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Part 17 :Betrayal (AR)

 My 'Friends'

Recap: Armaan and Riddhima go back to the gang, and tell them about the incident.  They decide to take Sumit's help, while Riddhima decides to take Molly's help.  Armaan recalls his past.

Riddhima opened her eyes, as the warm rays of the Sun on her beautiful eyelids, but then closed them immediately.  She slowly tried to open them again.  She tried to get up to stretch, but then felt something heavy over her body.  She looked to the side, and saw Armaan sleeping with his hand over her lower waist, and his face was slightly hid in the crook of her neck.  She smiled lightly, and caressed his hair lovingly.
He looked so cute while sleeping.  Just like an angel.  She placed a tender kiss on his forehead and smiled.  Armaan smiled in his sleep, and went deeper into her neck.  Riddhima closed her eyes, feeling his hot breath on her nape.
' I wish I could just stay like this forever Armaan.  In your arms. ' She silently wished.  She suddenly remembered her conversation with Molly.

She was relieved after talking to Molly.  She completely trusted Molly and knew that she would definitely help her.
Looking at Armaan, she smiled.  She gently and carefully took his arm off of her waist.  She put the pillow in her place, and then got up to take a shower.

After a while, they all met in the restraunt for breakfast.
" Hey Amy. " Anjali greeted with a smile.
" Hey beautiful. "
" Oye.  Usse door raho ok.  Woh meri Anjali hain. " Atul got really possessive and everyone just chuckled.
" Haan baba.  Woh teri hi hain.  Lekin saath saath woh meri saali hain.  Aur saali matlab? " Armaan winked at others.
" Aadhi gharwaali! " They all completed for him, and laughed, while Atul boiled.
" Chill dude!  Just joking! " Atul nodded once.  Anjali held his hand, and blinked.  Atul smiled.
" Anyways, aaj ka kya plan hain? " asked Amit.
" Kuch aur baccha hain kya dekhne ko? " asked Muskaan.
" Well, yes.  Main kal hi google search kar rahi thi, and guess what?  Yahaan par ek bohat accha mall hain.  Let's go for some shopping. " said Riddhima.
" Oh no! " All the boys whined.
" God Ridzi!  What's up with you girls and shopping?  Like seriously? " asked Vivek.
" Shut up Vivek! " said Anjali.
" What 'shut up Vivek'?  Sahi toh keh raha hain.  Jab bhi tum ladkiyaan shopping ke liye jaati ho, humme ek tag-along ki tarah le jaati ho.  Tum log toh enjoy karte ho, lekin hum boys bore ho jaate hain. " said Rahul.
" Oye!  Tu chup kar! " Muskaan scolded Rahul, and he went quiet.
" Aaj chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye.  Hum toh shopping ke liye jaa kar hi rahenge.  Waise bhi humme shopping ki huye kitna time ho gaya hain.  Anjie Di ki shaadi ki shopping bhi karni hain. " said Riddhima.
" Kitne dino se shopping nahin ki matlab?  Abhi ek-do week pehle hi toh ki shopping.  Aur Anjie ki shaadi ke liye bhi toh shopping ki toh sahi tum logo ne.  Abhi aur kitni shopping karni baaki hain? " Armaan said horrified.
" Haan... lekin... woh... " Riddhima tried to look for an excuse, but couldn't find one.
" Woh toh sirf shaadi ke liye the.  Shaadi ke baad bhi toh kuch rasmein hoti hain.  Usske liye bhi toh humme inn sab ki zaroorat padti hain.  Usska kya? " Riddhima finally got an excuse.
" God Basket!  You have soooooo many saaris!  Wear one of them! "
" Armaan!  Har occasion mein naye dresses pehene padte hain.  Samjha karo na? "
" Arre!  Jab hum ladke ek kapde pehen sakte hain, toh tum ladkiyaan kyun nahin? "
" Kyun hum ladkiyaan, tum logo jaisi nahin hoti. "
" We can tell! "
" Whatever!  Hum ladkiyaan shopping ke liye jaa rahi hain.  Tum boys ko aana hain, toh aao.  Nahin toh yahin beth kar bore hote rehna.  Ok? " The girls nodded and the boys looked at each other exasperated.  Did they have another choice?
" Ok fine!  Hum tum girls ke saath aa rahe hain. " said Rahul.
" Thank you! " The girls said together and the boys smiled.
They finished their breakfast, and then went in their rooms.  Soon they finished their lunch without much discussion, and then went to the mall.

