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Part 19 :Betrayal (AR)

  Marry Me

Recap: The gang goes to Mr. and Mrs. Singhaniya's anniversary party.  Sunny tries to flirt with Riddhima, but Armaan saves her.  Armaan and Riddhima dance.  Maya and Armaan recall their past.

The next morning, they all met up in the garden for breakfast.
" Guys, hum yahaan at least chaar-paanch din ke liye toh reh hi rahe hain na? " asked Amit.
" Yea, so? "
" Yahaan kuch aur dekhne ko baccha hain hain? "
" No, lekin tu itne saare savaal kyun pooch raha hain? "
" Actually I was thinking ki kyun na hum log phirse uss club mein jaayein.  Uss din bohat mazaa aaya tha.  So why not go again? "
" Idea bura nahin hain.  Hum aaj hi chalte hain.  Waise bhi ab sardi ka mausam aa raha hain.  Aaj raat toh bohat thand padne waali hain.  So let's go today. " said Anjali.
" Aur baaki ke teen din? " asked Armaan.

" Do din hum sardi ka mausam enjoy karenge, teesre din packing, aur chauthe din wapas Mumbai. " said Sapna.
" Sounds good. " said Riddhima.
So the schedule was decided.  Once they finished their breakfast, they retreated back to their rooms.

Riddhima's room...

Riddhima was in her room, relaxing.
Since the boys went to the bar in the hotel for their 'boy's talk', the girls just relaxed in their rooms.
Riddhima was thinking about her dance with Armaan yesterday night.  She had a smile on her face, as her brain played the dance over and over again.
" Oh God!  I feel like a teenager right now. " She said to herself, and chuckled slightly on herself.  She started to think about the day, which made her what she is today.

