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Part 26 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Vivek kidnaps Riddhima, and the boys try to stop him, but Vivek drives away.  Everyone finds out that it's Vivek that it is Maya's partner.  Vivek behaves very badly with Riddhima.  Riddhima calls Armaan through Vivek's cell phone and Vivek brutually beats her up.  They are successful in tracking Vivek down.  Armaan and Vivek come face to face.

Both just stared at each other with pure hatred.
" Vivek, Riddhima kahaan hain? " Armaan asked with gritted teeth.
" Nahin bataunga.  Kya kar loge? " Vivek asked challengingly.  Armaan curved his fingers into a rock solid fist, and punched him with full force, making him fall down.  He touched his lips, which was bleeding, and got up.  He punched him back, and Armaan stumbled, but didn't fall.  He turned around in a swift move, and punched him 10 times harder, and then hit both sides of his head at the same time and Vivek fell unconscious.  Armaan looked around and saw a way and immediately took the route.
He kept looking around for Riddhima, when he saw someone tied up through the boxes that were there and knew that it's Riddhima.  He walked around the corner, and a gasp left his mouth at the sight in front of him.

Riddhima had been tied back to the chair by Vivek, and she was unconscious.  Her lips were completely swollen, and she had several cuts around them because of the slaps by Vivek.  She had a lot of cuts and bruises on her body.  At a glance, a person would say that she is dead.
Armaan felt like someone had clenched his heart after seeing his Riddhima is such condition.  The happy, loveable Riddhima looked completely lifeless.  Tears formed in his eyes, but he controlled himself.  He walked towards her and cupped her face.
" Riddhima.  Riddhima aakhein kholo.  Riddhima. " Armaan lightly shook her, trying to awake her.  Riddhima slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times to clear her vision.  She saw Armaan standing in front of her and gave him a very weak smile.
" Armaan. " She said in a very low whisper.
" Riddhima, ab main tumhe yahaan se le jaunga.  Chalo. " He started to open the knots, but even before he could start, he felt something hit his head really hard, and his hands went to his head on an impulse.  He turned around and saw Vivek standing with a rod in his hands.  Armaan fell to the ground holding his head, and Vivek tried to hit him with the rod again, but Armaan stopped the rod by his hands and looked at Vivek with fire in his eyes.  He got up, and snatched the rod from his hands.  He bent the rod completely, indicating that he wanted the rod to be Vivek's neck.  He threw the rod on the ground and glared at Vivek.  He gave him a hard punch and Vivek stumbled.
" Tumne meri Riddhima ko chhooa?  How dare you! " He punched him again and fell on the ground.  Armaan grabbed his collar and made him stand up.  He felt the volcano of anger erupting in his veins and he punched him in the stomach many times.  He left Vivek and he fell on the ground with blood oozing out of his mouth.  Armaan sat down with his back facing Vivek, holding his head, as he was still hurt.
Vivek saw this, and slowly got up without making any noise.  He took out his gun from his backpocket and targeted Armaan.  He was about to shoot, but he, instead, got shot in his heart.  Armaan looked back and saw Vivek falling to the ground, dead in a matter of a few seconds.  He looked up and saw the boys with the police.  He looked at them with questioning eyes.
" Vivek was trying to kill you. " Armaan closed his eyes and sighed.
" Le jao isse! " The police ordered and they took Vivek's body away.
" Main aur Rahul formalities poori karke aate hain. " said Sumit.  They went away and Amit and Atul went to Armaan.
" Amy, tu theek toh hain na? "
" Haan AJ, main theek hoon. "
" Kya theek hain?  Tere ser pe toh kitni chot lagi hain. "
" No Amit, main sach mein theek hoon.  Tum dono jao.  Wahaan hotel mein sab pareshaan ho rahe honge.  Main Riddhima ko lekar aata hoon. "
" Lekin Amy abhi chhe baje hain.  Bohat jaldi raat ho jaayegi.   Tum dono kaise- "
" It's ok.  Main aa jaunga. " Amit and Atul nodded and then went away.  Armaan looked at Riddhima, who was still tied up.  She had fallen unconscious again because she was extremely weak.  He went towards her, and started to open the knots.  He picked her up, and took her outside to his open jeep.  He sat her down, and buckled the seat belt and got into the drivers seat.  He turned on the engine and drove away.  He was taking her to the doctor, so he drove as fast as he could.
