Thursday, 7 November 2019

part 2 : Here to change his life forever

Precap: Riddhima Gupta a successful businesswoman in U.S. has to come to India for a project in which she will be working with Mr. Armaan Mallik a business tycoon in India. She is going to stay at Armaan's place since she doesn't know anyone in India. Armaan is depressed, workaholic, and alcoholic. Something happen in his past that made him isolated. He doesn't attend any parties nor have a social life, he and his work. So Riddhima comes to India and to welcome her Armaan orgazines a party in which he denies to go since he doesn't attend parties but Riddhima being stubborn somehow manages to convice him and they leave for the party.


Armaan and Riddhima reach the party venue. They get out of the car and notice that media is all over them since it is first time Armaan is attending a party. Media starts asking questions, taking snaps, it took them awhile to go in the restaurant where the party was held. As they enter the hall, Armaan went up the stage and introduce Riddhima to everyone.
Armaan: Good Evening, Ladies and Gentleman. This is Miss Riddhima Gupta she is here from U.S. to work with us on a project. She is a successful businesswoman in U.S. So for next month she will be working with us on this project.
Everyone came up to Riddhima and introduce themselves. Riddhima shake hands with everyone. Two girls came up to her and introduce themselves. The first one introduced herself as Nikita Malhotra who worked in Armaan's Office and the other one introduce herself as Muskaan Chaddha who also worked in Armaan's office. All three of them were having conversation and by now Riddhima was quite comfortable talking with them. Suddenly Riddhima notices Armaan at the bar drinking. She goes up to him and stops him from drinking but Armaan being stubborn doesn't listen to Riddhima and continues drinking. He then ask Riddhima to dance with him, before Riddhima could react or say anything he pulled her to the dance floor and started dancing holding riddhima's waist on the slow beats. They didn't look into each other eyes, Riddhima wasn't comfortable dancing with him, and Armaan didn't have any sense since he was fully drunk and didn't know what he was doing.
After it got a bit too much Riddhima decided that they should leave now before Armaan makes fool out of himself in drunken state. So Riddhima called the driver and told him to put Armaan in the car and they left for Mallik mansion. As they enter the house and Riddhima is taking Armaan to his room, Armaan starts talking about his depression.
Armaan: "Sometimes the pain's too strong to bare...and life gets so hard you just don't care. You feel so alone you just sit and cry...every second you wish you could die. Then you start thinking who would care...if one day they woke up-and you weren't there".
Riddhima starts thinking to herself why is this man so depressed, why does he wish he could die. What happen that changed him, what happen that made him so lonely, why is he not enjoying his life. There are many questions in her mind and she knows only one person and gives her answers to these questions but he is not in condition to give answers to her questions. She takes him to his room and makes him sleep on his and cover him with a blanket and is about to leave the room and a something falls.


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