At the mall...
The girls kept shopping, while the boys were extremely bored.
" Kya yaar.  Jab bhi girls shopping ke liye aati hain, hum boys toh bilkul hi bore ho jaate hain. " said Atul.
" I know man!  Yeh shopping toh jaise humara dushman hain. " said Vivek.
" Abe tere ko kya karna hain?  Teri kahaan koi wife hain?  Saale humse toh zyaada teri kismat achhi hain. " said Armaan.
" Arre!  Meri wife nahin hain toh kya mujhe yeh nahin pata ki girls shopping mein kitna time waste karti hain? "
" Haan.  Tere ko toh pata hi hoga na.  Itni saari girlfriends jo hain teri.  Ek baar mere paas tere khilaaf saboot aa jaaye na, rab di sau teri saari girlfriends se itna pitwaaoonga na ki saale tere chehre ka naksha badal jaayega. " said Rahul.
" Abe tum log mere uppar kyun chadhe jaa rahe ho?  Meri girlfriends hain toh iss mein meri kya galti? "
" Chhod na yaar tu.  Jaa ek kaam kar.  Wahaan na, ek bohat achhi gift shop hain.  Vahaan se teri girlfriends ke liye gifts le aa, jaa. " said Atul.  Vivek got up, and left for the gift shop.
" Ab socho ki karna kya hain. " said Atul.  The boys thought, and then Amit got an idea.
" Got it. "


The girls were done shopping in the jewelry section.  They, now, were deciding where to go.
" Ek kaam karte hain.  Hum men section mein chalte hain.  Humaare pyaare pati dev ke liye bhi thode kapde le lete hain.  Warna yeh log humme phir kabhi shopping nahin karne denge. " said Muskaan.
" Yea. " Riddhima agreed.  They left the shop, and went to the mens' section.  They started to look clothes, appropriate for their husbands/would-to-be-husbands.
Riddhima started to look for clothes that would suit Armaan the most.  Her eyes suddenly caught a shirt.  It was a white button up shirt.  She went and took the shirt in her hands, and her mind drifted off to something.


Riddhima opened her eyes, as the alarm rang, and got up with a jerk, only to have a throbbing headache.
" Oh shoot! " She closed her eyes, and held her head with one hand, while dismissing the alarm with the other.
" Why is my head hurting so much? " She opened her eyes, and found herself on the bed in her room.  She looked around, and then at herself.  She was surprised as she found herself in the dress that she wore yesterday.
" Main yahaan kaise aayi?  Main toh kal disc mein gayi thi na? " Riddhima asked herself and tried to remember what happened.  She got flashes of her dancing on the dance floor, gulping down the tequila shots, her eating ice-cream with Armaan, Armaan and her dancing on the beach, them running along the shores, their kiss, and her confessing.
" Oh no.  Isska matlab maine Armaan ko sab bata diya? " Riddhima asked herself with horror.  She cupped her face with both hands.
" Oh God!  Yeh tune kya kiya Riddhima?  Apne dill ki baat usse bata di?  Now how will I face him?  How CAN I face him?  Oh God!  This is soooooooooooo embarrassing.  Kya zaroorat thi itne saare tequila shots lene ki?  Kar di na gadbad?  He bhagwan!  Abhi meri help karna.  Please! " Riddhima prayed, and then went to take a shower.
She hurried, and wore faded black jeans with a purple top.  After getting ready, she went to the restraunt.

At the Restraunt...