Many days had passed by after the Maya incident.  All were friends again, and they all gelled pretty well together.  Pulling each others leg at times, messing around, etc. etc. etc.
After they were finished with the day's college, Armaan took Riddhima to his house.  Riddhima was surpised first, but then seeing his cute face, she couldn't refuse.
Once they reached his house, Armaan blindfolded Riddhima and scooped her up in his arms.
" Armaan!  Armaan tum yeh kya kar rahe ho? "
" Abhi kuch daer mein pata chal jaayega. "
" Lekin Armaan- "
" Shh! " Riddhima went quiet knowing that Armaan won't tell her anything.  Armaan took her inside his house.
" Armaan? " Armaan took off the blindfold off her eyes, and she looked at Armaan with questioning eyes.  He just smiled, and told her to look in front of her through his eyes.  She looked in front of her and was awestruck.  The path in front of her was full of rose petals.  She looked at Armaan with surprised eyes, and Armaan just smiled.  Riddhima took off her shoes and walked on the rose petals.  She smiled as the petals tickled her feet.  She kept walking when she felt something falling on her.  She looked up and saw more rose petals falling on her.  She closed her eyes, and spinned around with her hands spread wide apart.
Armaan just smiled seeing her like this.  He walked forward towards her.  Riddhima stopped and looked at him.
" Tumne yeh sab, mere liye kiya? " Armaan smiled, and nodded.
" Kyun? "
" Ab isske liye, thoda sa wait karna padega.  Abhi toh bohat kuch baaki hain. "
" Ab aur kya kiya hain tumne? " Armaan slipped his hand around her waist, and pointed towards the front.  Riddhima followed his gaze, and looked in front of her.
The place in front of her was starting to light up slowly.  There was a table for him and her with purple orchids in the middle.  She walked forward to the table, and noticed something.  The petals of the orchids had a name on it.  She went forward, and saw what it said.  It had her name written beautifully on each and every petal.
She turned around and saw Armaan on his knees.
" Armaan? "
" Riddhima, jab se tum meri zindagi mein aayi ho, meri zindagi badal gayi hain.  Main badal gaya hoon.  Jab main subah apni aakhein kholta hoon, toh meri aankhon ke saamne sirf tumhara chehra aata hain.  Aur jab raat ko sota hoon, toh mere sapne mein, sirf, aur sirf tum aati ho.  Sote, jaagte, uthte, bethte, main sirf tumhare bare mein sochta hoon.  I know, main pagal hoon.  Lekin, main tumhare pyaar mein pagal hoon.  Main chaahta hoon ki tum meri bann kar raho.  Sirf meri.  Riddhima... marry me. " Riddhima was in tears by the time Armaan was done.  She couldn't express in words how happy she was.  Armaan had just proposed her!  Her dream had come true.  Nothing could come in her happiness today.  She smiled through her tears, and nodded.
Armaan smiled widely and got up.  He picked her up, and spinned her around.
" I love you Riddhima!  I LOVE YOU! " He kept spinning her around.  His voice echoed in the entire house and Riddhima laughed.  He stopped spinning, and looked at Riddhima with loving eyes.  She had her hands around his neck, and was pretty much leaning on him, with his hands tightly around her waist.
" I love you. " He whispered. 
" I love you, too. " She whispered back.  He pulled her into a gentle and loving kiss.  They both kissed each other for a long time, and then pulled apart for breath.
Armaan took both of her hands, and kissed them while looking at her.  Riddhima's cheeks turned pink, and she looked down.
Armaan took her hand, and took her to the table.  They sat down, and Armaan brought the food from the kitchen.  Riddhima ate the food, and then looked at him.
" Tumne banaya? "
" Haan. "
" Mujhe nahin pata tha ki tumhe itni achhi cooking aati hain. "
" Well, kabhi chance hi nahin milla bataane ka. " Riddhima chuckled, and both finished their dinner while talking.
After the dinner, Armaan took Riddhima to the beach which was not far.  Both went and sat down on a rock, facing the ocean.  Armaan didn't like the little distance between them, so he made Riddhima sit between his legs, and Riddhima just smiled.  She leaned onto his hard chest, and closed her eyes.
She heard his heartbeat, which sounded like it was saying 'Riddhima'.  She smiled at this.  She heard the waves crashing softly on the ocean.  Both felt heavenly.
They loved the feeling of being together in each others arms.  Both wanted the moment to come to a standstill, and never move.   A soft breeze came, making Riddhima's hair fly over Armaan's face.  He just got lost into the sweet fragrance of her hair.  He moved her hair a little, and nuzzled into the crook of her neck.  He placed soft kisses on her nape, making Riddhima twitch a little.
" Armaan. " She whispered very softly.
" Riddhima. " He whispered against her skin, sending shivers down her spine.
" Armaan... please. "
" No. "
" Armaan. "
" Riddhima.  Kya faraq padta hain?  Waise bhi kuch dino mein hum shaadi karne waale hain. "
" Kuch dino mein?  Armaan!  Tumhe nahin lagta ki tum kuch bhool rahe ho? "
" Main?  Kya? "
" Armaan!  Tumne meri haan toh le li, lekin mere parents ki?  Unse bhi toh baat karni hain na? "
" Kya yaar?  Shaadi tumse karni hain, ya tumhare parents se? "
" Armaan.  Tum mere mom-dad se humaare baare mein baat karo.  Usske baad hum shaadi kar lenge. "
" Lekin woh toh Delhi mein hain na? "
" No.  Mama-Papa yahaan aaj Mumbai aa rahe hain.  Tum kal unse baat kar lena. "
" Kal kyun?  Aaj kyun nahin? "
" Armaan!  Woh aaj yahaan aa rahe hain.  Raat ho gayi hain.  Don't you think ki unhe aaraam ki zaroorat hain? "
" Arre haan.  Main toh bhool hi gaya tha. "
" Armaan!  Tum bhi na. " Riddhima slowly shook her head, and ruffled his hair.
Armaan soon took Riddhima home.

At Riddhima's house...

Riddhima was waiting for her parents, when the doorbell rang.  She ran and opened the door with a smile.
" Papa!  Mama! "
" Riddhima beta! " Riddhima hugged both of them at the same time.
" I missed you two sooooooooooooo much! "
" We missed you too beta. " said Padma.  Riddhima took them inside.
They talked for a while, and then after they freshened up, Riddhima talked to them about Armaan.  At first, they weren't sure about it, but after listening to Riddhima, they decided to meet him.  Armaan was called the next day, as it was a day off at college.

The next morning...

