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Part 18 :Betrayal (AR)

        Vaada Raha

Recap: The girls decide to go shopping.  Girl vs. Boy argument.  Riddhima remembers her past.  Armaan and Riddhima share a moment together.  Armaan gets a call from Sumit saying that he has found some evidences.  Armaan remembers his past.  He tells the gang about his talk with Sumit.

The shopping was really tiring for everyone, especially the boys.  After all, it isn't everyday your wife takes you to shopping and gets you bored, is it?
After resting for a while, they all had freshened up.  Later, they were called down in the garden for some important announcement.

In the Garden...

The gang was chit-chatting with each other, wondering about what the announcement would be about.  The manager of the hotel came, and spoke in the microphone.

" Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  I know ki aap log soch rahe honge ki humne aap ko yahaan kaunsi announcement ke liye bulaaya hoga.  Well the occasion is that it's the 25th anniversary of the owner of this hotel, Mr. Kartik Singhaniya. " The manager spoke very happily, and everyone clapped.  The owner showed up with his wife.
" Good evening everyone.  Aap log shayad mujhe nahin jaante.  But it's ok.  Aaj main bohat khush hoon.  Aaj meri 25th wedding anniversary hain.  Chau-bis saal tak, Smriti ne mera saath diya.  Meri patni bann kar rahi.  I can't express in words how I feel towards her.  We've seen many ups and downs in our married life, but Smriti never left me.  Thank you so much for being mine Smriti.  And guys, aaj iss happy occasion par, meri taraf se aap sab ko party.  Jaldi ready ho jaaye, aur party hall mein aa jaaye. " Kartik spoke in a very joyful tone, while Smriti just smiled at his words.  All the couples were very happy for Mr. and Mrs. Singhaniya.
They decided to go to the party, so they dressed up, and left for the party.

At the Party...

When the gang entered the party, every eye was set on them.  The girls drooled over the boys, while the boys ogled the girls.  The boys looked irresistible, while the girls looked gorgeous.
The boys wore casual shirts, with a coat on top, and jeans on bottom, while the girls wore beautiful dresses.





The girls smirked knowing the effect they had on other people.  They all spread apart, and talked to other people.
Riddhima stood in one place after talking to someone, when another guy came, and started to talk to her.
" Hello. " The guy said with a smile.
" Hello. " Riddhima replied with a smile.
" So what's your name? "
" My name is Riddhima.  You? "
" Sunny. "
" Nice name. "
" Thank you. " Riddhima took a sip out of the drink she had, while Sunny eyed her down.
"  You are very beautiful. " Sunny complimented her.
" Thanks. " Sunny went a little bit more closer to Riddhima, but Riddhima didn't really notice that, as she was busy watching Armaan.
Armaan was surrounded by pretty much all the girls in the party, and they were flirting with him.  This boiled Riddhima to no extent.  She was ready to kill Armaan for this.
" You know, I feel so unlucky. " This grabbed Riddhima's attention, and she looked at him.
" Why? "
" Kyunki mere hote huye, aap kahin aur dekh rahi hain. " Riddhima chuckled at this.
" I'm sorry.  Woh main kuch soch rahi thi. "
" It's ok Riddhima.  Waise... I'm free. "
" Huh? " She looked at him with a confused look, and Sunny chuckled and stepped closer to her.
" You know... I'm free tonight.  How about you and me... at my place... tonight? " He slid his finger down Riddhima's arm.  Riddhima got angry as she realized what Sunny meant.  She was about to go, but he held her wrist, and pulled her back.
" Leave my hand. " Sunny smirked.  She looked back to where Armaan was, but didn't see him there.  She got scared, but that didn't show on her face.  She looked back at him, and tried to struggled out of his grip.
Sunny felt a strong hand grab his shoulder, and he turned around to see who it was.  He saw Armaan with fire in his eyes, ready to burn him down.  He hardened his grip, making Sunny wince in pain.  He left Riddhima's hand, and she smiled.  Armaan left his shoulder, and went and stood beside Riddhima.  He put his arm around her waist, and pulled her close.
" She's my wife.  If you want anything, you can talk to me. " Armaan said with a murderous smile on his face.  Sunny got the signal and shook his head, and ran away.
Armaan and Riddhima chuckled at this, and looked at each other.  They kept staring into each others' eyes, drowning themselves in them.
A voice brought them back to reality, and they left each other.  They turned around and saw Vivek standing there.
" Guys!  Tum dono ka romance phirse shuru ho gaya? "
' Saale, ullu ke paathe, nikaame, kamine.  Tere ko yeh hi time mila tha yahaan aane ka?  Bhagwaan kare isski shaadi ho jaaye, aur jab yeh apni biwi se romance karni ki koshish kare, aur koi aur jaake iss naalaayak ki band baja de. ' Armaan mentally cursed Vivek for disrupting them.  He plastered a smile on his face.
" Vivek, mere sabse achhe dost, toh tu kya chaahta hain?  Main tere saath romance karun?  Huh?  Chal, agar teri yeh ichha hain na, toh chal.  Main teri achhe se khaatir daari karta hoon.  Chal. " Armaan said with pure sarcasm in his typical tone, and dragged him away, while Vivek was trying his best to get out of his hands.
Riddhima chuckled at the scene.
" Yeh Armaan bhi na.  Kabhi nahin sudhrega. " She said shaking her head.  She went and joined the other girls and talked to them.
In a while, Mr. Singhaniya came on the stage.
" Hello everyone.  It's a pleasure to see you all here.  Thank you for joining us tonight.  Are you all enjoying yourselves? "
" YES! "
" I'm glad you are! " He turned to Smriti and kneeled down.
" May I? " Everyone clapped, and cheered seeing the scene.  Smriti chuckled, and nodded.  Kartik took Smriti to the dance floor and the music started.

