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Part 23 :Betrayal (AR)

  Is it him?                             

Recap: Sumit and Molly arrive, and show the gang the things that they have, but since they aren't enough, they make a plan.  When Maya sees Sumit and Molly, she feels very bad.  Molly cries, but they all console her.

Riddhima frowned slightly as she felt something wet on her bare shoulder, but then brushed the thought off thinking that she was just dreaming.  She felt something wet on her shoulders again, and opened her eyes.  She turned her face to see Armaan kissing her shoulder, and she blushed slightly.  She turned around, and Armaan came on top of her.
" Good morning wifey. " Armaan said naughtily.  Riddhima smiled and put her arms around his neck.
" Good morning hubby.  " Both chuckled.  Armaan just gazed her, and Riddhima blushed.  He put a hairstrand behind her ears, that was falling on her forehead.  He stared into her emerald green eyes for a while.
" Kya soch rahe ho? "

" Yeh hi, that you make my life very beautiful. "
" And you, you complete me. " She whispered, caressing his hair.  Armaan immediately, locked his lips with hers, and kissed her passionately.  Riddhima caressed his hair softly and he moved his hands all over her body.  He rolled on his back, letting Riddhima take control, and they kept kissing each other.  Riddhima moaned, as she felt him explore her mouth fully.  He rolled again, pinning her beneath him.  They kissed each other for a long time, and then Armaan slid down to her throat.  He placed vigorous kisses on her throat and then moved up to her ear.  He took her earlobe into his mouth, and sucked on it.  He bit her ear and she hissed.  He left her ear, and both looked at each other.  Riddhima blushed under his gaze.
" Ab hato.  Mujhe nahaane jaana hain. "
" Basket?  Koi zaroorat nahin hain.  Tum yahin rahogi, mere paas, meri baahon mein. " Armaan whined childishly and put his head on her chest, hugging her.  Riddhima smiled at his childish act.
" Armaan!  Uthna toh padega na?  Neeche sab humara wait kar rahe honge. "
" Mtch.  Koi wait nahin kar raha hoga.  Woh sab apni, apni girls ke saath romance kar rahe honge. "
" Armaan!  Tum pagal ho! "
" Haan, hoon. Toh? "
" Mtch.  Achha baba theek hain.  Main kahin nahin jaungi. " They both stayed like that for a while.  Armaan would just lay there, and Riddhima would lovingly caress his hair.
After convincing him a lot, Riddhima finally went to freshen up.  Armaan sat up on the bed, and smiled.
" Riddhima. " He shook his head slightly and thought about something for a long time.  After Riddhima came out, he went to fresh up, too.
He came back in about half an hour and saw Riddhima putting on her make up, while she was completely unaware about his presense.  She put on a tinge of lip gloss and Armaan walked closer to her. 
" So that's why you taste so good? " She turned around startled, and was about to fall, but Armaan caught her wrist, and brought her up, twisting her hand behind her back.
" Armaan!  Tum kissi din meri jaan le loge. " Armaan pulled her closer.
" Tumhari jaan main kaise le sakta hoon?  Woh toh pehle se hi mere paas hain.  Yahaan. " He took her other hand, and took it up to his heart.  Riddhima smiled.  She raised her hand up to his face, and slowly ran her fingers down his face.  He closed his eyes feeling her touch and Riddhima smiled.  She leaned forward, and kissed him on the lips.  Armaan left her hand, and cupped both sides of her face, deepening the kiss even more.  They broke apart after a while and leaned their foreheads against each other, and they breathed heavily, with their eyes closed.
" You're so tasty. " Armaan whispered.  Riddhima smiled.
" I know. " Armaan chuckled.  They looked into each others eyes.
" Ab jao.  Main aati hoon. "
" Kyun?  Tum mere saath kyun nahin chalti? "
" Well for one, kyunki main Maya ko koi shak nahin padne dena chaahti, and two, mujhe mera make up theek karna hain. " Riddhima said with a smirk.
" Mtch Riddhima! " Armaan whined, and Riddhima gave him a murderous look to which he gulped and went out of the room.  Riddhima giggled.  She quickly fixed her make up, and then went out of the room.

At the restaurant...