She entered the restraunt and was walking to the table that everyone was at and saw Armaan looking at her intensely.  She looked doqn, and then walked to the empty seat beside Sapna.
" Hey Sapzi. "
" Hi Ridzi.  Are you okay? "
" Yes, I'm fine. " Riddhima replied with a smile.
" Kya zaroorat thi itna saara drink karne ki? " said Muskaan.
" Kya karun?  Meri toh habit hain.  Jab bhi koi mujhe dare karta hain, toh main peeche nahin hathti. " Others shook their heads.  Riddhima looked at Armaan who was staring at her with lots of passion and intensity in his eyes.  Blood rose to her cheeks and she remembered her passionate moment with Armaan at the beach.  She looked away, and started to eat her lunch.
She kept chatting with others, completely aware of Armaan's gaze on her.
' Oh God!  Yeh Armaan mujhe baar, baar aise kyun dekh raha hain?  Why is he looking at me with so much passion in his eyes?  He's driving me insane! ' Riddhima thought to herself.
They all finished their lunch, and went to their rooms, as they were going to leave for Mumbai today.  Riddhima was going to her room, when she suddenly got pulled into one of the rooms.
She tried to scream, but a hand went over her mouth.  She had her eyes tightly closed in fear, so she couldn't see who the person was.  She felt someone's breath on her, and slowly opened her eyes and saw Armaan really close to her.
Armaan saw the change in her expressions.  Her face went from fright to relief.  Her eyes showed her confusion.
" Armaan. " Riddhima whispered against his hand.
" What are you doing? "
" What do you think? " Armaan removed his hand from her mouth, and put it beside her face.
" Armaan... mujhe jaane do. "
" Tumhe kal raat ke baare mein, kuch yaad nahin hain? " Riddhima turned her gaze to the side and didn't say anything.
" I asked you something.  Do you remember, or not? "
" N... no. "
" You're lying. " Riddhima looked up with confused eyes.
" I'm not. " Armaan came a little bit more closer.
" Agar tum jhooth nahin bol rahi, toh phir baar, baar, mujhse aise nazrein kyun choora rahi ho? " Riddhima looked up into his eyes.  She was speechless as she was caught.  Armaan smiled.
" Mere saamne jhooth bolna bekaar hain. "
" Waise... kal raat tum bohat hot lag rahi thi. " Riddhima blushed.  Armaan smiled, and caressed her hair.  He put his arm around her waist, and pulled her closer.  He leaned forward, and locked his lips with hers.
They kissed for a while, and then broke up.  Both panted for breath.
" You look gorgeous in purple. " He whispered.  Riddhima blushed.
" And you look hot in white. " Armaan looked at her and smiled.


" KYA? " The gang shouted together.
" Yeh tum kya keh rahe ho? "
" This can't be true! "
" I don't believe this! "
They all bombared Atul with tons of questions.
" Yes guys.  This is true.  Amy loves Ridzi, and Ridzi loves Amy. "
" Lekin aisa kaise ho sakta hain?  They both hated each other! "
" Hat-ED.  Not anymore.  In fact, they have confessed also. "
" Now when on earth did they do that? "
" Yesterday. "
" What? "
" Yes. "
" And how do you know this? "
" Oh come on!  This is so freaking obvious.  Haven't you all seen the way the two act around each other?  And the glow on Amy's face yesterday night was quite a hint! "
" True. "
" I don't believe this!  They even confessed, but didn't tell us! " said Muskaan.
" I know!  Humme unnko sabak sikhaana hi padega. " said Sapna.
" Lekin kaise? "
" Unn dono ko tease kar, kar ke. " said Rahul.
" Yea!  Tab unnhe pata chalega humse aise baatein chhupaane ka nateeja kya hota hain. "
" I agree! " They all hi-fived each other.


