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Part 16 :Betrayal (AR)

    Drunken Confession

Recap: The gang talk together about the call, and Riddhima arrives there, but they lie to her.  Riddhima doesn't agree with the lie, and talks to Armaan about this.  They later go to Gilbert Trail, where Riddhima recalls her past.  She is almost about to get killed by Maya, but Armaan saves her, and they kiss, but then leave.

Armaan and Riddhima were walking to the rest of the gang in silence.  Both were lost in their own thoughts.
' Maya ne Riddhima ko maarne ki koshish kyun ki?  Why?  Kahin ussne... haan.  Shaayad issi liye hoga.  I can't believe ki Maya iss hadh tak gir sakti hain.  Woh mujhe Riddhima se alag karna chaahti hain?  Chaahe jo bhi ho jaaye, main Riddhima ka saath kabhi nahin chhodunga.  Never.  Mujhe sab se baat karni hi padegi.  Iss ka hal toh main nikaal kar hi rahunga. '

' Armaan aisa kyun kar raha hain?  What's wrong with him?  Kyun woh mujhe iss tarah se andhere mein rakh raha hain?  Kya mujhe kuch bhi jaanne ka haq nahin hain?  Is he trying to keep me away from him?  Nahin.  Aisa nahin ho sakta.  Armaan mujhe khud se door karne ki koshish kabhi nahin karega.  Zaroor koi vajah hain, jisski vajah se woh aisa kar raha hain.  Lekin main sach kaise pata lagaaoon?  How?  AJ, Anji Di, Rahul, Muski, Amit, Sapzi, koi mujhe kuch nahin bataayega.  I know it.  Armaan ne zaroor unse kaha hoga, ki woh mujhe kuch bhi na bataaye.  Toh main ab kya kar sakti hoon? '
Soon they both reached the place where the rest of the gang was.  They were pacing up and down, worried for Armaan and Riddhima.  Muskaan saw them, and ran towards them.
" Armaan!  Riddhima! " Muskaan hugged both of them.
" Kya hua?  Tum dono ko itni daer kaise huyi? " asked Sapna.
" Woh, actually... " Riddhima told them about her 'almost' accident, but left out their kiss part.
" Oh my God!  Are you 2 ok? "
" Yes Anji Di, we're fine. " They all breathed a sigh of relief.  Rahul's eyes fell on Armaan's lips.  It had a little bit color on it, and smirked, knowing that they had kissed, but didn't say anything.
They all walked for a while and then decided to rest in one of the open restraunt that was there.  They all ate and chit-chatted there.  Armaan and Riddhima kept stealing glances at each other, while the others kept romancing with each other.
After a while, Riddhima got up to use the restroom, and they all looked at Armaan.  They had seen the color on his lips, but didn't say anything as Riddhima was there.  Armaan looked up, and saw them staring mischieviously at him.
" Kya hua? "
" Tumne Ridzi ko bacchaaya, usske baad kya kiya? " asked Amit.  Armaan's eyes widened a little.
" Kya... kuch bhi toh nahin kiya. "
" Amy, hum se kyun jhooth bol raha hain?  Aur agar jhooth bolna bhi hain, toh baraabar bol na. "
" Matlab? "
" Tere honth par lip gloss ke nishaan hain.  Don't you think it's kinda obvious. " Armaan touched his lips, and saw the color on it.  He smiled a little, remembering the beautiful moment between him and Riddhima, but his smile faded away when he remembered Maya.  The gang noticed this very well.
" Amy?  Kya hua? "
" AJ, jiss ne Riddhima ki jaan lene ki koshish ki, woh Maya hain. "
" WHAT? "
" Haan.  Aur itna hi nahin, balki mujhe uss ka phone bhi aaya tha.  Woh mujhse milna chaahti thi, par maine mana kar diya.  Ussne mujhe dhamki di ki woh Riddhima ko nuksaan pohanchaane ki koshish karegi.  I don't know what to do. "
" Oh my God! " exclaimed Anjali.
" I can't believe ki ye hiss hadh tak gir sakti hain. " said Sapna.
" I know.  Jab maine Maya ka chehra dekha, toh main toh bilkul shock hi ho gaya. "
" Amy, tumhe Ridzi ko sab kuch bata dena chaahiye.  Tab hi woh safe hogi. " said Sapna.
" No Sapzi.  Main aisa nahin kar sakta. "
" Kyun? "
" Kyunki jo kadi, Riddhima ko Maya se, usski assliyat se jodti hain, woh to gaayab hain. " They looked at him with a confused look.
" Guys!  Tum log bhool kaise sakte ho?  Kya tum logo ko yeh bhi yaad nahin hain, ki uss haadse ke baad, Riddhima ko Maya ki koi bhi baat yaad nahin hain.  She doesn't remember anything!  Aur agar maine aise Riddhima ko kuch bhi bataaya, toh yeh usske liye khatre se kam nahin hain! " The gang just nodded.
" Toh tum ab kya karna chaahte ho? " Armaan thought.
" Sabse pehle toh humme Maya ke khilaaf sabot dhoondne padenge.  Aur usske liye humme Maya ke pooraane vale ghar pe jaana padega.  Vahaan humme koi na koi evidence definitely milenge. "
" You're right, lekin hum iss waqt nahin jaa sakte.  Kuch hi dinon mein AJ aur Anji ki shaadi hain.  We can't go. " said Amit.
" You're right.  Hum nahin, lekin humaara dost toh jaa sakta hain na? "
" Kaun? "
" Sumit. "
" Sumit? "
" Yup. "
" Lekin woh toh US chala gaya tha na? "
" Haan, lekin phir usski shaadi Molly ke saath ho gayi, aur woh Mumbai aa gaya.  He has become a detective now.  He can be a big help for us. "
" Wow!  Then what are you waiting for?  Call him! " said Rahul.
" Abhi nahin.  Riddhima kissi bhi waqt aati hi hogi.  I'll call him later. "
" Hmm.  Waise Amy.  Tumhe actually Maya ko thanks kehna chaahiye. "
" KYUN? "
" Kyunki usski vajah se, tumhe ek treat mill gayi. "
" Treat? "
" Kiss! " Armaan blushed at this.  At the same time, Riddhima came in, too.
" Hey guys, kya baatein ho rahi thi? "
" Kuch nahin, bas ek 'kiss' ke baare mein baat kar rahe the. " Riddhima looked away, and blushed.  They all chuckled at Armaan and Riddhima, and prayed inwardly that Armaan and Riddhima, become one again.
After a while, they left for the hotel.