Armaan reached there, and thanked God that Maya wasn't there yet.
" Hey guys!  What's up. " Armaan grabbed an apple, and munched on it.  The gang just smirked, and Armaan gave them a confused look.
" Kya hua? "
" Amy, yahaan aane se pehle tune Ridzi ko kiss kiya tha na? " asked Anjali.  Armaan was shocked.  Did they have cameras in the room or what?
" N... nahin toh. "
" Really? "
" Yea. "
" Toh phir tumhare hothon par yeh lip gloss ke nishaan kahaan se aaye? " Armaan touched his lips, and saw lip gloss mark on them.  He looked at the gang embarrassed, and then down at his plate, while the gang chuckled.  When they weren't looking, he quickly licked his lips, and looked down at his plate.
In a while Riddhima and Maya showed up.  Both looked at each other, and Riddhima just gave her a hard glare, indicating how much she hated her, while Maya just gave her an innocent look, but inside, she was jumping with happiness.  She thought that Riddhima had fallen in her trap, but she was completely unaware of the truth.
They went and sat down in their seats and Sumit and Molly soon joined them.  The brunch was a really quiet affair.  Soon the brunch was over, and Maya was the first one to go to her room.  As soon as she left, Sumit went to Armaan, and made him wear a microphone on his shirt, in a way that no one could see.
" Ready? " Armaan smiled and nodded.  He looked at Riddhima, and saw her worried at first, but as soon as she saw him looking at her, she plastered a fake smile on her face.  He walked up to her, and hugged her.
" Don't worry ok. " Riddhima nodded.  He left for Maya's room, and knocked on the door.  Maya opened the door, and was surprised to see Armaan standing there.
" Armaan?  Tum yahaan? "
" Haan.  Woh, mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi. "
" Andar aao. " Armaan went inside, and Maya closed the door.  She walked up to him.
" Kya baat hain Armaan? " Armaan turned around and hugged her.  This completely shocked Maya.
" Maya, I have finally realized it.  Main Riddhima se nahin, tumse pyaar karta hoon.  It was never Riddhima, it was you. " Maya was completely shocked now.  She thought she was dreaming.  She broke apart from him, and looked at him.
" Sach? " Armaan nodded.  She hugged him immediately, and Armaan hugged her back.
" Main jaanti thi ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho.  I knew it.  Lekin tum itni jaldi yeh sab?  Kuch din pehle toh tum Riddhima ke peecha ghoom rahe the na? " Maya asked suspiciously, but Armaan just smiled.
" Haan.  Kyunki main pagal tha.  Main sochta tha ki Riddhima mujhe samajh le gi.  Lekin ussne toh mujh par vishwaas karne ke bajaayi, mujh par ilzaam laga diya.  Main bohat galat tha Maya.  I'm sorry.  Maine tumhe bohat hurt kiya hain. " Maya automatically believed him, and hugged him even tighter.
" I'm sorry Armaan.  Maine tum par shak kiya.  I love you a lot.  And I'm glad, ki ab tum mere paas ho. " Maya said through a smile.
' Maya, tum galat ho.  You are wrong.  Main sirf Riddhima se pyaar karta hoon.  Sirf Riddhima se.  Tumhe sazaa dilaane ke liye, yeh karna bohat zaroori hain. ' Armaan thought.  He broke part from her.
" Ab chalo, hum neeche garden mein chalte hain.  Sab mill kar aaj ka plan discuss karna chahte hain. " Maya smiled, and nodded.

In the Garden...

They all were seated on the ground, discussing the plan for the day.
" Bhai aaj toh mera kahin jaane ka mood nahin hain.  I'm completely tired. " said Armaan.
" Me, too yaar.  "
" Main bhi. "
" So all in all, koi bhi boy aaj bahar nahin jaana chahta.  Tum girls ka kya plan hain? "
" Um... " The girls thought.  Molly looked at Sumit, and he gave her a slight nod.
" Let's go for shopping! " said Molly.
" AGAIN?!?! " All the boys said it at once.
" Haan, kyun?  Koi problem hain kya? "
" Oye Molly, tu chhod na inn sab ko.  Waise bhi achha hain.  Yeh sab aayenge, toh saare time bakwaas karte rahenge.  Isse achha hum sab chalein.  Kyun girls? " said Muskaan.
" Yup! "
" Maya, tum chalogi humare saath? " Molly asked very sweetly.  Maya just stared at her for a second.
" Umm... n... nahin.  It's ok. "
" Arre aise kaise nahin?  Tumhe aana hi padega.  Waise ek baat kahun?  Tumhe dekh kar mujhe meri ek dost ki yaad aati hain.  Usska naam bhi Maya tha.  Woh bilkul pagal thi.  Meri behen jaisi thi woh.  Lekin ussne aatma hatiya kar li.  Tum mere saath rahogi, toh mujhe bohat achha lagega. " Molly said sadly, making Maya almost cry, but she stopped herself.
" Ok, main aaungi. " Molly smiled widely, and looked at Sumit.  She gave him a thumbs up, and Sumit smiled.
In a matter of no time, the girls left for shopping and the boys met up in Sumit's room.

In Sumit's room...

" Bolo Sumit.  Kya batana chahte the tum hume? " Armaan asked.  Yesterday, while the girls were talking, Sumit had told them something.


" Sumit.  Tune mujhse phone par kaha tha ki tere paas Maya ke khilaaf solid proof hain jisse woh jail mein jaa sakti hain.  Lekin tune toh hume usske baare mein kuch bhi nahin bataaya.  Aur Maya  ka partner?  What about him?  Who is he? " Armaan asked.
" Amy, mere paas tere inn saare savaalon ke javaab hain.  I have all the evidences.  Lekin main tujhe yeh sab girls ke saamne nahin bata sakta tha.  Aur Ridzi ke saamne toh bilkul bhi nahin. "
" Kyun? "
" Kyunki yeh jaan kar ki Maya ka partner kaun hain, woh poori tarah se toot jaayegi.  Aur Maya ka partner, Maya se bhi zyaada khatarnak hain.  We just can't take the risk. "
" Toh phir tu hume yeh sab kab batayega? " asked Rahul.
" Kal.  Molly ko sab kuch pata hain.  Iss liye woh kal sab girls ko shopping ke liye le kar jaayegi.  Tab hi main tum logo ko sab kuch de doonga. " They all nodded and then talked regularly about random things.