Armaan was standing in front of Riddhima's house.  He wasn't wearing anything special, just normal clothes, and was looking as dashing as ever.  He was very nervous about meeting Riddhima's parents.
" Riddhima.  Mujhe bohat darr lag raha hain. "
" Armaan.  Iss mein darne ki kya baat hain?  Mama-Papa tumhe kha thodi jaayenge? "
" Riddhima aisi baat nahin hain.  I'm just scared.  Maine apni life mein apne parents ke alaava aur kissi ke parents se baat nahin ki hain. " Riddhima got tired of his nonstop ranting, and just cupped his face.
" Armaan.  Calm down.  Mujhse pyaar karte ho? "
" Apni jaan se bhi zyaada. "
" Mujh par vishwaas hain? "
" Khud se bhi zyaada. "
" Toh bas.  Andar jao, aur mera haath maanglo. " Armaan smiled, and hugged Riddhima.  They both went inside the house, and Armaan got a little scared looking at Shashank.
" Mama, Papa, yeh hain Armaan. "
" Betho beta. " Padma said nicely.  Armaan nodded and sat down.
" Hello Aunty, Uncle. "
" Hello. "
" Toh tum Riddhima se pyaar karte ho? " asked Shashank.
" Ji. "
" Aur usse shaadi karna chaahte ho? "
" Ji. "
" Tumhe lagta hain ki tum usse poori zindagi khush rakh paoge?  Humne usse jiss tarah sambhaala hain, waise sambhaal paoge? "
" Ji. " Shashank and Padma looked at each other.
" Tum karte kya ho? "
" Abhi toh main apni college degree ke liye study kar raha hoon, aur jab meri education complete ho jaayegi, toh mere dad ka business sambhaalunga. "
" Tumhara poora naam kya hain? "
" Armaan Mallik. "
" Aur tumhare dad ka? "
" Balwinder Mallik. "
" Balwinder Mallik... is he the chairmen of Mallik and Garewal Industries? "
" Yes. "
" Tum Billy ke bete, Armaan ho? " Shashank suddenly sounded really interested in Armaan.
" Ji haan. " Armaan couldn't really understand what was going on, and looked at Riddhima, who shrugged.
" Arre beta!  Tumne mujhe pehchaana nahin?  Main Billy ka dost, Shashank?  Usske saath college mein padta tha.  Kaisa hain woh? "
" Woh theekh hain.  Iss waqt mom ke saath Punjab gaye hain. "
" That's great!  Padma, tumhe yaad hain?  Billy aur Ananya Bhabhi ka bada beta Armaan? "
" Arre haan.  Tum toh kitne bade ho gaye ho!  Chote the, tab humesha mere saath rehte the. "
" Riddhima.  Tumhe yaad hain main humesha tujhe uss naughty Armaan ke baare mein baat karti thi?  Yeh woh hi hain. " Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other.  They were completely surprised on knowing that the two families knew each other already.  They were somewhere sure that their marriage would happen.
" Armaan beta, mujhe iss rishte se koi aitraaz nahin hain.  Bas ek baar Billy aur Ananya se baat ho jaaye, toh shaadi ki date bhi fix kar denge. " Armaan and Riddhima smiled widely.
They all talked to each other for quite a long time.  Shashank called Billy, and told him about Armaan and Riddhima.  Billy was very happy about this, and after talking to the priest, they decided to get the couple married in a month or two.

Flashback ends...
Riddhima came out of her thoughts, and smiled.  She remembered how happy she and Armaan were after knowing that they'll get married in a very short span of time.
" Pata nahin kyun, par mujhe aisa lag raha hain, ki aaj kuch hone waala hain.  Lekin kya? " Riddhima asked herself.

