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Part 20 :Betrayal (AR)

  Cuz Baby Tonight...

Recap: The gang decides to go the club for the night, and then go back to Mumbai after 4 days.  Riddhima remembers how Armaan had proposed her.  Maya remembers how she had attacked her before.  Armaan remembers how he had saved her.

After resting for an hour or two, the gang freshened up, and met outside to go to the club.
" Yaar yahaan toh kitni thand hain. " said Atul.
" Haan.  Achha hua ki hum sab ne full sleeves pack ki thi.  Warna toh thand ke maare marr hi jaate. " said Rahul.
" Sahi kaha. "
" Let's go. "

At the Club...

They all entered the club, and went to the sitting area.
" Yaar, yahaan itna loud music chalaana zaroori hain? " said Atul.
" AJ!  Yeh club hain.  So of course yahaan par loud music chalega. " said Armaan.
" Yea right. " Atul rolled his eyes.  They all shook their heads, and Armaan called on the waiter.  They took some drinks, and looked on the dance floor.

A slow romantic song had started, and the couples there were dancing with their dance partners.  Since it was a romantic song, the lyrics were really heart touching.  Suddenly, Armaan was reminded of the past.

It had been three days after the attack.  Riddhima was told to be kept under observation for about a week as the wound still hadn't been healed completely, and since Riddhima was hit on her head, it was important for her to take care of herself.  After being forced way too much by Armaan and Anjali, Riddhima was kept in the hospital.  Not only that, but Armaan even stayed with her all the time.  Though he refused to accept it, but he was scared that if he left Riddhima, then Maya will come back and will try to hurt her again.
The hospital pretty much became Armaan's second home.  He did everything there.  Since he wanted to stay with Riddhima, the doctor had moved Riddhima to a large room.  Armaan would feed her by his hands, whether it was her medicines, or food.  Every single doctor and nurse would be talking about this couple in the hospital, and would be blessing them.
Right now, Armaan was trying his best to feed Riddhima her medicines.
" No Armaan.  Main yeh medicine nahin lene vaali.  Bohat kadvi hain! "
" Lekin Riddhima agar tum yeh nahin logi toh phir tum theek kaise hogi? "
" I don't care.  Mujhe yeh kadvi davaai nahin leni. " Riddhima had a very cute frown on her face.
" Riddhima! " Armaan said very strictly, and Riddhima opened her mouth.
" Theek hain. " Riddhima took the medicine, and pouted.
" Yeh toh bohat kadvi hain! "
" Lo paani pee lo. " Armaan gave her a glass of water, which she gulped down immediately.  She looked at Armaan, and saw him putting everything back.
" Armaan? "
" Hmm. " Armaan didn't look up.
" Meri taraf dekho. "
" Riddhima main yeh doctor ko deke aata hoon. " Armaan started to go, but Riddhima held his hand.  Armaan closed his eyes, and Riddhima pulled him to the bed.  He sat down, but didn't look up.
" Armaan meri taraf dekho. " Armaan didn't look up.
" Armaan! " Riddhima said strictly, and Armaan looked at her.  Riddhima slightly gasped seeing his eyes.  His eyes were completely red and watery to due lack of sleep.  He looked very tired.
" Armaan! " Armaan just hugged her tightly and Riddhima hugged him back.
" Armaan please rona band karo.  Dekho, maine tumse kaha tha na, ki matt rona, toh phir tum kyun ro rahe ho? "
" Riddhima... mujhe harr waqt iss baat ka darr laga rehta hain, ki main tumhe kho dunga. "
" Armaan mujhe kuch nahin hoga.  Jo bhi hua, woh ek accident tha.  Aur accidents baar, baar nahin hote. " Armaan just tightly closed his eyes.
' Kaise bataaoon tumhe Riddhima?  Ki jo bhi hua, woh koi accident nahin tha?  Tumhari iss haalat ka zimidaar, kahin na kahin main bhi hoon.  Agar maine Maya ko kabhi bhi maaf na kiya hota, toh aaj shayad tum itni taqleef mein nahin hoti.  I'm sorry Riddhima.  I'm very sorry.  Main tumhe uss Maya se nahin baccha saka. '  Armaan thought to himself.  Riddhima rubbed his back, calming him down.  He kissed her cheeks, and cupped face, leaning his forehead against hers.
" Riddhima, you'll never leave me right? "
" Never. " Both kissed each other, promising never to leave each other.  Both kissed each other for a long time, and then broke apart.
" Ab promise karo, ki dobara kabhi nahin rooge. "
" Promise. "
After that, Armaan was back to his jolly mood.  In four days, Riddhima was discharged, and was sent back home, as she was completely healed now.
One day, Armaan was at his house, as the college was on a break because of maintanence.  He was missing Riddhima really badly, and wanted to see her, but knew that he couldn't as Anjali, Shashank, and Padma were back in the house.  Of course Armaan couldn't romance with Riddhima with them around in the house.
" Kya yaar?  Main meri girlfriend se romance bhi nahin kar sakta.  Mtch.  Kya karun? " Armaan thought to himself.  He got an idea, and jumped up on the bed.

