's very, very, very, very, very desirable. "
" Usski badi kitni badi, badi almond jaisi aankhein hain na? "
" Bohat badi aakhein hain.  Itni badi, ki main uss mein doopki laga sakta hoon. "
" Bohat pyaar karte ho na usse? "
" Bohat pyaar karta hoon main usse. " Armaan's eyes widened when he realized that he just confessed that he loves Riddhima.  He looked at Atul in shock.
" Ab... b... b... b... " Armaan stuttered.
" Aba-daba-daba-daba-da.  Kyun Mr. Armaan?  Chori pakdi gayi na? " Atul mimicked him, and then asked with a smirk.
" Chori?  Kaunsi chori? "
" Arre dhakan!  Mera matlab yeh hain, ki aakhir mein tune accept kar hi liya ki tu Ridzi se pyaar karta hain. " Armaan blushed.
" Oooooh!  Someone's blushing! " Armaan blushed even more on this, and Atul just shook his head.
" Wow!  Mujhe nahin pata tha ki pyaar mein koi blush karna bhi seekh jaata hain. " He chuckled at Armaan's condition.
On the other hand, Riddhima was slightly blushing.  She had seen Armaan's gaze on her, and his reaction afterwards.  People thought that she had put make-up on, but the truth was that she had only a little bit of make-up on, which meant light eyeliner, a tinge of lip gloss, and light eye shadow which slightly matched her milky skin tone.
She walked up to them, and greeted them.
" Hey guys!  What's up? " She asked sweetly.
" What's up Ridzi?  Tumhe itni daer kaise lagi? " asked Sapna.
" Woh actually mujhse dress hi nahin mill rahi thi.  I had misplaced it.  Issi liye mujhe daer lagi. "
" Oh, ok. "
" So shall we go now? " said Amit.
" Yea, let's go. " said Riddhima.  They left for the disco, in the car that they had ordered.

At the Disco...

They entered the disco and it was completely dark and loud in there.  The bodies were sticked together, as if one, and they swayed together.  They all passed through the crowd while dancing, and reached the bar.  Riddhima asked all of them what they wanted, and it was the same thing: TEQUILA!

(They all gulped down the drink, and shook their head.  Armaan went to the center of the dance floor.)

Meri awaargi,
Meri deewangi,
Ko zara chein aaye sanam... – 2

(Armaan sang the first part while going to the dance floor.  He smiled, and then danced.)

Tu thaam se jo daaman,
Sambhal jaayenge kadam – 2

(They all came to the dance floor, and danced.  Atul flirted with other girls, while the others danced as couples.  The boys held their hands out to the girls, with they accepted, and the boys twirled them in.  They held each others' hands, and the girls went down with their hips moving gracefully.  They, then, broke apart and started to dance separately.)

Madhoshi tanhaayi hain,
Bechaini si chaayi hain.
Shaam savere, har lamha,
Yaad mujhe teri aayi hain,
Na ja, na ja,
Aise mein kahin na ja,
Nigaahon mein basa le tu.
Mujhe aaja,
Aaja oh jaane jaane,
Panaahon mein chhupa le tu...

Mere dill ki lagi,
Meri deewaangi,
Ko zara chain aaye sanam...

Tu thaam le jo daaman,
Sambhal jaayenge kadam... – 2

(Armaan stops and looks at Riddhima, who is fully enjoying herself, as she's under the effect of the drink.  She was dancing so freely, as if she has nothing to worry about.  A smile came on Armaan's face, as he just stared at her smiling face.)

Kitna dilkash manzar hain,
Chhaaya hain tera jaadu,
Milne ki betaabi hain,
Nazron mein hain tu, hi tu.
(Riddhima rolls her body elegantly, with her hands moving freely.  Her hands make a wavy design.  She, then, puts a focus on her eyes with her fingers, and then points in front of her, which actually heads towards Armaan.)

Jaagi, jaagi,
Tamanna jaagi, jaagi,
Khayalon pe bhi chhaaya nasha...
(She moves her hands from side to side, and pulls her hand down, and moves her hands from side to side again.  She turns around, but her face is facing Armaan, and she rolls her body again, which completely mesmerizes Armaan.)

Laagi, laagi,
Lagan aisi laagi,
Kahin bhi ab laage na jiyaa...

Meri har tishnagi,
Meri deewaangi,
Ko zara chain aaye sanam...