" You know what?  I prefer the drunken Riddhima the most. "
" Why? "
" Kyunki jab tum drunk hoti ho, toh bohat cute lagti ho.  Shona. " Riddhima looked away and blushed.
" Oye hoye. " Both hugged each other.
They went out of the room, and to Atul's room, where everyone was.
" Hey guys!  What's up? " Armaan greeted cheerfully, while they all shot daggers at him.
" Guys?  Tum log mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho? "
" Tune humse yeh baat chhupaayi? "
" Baat?  Kaunsi baat? "
" Ahaha.  Bada bhola bannta hain.  Tune humse yeh baat nahin chhupaayi?  Ki tu aur Ridzi ek dusre se pyaar karte ho? " said Muskaan.  Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other in shock, and then the gang.
" Mu... Muski... ai... aisi toh... koi baat nahin hain. "
" Jhooth mat bol.  AJ ne humme sab bata diya. " said Amit.  Armaan gave a murderous glare to Atul.
" Guys, hum tum logo ko aaj hi sab bataane vaale the.  Hain na Riddhima? "
" Haan.  Armaan sach keh raha hain. "
" Theekh hain, theekh hain.  Waise Amy.  Ek baat bata.  Tum dono ne confess kaise kiya? " Armaan looked at Riddhima, who blushed, and he smiled.
" Woh... sorry guys.  Yeh main tum logo ko nahin bata sakta. "
" Kyun? "
" Kyunki yeh hum dono ki private baat hain. "
" Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!  Toh yeh baat hain? " They all said it at once.  Armaan and Riddhima blushed, and looked at each other.
" Anyways.  Guys, agar tum logo ko yaad ho, toh aaj humme wapas Mumbai jaana hain.  So start packing! " said Muskaan.  They went to their rooms, and started to pack.

In Riddhima's room...

Riddhima was packing her bags.  She was almost done and was just checking whether she has left anything or not.  Suddenly, she felt someone's presense in the room, and turned around.  She saw Armaan leaning on one of the walls, with his arms crossed across his chest.  He had a smirk on his face.
" Armaan!  Tum... tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?  Tumhe bags pack nahin karni? "
" Meri bags toh pack ho chuki hain.  Toh socha ki yahaan aa jaaun. " Riddhima smiled, and turned back to pack her belongings.
" Waise, AJ ko pata kaise chala? "
" Kya? "
" Humaare bare mein. "
" Oh.  Woh kya hain na, kal tum itni khoobsurat lag rahi thi na, toh meri nazar tum par se hatti hi nahin.  Aur AJ ne mujhe pakad liya. " Riddhima slightly blushed at this, and was glad that she was facing away from him.
Armaan smiled, and walked forward towards her.  He put his arms around her waist, and rested his chin on her shoulder.
" Ek baat kahun? "
" Hmmm. "
" Tum iss duniyaan ki sabse khoobsurat ladki ho.  The most beautiful girl I've ever seen. " Riddhima smiled, and turned around in his arm.  She put her arms around his neck.
" Aur tum iss duniyaan ke sabse achhe, aur handsome ladke. "
" Only handsome? "
" Umm... handsome, hot, cute, sweet, etc, etc, etc. " Riddhima thought for a while.  Armaan smiled at her words.  He pulled her closer, surprising Riddhima.  His eyes dropped down to her luscious lips, which were perfectly parted, and back into her eyes.
" Ar... Armaan. " Riddhima barely managed a whisper.
" Riddhima. " Armaan whispered back.
" Armaan. "
" Riddhima. " Each time one said each other's name, Armaan came even more closer to her.  Riddhima closed her eyes.
" Ab tum dono 'Armaan' 'Riddhima' 'Armaan' 'Riddhima' hi karte rahonge ya aage bhi badoge? " Out of no where, Muskaan spoke, and Armaan and Riddhima jumped on their spot and looked at Muskaan, who was standing at the door, and they were even more surprised when they saw the entire gang was standing there.
Riddhima blushed, and turned around to hide her embarrassment.
" T... t... tum log... y... yahaan... k... k... kya... kar... rahe... ho? " Armaan stammered, and looked at Riddhima, who was completely red in embarrassment.
" Bhai hum toh yahaan Ridzi se baat karne aaye the.  Lekin humme kya pata tha ki yahaan toh kuch aur hi chal raha tha. " said Rahul.
" Oye Raooool.  Tu toh chup hi reh. "
" Kyun? "
" Yaar tum logo ko sharam nahin aati kya?  Hum dono ek doosre se private mein baat kar rahe the, aur tum log ho ki humaari baatein sun rahe the!? "
" Haan.  Dikh raha tha ki kaunsi 'private' baat ho rahi thi. "
" Tum log jaate ho ya, maarun? " Armaan looked for something to hit them with, and they all ran away.
Riddhima turned to look at Armaan.
" Armaan!  Tum bhi na?  Issi waqt aana tha? "
" Kyun?  Koi aur time aana tha mujhe? "
" Armaan!  Tum... you're impossible! "
" Don't you mean I-am-possible? "
" Ugh!  Tum... tum jaao yahaan se. " Riddhima started to push Armaan to the door, and once they got to the door, Armaan closed the door, and pinned Riddhima to it.
" Jaaunga.  But give me a kiss first. "
" What? "
" Give me a kiss. "
" Armaan are you crazy? "
" Yes, I'm crazy for you. " Riddhima blushed at this and dropped her gaze down to the tiles.  Armaan put his hand under her chin, and made her look up.  He leaned in and kissed her on her lips.  The kiss was slow and gentle, but enough to convey all of their feelings.  They broke apart after a while, and leaned their foreheads against each others.
" I love you Armaan. "
" I love you, too. " Riddhima smiled.
" Ab jao. " Riddhima said in a half angry-half loving tone.  Armaan gave her a quick peck on the cheek, and left the room.
" Crazy guy. " Riddhima said lovingly shaking her head.