On the other hand, Riddhima came out of the shower, and opened her wardrobe to take out her clothes.
" Aaj kya pehenoon? " Riddhima thought to herself.
On the same time, Armaan had entered her room and had hid behind the curtains to hide himself when he saw Riddhima coming out of the bathroom, but when he saw her in only a towel, he was mesmerized.
Her wet hair, left drops on her shoulder.  He saw how the drops travelled down her back, and into the towel.  Riddhima swept her hair to the side, revealing her upper back.  A soft gush of wind went by him, flying his hair slightly over his forehead.  Completely mesmerized by Riddhima, Armaan moved towards her and stood really close to her.
Riddhima felt someone's hot breath on her shoulder, which sent shivers down her spine.  She turned around swiftly, making her hair fly over Armaan, leaving waterdrops on his face.  He closed his eyes taking in her sweet fragrance.
" Armaan! " Riddhima whisered seeing Armaan so close, and Armaan pushed her back to the cupboard.   He took in her sweet, feminine scent, and looked at her face, which had a lock of hair over her face, and slowly removed it.  She slowly closed her eyes, and then opened it back.  Armaan slowly moved his hand down her face, making her close her eyes, and part her lips.  He felt her hot breath on his skin, creating a havoc in his body.  His hand moved down to her neck, caressing it very softly.
" Armaan. " Riddhima whispered.  Armaan went closer to her, and Riddhima opened her eyes.  She tried to push him back, realizing what they were doing, but Armaan caught her hand, and twisted it back around her back, pulling her even more closer.
" Armaan. " Riddhima whispered.  Armaan leaned in, and kissed her passionately.  His hand went all over her body, driving her completely insane.
" Ridzi!  Tu andar kya kar rahi hain?  Jaldi breakfast ke liye aaja! " Anjali knocked on the door.  Armaan and Riddhima broke apart, and Riddhima looked at the door.
" A... aayi Di.  Bas dus minute. " Riddhima shouted back.
" Okay.  We're waiting for you. " Anjali left, and Riddhima turned around, holding the top of her towel.
" Armaan.  Tum please jao yahaan se.  Agar Di ya koi aur aa gaya, toh problem ho jaayegi. " Riddhima said in a very low voice, but Armaan heard her.
" Okay, main chalta hoon. " Saying this, Armaan left from the window, and Riddhima turned around.  She went to the window, to see if he landed safely or not, and sighed when she saw him landing safely.  He looked her, and smiled.  Riddhima smiled back and then he left on his bike.  Riddhima leaned against the wall, and closed her eyes.
" I love you a lot Armaan. " Riddhima smiled, and then went to get dressed.