(Armaan and Riddhima look at each other.  Armaan comes forward, and asks Riddhima for dance, by holding his hand out. Riddhima takes his hand, and he takes her to the dance floor.  They face each other, and Armaan takes her hand in one hand, and puts his other hand on her waist.)

Vaada Raha...
Dunga tujhe,
Laake hassi,
(They both swayed to the tunes.  Riddhima looked down, feeling shy of Armaan's intense gaze on her.  Riddhima looks up into his eyes.)

Vaada Raha...
Lipta hua,
Honton pe tu,
Hoga sada...
(He brings Riddhima closer to him, surprising her.  His grip over her waist tightened, and her hands went around his neck.)

I promise,
Will always love you...
I promise,
Will be there for you...
(Riddhima comes out of the trance, and starts to go, but Armaan holds her hand.  He pulls her back, and she swirls back into his arms, with one hand on his shoulder, and the other on his heart.)

Maine tujh mein jahaan hain paaya,
Tu ban ke dua hain aaya.
(They sway on the tune.  Riddhima tries to go, but Armaan pulls her back, with her back against his chest.  They keep swaying to the music.)

Yuhin mujh pe rahe tera saaya,
(He takes her hand, and sways it around them.  They both look at each other, as he slowly brings their hands down.)

Teri aankhon mein mera jahaan hain,
Tu hoke vahaan bhi yahaan hain,
(Armaan puts his chin on her shoulder and they both close their eyes, as they sway to the music.  He moves her hair to the other side as he nuzzles in her neck.)

Tere jaisa sukoon kahaan hain,
(Riddhima turns around in his arms, facing him.)

Rab ne barsaayi,
Mujh pe saari khudaayi...
(Armaan holds her hand, and twirls her out, and swirls her back in.)

I promise...
Will always love you.
I promise...
Will be there for you...

(They both dance to the tune.  Armaan has love, and only love in his eyes, while Riddhima has tons of questions in her eyes.)

Jab, jab tu milta hain,
Rota dill hasta hain,
Mujh mein tu basta hain,
Har jagah...

Yeh kaisa rishta hain,
Nazron se lipta hain,
Tu hi tu dikhta hain,
Har jagah...
(Armaan moved the hair falling on her eyes, behind her ear, and Riddhima slowly closed her eyes.  She opened them back very softly.)

Ho, Rab ne barsaayi,
Mujh pe saari khudaayi...
(He twirls Riddhima out again, and swirls her back with her back against his chest.)

I promise...
Will always love you...
I promise...
Will be there for you...
(He picks Riddhima up by her waist, and slowly spins around.)

Mere dill ki aahon ke,
Dhadkan ki baahon ke,
Tu shaamil raahon ke,
(He brings her down slowly, and she looks at him.  Armaan goes around her slowly.  He comes in front of her, and holds her hand, and pulls her close.)

Chuta hoon, toh haathon ke,
Lab kholoon, toh baaton ke,
Tu hi din, raaton ke,
(He slid her finger down her soft arm, and Riddhima closes her eyes.  She opens her eyes, and looks at him with love in his eyes.)