 Flashback ends...

Riddhima was standing there holding the shirt.  She came out of her thoughts and looked at the shirt in her hand.
' Tum aaj bhi utne hi zidhi ho.  Aur mujhe yeh Armaan, bohat pasand hain. ' Riddhima thought to herself.  She started to look for a few more shirts.
While looking for the shirts, she was confused on two of them.  Suddenly, she felt a hand creep up her waist.  She gasped as she knew that it was none other than Armaan.
" Riddhima. " Armaan whispered.  He nuzzled into her neck, sending shivers up and down her body.  He tightened his grip on her waist, and Riddhima put her hand over his.  She was completely losing herself, and Armaan was losing himself too.
" Armaan... please... " Riddhima whispered.  He turned her around, and looked at her with loving and passionate eyes.  He planted kisses all over her face and then pushed her to the wall, while Riddhima's hand went into his hair.  He went down to her throat, and left wild kisses there.  He bit her neck and Riddhima hissed.  He licked the mark, while his hand explored her body.  His hand went into her top, and he stroked her stomach.  His hand went up and down sensuously on her back.  He pulled her even more closer and tightened his grip over her.
" Armaan " Riddhima grabbed a fistful of his hair, and pulled him closer.  Armaan moved down to her shoulder, and covered her with kisses.  He bit her shoulder, and licked the mark.  Both were equally drowned in the moment and had no idea what they were doing.  He moved to the other side and kissed her there, too.
" Armaan... "
Suddenly Armaan's phone rang, and both came back to reality.  Armaan left her, and looked at her state.  She had love bites all over her neck and shoulder, and her top was slightly messed up.  He looked away, and ran his hand through his hair, and then left the section.
He had come to irritate Riddhima because that was the boys' plan, but when he saw her from the back, he couldn't stop himself.  He took the phone, and saw Rahul's name on it.
" Hello? "
" Hello Amy?  Yaar kahaan hain tu?  Hum sab yahaan hain, sivaayi tere aur Ridzi ke.  Jaldi aa. "
" Haan, main aa raha hoon. " Armaan cut the call, and ran his hand through his hair.
" Why did I lose control? "  He closed his eyes for a while, and then left.
On the other hand, Riddhima was in the same position.  She couldn't believe what just happened.  How could I lose control like that?  Riddhima thought to herself.  She looked at herself in the mirror and gasped.  She was a mess.  She had love bites all over her neck and shoulder, and her top was a mess.  She fixed her top, and put the jacket on that she had with her, as it was very cold.  It covered most of her neck, so the bites were hidden.  She quickly bought the shirts that she had selected, and left the section.
Outside, the rest of the gang was talking to each other.  They somewhere knew that Armaan and Riddhima had their moment together.
He was worried about what Riddhima would be thinking.  She probably would be so angry with him.  His phone rang again, and he picked it up.
" Hello? "
" Hello Amy?  It's me, Sumit. "
" Sumit?  Tumne mujhe iss waqt kyun phone kiya?  Did you find anything? "
" Yes.  Mujhe kuch evidences milein hain. "
" Kya mila hain tumhe? "
" Mujhe Maya ki diary mili hain.  Yaad hain?  Usse diary likhne ka bohat shauk tha.  Usske dill, dimaag mein jo bhi hota tha, who usse usski diary mein likhti thi.  Aur usski diary mein, Maya ne saaf saaf likha tha ki ussi ne Ridzi par uss din attack kiya tha.  Ussne apne past mein, jo bhi kiya, sab kuch uss diary mein likha hain.  Itna hi nahin, balki mujhe usski doosri diary bhi mili hain.  Jiss mein ussne likha tha ki woh kis tarah tumhaari aur Ridzi ki zindagi barbaad kar degi.  Tumhaare saath Malasiya mein jo bhi hua, woh saare plans ussne usski diary mein likhein hain.  Aur itna hi nahin, balki usske saath koi aur bhi hain, jo iss plan mein shaamiml hain. "
" Kaun? "
" Yeh main tujhe abhi nahin bata sakta.  Main kuch din ke baad Kasauli aa raha hoon.   Vahin main tujhe sab bataaunga.  Aur Amy.  Ek problem ho gayi hain. "
" Kya hua? "
" Woh... behtar hoga ki Molly tujhe bataaye. "
" Ok. "
" Hello Amy? "
" Haan bolo Molly.  Kya baat hain? "
" Amy, mujhe kal Ridzi ka phone aaya tha.  She needs my help.  Woh jaanna chaahti hain ki sach kya hain, aur main usse vaada bhi kar chuki hoon, ki main usse sach bataaungi. " Armaan was shocked knowing that Riddhima had called Molly.
" Please Molly.  Riddhima ko kuch matt bataana.  Varna bohat badi problem ho jaayegi. "
" Ok Amy.  Main Ridzi ko kuch nahin bataungi.  Yeh main tum par chhodti hoon.  Please usse sach bata dena.  Amy woh bilkul toot chuki hain.  Please usse ab aur andhere mein matt rakhna.  Please. " Molly requested.  Armaan closed his eyes.
" Don't worry Molly.  I'll tell her.  Bas ek baar saare evidences mere haath aa jayein, I'll tell her everything. "
" Ok. " Armaan cut the call, and put it up.  His mind drifted off to where they went back to Mumbai.