On the other hand, Armaan reached Muskaan's house, where everyone was at.  He had gotten a call from Muskaan saying that there was something important related to Maya, and that he should come fast.
He entered her house, and saw everyone sitting and thinking about something.
" Muski?  Tune mujhe iss waqt yahaan kyun bulaaya?  Aur tum log itne tension mein kyun lag rahe ho? " Armaan asked worriedly.  No one answered him.  They just stared at him.
" What?  Guys I'm asking you all something! "
" Armaan... woh... Maya... she's dead. " said Vivek.  Armaan looked at him shocked.
" W... what happened?! "
" She commited suicide. "
" What!  When? "
" This morning. "
" Why? "
" Tumhe na paane ke gam mein.  Ussne ek letter likha tha, ki woh ek khaayi se kood jaayegi.  Aur vahin se, police ko usski laash milli hain.  Lekin, usska chehra poori tarah se bigad gaya hain.  We can't recognize her.  Lekin usske kapdon se toh aisa hi lag raha hain, ki woh Maya hain. " Vivek explained everything.  Armaan sat down on the sofa and held his head in his hands.
" It's okay Armaan.  It's not your fault.  Maya ne jo kiya, usse usski sazaa milli hain. " Sapna explained.  Armaan nodded.
" Lekin Riddhima?  I can't keep the truth from her for a long time.  She'll come to know one day or another. " Armaan said worriedly.
" Aur tab hum usse sach bata denge.  Humne kuch galat nahin kiya hain. " Muskaan explained.  Armaan nodded his head.  He was feeling very bad, because he just lost his bestest friend in the world, but then thinking about Riddhima, he thought that whatever happened, had happened for good.

Flashback ends...

Armaan looked at Riddhima, who was enjoying the dance.
' I wish maine tumhe pehle hi sab kuch bata diya hota.  Agar maine tumhe pehle bataaya hota, toh aaj shayad tum mujhse itni door nahin hoti. ' Armaan thought to himself.
On the other hand, Riddhima was thinking about Armaan.  She was wondering that how come Molly didn't call her yet.  She excused herself, and went to a solitaire area.  She dialed Molly's number, and waited for her to pick up the call.
" Hello? "
" Hello Molly?  Main Riddhima bol rahi hoon. " Molly got tensed hearing her voice, as she knew what it was going to be about.
" H... haan bolo. "
" Tumhe kuch pata chala? "
" About what? "
" Armaan ke baare mein.  Maine tumhe sab bataaya tha na? "
" Woh... I'm sorry Ridzi.  Abhi tak toh mujhe isske baare kuch pata nahin chala hain.  But I'm trying. "
" Ok.  Lekin please jaldi karo.  I need to find out. "
" Ridzi I'm trying.  Please give me some time. "
" Ok.  Take your time.  Bye. " Riddhima cut the call.
" Oh God.  Please Molly.  Hurry up.  I need to know the truth.  Very soon. " Riddhima said to herself.  She left and went to the rest area.
" Guys, I'm bored.  Let's do something. " said Sapna.
" Yea.  Who wants to hit the dance floor? " said Rahul.
" Me! " Everyone raised their hand. "
" Great!  Let me go and get the DJ. " said Muskaan.  She went, and suggested the DJ a song.  She came back, and dragged everyone to the dance floor, but Armaan decided to go and get a drink.
The song started, and everyone cheered.

So we back in the club,
With that bodies rockin' from side to side,
Si-side to side

Thank God the week is done,
I feel like a gombie gone back to life,
Ba-back to life

Hands up,
When suddenly we all got our hands up,
No control, of my body

Ain't I seen you before,
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes,

Cuz baby tonight...
The DJ got us falling in love again...
Yea baby tonight...
The DJ got us falling in love again...

So dance, dance like its
The last, last night of
Your life, life gon' get you right

Cuz baby tonight...
The DJ got us falling in love again...
(They all danced crazily, while Armaan drank from his glass, and stared at Riddhima.)