A guy slaps Maya, and she falls on the floor.
"HOW DARE YOU MAYA?  HOW DARE YOU?  Tumhaari himmat kaise huyi aisa karne ki? "
" Maine jo bhi kiya, theekh kiya!  That bloody b*tch deserves to die! " The guy slaps the girl again.
" Agar meri Riddhima ko kuch bhi hua, toh main tumhaari, aur tumhaare uss... do kaudi Armaan Mallik ko jaan se maar daalunga! " The guy leaves, and Maya stares at his retreating back.


It was around 7:00, and the gang was back at the hotel.  They had just finished up eating up their dinner, and were going back to their rooms.
Armaan was going to his room, when he suddenly got pulled into one of the dark rooms.
" Who is it? " The lights came back on, and Armaan saw a smiling Maya in front of him.  He became furious, but didn't let that show on his face.
" It's me. " Armaan just rolled his eyes, and started to leave the room, but Maya came, and stood in front of the door.
" Kahaan jaa rahe ho? "
" MERI Riddhima ke paas. " Armaan said cooly, and Maya became angry, and Armaan smirked.  He pulled Maya away from the door, and was about to open the door, but then turned back to Maya.
" By the way Maya, main tumhe thanks kehna chaahta tha. " Maya looked at him with a confused look.
" Thanks?  For what? "
" Woh... actually Maya... aaj tumhaari vajah se, mujhe Riddhima se ek kiss mill gayi.  Thank you very much. " Armaan said with a taunting smile.  Maya looked away, and Armaan went away with a smirk, leaving a boiling Maya behind.


