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Part 22 :Betrayal (AR)

  "Misson Maya"

Recap: Armaan tells Riddhima the truth, and she believes him.  They unite, and decide to not let Maya know about them.  The gang finds out that Armaan and Riddhima are together, and they tease them.

In about an hour or two, the gang met up in the garden, and waited for Sumit and Molly to arrive.
" Yaar yeh dono kitni daer laga rahe hain. " Muskaan said impatiently.
" I know!  Ab tak toh unhe aa jaana chaahiye tha. " said Anjali.
While they were busy waiting for Sumit and Molly to arrive, Armaan and Riddhima were busy staring at each other. tThey were standing right beside each other, and had a slight smile on their lips.  Riddhima slowly entangled her hands with Armaan's, and Armaan held her hand firmly.  He took her hand up to his lips, and kissed it softly, making Riddhima blush.  The gang looked at them and smiled.  They wished that the couple don't have any more problems in their lives.
" Oye love birds!  Agar romance karna hi hain, toh apne room mein jao na! " said Muskaan.  Armaan and Riddhima came back to the world, and left each others hands.

" Anji, baat toh tum aise kar rahi ho, jaise ki tum kabhi AJ ka haath hi nahin pakadti.  Woh dekho! " Everyone looked at Atul and Anjali's hand, and Anjali blushed.
" Hey guys!  What's up? " They all looked at the entrance and saw Sumit and Molly standing there with a smile on their faces.  They ran to them, and hugged them tightly.
"OMG!  You guys are finally here! " said Riddhima.
" Yes Ridzi, we're finally here! "
" God yaar!  Tum dono kitne badal gaye ho! " said Sapna.
" Tum log bhi! "
" Chalo hum room mein chal ke baat karte hain. " said Armaan.  Sumit and Molly checked into the hotel, and then they all went to Armaan and Riddhima's room.
They all sat down on various places there, and then started to talk about things.  They told Sumit and Molly that Riddhima knew everything now, and they were happy for the duo.
" Achha Sumit, tum keh rahe the ki tumhe kuch evidences mille hain?  Dikhaao. " said Armaan.  Sumit took out a few things from his bag, and layed it in front of them.  It was Maya's diary, the vase with which she had attacked Riddhima, and some papers on which she had written 'I love Armaan' and 'I hate Riddhima' with blood.
They were completely shocked seeing the writings as it had blood on them.  They couldn't believe that Maya was so obsessed with Armaan.  She was a freakin' maniac!  Riddhima held Armaan's hand, and Armaan put his arm around her instead, pulling her close.
Sapna picked up Maya's diary, and started to read one of the pages from it.
" Armaan Riddhima se pyaar karta hain.  He loves her.  How is this possible?  Woh toh mujhse pyaar karta hain na?  Toh phir yeh Riddhima... where the he** did she come from?  Nahin.  Maine aisa kabhi nahin hone doongi.  Woh Riddhima mere Armaan ko mujhse kabhi chheen nahin paayegi.  I'll take him back. " Sapna finished reading the page, and they all were shocked.  They couldn't believe that this was THEIR Maya, their best friend.
Armaan tightened his grip over Riddhima, as he felt her shivering.
" Shhh... it's okay. " He comforted her.
" I don't believe this.  Maya's a bloody maniac! " Amit exclaimed.
" I know.  Thank God humaare paas yeh saare saboot aa gaye hain.  Ab hum Maya ko arrest karva sakte hain. " said Anjali.
" No Anji, you're wrong.  Inn sabooton se Maya ko hum arrest nahin karva sakte.  Aur yahaan ki sabse badi problem yeh hain, ki Maya ne sirf apni jealousy iss mein likhi hain, apne gunaah nahin.  Sirf iss ke zariye Maya ko sazaa dilvaana possible nahin hain. " Sumit explained.
" Toh phir ab? "
" I have a plan.  Sabse pehle toh humme aise behave karna padega jaise humme Maya ke baare mein kuch pata hi na ho.  Aur Ridzi, Maya ke saamne tumhe Amy se door rehna padega.  Aur Amy, main task tumhaara hain.  Tumhe Maya ko yeh vishwaas dilaana padega jaise ki tum usse pyaar karne lage ho.  Yeh karna bohat mushkil hoga.  Iss liye tumhe bohat careful rehna padega.  Phir jab usse poori tarah se iss baat ka yakeen ho jaayega, ki tum usse pyaar karte ho, toh kissi tarah tum Maya se usske saare gunaah kubul karvaaoge, aur tab hum sab kuch record kar lenge. "