Keep downing drinks like that,
No tomorrow that's just right now, now, now,
Now, n-now, now

Gonna set the roof on fire,
Gonna burn this mother * down, down, down,
Down, d-down, down

Hands up
When the music drops,
We both put our hands up,
Put your hands, on my body

Swear I've seen you before,
I think I remember those
Eyes, eyes, eyes
(Riddhima danced, totally unaware of Armaan's gaze on her.  Her almond, green eyes flashed before Armaan's eyes.)

Cuz baby tonight...
The DJ got us falling in love again...
Yea baby tonight...
The DJ got us falling in love again...

So dance, dance like its
The last, last night of
Your life, life gon' get you right

Cuz baby tonight,
The DJ got us falling in love again...
(They all formed a circle, and saw a few people dancing.)

In the cover of the music get naked baby
I'm sorry chica,

Better holla at Tyronne let him know how I jump through your froot loop scoola chica two can

We're from the
Blocka-blocka o polaca
Where the boys get loose like wacka flacka
(They all jumped with their hand in the air.)

Ooh no man it's global was'up colale flacka,
I wanna be your giant no not your dada

Dale abra dai
Papa Nicholas baby let me see
Yo soi un Juanito que
Stato taito yo freco no, ok
(Because of her heals, Riddhima almost falls, but Armaan stops her from falling, and slowly brings her back up, while singing the song.)

Yea baby tonight...
The DJ got us falling in love again...
Yea baby tonght...
DJ got us falling in love
Falling in love
(Others moved back, giving Armaan and Riddhima their space, and the two just moved around each other.  Armaan caught her hand, and swirled her in.)

So dance, dance like it's the
Last, last night of your
Life, life gon' get you right
(They both started to do the Salsa and they never knew when they got lost in the music.)

Cuz baby tonight...
The DJ got us falling in love again
Yea baby tonight...
The DJ got us falling in love again

So dance, dance like it's the
Last, last night of your
Life, life gon' get you right

Cuz baby tonight...
The DJ got us falling in love again...

The dance ended, and they both were holding onto each other, and they came out of their trance with everyone clapping.  They left each other, and Riddhima blushed slightly.  Riddhima went to the rest area and soon everyone else joined her, too.
They all chatted for a while, ate in the restaurant, and then left for the hotel.

In the Garden...

Riddhima was sitting in the garden, taking pleasure of the nice, and peaceful weather.  She was sitting on a couch, with her knees against her chest, and her arms around them.  She had changed back into what she was wearing before; jeans with a blank, black t-shirt.
She thought about her dance with Armaan in the club and smiled.  Flashes of the dance passed through her eyes and she closed her eyes.
" Armaan. " Riddhima whispered.  Her thoughts wandered off to the past.