On the other hand, Riddhima was already in her room.  She didn't know what to do.
" Oh God!  Please help me! " Riddhima closed her eyes, and then remembered something.  She opened her eyes, and immediately grabbed her cell phone and dialed a number.
" Hello, Molly? "
" Yes.  Who's this? "
" Molly!  It's me, Riddhima! "
" Oh my God!  Ridzi!  How are you? "
" I'm fine.  Aur tu bata, kaise hain tu? "
" Main bhi theekh hoon. "
" Aur bata.  Itne dinon ke baad phone kaise kiya? "
" Woh... actually... Molly... I need your help. "
" Help?  For what? "
" Woh Molly... " Riddhima told her everything.  From the day she received the photos in the mail, to Armaan not telling her anything.  Molly was shocked on the other hand.
" Please Molly.  Meri help kar.  Main sacchaayi jaanna chaahti hoon.  Please help me. "
" Calm down Ridzi.  Main teri help karungi.  Okay? "
" Thanks Molly.  Main tera yeh ehsaan kabhi nahin bhoolungi. "
" Le!  Kar di na dushmanon waali baat.  Maine tujh par koi ehsaan nahin kiya. "
" Sorry baba.  Chal ab main phone rakhti hoon.  Okay?  Bye. " Riddhima smiled and cut the call.
" Thank God Molly ek detective hain.  Ab hopefully mujhe sab kuch pata chal jaayega. " Riddhima smiled, and went to sleep.  She was weared out with the day's events.
After a while, Armaan entered the room, and saw Riddhima sleeping, with a relief on her face.  He was confused on that, but then brushed the feeling off.  He took his phone, and went to the balcony.  He dialed a number, and waited.
" Hello? "
" Hello Sumit?  It's me, Armaan. "
" Oh hi Amy.  How are you? "
" I'm not fine.  Dude I really need your help. "
" Help?  For what? "
" Woh... " Armaan told Sumit everything.
" Oh my God!  Maya ne aisa kiya?  I can't believe she stoooped down so bloody low. "
" I know.  Ab tujhe meri help karni hain. "
" Kya karna hain mujhe? "
" Sabse pehle toh tu Maya ke puraane waale ghar pe jaa.  Vahaan par tujhe koi na koi evidence zaroor milega.  Please go there. "
" Okay buddy.  Done.  Main kal hi vahaan jaunga, aur evidence dhoondunga.  Okay? "
" Thanks a lot yaar!  You really are a dude! "
" No problem yaar! " Armaan cut the call with a smile on his face.
He came back in the room, and looked at Riddhima.  He smiled, and sat down beside her and caressed her hair.
' Bas kuch aur din Riddhima.  Usske baad main tumhe sab kuch bata dunga.  Promise. ' Armaan thought.  His mind drifted off to the past.