" But this is very dangerous!  Agar Maya ko humaare plan ke baare mein bhanak bhi lagi, toh woh toh humme maar daalegi! " said Atul.
" I know AJ, lekin humaare paas iss ke alaava aur koi raasta nahin hain.  Maya ko pakadvaane ka sirf yeh hi ek tareeka hain. "
" Lekin main aisa kuch nahin karunga.  Mujhe toh usski shakal tak nahin dekhni. " said Armaan.
" But you have to Armaan.  Maya ko saza dilvaane ke liye you have to do this.  Warna pata nahin woh aur kitne maasoomon ki jaan legi. " Armaan looked at Riddhima unsurely, but she nodded, telling him to go ahead with the plan.  Armaan looked at Sumit, and nodded.
" Fine, I'll do it. " Sumit and Molly smiled, and looked at each other.
" Yeh sab mujhe kabse shuru karna hain? "
" Aaj se. "
" Great!  Toh aaj se shuru hota hain, Mission Maya! " Atul put his hand forward, and everyone did the same.
" Hip, hip, HOORAY! " They all cheered.
In a while, they all started to talk in their normal groups which was the boys and girls group.
" So Ridzi, bata.  How was the night? " Molly asked teasingly, and Riddhima slightly blushed.
" Oooooooooooh, itna sharmaah kyun rahi hain?  Bata, bata, Amy ne achhe se sone diya, ya nahin? "
" Molly, tu chup kar.  Kya baatein le kar beth gayi hain? "
" Ooooohhhhh, dekho toh sahi.  Humaari Ridzi kitna sharmaah rahi hain. " Sapna teased her even more.
" Ridzi sach kahun.  Tujhe aise dekh kar mujhe bohat achha lag raha hain. " said Anjali.
" I know.  Warna jiss Ridzi ko hum ab tak dekh rahe the, woh toh jaise koi paraayi lag rahi thi.  Ridzi, Amy tujhse bohat pyaar karta hain.  Uss par kabhi bhi shak matt karna.  Amy jaise pyaar karne waale bohat hi kam logo ko milte hain. "
" You're right Muski.  Armaan jaise log bohat hi kismet waalon ko milte hain.  And I am very lucky, because I have him. " Riddhima looked at Armaan, and saw him talking to the boys with a smile on his face, and she smiled, too.  On the other hand, the boys were no less than the girls, and they were teasing Armaan to no end.
" Oye hoye, dekho na, yeh Amy kaise Ridzi ko ghoor, ghoor kar dekh raha hain. " said Sumit.
" Bhai yeh toh roz ka hain.  Dono ek doosre ko aakhein phaad, phaad kar dekhte hain. " said Amit.  Armaan looked at the two.
" Achha?  Toh kya tu Sapzi ko aakhein phaad, phaad kar nahin dekhta?  Bada dood ka dhula banta hain. "
" Oye, tu baat matt badal samjha na! "
" Ooooh!  Dekh!  Sapzi ki baat aayi toh kaise chup ho gaya! " Armaan teased.
" Toh tu kuch kam hain kya?  Jab dekh tab Ridzi ko ghoorta rehta hain.  Aur sab ke saamne romance karta hain, woh baat alag. "
" Oye Raoooool.  Tere kisse kholoon kya? "
" Woh sab toh theekh hain, lekin Amy, tujhe phirse woh jolly Amy dekh kar na, mujhe bohat achha lag raha hain. "
" Haan.  Teri jo yeh smile hain na, woh kuch zyaada hi contagious hain.  Hum sab isse bohat miss kar rahe the. "
" Meri smile toh Basket ki smile dekh kar hi aati hain. " Armaan looked at Riddhima and smiled seeing her laughing on something the girls said.  Riddhima eyes caught his, and both just stared at each other.  The boys and girls caught the two staring at each other, and shook their heads.
" Amy? "
" Ridzi? " They all called the two, but they were really busy staring at each other.
" Hello? " Giving up, Amit and Sapna went and snapped their fingers in front of Armaan and Riddhima's eyes, and they came back to the world.
" Huh?  Kya hua? "
" Zyaada kuch nahin, bas tum dono ek doosre ki aankhon mein kho gaye the. " Armaan and Riddhima blushed.  They all laughed at this, and Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other.
The rest of the time went by very quickly.  The gang would talk, while the the couples would secretly romance, and on getting caught, they all would tease each other to no end.  Soon it was time for dinner.

At the Dinner...