They were back in Mumbai in no time.  They rested for the few hours that had left, and the next morning they were back in college.
Many good things were going to happen for some people, while for some, it was the opposite.
The gang was sitting in the canteen, eating their lunch and chatting away, when a hand went over Armaan's eyes and he was surprised.
" Who am I? " A chirpy voice asked.  Armaan touched the hands on his eyes, and knew immediately who it was.
" Maya! " He removed her hands, and looked back.
" OMG you're back! "
" Yes! " Both hugged each other tight, and the rest of the gang also joined them, while Riddhima felt a little out of place.
" OMG Maya!  How was your break? " said Sapna.
" Bohat achha tha!  But I missed you all a lot! "
" Aww.  We missed you, too Mayu! " Muskaan hugged her.
" Achha sunno.  Main tum logo ke liye bohat saare gifts laayi hoon! " Maya said excitedly.       
" Wow!  Gifts! " said Atul.  Maya nodded with a smile.
" Yea.  Wanna check 'em out? "
" Of course! " Maya smiled widely and opened the bag she had with her.  She gave a lot of things to everyone.
Armaan – Comics
Atul – Plants
Rahul – Books
Muskaan – Punjabi Dresses
Amit – Specs
Sapna – Bandhani Dresses
" Wow Maya!  Yeh sab toh bohat achha hain! " said Sapna.
" Hain na? "
" Aww Maya... you rock! " said Armaan.  He pulled her in a hug again.  Riddhima was getting jealous at this.
' What's up with Armaan hugging Maya so much?  Door se baat karne mein problem hain kya? ' Riddhima thought to herself.
Maya's gaze fell on Riddhima.  She was surprised seeing a new face at the table.
" Umm... hi.  Are you new here? " Maya asked sweetly.
" Yes.  I joined a few days ago. "
" Great then!  Friends? " Maya put her hand out in a friendly way, and Riddhima accepted it immediately.
" Friends. " They shook hands with a smile.
" My name is Maya. "
" And my name is Riddhima.  But you can call me Ridzi. "
" Great!  Are you friends with all of them? " She asked, referring to the gang.
" Yes. "
" Cool!  So now you've met everyone. "
" Arre!  Not everyone!  Where's Vivek? " said Armaan.
" Woh aata hi hoga. " said Maya, to which they nodded.  They started to eat their lunch.  Riddhima wasn't jealous of Armaan and Maya, but she still wasn't exactly comfortable with Maya.  She didn't know why, but she was getting a feeling that a bad thing will happen.  Really soon.  She brushed the feeling away, and decided to be friends with Maya.  She found out that the gang and Maya are best buddies.  They love to hang out with each other, and are always seen together.               
After a while, the gang was in their economics' class, and Mrs. Kirti was giving a lecture.  They were kinda bored listening to it, but still heard it because if they fell asleep, Mrs. Kirti would've killed them as she was extremely strict.  The gang called her a 'hitler'.
" Yaar yeh Hitler aaj bohat paka rahi hain. " said Muskaan.
" I know. " said Maya.
" Jee toh kar raha hain ki so jaaun.  Lekin agar so gayi, toh Mrs. Kirti humme detention de degi.  Which I don't want at all. " said Riddhima.
" Sona kaun nahin chaahta Basket? " They all yawned together and then giggled very lightly as they didn't want to get caught.  Riddhima eyes fell on the window beside her as she felt a paper being thrown at her.  She looked at it and saw someone trying to say something to her.  She was kinda scared, so decided to take Maya's help.
" Maya.   Woh dekho. " Maya looked at the window and saw the same guy.
" Switch spots with me. "
" What? "
" Just do as I say. "
" Ok. " They switched spots when Mrs. Kirti wasn't looking and behaved as if nothing happened.  After a second, Mrs. Kirti got a call, and she went to take it.  Maya quickly opened the window and let the guy in.  He sat down quickly beside her, and closed the window.
" Thanks Maya. " The guy whispered, and she smiled.
" No problem. "
' Who is this guy? ' Riddhima thought to herself.
The class was soon over, and they all ran out of the class.
" Yaar Vivi, teri window se aane ki aadat kabhi nahin jaayegi na? " said Armaan.
" Nope! " said Vivek.
" Tu marvaayega ek din. " They both hugged each other and patted each other on the back.  They looked at Riddhima, and saw confusion written all over her face.
" Oh sorry.  Basket, yeh Vivek hain.  Humare gang ka doosra member.  Aur Vivek, yeh Ba- I mean Riddhima hain.  Humare gang ki new member. "
" Hi Riddhima. "
" Hi.  You can call me Ridzi. "
" Ok Ridzi. " They both smiled and shook hands.  They all became friends in no time.  They all were like 9 bodies, 1 soul, though Maya and Vivek were still unaware of the fact that Armaan and Riddhima loved each other, as they all forgot to tell them about this.