On the other hand, Maya was thinking of a plan to get Armaan back into her life.  She took out a picture of the gang and looked at Riddhima.
" Riddhima... pichhli baar tum bach gayi thi.  Lekin iss baar... iss baar tum nahin bachogi.  I promise.  Bhool gayi?  Pichhli baar maine kya kiya tha? "

After Armaan and Riddhima's marriage was fixed, they decided to tell all of their friends.
They were sitting in the garden of the college, playing instruments, when Armaan, Riddhima, Rahul, and Anjali came in.
" Hey guys, listen up!  Amy aur Ridzi  tum logo ko ek good news dena chaahte hain. " said Rahul.
" Kya baat hain Armaan? " asked Maya.
" Woh, me and Riddhima are getting married.  In the next 2 months. " Armaan announced happily.
" Wooohoooooooo!  "                                             
" Congrats guys! " said Sapna.
" Thanks! " Armaan and Riddhima said together.  They all hugged Armaan and Riddhima, except Maya.  She was totally shocked.  She had no idea that Armaan and Riddhima would announce that they were getting married.  She looked at the two, with tears in her eyes.  She ran out of the garden, and went to the girl's locker room.
She sat on the bench, and cried.
" Armaan aur Riddhima... shaadi... kar rahe hain?  How is this possible?  No!  Main yeh shaadi kabhi nahin hone doongi!  Isse pehle main Riddhima ko maar daalungi.  I WILL FINISH HER! " Maya shouted.  She wiped her tears, and left the college.

At night...

Riddhima was in her room, thinking about Armaan.  She couldn't believe that in a matter of few days, she'll be Armaan's.
" Riddhima Armaan Mallik. " She blushed listening to this name.  She took out her diary, and started to write in it.

Dear Diary,
     How are you?  I'm fine.  Actually, I'm very happy.  In a matter of few days, I'll be Armaan's.  I can't believe that this is happening to me.  Everything is just right in my life.  I got the best boyfriend in the world, and very soon he'll be my husband.  I just feel out of this world right now.   But I'm scared about one thing.  What if I'm not able to fulfill his needs?  What if I'm not able to give him the happiness every wife gives her husband?  But I'm sure.  Armaan won't force me for anything that I'm not ready for.  I really can't wait to become Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik.  Now I'll talk to you later.  Bye Diary.


Riddhima put her diary up and went down to the kitchen.  She was alone in the house, as Anjali was at a party, and Shashank and Padma were in Delhi.
Riddhima was going to get a drink of water, when the doorbell rang.  She opened the door, and saw Maya standing there.
" Hey Maya.  Tum yahaan kaise? "
" Bas aise hi.  Mann kiya ki tumse baat kar loon. "
" Great.  Andar aao na? " Riddhima let Maya in, and then closed the door.
" Tum yahaan betho, main paani laati hoon. "
" Ok. " Riddhima went to the kitchen, and Maya gave a wicked smile to her retreating back.
 In the kitchen, Riddhima was filling glasses of water for her and Maya, when she heard some footsteps in the kitchen.  She turned around and saw Maya, leaning against the refridgerator.
" Maya?  Tum kitchen mein? "
" Bas, aise hi mann kiya ki yahaan aa jaaoon. " Maya said with a murderous look on her face.  Riddhima got scared because of this.  Maya indeed looked pretty scary.
Maya started to look around the kitchen.
" Nice kitchen. "
" T... thanks. "
Maya's gaze fell on the knifes in front of her.  She picked it up, and hid it behind her back.
" So?  You're getting married to Armaan? "
" Yea. "
" Excited? "
" Of course.  Armaan jaisa life partner harr kissi ko thodi milta hain? "
" Yes, you're right. " Riddhima smiled, and took the water outside in a tray.
Maya followed her out.
" You know something Maya.  I feel so lucky.  Armaan kuch hi dinon mein mera hone jaa raha hain.  I'm so happy.  You know what?  Armaan toh humesha mere saath romance karna chaahta hain.  Woh mujhe kahin nahin chodta.  Kabhi college ke store room mein, kabhi cafeteria mein, aur kabhi, kabhi toh pipe ke zariye mere room mein aa jaata hain.  Woh toh bilkul pagal hain. " Riddhima said with a smile.  The thing that she didn't realize, was that all this was making Maya boil inside.  Maya came forward.
" You're right.  Armaan hain hi pagal.  KYUNKI WOH MUJHSE NAHIN TUMSE PYAAR KARTA HAIN! " Maya said in an angry voice, which made Riddhima turn around, and Maya slapped her hard, which made her fall on the sofa.
" Maya?  What are you doing? " Riddhima asked, not being able to understand why Maya was doing this.
" What am I doing?  I'm doing what I should've done a long time ago!   I should've killed you the day I saw you and Armaan making out in the store room like that! " Riddhima got up.
" Lekin tum mujhe maarna kyun chaahti ho? "
" Aww Riddhima.  Tum kitni bholi ho.  Tumhe yeh bhi samajh mein nahin aa raha?  Main tumhe iss liye maarna chaahti hoon, KYUNKI MAIN ARMAAN SE PYAAR KARTI HOON! " This completely shocked Riddhima.
" Kya?  Tum Armaan se... pyaar karti ho? "
" Lekin main isske baare mein nahin jaanti thi Maya.  I didn't know.  Aur waise bhi Armaan tumse pyaar nahin karta. "
" Jhooth!  Armaan sirf mera hain!  Sirf mera! " She slapped Riddhima again.  She took out the knife, and held it high.
" No Maya.  Please don't.  Maya...  Maya please mujhe chhod do.  I promise.  Main Armaan ki life se chali jaaungi.  Please Maya. " Riddhima begged, but Maya didn't listen.  She kept coming close.
Riddhima grabbed Maya's hand, and somehow managed to throw the knife out of Maya's hand, and pushed her and then ran.  Maya fell on the ground, and saw a glass vase beside her.  She took the vase, and looked at Riddhima, who was running.  She ran to Riddhima, and grabbed her hand and turned her around.  She was completely mad, and in a matter of a second, she hit Riddhima hard on her head, and she collapsed on the ground. 
Thinking that she killed Riddhima, Maya left the house in a hurry.