Flashback ends...

Sumit took out his bag, and took out a diary from it and gave it to the boys.
" Yeh toh Maya ki diary hain. " said Amit.
" Haan.  Padho isse. " They started to read the diary.  It had everything in it.  Maya's jealousy, her thoughts, her plans, everything was in there, especially it had the name of Maya's partner that had helped her all the way.
" Yeh sab ussne kiya?! " Armaan asked bewildered.
" Haan.  Yeh hi hain Maya ka partner.  Ussne shuru se hi Maya ki madad ki hain. "
" Lekin ussne aisa kyun kiya? " Rahul asked.
" Ridzi ke liye.  Woh bohat pehle se hi Ridzi se pyaar karta tha.  Jab ussne tujhe aur Ridzi ko saath dekha, toh ussne Maya ka sahara liiye.  Usse pata tha ki Maya, Amy se bohat pyaar karti hain.  Toh ussne Maya ke dill mein Ridzi ke liye nafrat payda kardi.  Aaj Maya job hi hain, sab usski vajah se. " They boys were shocked seeing this.  They couldn't believe that he was Maya's partner.
" Lekin tum humme yeh sab kal bhi toh bata sakte the na? " asked Atul.
" Haan.  Bata sakta tha.  Lekin isska nateeja bohat bura hota. "
" Matlab? "
" Tumhe kya lagta hain?  Yeh jaanne ke baad ki Maya ka partner kaun hain, kya Ridzi shaant rahegi?  No!  Woh toh maar daalegi usse. "
" Toh kya hum kissi ko, kabhi bhi kuch bhi nahin batayenge? "
" Batayenge.  Lekin ek baar Mission Maya successful ho jaaye tab. " They all nodded.  They all talked about working on the next step for quite a long time and before they even knew, it was dinner time.
The girls had been back a while back, and they all were seated at the dinner table, eating their food.  The dinner was soon over, and then after Maya left, they all met up in the garden.

In the Garden...

" Guys, Maya ko maine iss baat ka yakeen toh dila diya ki main usse pyaar karne laga hoon, lekin ab kya?  Yeh natak kab tak jaari rakhna padega? "
" Well, hume yeh ek aur din tak jaari rakhna padega.  Usske baad toh hum waise bhi wapas Mumbai jaa rahe hain. " said Molly.
" Oh. " Armaan's cell phone rang, and he went to take the phone.
" Hello?  Haan, boliye.  Kya?  Ok, main sab ko bata dunga. " Armaan cut the call, and then sat down on his spot.
" Kya hua?  Kiska phone tha? "
" Papa ka.  Unhone kaha ki shaadi 1 week postponed kar di gayi hain.  Woh, mauharat mein kuch changes aaye, iss liye.  Aur hum yahaan 1 more week rahenge. "
" Kya?  Lekin aisa kaise ho sakta hain? " Anjali exclaimed.
" Di!  Tum mujhe itni jaldi chhod kar jaana chahti ho? "
" Ridzi aisi baat nahin hain.  Main bas... woh... "
" It's ok Di.  Main toh mazaak kar rahi thi.  Waise bhi bas ek hafte ki hi toh baat hain.  Usske baad aap humesha ke liye Jeejaji ki ho jaogi. " The girls giggled, and Atul and Anjali looked at each other.  Anjali blushed.
After discussing their plan to the girls, they all went to Sumit's room, but not after placing another microphone on Armaan's shirt.On the other hand, Maya was talking to her 'partner in crime'.
" Guess what? "
" What? "
" Armaan loves me too!  Ussne aaj hi mujhse iss baat ka izhaar kiya.  Usse iss baat ka ehsaas ho gaya hain ki woh sirf mujhse pyaar karta hain. "
" Kya? "
" Haan.  I'm very happy right now.  Mujhe finally mera Armaan mill gaya hain. "
" Lekin yeh sab itni jaldi kaise? "
" Mujhe bhi yeh hi khayal aaya tha.  Lekin Armaan ne mere saare doubts clear kar diye.  Mujhe poora vishwaas ho gaya hain, ki Armaan mujhse bohat pyaar karta hain. "
" That's great!  Ab tumhe tumhara Armaan mill jaayega, aur mujhe, mujhe meri Riddhima mill jaayegi. " The guy spoke with losts of happiness.
" Haan.  You're right.  Ab sab kuch achha ho jaayega. "
" Hmm.  Ab mujhe phone rakhna chahiye.  Bye. "
" Bye. " Maya cut the call, and took Armaan picture in her hand.
" Armaan.  Ab tum sirf mere honge.  Only mine.  " She hugged his picture tightly and closed her eyes.

Will the gang's plan be successful?  Will Maya be punished for her deeds?  Who is Maya's partner?  What is their next step?  Keep reading to find out...



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