About 9 months had been passed, and everything was back to normal.  None of them talked to Riddhima about Maya, or anything related to the incident.
Because of that incident, they had decided to postpone Armaan and Riddhima's marriage, but Riddhima was told that they wanted them to finish their college, and then get married.  After that, their Engagement and Sangeet was done in no time, and soon it time for Riddhima's mehendi as the marriage was the next day.
During the mehendi ceremony, Riddhima was sitting in the middle, with all the ladies around her.  They were creating beautiful designs on the palms of her hand.  Riddhima took a look at the design, and thought that something was missing.  Anjali saw this.
" Kya hua Ridzi?  Design achhi nahin lagi? "
" No Di, it's not like that.  I don't know why, but I think ki iss mein kuch missing hain. " Anjali smiled as she understood what Riddhima meant.  She took the henna cone and made a little design on Riddhima's palm.  She had written 'A-R' on her palms, signifying Armaan-Riddhima.  Riddhima smiled, and she hugged Anjali.
" Di, you're the best. " Riddhima said smiling.  Soon the ceremony was over, and Riddhima went to her room.
During the entire ceremony, all the girls were completely unaware of the fact that the boys were also there.
Armaan was dying to meet his Riddhima.  Because of all the ceremonies, Armaan was pretty much forbidden to meet Riddhima.  He had called up all the boys, and had made a plan to go to Riddhima's house.
When they reached there, they saw all the ladies surrounding Riddhima, and they knew that there was absolutely no way to get in.  So they came in through the window.  They waited for the ceremony to end, and then when Armaan saw Riddhima going to her room, he went inside her room before her, and hid himself.
Riddhima entered the room, and closed the door with her foot.  She sat down on the bed, and looked at the henna on her hand and smiled.
" Mujhe apni haathon ki mehendi nahin dikhaaogi? " Armaan asked, startling Riddhima.  She looked behind, and saw Armaan leaning on the wall beside the window.
" Armaan!  Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?  Tumhe toh yahaan aane se mana kiya gaya tha na? "
" Haan, lekin main tumhe dekhe bina reh nahin sakta. "
" Armaan, tum please jao, kissi ne dekh liya, toh bohat gadbad ho jaayegi. " Armaan chuckled, and started to go closer to Riddhima, and she went back.  Riddhima hit the wall, and Armaan, placed his hand beside her face.
" Koi gadbad nahin hogi.  Mere boys sab neeche sambhaal rahe hain. "
" Tum unn sab ko saath leke aaye ho? "
" Yup. " Riddhima just shook her head.  Armaan carefully took her hand in his, and looked at the henna.
" Mehendi toh bohat khoobsurat hain.  Lekin tumse kam. " Riddhima blushed at this.  She remembered the design that Anjali made on her hand, and looked at Armaan.
" Ab iss mein kuch khaas bhi hain. "
" Kya? "
" Dhoondo. " Armaan searched for something special in her hands, but couldn't find anything.
" Kya hain Riddhima? " Riddhima giggled, and showed him the A-R design.
" Yeh. " Armaan realized what she was talking about and smiled.
" Oh.  A-R.  Armaan-Riddhima. " Riddhima nodded.
" You know what Armaan?  I feel very lucky ki mujhe tum mille ho.  Meri aisi bohat saari friends hain, jinhon ne pyaar toh kiya, lekin ek aise insaan se, jisse unki koi kadar hi na ho.  Unn sab ki haalat dekh kar, mujhe lagta tha ki yeh pyaar, vyaar sab jhooth hota hain.  Saare ladke ek jaise hi hote hain.  Lekin jabse mujhe tum mille ho, I have realized ki main kitni galat thi.  Sab ek jaise nahin hote.  Armaan.  Promise me ki tum kabhi mujhe dhokha nahin doge.  Mujhe kabhi bhi chhod kar nahin jaoge. " Armaan smiled.