Flashback ends...
" Riddhima.  Pichhli baar toh tum bach gayi thi, lekin I promise you, iss baar tum nahin bacchogi.  Promise.  Main tumhe, aur Armaan ko ek doosre se alag kar ke hi rahungi.  " Maya swore to herself.

On the other hand, the boys were teasing each other to the fullest.
" Yaar shaadi ke baad, humara AJ toh gaya! " said Rahul.
" Absolutely! " said Amit.
" Kyun? "
" Arre, kyunki teri shaadi, Anjie se ho rahi hain na! " said Vivek.
" Sahi baat hain! " All of them said together.
" Yaar AJ.  Meri ek baat maan le.  Shaadi ki raat hi Anji ko bata dena, ki uss shaadi mein raaj kaun karega.  Samjhe? " Armaan put his hand around Atul's shoulder, and explained it to him.
" Yaar Amy.  Mujhe kuch bhi prove karne ki zaroorat nahin hain.  Kyunki main jaanta hoon ki kaun raaj karega. "
" Kaun? "
" Anjali. "
" KYA? "
" Haan.  Woh mere dill pe raaj karti hain.  Toh zaahir si baat hain ki woh hi toh raaj karegi. "
" Sahi hain beta.  Tu bohat sahi jaa raha hain. " said Rahul.
" What yaar?  Main Anjali se bohat pyaar karta hoon.  Agar woh kahe, toh main apni jaan bhi de doon. " Armaan smiled at this.  His thoughts drifted off to the day he found out about Maya.