Armaan carried her to his car.
" Almaaaaaaaaaaaaan! " Riddhima whined and started to struggle in his arms.
" Kya hua Riddhima? "
" Mujhe neeche utaaaaaroooooooooooo! " Riddhima whined.  Armaan looked at her lovingly, and then put her down.  Riddhima stumbled a little, but then got her balance.  She looked at Armaan, and smiled very cutely.  She turned around and then ran like a kid, and Armaan followed her with a smile.
" Yaayyyyy! " She ran with her hands in the air.
" Riddhima!  Riddhima ruko!  Riddhima! " Armaan tried to stop her, but she kept running.
" Nahin!  Main aajh bohath khelungi! " Riddhima spoke in a kiddish voice.
" Riddhima ruko! " Riddhima didn't hear him, and kept running.  Armaan fastened his pace, and reached Riddhima.  He grabbed her by her upper arm, and turned her around.
" Bohat bhagaaya tumne mujhe. " Riddhima giggled and tried to run again, but Armaan tightened his grip on her arm, and brought her back.  She had a kiddish frown on her face, and she was pouting.  She was looking really cute.  Armaan gazed her up and down again.  He brought his face closer to hers'.
" You're looking really hot. " He softly whispered.  Riddhima blushed, and ran out of his reach, but stopped at a distance.
" Mujhe pakar ke dikhaao! " Riddhima ran, and Armaan smiled, and followed her.
They were running and Riddhima got tired.  She stopped to catch her breath, and Armaan reached her.  Both looked at each other, and chuckled.  Riddhima looked around, and saw an ice-cream parlor, and got really excited.
" ISHE-CLEAM! " Riddhima jumped and clapped her hands.  She turned to Armaan, and grabbed his hand.
" Almaaaaaaaaaaaan!  Mujhe ish-cleam khana hain!  Pleashe mujhe ek ishe-cleam dilaa do na!  Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssshhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee! " Riddhima asked him very cutely,  and Armaan couldn't say no.
" Ok baba, chalo. "
" YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! " Riddhima jumped, and ran to the ice-cream parlor.
" Ishe-cleam vale bhaiya!  Mujhe... " Riddhima counted on her fingers with a frown.
" Haan!  Mujhe five chocolathe ishe-cleam dena! " Riddhima said spreading out both of hands in front of her, showing all of her fingers.
" Mujhe ek vanilla ice-cream dena. " said Armaan.  The ice-cream person smiled and shook his head and gave her five chocolate, and Armaan one vanilla ice-cream.  Armaan ate his slowly, while Riddhima ate a little out of each.  Armaan just looked at Riddhima, and looked at her with passionate eyes.  His eyes wandered all over her body.  Her smooth, milky legs urged him to touch them, feel them, but clenched his fingers into a fist, to control himself, but what made it really hard, was her lips.  The way she was eating her ice-cream, left marks around her lips, and she was licking her lips.
Riddhima looked up, as she was done with her ice-cream, and saw Armaan staring at her.  She was way too drunk to realize the passion, and love in his eyes.  She looked at his ice-cream, which was melting.  She looked at Armaan, and then at the ice-cream.  Without thinking about anything else, she took his ice-cream, and ate it.  Armaan came out of his thoughts, and saw Riddhima eating his ice-cream.  He smirked.
" Riddhima.  You know tum mera jhootha kha rahi ho. " He said with his arms crossed.
" Haan.  Toh kya hua?  Tumhaara hi toh jhootha kha rahi hoon. " She relished the ice-cream, without caring about the effect she had on Armaan.  She went past Armaan, making her hair fly over his face.  He closed his eyes, treasuring the beautiful moment.  He almost forgot how to breathe, and then opened his eyes.  He looked up towards the sky.
" I love her. " He smiled, and followed Riddhima.  Riddhima walked for a while, and then sat down on a nearby bench.  Armaan sat down there, too.
" Riddhima.  Ek baat poochoon? "
" Poocho! "
" Main tumhe kaisa lagta hoon? "
" Tum? " Armaan nodded.
" Tum mujhe... booooohaaaaaaaat ache lagte ho. " She said spreading her arms wide apart.  Armaan grinned.
" Kya main tumhe sirf achha lagta hoon? " Riddhima looked at him confused.
" Do you love me? " Riddhima just stared blankly at him.  Armaan's heartbeats rose.  He didn't know her answer, but was getting positive vibes.  Riddhima then smiled angelicly.  She was about to say something, but Armaan's phone rang at the same time, and he took it.  It was from Rahul.
" Hello Rahul? "
" Yea Amy.  Man where are you two?  We're so worried! "
" Haan, hum aa hi rahe hain. " He cut the call, and cursed him inwardly.
" Kamine ko iss waqt phone karna tha?  Koi baat nahin.  Abhi toh bohat time baaki hain. " He said to himself.  He took deep breaths, and was about to turn around, when he felt water droplets on his skin.  He looked at and saw that it was raining.  He turned around and saw Riddhima playing in the rain.  She had her arms spread wide apart, and was spinning slowly around.  She had a wide smile on her face, and her eyes were closed.  A smile came on Armaan's face, too.