Rab ne barsaayi,
Mujh pe saari khudaayi...

I promise...
Will always love you...
I promise...
Will be there for you...

(Both swayed to the music, and looked at each other with love and trust.)

I promise

Everyone clapped for all the couples that danced.  Armaan and Riddhima came out of the trance, and looked around.  Riddhima stepped back, and then walked to where the girls were standing.
" Wow Ridzi!  You and Armaan were great! " said Sapna.
" Thanks. " Riddhima said with a small smile, and looked at Armaan who was with the boys.
On the other hand, Maya was standing in an empty place, with her hand bleeding.
Seeing Armaan and Riddhima dancing so close to each other, she broke the glass that she had in her hand.
She went out of the place and into the garden.  It was raining heavily.  She looked at her hand, as the blood oozed out of her hand freely.  Tears came out of her eyes, and she fell on the ground crying.
" Armaan! " She cried helplessly.
" Tum phir se woh hi kar rahe ho, jo tumne ek saal pehle kiya tha. " She cried bitterly remembering her past.


After a few days, everything was back to normal.  Everything was going great.  Riddhima, Maya, and Vivek had become really good friends.  In all, the gang was pretty much glued together. They all knew pretty much everything about each other, except for one thing.  Maya and Vivek were unaware of the fact that Armaan and Riddhima loved each other.  They had seen Armaan and Riddhima staring at each other, but then brushed the thoughts off.
They all were sitting in one of the classroom, hearing the boring lecture of Mr. Shubhankar.  The class was soon over, and everyone was leaving the class.  Riddhima got her bag over her shoulder, and exited the classroom.  She walked a distance, when she was pulled into the store room of the college, and was pinned to the wall.
" Armaan!  Tum kya karte rehte ho? " Riddhima askedin a half angry-half loving tone.
" What?  Apni girlfriend ke saath romance kar raha hoon. " He put his hand beside her face.
" College ke store room mein? "
" Madam.  Romance karne ke liye jagah nahin dekhi jaati.  Bande ka dill dekha jaata hain. " Riddhima rolled her eyes and crossed her hands.
" Really?  Mister.  Main achhe se jaanti hoon ki tumhare dill mein kya chal raha hain. " Riddhima said leaning against the wall.  Armaan gave her a challenging look, and Riddhima smirked.  He suddenly pulled her close by her waist, and her hands went around his neck on an impulse.
" You have no idea what's going on in my mind right now. " He whispered seductively in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.
" I do. "
" No you don't.  Demo dikhaaoon? " Riddhima smiled, and nodded.  Armaan smiled, and kissed her full on mouth.  She grabbed a fistful of his hair, as he chewed on her lower lip.  They explored each other's mouth without any restrictions.  Riddhima moaned feeling his cold hands on her back.
Maya was walking back down to the class, as she forgot her book in class, but stopped when she heard some noises in the store room.  She stepped a little closer, and heard a girl moaning, and soft kissing sounds.
' Oh.  Toh yahaan par romance chal raha hain.  Chalo.  Thoda mazaa hum bhi le lein.  Kyun? ' Maya thought.  She was in her naughty mood and decided to tease the couple a little.  She opened the door slightly without making much noise, and got the biggest shocked of her life.  She saw Armaan kissing Riddhima, and her not saying anything.  She was completely shocked seeing this.  Never in her wildest dreams had she thought that she would catch Armaan making out with Riddhima.  Maya regained her posture, and said with much difficulty.
" Armaan! " Armaan and Riddhima stopped kissing and looked at Maya shocked.
" Maya. " Armaan said, totally surprised seeing her here.  Riddhima fixed her shirt, as it was completely messed up.
" What are you 2 doing? " Maya said in a whisper.  Armaan and Riddhima didn't understand Maya's reaction.  Didn't she know that they were a couple?
" Maya?  Why are you over reacting? " Riddhima asked.
" I'm over reacting?  You 2 are making out in the store room of the college, and you're telling me that I'm over reacting? "
" So what Maya?  I mean, is it new?  You catch couples doing this practically everyday, so what's the big deal? "
" Yea, but those people are couples.  They are boyfriend-girlfriend, and you 2 aren't! " Armaan and Riddhima were completely shocked.  What did she mean by they weren't boyfriend-girlfriend?
" Riddhima.  I never expected you to go down so low.  I mean, Armaan is a playboy so if I catch him doing this, I won't be surprised but you?  I didn't know that you were like this also.  Aren't you doing this for his money?  To be the most popular girl in college?  Huh?  Tell me Riddhima.  Tell me! " Riddhima was almost in tears hearing this, while Armaan was boiling in anger.  He didn't know why Maya was acting like this.  He was about to ask her about this, but when he heard Maya saying things to Riddhima, he got furious.
" Maya! " Armaan shouted.  Maya and Riddhima got shocked.
" Bas karo Maya!  Just stop it! "
" I don't believe this Armaan.  Tum iss ladki ke liye mujh par chila rahe ho? "
" Haan.  Kyunki main Riddhima ke khilaaf kuch nahin sun sakta!  Do you even know what you're saying?  Sab jaante hue bhi tum aisa kaise keh sakti ho? "
" Kya jaanti hoon main? "
" Kya tum yeh nahin jaanti ke main aur Riddhima ek doosre se pyaar karte hain? " Hearing this, Maya got shocked.  She couldn't believe her ears.  Did Armaan just say that he loves Riddhima?
" W... what? "
" Yes Maya.  Me and Riddhima love each other.  Kya tum yeh nahin jaanti thi?  Didn't you know that me and Riddhima do share a relationship? " Maya was completely shocked.
" I... didn't know. "
" How is this possible?  Kya baaki sab ne tumhe kuch nahin bataaya? " Armaan asked.
" No.  I didn't know that you 2 loved each other.  Mujhe toh kissi ne kuch nahin bataaya. "
" Shayad woh tumhe bataana bhool gaye honge.  But I still didn't expect this from you Maya.  I can't believe ki tumne aisa kaha. " Armaan said in a disgusted tone and turned towards Riddhima.  He cupped her face and wiped her tears.
" Don't cry.  Tum jaanti ho na ki mujhe tumhare aankhon mein aansoon achhe nahin lage. " He said in a soothing tone, and Riddhima smiled and nodded.
Maya looked at the couple with tears in her eyes, and then ran out of the store room.  She ran out of the college and went to her house.  Entering her house, she went directly to her room, and fell on the bed.  She cried bitterly, letting everything out.
" Armaan... loves... R... Ri... ddhi... ma?  Why?  How did this happen?  When... did this happen?  I... I thought that... Armaan loves... me.  Sab ne mujhse yeh baat chhupaayi?  Why?  I thought ki... Armaan ki zindagi par mere haq hain.  Toh phir woh Riddhima? " Maya said between her tears.
" No!  Armaan sirf mera hain!  He's only mine!  Woh Riddhima mere Armaan ko mujhse nahin chheen sakti.  Agar woh mere raaste mein aayi, toh main usse maar daalugni.  Agar Armaan mera nahin ho sakta, toh main usse tumhaara bhi nahin hone dungi Riddhima Gupta! " Maya said with anger.  She was determined to separate Riddhima and Armaan.