Immediately after Maya left, Armaan came to meet Riddhima.  He was really missing her, and couldn't go to sleep without seeing her beautiful face.
When he drove in through the gate, he was surprised seeing the gate open, and the watchman not there.  Then as he was driving by, he was even more surprised by seeing that the door to the house was open.  He sensed that something wasn't right, and his thoughts immediately went towards Riddhima.  He quickly parked the car, and went inside.
When he entered, he was shocked seeing the condition of the room.  Everything was scattered, and many things were broken.
" Riddhima!  RIDDHIMA! " He shouted, but didn't hear any response.  He panicked, and started to look around.  His eyes fell on a pair of shoes that were behind the sofa.  He ran there, and saw Riddhima lying on the floor, her face covered in blood.
" RIDDHIMA! " Armaan shouted, and went near her.  He started to shake her.
" Riddhima.  Riddhima aankhein kholo Riddhima.  RIDDHIMA OPEN YOUR EYES! " He kept shaking her, and then checked to see if she was breathing or not.  She was breathing.  He took out his cell phone, and called the ambulance.
He went, and held her in his arms.
" Riddhima, please open your eyes.  Riddhima. " He said in a low voice.  Riddhima fluttered her eyes open, when she heard her name being called by the voice that she wanted to hear so bad.
" Armaan. "
" Riddhima.  I won't let anything happen to you.  I promise.  Lekin yeh sab kisne kiya Riddhima?  Tell me. " Tears fell out of Armaan's eyes.
" M... m... mujhe... M... M... Ma... May... a... Maya... ne m... maar... ne ki... ko... kosh... ish ki... hain... " Armaan was shocked.  He hadn't expected Maya to hurt her.
" Ar... Ar... Armaan... main... main marr... toh nahin... jaa... oongi na? "
" No Riddhima.  Tumhe kuch nahin hoga.  Nothing will happen to you.  Do you hear me?  Nothing will happen to you. " Riddhima smiled, and caressed his face.  He took her hand, and kissed it.
Just then, the ambulance arrived.  They put Riddhima on a stretcher, and took her to the hospital.  Armaan was with her all the time.  As soon as they reached the hospital, they took her to the operation theater, and started to operate her.
Armaan had called the entire gang and told them about what happened.  He even told them that Maya tried to kill Riddhima.  They were completely shocked on hearing this.  When they asked the reason, Armaan said that he didn't know.
After a while, the doctor came out, and told them, that Riddhima is out of danger, and that she will remain unconscious for about 3 hours.
The boys decided to go to Maya's house.  They opened the door, and saw Maya sitting in a dark room.
" MAYA!  YEH TUMNE KYA KIYA? " Armaan, Atul, Amit, and Rahul barged into a dark room, where Maya was sitting at a table with a sharp blade in her hands.  Armaan took the blade from her hand, and then slapped her.
" Kya kiya maine Armaan? " Maya said as if nothing had happened.
" TUMNE RIDDHIMA PAR HAMLA KYUN KIYA? " This made Maya's anger reach the peak.
" Maya yeh kya ho gaya hain tumhe?  Tum kyun aise behave kar rahi ho? " Rahul asked calmly.
" Main kyun aisi behave kar rahi hoon?!  Main aise iss liye behave kar rahi because I love Armaan!  I LOVE HIM DAMN IT! " The boys were shocked at Maya's confession.
" What? " said a horrified Armaan.
" Yes Armaan, I love you.  Aur main uss Riddhima ko hamare beech kabhi nahin aane doongi.  NEVER! "
" TUM PAAGAL HO GAYI HO KYA? " Armaan shouted.
" Maya, I don't love you.  I love Riddhima. " Armaan said calmly.  Maya started to go back and then knocked the table over in anger.
" Kyunki woh sirf bahar se hi nahin, andar se bhi bohat khubsoorat hain.  Aur woh andar ki khubsoorati tum mein nahin hain. "
" THAT BLOODY- " Maya was about to curse her, when Armaan slapped her again, and she fell on the floor.  Blood was oozing from the corner of her lips.  She looked back at Armaan.
" DON'T YOU DARE MAYA!  DON'T YOU DARE! " Armaan was furious.  He was about to kill her when Atul, Amit, and Rahul came and held him back.
" Armaan!  Bas!  Let's go from here! " said Atul.
" You know what Maya?  Tum mere pyaar ke laayak hi nahin.  You don't deserve me. " Armaan said in a disgusted tone and then headed towards his car.  Maya got up and ran after him.