He, he, he, heee

Tumhe pata toh hoga,
Tum hi pe main fida hoon.
Tumhe hain jabse chaaha,
Havaaon mein udta hoon.
Tum hi mere har pal mein,
Tum aaj mein,
Tum kal mein.
(Armaan starts to sing and Riddhima stops playing, and looks at Armaan.  Hearing the words, she smiles.  She knew that the words he was saying, was much, much more than than just words.  Armaan goes near her, and circles around her.)

Hey Shona, Hey Shona... – 2
(Riddhima blushes and is about to go, but Armaan holds her hand, and brings her back.  He moves his nose around her cheeks, and she just blushes and goes away from him.)

Tumhe pata to hoga,
Ki mere dill mein kya hain.
Chalo kehe deti hoon,
Kabhi nahin jo kaha hain.
Tum hi mere har pal mein,
Tum aaj mein,
Tum kal mein.
(Riddhima walks a little, pretending to think about something.  She puts her hand on her heart and turns around and walks slowly towards him.  She moves her hand as if dismissing something, and slowly shakes her head.  She runs to him, and puts her hands on his shoulder and goes around him.  She, then, hugs him from behind and puts her chin on his shoulder.)

Hey Shona, Hey Shona... – 2
(Armaan turns around and cups a side of her face.  He leans in to kiss her, but she runs away.)

(Riddhima is at a distance, playing with other kids from the street.  She is jumping rope while laughing and then dances with a few of the kids there, but then slips, and falls.  She pouts, and crosses her arms across her chest.  Armaan comes there, and sits down beside her.)

Tum jo gussa bhi karo toh mujhe pyaar lagta hain,
Jaane kyun.
(Riddhima looks at him, and he pulls her cheeks very cutely.)

Main toh job hi kahun tumhe iqraar lagta hain,
Jaane kyun.
(Riddhima narrows her eyes, and puts her hands on her hips, and then stands up.)

Chhodo bhi yeh aada,
Paas aake zaraa.
Baat dill ki koi,
Keh do na...
(Riddhima starts to go, but Armaan holds her hand.  He brings her back and puts his arms around her waist.  He takes Riddhima's hand, and puts it on his heart.)

Hey Shona, Hey Shona…
Hey Shona, Hey Shona...
(He puts a hair strand behind her ear.)

(Riddhima runs away again, and Armaan just puts his hand on his hips.  He runs after her again.  This time, she lands up on a beach.  She walks on the sand, and giggles as she feels the sand slightly tickling her beneath her feet.)

Saari duniyaan ko chhod ke maine chaaha hain,
Ek tumhe.
(She turns around and faces Armaan, but walks backwards, and points at Armaan, and then her palms face upwards.)

Maine zindagi se maanga hain toh sirf maanga hain,
Ek tumhe.
(Armaan has his hands behind his back, and looks upward, and then at her.)

Ab issi rah mein,
Ab issi chaah mein.
Zindagi bhar mere,
Tum ho na...
(Armaan holds her hand, and she bends sideways.  She looks at Armaan, and he brings her back up.)

Hey Shona, Hey Shona...
(Riddhima looks at him lovingly, and caresses his face.  He holds her hand, and kisses her hand.  Riddhima blushes, and tries to run away.)

Tumhe pata toh hoga,
Tum hi pe main fida hoon.
Tumhe hain jab se chaaha,
Havaaon mein udta hoon.
(Armaan holds her hand and pulls her back with her back facing him and his hand across her chest.  He moves his lips across her nape, and she closes her eyes feeling his touch.)