Tu thaam le jo daaman,
Sambhal jaayenge kadam -2

They all dance, and dance like crazy and wild people.  After the song was over, they all met again at the bar.  They were laughing so much.
" Oh my god!  Ridzi!  You are so good! " said Atul.
" Thanks!  Waise I didn't know ki tum ladkiyon ke saath flirt karte ho. " Atul just chuckled at this.  Riddhima turned to the bartender.
" 2 tequilas please. "
" Riddhima!  Tum do aur piyogi? " asked Armaan.
" Haan.  Kyun? "
" Riddhima itna mat piyo.  You won't be able to handle it. "
" Arre!  Mera endurance bohat achha hain.  Ok? "
" Oh really?  Wanna have a competition?  Let's see who can drink the most. "
" Sure.  Vahaan kya khade ho?  Yahaan aa jao. " Armaan shook his head, and Riddhima looked at him confused.
" Tumhaare saath main compete nahin karne vaala. "
" Then? " Armaan smirked, and pulled a random girl.
" She will. " The girl just smiled at Armaan, and nodded.  Riddhima didn't like the way Armaan was holding the girl.  Her gaze fell down to his hand, which was around the girls' waist, and then back at him.
" Done. "
The girls then sat down on one of the seats, and started to gulp down the drinks.  One by one, all of the drinks that were there, were gone.
The girl against Riddhima, fainted, and she smiled.
" Dekha!  Maine kaha tha na?  I'M THE BEST! " Riddhima said childishly.  She was fully drunk!  She tried to get up, and almost fell, but Armaan caught her.  She looked at him for a second, and then smiled childishly.  Armaan sat her down on the seat.
" Amy.  Chal main isse chhod deta hoon. " said Amit.
" No, it's ok.  Tu, Sapzi, Muski, Rahul, aur AJ sab hotel jao.  Main Riddhima ke saath aa jaunga. "
" Sure? "
" Yea! " They all left for the hotel, and Armaan looked at Riddhima, who smiled at him.  He went close, and picked her up in his arms.
" Chalo Basket.  Lagta hain aaj ki raat bohat eventful hone waali hain. " Armaan said to an almost unconscious Riddhima, and took her out of the disco.

Flashback ends...

Riddhima was sitting on the bench, thinking about her past, when her phone rang, and she came out of her thoughts.  She looked at the called ID, and saw Rahul's name, and the time, which said it was 4:00.
' Oh shoot! '
" Hello? "
" Hello Ridzi?  Where the hell are you man?  Humme kitni chinta ho rahi hain teri. "
" I'm sorry Rahul.  Main actually ussi bench par bethi hoon.  Meri thodi aankh lag gayi thi.  Main abhi aati hoon. "
" It's ok.  Amy tujhe lene aa raha hain.  He was really worried. "
" Ok. " She cut the call, and stood up.  She started to walk in the direction that the gang took.
' Sach kya ho sakta hain?  Yeh log mujhse sab chhupa kyun rahe hain?  Why are they hiding the truth?  Aisi toh kaunsi baat hain, jo main nahin jaan sakti?  I mean, this is about me.  It's the matter of my life.  And they are hiding such an important thing from me!  Unbelievable!  Ab kaise pata lagaaoon ki sach kya hain?  I'll have to do something, or else I'll go insanse! ' Riddhima thought to herself.  She was so lost in her own thoughts, that she didn't realize the danger in front of her.
A truck was coming towards her in full speed.  Riddhima didn't realize this until she heard the roaring of the vehicle, and looked at it with wide eyes.  She pretty much froze at the acknowledgement.  She was going to die.  Her death was right in front of her eyes!
Riddhima kept staring at the truck, when she felt herself being pulled over.  The person that had saved her, was none other than Armaan.
"Shit! " The driver exclaimed.  Yes, the truck was headed towards Riddhima, and it was meant to kill her.  The driver was none other Maya.  She looked at the couple through the rear view mirror, and then drove in full speed.
Riddhima kept looking at the truck, that was pretty much invisible now.  Armaan was worried.  He had seen the truck coming towards Riddhima, and when he saw Riddhima just freezing there, he became really worried.  He had ran there, and just pulled her over.
" Riddhima!  Are you ok? " Armaan asked worriedly, but still didn't get any response from her.
" RIDDHIMA! " Armaan shook her, making her look at him.  Her eyes were still widened with horror, and tears were coming in.
" Are you ok? " Armaan asked softly.  Riddhima just hugged him tight, and Armaan hugged her back.  Both shed a few tears.  Armaan cupped her face, and planted several kisses.  He sucked her tears and captured her quivering lips.
He kissed her gently, as he brought her body closer to his.  Her hands automatically went around his neck, and into his hair.  He licked her lips, asking for entrance, to which Riddhima opened her mouth.  He slid his tongue into her mouth and Riddhima gasped.  She ruffled his hair, arousing him even more.  His hands went into her shirt, stroking her waist.  Riddhima was sure that if Armaan wasn't holding, she probably would've fell.
Armaan moved his hand up and down her back sensuously, arousing her even more.  She grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling him even more close.  Their tongues roamed around each others' and they swallowed each others' saliva.  They broke apart from each other and looked at each other with passionate eyes.
Armaan's eyes fell on the truck, that was a little far from them, but he could see the driver really well.  He realized that Maya wanted to kill Riddhima.  He broke away from Riddhima and looked away, while Riddhima was surprised.
She straightened her shirt, and her hair, and looked away.
" Riddhima... vahaan sab humaara wait kar rahe honge... we should go. " Saying this, he started to go, and Riddhima just silently followed him.
Maya, on the other hand, was furious.
" DAMMIT!  Armaan... how dare you save Riddhima?  Iss baar toh tumne Riddhima ko baccha liya, lekin kab tak bacchaoge?  Kissi na kissi din main Riddhima ko maar kar hi rahungi. " Her phone rang, and she took it up.
" Hello? "
" Hello Maya?  Where the hell are you? "
" Main yahaan Gilbert Trail mein hoon. "
" Gilbert Trail?  But why? "
" Riddhima ko maarne. "
" WHAT?  Tum Riddhima ko maarne gayi thi.  Humaari deal ke baare mein bhool gayi kya?  Riddhima ko aanch bhi nahin aani chaahiye.  Do get that? " Maya just cut the call, and drove away.

Who is the person that Maya talked to?  What is the secret that everyone is hiding?  Who is the person that is blackmailing Armaan?  Stay tuned to find out...



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