" Promise.  I'll never leave you.  Tumhe dhokha dene ke baare mein, ya phir tumhe chhod kar jaane ke baare mein toh main soch bhi nahin sakta.  Tumhe chhod kar jaana matlab apni dill ki dhadkan ko chhodna.  Aur koi bhi insaan apni dill ki dhadkan ke bina nahin reh sakta. " Riddhima smiled, and hugged him.
" I love you Arman. "
" I love you two, three, four, five, six... raised to infinity. " Riddhima chuckled.
" You know something Riddhima?  I just can't wait until tomorrow.  Kal humaari shaadi ho jaayegi, aur usske baad, tum meri baahon mein hogi.  Aur main tumhe nahin chhodunga. " Armaan said naughtily.  Riddhima became a little worried as she understood what he meant.  The fears she had came back to her and Armaan saw this.
" Riddhima?  Kya hua? " Riddhima walked a little bit away from him and spoke up.
" Armaan... woh... I... I don't think ki... main iss ke liye tayaar hoon. "
" Kis liye? "
" Woh... Armaan...main... woh... " Riddhima stammered through, hoping that Armaan wouldn't take this in a wrong way.  Armaan understood the turmoil in her heart, and smiled lightly.  He walked up to her, and turned her around.
" It's ok Riddhima.  Main tumhe kissi bhi cheez ke liye force nahin karunga.  Tum apna time le sakti ho. " Riddhima smiled, and hugged him.
" Ahem, ahem.  Agar aap dono ka romance khatam ho gaya ho, toh kya aap baahar aane ka kashth uthaayenge Mr. Armaan Mallik? " Anjali said loudly.  Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other, and broke apart.  Armaan went and opened the door, and Riddhima followed him.
They saw the boys being held by their collars by the girls.  A few of them had a black eyes, while a few weren't even in the condition of standing up.  Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other and then at the gang.
" What did you all do to them? " asked Armaan.
" Humne tum ladko ko pehle hi warn kar diya tha.  Tum log nahin maane toh hum kya kar sakte hain? " said Muskaan.
" Correct Muski.  Humne tum ladkon ko kaha na tha, ki yahaan matt aana.  Warna iss ka anjaam achha nahin hoga.  Lekin tum ladkon ne humaari baat nahin sunni.  Toh isska anjaam bhookton. " said Sapna.
" Girls.  Hum Amy ke saath bhi woh hi karein?  Or should we leave him? " asked Anjali.
" Haan!  Armaan ke saath bhi woh hi karo! " All the girls replied.  Anjali grabbed Armaan, and brought him in the center.  Armaan got scared, and looked at Riddhima for help.
" Ruko! " Riddhima yelled.  They all stopped and looked at Riddhima.
" Tum log Armaan ko nahin maaroge.  Dulhe ko bhala koi maarta hain kya? " Armaan breathed a sigh of relief, and got up.
" Theekh hain.  Hum Amy ko nahin maarenge.  Lekin usse, inn saare boys ko leke yahaan se nikalna hoga.  Bolo.  Manzoor hain? "
" Manzoor hain. " Armaan somehow woke the boys, and they got up.  The boys went and sat in the car.  Armaan was going, but then stopped at the doorstep.  He looked back and saw Riddhima staring at him with loving eyes.  He blew a kiss to her, and she blushed and Armaan left.
In a matter of just a few hours, it was time for their marriage.  In the beginning, Riddhima was a bit apprehensive about getting married, but Padma had explained everything to her, and then she was alright.  When it was time for Riddhima to come down, the girls brought her down, and Armaan just kept staring at her.  She looked beautiful, just like an angel.  The marriage was done very soon, and both were officially husband and wife.  During the 'Kanyadaan', Riddhima had cried a lot, but then Armaan consoled her.  They went to Armaan's house, and both fell asleep immediately.
Soon after their marriage, Armaan started to handle his family business along with Rahul, and Riddhima opened her own fashion company with Muskaan.  Everything was perfect for them, when one day Armaan and Rahul told Riddhima and Muskaan that they had to go to Malaysia for their business trip for 3 months.