Tum hi mere,
Har pal mein.
Tum aaj mein,
Tum kal mein.
(Riddhima turns around and looks at Armaan with loving and passionate eyes.  She smiles, and drops her gaze down to his lips, and then looks up.)

Hey Shona, Hey Shona...
(She lightly pushes him, and goes back, showing her thumb, and then runs.)

Hey Shona, Hey Shona...
(Armaan runs after Riddhima.)

Shoona, Hey Shona...

Hey Shona, Hey Shona...

" Shona!  Shona ruko! "

Armaan and Riddhima keep running, and reached the shores, when Riddhima fell, and Armaan fell on top of her.
Both looked into each others' eyes, and just got lost.  The waves just came and went over them, but they just kept on looking into each others' eyes.  Armaan bent down, and kissed her on her lips.  He kissed her very gently, and Riddhima's hands snaked into his hair.  Armaan caressed her cheeks, and then her throat.  His hands went down to the end of her dress, and raised it up a bit.  Riddhima gasped inside his mouth as she felt his hand touching her skin.  He rubbed her thighs, and Riddhima grabbed a fistful of his hair, arousing him.  Another wave of cold water came, and Riddhima shivered slightly.
They broke apart as Armaan sensed that Riddhima needed some breath.
" I love you. "  Armaan said with his eyes closed.
" I love you, too. " Riddhima said with a smile, and was looking at Armaan's face to see his reaction.  Armaan couldn't believe his ears.  Did she just say that she loved him, too?  He opened his eyes, and looked at Riddhima, who had a smile playing on her lips.
" Really? " Riddhima nodded.  Armaan immediately hugged her and she hugged him back.  He rolled and now Riddhima was on top of him.  Both just smiled and looked at each other.
" This gotta be the most unique confession. " Armaan whispered.  Riddhima thought, and then nodded with a smile.  She layed her head on his chest and closed her eyes.  Armaan caressed her hair very softly.  He had gotten what he wanted.  He had gotten his Riddhima.  He was never going to leave her.  Never.
He realized the time, and knew that he had to take Riddhima back to the hotel.
" Shona. " Armaan called out softly.  Riddhima didn't move.  He realized that she had fallen asleep due to the drinks' effects.  He very carefully rolled, and saw Riddhima sleeping.  He picked her up, and took her to the hotel, as it was only a few minutes away.
He reached the hotel, and took her to her room.  He talked to the gang, and told them that Riddhima's in her room.  The gang had noticed a glow on his face.  Something that they hadn't seen before.  Though the others couldn't understand the reason behind this, Atul had figured out that they had confessed, and made a mental note to talk to the others in the morning.
Armaan, on the other hand, was extremely happy.  Riddhima loved him, too!  Nothing could snatch this happiness away from him.
Any normal person would think that this is crazy.  They met a few days ago, he realized just yesterday that he loves her, and today he found out that Riddhima loves him, too!  This gotta be crazy!
His mind drifted off to the kiss they shared on the beach.  Man it took lots of control not to just go ahead with it!  But he had to admit that Riddhima was really cute.  The way she said 'Armaan' just melted his heart.  Her childishness was something that he had seen for the first time.
A thing suddenly clicked into his mind.  What if Riddhima forgets about this?  What if she doesn't remember about the night?  But even if that's the case, then Armaan wouldn't be worried.  Riddhima confessed, and that's all he wants.  Removing the thoughts from his mind, he went to sleep, only to meet the most beautiful person in the world.

Flashback ends...

Armaan was still caressing her hair, when he came back from his thoughts.
' God.  Tumhaari khoobsurati toh mujhe ek din maar hi daalegi Shona.  I wish I could hold you the same way now.  I wish everything was normal right now. ' Armaan thought.  He smiled, and kissed her on her forehead.  He went to bed, and was asleep in no time.

Who is the guy that wants Riddhima?  Will Sumit be able to find evidences from Maya's old house?  Will Molly be able to help Riddhima?  Will everything be same between Armaan and Riddhima?  Keep reading to find out...



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