" Armaan!  Armaan!  Armaan please mujhe chhod kar matt jao!  PLEASE ARMAAN!  Main tumhare bina marr jaaungi!  ARMAAN! " By the time Maya reached them, the boys had already sat in the car, and had started to drive, while Maya tried to stop them, but they left, leaving a crying and raged Maya behind.
While driving, Armaan was extremely furious.  He couldn't believe that is best friend did this to him.
" Amy calm down.  Riddhima ab theek hain.  Usse kuch nahin hua.  Gussa karne ka koi fayeda nahin. "
" Kaise shaant rahoon main Amit?  Uss Maya ne meri Riddhima ko maarne ki koshish ki.  Meri Riddhima mujhe almost chhod ke chali gayi thi.  Main kaise shaant ho sakta hoon Amit? "
" Amy, jo hua, so hua.  Bhool jao Maya ko.  She doesn't deserve our friendship.  Aur ek baar Riddhima ko hosh aa jaaye, hum Maya ko jail ki salaakhon ke peeche dalva denge.  Don't worry. " Armaan calmed down after this, and just waited to see his Riddhima.
When they reached the hospital, Armaan told the girls everything.  Even they decided to break their friendship with Maya.  After that, they just waited for Riddhima to gain her consciousness.
In an hour or two, Riddhima had gained her consciousness, and they went inside to see her.  They entered the room, and saw Riddhima with her eyes closed.  She had a bandage around her head, and an ivy on her arm.  Armaan went and sat down beside her.
" Riddhima, aankhein kholo. " Armaan whispered softly.  Riddhima fluttered her eyes open, and blinked a few times to get the picture clear in her head.
" Armaan. "
" How are you? "
" Main theek hoon, lekin main yahaan kaise aayi?  Mujhe kya hua hain? " The gang was surprised to hear this.
" Riddhima, tum par Maya ne humla kiya tha.  Tum hi ne toh mujhe bataaya tha. "
" Maya?  Yeh Maya kaun hain?  Aur maine tumhe kab kya bataaya? " They all were completely shocked to hear this.  How could Riddhima not remember who Maya is?  They called the doctor, and asked him about this.  He told them to go out for a few mintues.
After 10 minutes, the doctor came out.
" Dr. Shah.  Riddhima ko kya hua?  Usse Maya ke baare mein kuch yaad kyun nahin hain? "
" Dekhiye Mr. Armaan.  Aksar aisa hota hain, ki hum shock ki vajah se ek insaan, baat, ya kabhi, kabhi apni zindagi ke pal bhool jaate hain.  Aur yahaan, Riddhima ke saath bhi kuch aisa hi hua hain.  Woh shock ki vajah se, Maya ke baare mein sab kuch bhool chuki hain. " The gang was shocked.
" Lekin Riddhima theek toh hain na?  Koi aur baat toh nahin hain na? "
" Nahin.  Woh bilkul theek hain. "
" Can I meet her? "
" Sure. " Armaan goes in, and sits beside Riddhima.
" Riddhima. " She opens her eyes, and looks at Armaan.
" Armaan, tum mujhse kya keh rahe the?  Maya? "
" Kuch nahin.  Woh... mujhe hi galat faimi huyi thi. "
" Oh.  Lekin main yahaan kaise? "
" Woh, darasal tum seediyon par se gir gayi thi. "
" Oh. " Riddhima saw the tears in his eyes, and wiped them away.
" Yeh kya, tumhari aankhon mein aansoon? "
" Riddhima, main tumhe kho nahin sakta.  You have no idea ki inn teen ghanto mein main kitna tadpa hoon.  Never leave me. " He hugged Riddhima, and cried his heart out.
" Armaan bas.  Please rona band karo Armaan.  Stop crying.  Main yahin hoon.  I'm right here, with you. " Riddhima couldn't think of any way to make him stop crying, so she just cupped his face, and kissed him, promising him, that she'll never leave him, and will always be by his side.  They pulled apart after a while, and Riddhima looked at him.
" Now don't cry again.  Tumhe aise rote hue dekh kar, mere dill ke kitne tookde hote hain, you have no idea. " Both hugged each other tight.  The gang smiled at the sight.
" I wish ab inn dono ki life mein koi aur problem na aaye. " said Anjali.
" Yea. "
Down the corridor, Maya was right there behind the pillar, seeing everything that happened.
" Nahin Anjali.  Armaan aur Riddhima ki zindagi mein, aur kitni problems aane waale hain, tumhe uss baat ka andaaza bhi nahin hain. "

Flashback ends...

Armaan came back from his thoughts, when Rahul said to go back to their rooms, as they wanted to rest.  The boys went to their rooms, and rested.

What will Maya do now?  Will she be successful in separating Armaan and Riddhima?  What had happened afterwards?  Will Sumit show up with the evidence?  Stay tuned to find out...



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