Flashback ends...

" Riddhima!  Maine Armaan ke liye bohat intezaar kiya hain.  Aur main usse tumhaara nahin hone doongi.  Never!  Woh sirf, aur sirf Maya ka hain.  Sirf Maya ka! " Maya shouted, as the rain poured down on her.
Inside the party hall, everyone was enjoying themselves.  The party was going on in full swing.  Some people were singing and dancing, and some were just sitting, and talking.  Admist the crowd, Armaan was sitting with the boys, talking about random things.  He wasn't much interested in the conversation, so his mind drifted off to the past.

After consoling Riddhima, the duo went to where the rest of the gang was –cafeteria.
" Hey Amy!  Where were you? " Sapna asked.
" Woh sab chhodo Sapzi.  Pehle mujhe yeh batao, ki kya tum logo ne Maya ko bataaya? "
" Kya? "
" Mere aur Riddhima ke baare mein. " They thought for a while, and then realized that they didn't tell Maya anything.
" I'm sorry Amy.  Humne toh Maya ko kuch bhi nahin bataaya.  Pata nahin yeh baat humaare dimaag mein se kaise nikal gayi. "
" Lekin Amy, hua kya? " asked Rahul.  Armaan told them what happened, and they were surprised.
" Maya ne aise kyun behave kiya? " asked Amit.
" I don't know. "
" Jab ussne mujhse aise baat ki, I was totally surprised.  I can't believe ki Maya ne aise behave kiya. " said Riddhima.
" Woh shayad iss baat se shocked hogi, ki tum dono saath ho, aur humne usse kuch nahin bataaya.  Kal tak woh theek ho jaayegi, and she'll ask for forgiveness. " said Muskaan.
" I hope so. " said Armaan.
" Anyways, tum logo ne assignment toh complete kar liya hain na?  Agar time par submit nahin kiya, toh Mrs. Kirti humaara kachumbur bana degi. " said Muskaan.
" Bhai mera toh complete ho gaya hain.  Ab main chain se so toh sakta hoon.  Yeh assignments complete karte karte toh meri neend ki waat lag gayi hain. " said Atul.
" I know! " They all finished their lunch, and then attended the rest of the classes that they had.