They all were seated at the table, beside their respective partners.  Since Maya was sitting right there, they all made it seem as if Riddhima had no where else to sit, and she sat beside Armaan.  While they all were eating, Armaan and Maya raised their hands at the same time to get the rice, but their hands touched and the two looked at each other.  Armaan looked at her in a different way, and this surprised Maya.  She pulled her hand back, and served some rice in her plate.  She looked up again, and saw Armaan staring at her, while eating.  She got really surprised seeing the stare, but didn't say anything and resumed her eating.
In a minute or two, Sumit and Molly arrived at the restaurant, and they all looked at them.
' Sumit?  Molly?  Yeh dono yahaan kya kar rahe hain? ' Maya thought.
" Hey guys, what's up? " Sumit asked merrily.  He was about to sit down, when his eyes fell on Maya.
" Hi.  Do I know you? " Sumit asked, as if he didn't know Maya.  Maya was a little sad knowing that Sumit didn't remember her.  They were like the best buds in college.  She always considered Sumit as her little brother and she was really sad.
" Um, I don't think so.  Hi, I'm Maya.  Armaan aur Rahul ki business client. " Maya shook hands with him.
" I'm Sumit, inn sab ka sabse achha dost. "
" Hi Sumit. " She looked at Molly.  Her bond with Molly wasn't less either.  She always thought of her as her big sister, as she would always help her out of everything, do her assignment for her, and what not.  She gulped a lump that formed in her throat.
" Hi, I'm Molly.  Sumit's wife. "
" H... hi. " Maya held the tears back that were forming in the back of her eyes.  They sat down and started to eat.  Maya kept looking down at her plate, and slowly ate.
' Kitni ajeeb si baat hain na?  Jinn logon ko maine itne saalon tak apna maana, aaj woh hi mujhe paraaya samajhte hain.  Mere chote bhai jaisa Sumit, aur badi behen jaisi Molly.  Dono ek doosre ke saath kitne khush hain.  Shaadi ho gayi inn dono ki, lekin... lekin main unse unki Maya ki tarah baat nahin kar sakti.  Kya inn dono ko main yaad bhi hoon? ' Maya thought sadly.  She was unaware of the fact that everyone's eyes were on her.  They were seeing everything.
They knew the bond that Sumit, Molly, and Maya shared.  When Sumit and Molly were in the college with them, Maya would always be with them.  She was like a doll for them.  She was the one that would always beat people up if they messed with her, but then she would apologize for her mistake as well.
They felt bad knowing that everything had changed now, and nothing could fix it.  They brushed off the thought, and ate their dinner, chatting with each other.  Maya finished her dinner very early, as she couldn't hold back her tears, and left.
After she left, everyone went quiet.  Molly started to cry and Sumit comforted her.
" I can't believe ke... yeh humaari Maya hain.  Tum sab ko yaad hain?  Jab Maya aur Sumit ke beech mein ladaayi hoti thi, toh woh humesha mere paas aati thi.  Jab bhi rona aata tha, mere paas aa jaati thi.  Aur aaj, woh aisi ban chuki hain. "
" Molly sambhaalo khud ko.  Hum sab ko dukh ho raha hain, lekin yeh hi sach hain.  Maya ab poori tarah se badal chuki hain. " said Sumit.
" Haan Molly.  Sumit sahi keh raha hain.  Tum roo matt. " said Riddhima and Molly stopped crying in a while.  They finished their dinner very soon and retired to their rooms.

Armaan and Riddhima's room...

Armaan had changed into a gray vest and sweatpants, and Riddhima had changed into her red nightie.  She was standing in the balcony of her room, and was staring at the moon, with a smile on her face.
Armaan came out of the bathroom, and threw the towel on the couch, and looked at Riddhima.  He walked slowly towards her, and smiled.
She looked heavenly with the moon's light shining on her.  He stood behind her took in the sweet fragrance of her hair.  He took one more step towards her, and put his arms around her waist, with his chin resting on her shoulder.  Riddhima came out of her trance, and smiled.
" Kya soch rahi ho? "
" Kuch nahin.  Bas iss chaand ko dekh rahi hoon.  It's so beautiful.  Aur isski chaandni, usse bhi zyaada khoobsurat. "
" Haan, you're right.  The moon is very beautiful, but not more than you. " Riddhima smiled, and turned around in his arms.  She put her arms around his neck.
" Sach? " Armaan pecked her nose.
" Much. " Riddhima chuckled.
" Humaare plan ke baare mein soch rahi thi na? " Riddhima looked at Armaan in surprise.
" Tumhe kaise pata? "
" Tumhaare dill ki baat mujhse kabhi chhupi hain? "
" Haan, main ussi ke baare mein soch rahi thi.  Armaan, agar Maya ko humaare plan ke baare pata chala, toh? "
" Usse pata chalega, lekin tab, jab woh jail ki salaakhon ke peeche hogi. "
" Armaan, dekho main tumhe warn kar rahi hoon.  Issko ek plan ki tarah hi treat karna.  Uss Maya se at least bees feet ki doori par rehna.  Usske itne kareeb jaane ki zaroorat nahin hain.  Agar tum usske kareeb gaye na, toh main tumse kabhi baat nahin karungi. " Riddhima said childishly and Armaan smiled.
" Oooh.  Wifey's jealous huh? "
" Yes, I am.  Mujhe uss Maya par .1 percent ka bhi bharosa nahin hain.  Iss liye tum usske kareeb nahin jaaoge.  Samjhe? " Riddhima pointed her finger at him and he smirked and pulled her closer.
" Itna pyaar karti ho mujhse? "
" Haan. " He tilted his head, and captured her lips.  He deepened the kiss, as their tongues explored each others mouth.  Armaan bit her lower lip, but then licked it to sooth her.  He picked her up, and went inside, not breaking the kiss, and layed her on the bed.  He layed on top of her, and both made love for hours.

Will the gang be successful in their plan?  Will Maya be punished for her deeds?  Will her partner be revealed?  Keep reading to find out...



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