Flashback ends...

Armaan came out of his thoughts, and walked towards the gang.
" Amy!  Thank God tu aa gaya!  Hum log kabse tera wait kar rahe the. "
" Haan woh actually mujhe Sumit ka phone aaya tha.  He has found some evidences. "
" Kya?!  Really? " They all said at once.
" Yes.  Usse Maya ki diary milli hain, jiss mein Maya ne apne saare plans likhe the.  Aur itna hi nahin, balki jab ussne Riddhima par humla kiya tha, usske bare mein bhi Maya ne sab kuch likha hain. "
" OMG!  Yeh toh ek clear evidence hain jisse tum nirdosh saabit honge. " said Sapna.
" Haan.  Sumit kuch dino mein Kasauli aa raha hain, saare evidences leke. "
" That's great! " said Muskaan.
" Ab toh tu Ridzi ko sab kuch bata sakta hain. "
" Haan.  Main usse bata toh sakta hoon, lekin abhi nahin.  Bas ek baar mere paas saare evidence aa jaaye.  Toh main Riddhima ko sab kuch bata dunga. "
Just then, Riddhima came out of the mall.  She looked at Armaan, but then looked away immediately.  She walked towards the gang, and they talked for a while.  Since it was about 5 PM, the sun was about to set.  They went to the upper part of the mall, and saw the sun setting.  It truly was a moment to treasure.  Soon, they went back to the hotel, and decided to rest.

What has Maya done?  Will Sumit show up with all the evidences?  Stay tuned to find out...



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