Next Day...

They all entered the college, only to see Riddhima standing outside.  It seemed as if she was waiting for someone. " Hey Ridzi. " said Atul.
" Hi. " She gave a hasty reply, and then turned her gaze back to the gate.
" Are you waiting for someone? " asked Sapna.
" Yes. "
" Who? "
" You'll find out. " They all looked at each other, and shrugged.  She kept looking, and then saw a car coming, and got very excited.
" She's back. " She said with a smile, and ran to the gate.  She hugged a tall girl, and both seemed very happy.  They couldn't tell who she was, because her back was facing them.
Riddhima took the girl's hand, and walked towards the gang.  Atul when surprised when she saw the girl's face.
" Guys.  Yeh hain meri behen.  Anjali. "
" Hi. " Anjali greeted nicely.
" Hi Anjali. "
" You all can cal me Anjie.  I prefer Anjie for my friends. "
" Great! " Riddhima introduced them all, one by one, and they became friends in no time.  Anjali was surprised to see Atul there, and the gang was even more surprised to know that Atul saved Anjali's life.
The gang was in the cafeteria, talking to each other, or rather only 6 people were talking.  Armaan and Riddhima were busy staring at each other.  Anjali noticed this, and brought it up.
" Are you two like, going out or what? " Hearing this, both of came out of their eyelock, and looked at Anjali.  Riddhima blushed, and looked down, while Armaan just stared at Riddhima.  Anjali's mouth fell open as she realized that they indeed did go out.
" Oh my God!  You two love each other? " They nodded.
" Since when are you two dating? "
" For about 2 weeks. " said Atul.
" Ridzi!  You kept me unaware of this of all this while! "
" Sorry Anjie Di.  Main aap ko bata ne hi waale thi.  Bas aap ke yahaan aane ka wait kar rahi thi. " Riddhima said very sweetly.
" Oh, ok. " They all started to talk and chit-chat again.
While they were talking, Maya came there, too.
" Hey guys, hey Armaan. " Maya greeted the gang cheerfully, while she greeted Armaan in a low voice.  Armaan nodded once, and then looked away.
" Armaan... Riddhima... I'm very sorry.  Mujhe pata nahin tha ki tum dono ek doosre se pyaar karte ho.  Please mujhe maaf kar do.  Riddhima, I'm sorry.  Maine kal tumse jo bhi kaha, please mujhe uss ke liye maaf kar do.  I didn't mean it.  Please forgive me. " Maya said very sweetly, and innocently.  Armaan didn't say anything, and kept looking in the different direction.
Riddhima thought that Maya was saying the truth, so she decided to forgive her.  She put her hand on Armaan's shoulder.
" Armaan.  I think ki Maya sach bol rahi hain.  I think we should forgive her. " Armaan looked at her, and then smiled.
" Ok.  Maya, maine tumhe maaf kar diya. " Armaan said with a smile.  Maya smiled widely, and they all hugged each other.  Anjali and Maya were introduced to each other, and they became, too.
Completely unaware of the storm coming in their life, they all decided to forget everything, and be normal.  Little did they know, everything was far from normal.

Flashback ends...
Armaan was thinking about his past, when Atul brought him out of his thoughts.
" Huh?  Tumne kuch kaha? "
" Haan.  Main yeh pooch raha tha, ki Sumit aa raha hain? "
"Woh ek-do din mein aa jaana chahiye. "
" Great. "
" Waise hum wapas kab jaa rahe hain? "
" Hum teen-chaar din ke baad jaa rahe hain. "
" Ok. "
The rest of the evening went smoothly without any more problems.  They all retreated to their respective rooms, soon, and fell asleep, unaware of what would happen in the future.

What had Maya done before?  Will Sumit arrive with the evidences?  Will Armaan and Riddhima be together again?  Stay tuned to find out...


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