Flashback ends...
Riddhima came out of her thoughts, when she felt something cold on her skin.  She looked at her arm and saw a water drop there.  A smile appeared on her lips, and she looked up.  The water started to pour down on her and she got up.  She walked forward, and spread her arms apart.  She closed her eyes and started to spin around slowly.
She loved the way the water felt on her body.  The tinkling of the water was heaven to her.  She started to play around with the water.  She splashed the water on her face, and giggled.  She was completely unaware of the pair of blue eyes that were on her.
Armaan was looking for her as she wasn't in the room.  When he came outside, he heard sounds of someone giggling, and just knew that the person was Riddhima.  He looked at her, and just got lost in her.  Her clothes were stuck to her body because of the water, making her look very desirable.
Unknown to himself, his feet took him towards Riddhima.  He walked slowly towards her, completely mesmerized by her.
Riddhima was jumping in the rain like a 5-year old, and almost slipped, but since Armaan was right behind her, he caught her.  Riddhima had eyes tightly shut because of fear.  She thought that she'll only open her eyes in the hospital, but when she didn't feel herself getting hurt, she opened her eyes, and saw herself in Armaan's arms.
" Armaan. " Riddhima said in a low voice.  Both stayed like that for while.  Armaan slowly brought her up, but didn't leave her.  In fact, he tightened his grip even more.  He cupped her face, and leaned in to kiss her.  He captured her lips, and kissed her slowly, making Riddhima give in.  He slowly licked her lips, asking for entrance, and she opened her mouth.  He slid his tongue into her mouth, exploring her.  Riddhima snaked her arms around his neck pulling him closer, and Armaan tightened his grip around her waist.  Riddhima ruffled his hair and Armaan bit her lower lip, making her wince slightly.
While Armaan and Riddhima were romancing with each other, they failed to notice that Maya was watching them from the entrance of the hotel.  She clenched her fingers into a tight fist, literally shaking in anger.
" No Riddhima.  No.  I won't let you take Armaan away from me.  I've made that mistake once, but it won't happen again.  Ab dekho main kya karti hoon.  Aaj ki raat, tumhaari Armaan ke saath aakhri raat hogi.  Bohat pyaar karti ho na tum Armaan se?  Ab dekhna.  Iss pyaar ko main nafrat mein kaise chutkibhar mein badalti hoon. " Maya said to herself, and glared at the two.
Armaan and Riddhima broke apart for breath.  Armaan opened his eyes, and looked at Riddhima.  His eyes fell on the entrance, and saw Maya standing there.  Maya left, and he realized what they were doing, and left Riddhima.  He ran his hand through his hair, and then left, leaving Riddhima staring at his back.  As soon as Armaan left, Riddhima went and sat on the couch.
" Armaan, main tumse ab aur door nahin reh sakti.  I can't live without you anymore.  I need you back.  I want you back.  I don't care what those photos say.  I just want you back. " Riddhima said to herself.  She got up, and went inside the hotel.
On the other hand, Armaan was going towards his room, when he got pulled into a room.  He looked to see who the person was, and saw Maya standing there.
" What the hell are you doing Maya! "
" What am I doing?  What are YOU doing?  You were kissing that Riddhima?! "
" Woh meri wife hain Maya. "
" Wife?  Ek aisi wife, jissko apne husband par thoda bhi vishwaas nahin hain? "
" Meri life mein jo bhi problems hain, usski vajah sirf tum ho Maya.  Only you! "
" Meri vajah se?  Jiss din se woh Riddhima humaari zindagi mein aayi hain, ussne sab kuch barbaad kar diya hain.  Usski vajah se humaari dosti toot gayi.  Usski vajah se maine apne saare dost kho diye.  Only because of her! "
" No Maya.  You're wrong.  Tumne mujhe aur meri dosti ko tumhaare karnaamon ki vajah se khoya hain.  Tum toh kissi ke bhi pyaar, ya dosti ke laayak hi nahin ho.  You don't even know the meaning of love. " This angered Maya the most.  She heard the sound of light footsteps in the hall, as the door was open, and knew that it's Riddhima.
She grabbed his collar, and pulled him into a kiss.  Armaan tried to push her away from him, but Maya held him very tight.  She went back, and fell on the bed with Armaan on top of her.  She kissed him hard on his lips, and pulled him closer.
" Armaan. " She moaned and pulled him closer, though Armaan tried to get up.  They suddenly heard a loud noise of something falling on the floor and breaking, and turned around to see a shocked Riddhima staring at them with tears in her eyes.  Her eyes were widened, and she was holding the wall for support.
" Riddhima. " Armaan managed a whisper.

What will happen now?  Will Maya be successful in separating Armaan and Riddhima?  Will Riddhima believe that Armaan is innocent?  Will she ever remember anything about what Maya had done to her?  Will Sumit and Molly show up with evidences on time?  Stay tuned to find out...



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