He soon reached the hospital, and got her checked.  The doctor gave her food and medicine through a tube, and then prescribed some medicine to Armaan.  He said that she was getting better.  In about 3 hours, Riddhima was discharged from the hospital, though she was still unconscious, as she was put in sleep, and Armaan drove away.
While driving, the car suddenly came to halt.  Armaan  took off his seat belt, and checked the engine.  The engine was completely hot, so there was no way that they could go anywhere.  Suddenly, it started to rain heavily.
" Oh no!  Ek toh yeh car nahin chal rahi aur uppar se yeh baarish.  Kya karun main? " He looked around and saw a very small house there.  Without having another thought, he scooped her up into his arms, and took her inside the house.
He layed her on the floor.  He realized that she was shivering due to the icy cold weather.  He immediately looked for some things.  He took some tree branches that were there, and set them up on the floor in front of Riddhima.  He saw a matchbox on a table over there, and set the branches on fire.  He saw that the shivering had reduced, but it was still there.
" Mujhe Riddhima ke kapde utaar dene chahiye.  Nahin toh usse thand lag jaayegi. " He looked for some clothes, but didn't see any.  He saw some bed sheets there, and decided to use them.  He first covered her, and then took off her clothes.  He noticed that the shivering had stopped, and he sighed.
" Main bhi kapde change kar leta hoon. " He went inside and wore a bed sheet around his waist.  He came back, and sat in front of the fire, to receive the heat of the fire.
He looked at Riddhima, and just got lost in her.  He saw how innocent she looked while sleeping.  Completely away from all the worries in the world.  He couldn't believe that someone like Vivek would even try to hurt her.  The mere thought of her being hurt by someone like Vivek, sent shivers down his spine.  He closed his eyes, and swallowed the lump that formed in his throat.  He frowned hearing some noise.
" N... nahin... p... please... m... jhe... chh... chhod... do. " Armaan opened his eyes hearing Riddhima murmur things.  He got up, and quickly went to her side.  He tapped her cheeks slightly, to wake her up, but she kept murmuring things.  She opened her eyes in horror, and sat up.  She started to hit Armaan, thinking that he is Vivek.
" Chhodo mujhe!  Chhodo!  Mujhe jaane do.  Chhod mujhe! " Riddhima kept hitting him, while he tried to stop her, but she wouldn't listen.  He grabbed her arms, and pulled her close.
" Riddhima! " He watched as her expressions turned from shock to cryable.  She hugged him tight, and so did Armaan.  Riddhima cried bitterly, while Armaan planted several kisses on her ear, nape, and face.
" Armaan... woh... woh Vivek... woh bohat bura hain. " She said between her sobs.  She broke away from him, and looked at him.
" Tumhe pata hain?  Uss... ussne mujhe bohat maara. "
" I know Riddhima.  I know. " Armaan whispered.
" U... ussne... mujhe... kiss... kiya.  He... he tried to... force himself... on me.  He- " Riddhima said with pure disgust in her voice.  Before she could finish what she was saying, Armaan held the back of her head and immediately jammed his lips on hers, and kissed her passionately.  Riddhima immediately gave in and snaked her hands around his neck.  He made her lie down, and got on top of her completely.

He sucked on her lips, and licked them, asking for immediate entrance.  She opened her mouth, and he slid his tongue into it.  Their tongues roamed in each other's mouth, and they fought for dominance. 
Armaan's hand travelled to the top of the bed sheet that was covering her, and opened it.  He went down and licked and bit her, hungry for every bit of her.
" Armaan. " Riddhima whispered loudly.  He bit her hard between her bossoms, and then licked the same spot, making Riddhima fist his hair.  He kissed her on her bossoms and Riddhima caressed his hair.  He went down, leaving a trail of wet kisses and love bites all over her.  He suddenly bit her navel and Riddhima hissed.
He rolled over, making Riddhima come on top of him.  She kissed and licked his perfect abs, and made her way up to his well built chest.  Armaan moaned feeling her soft skin travelling on his body.  Riddhima kissed him on his throat, and left a love bite under his ear.
Armaan could't hold himself any longer, and he rolled over her.  He kissed her hungrily, pushing her further down.  He parted her legs quickly, and entered her.  Riddhima arched her back and let out a cry in pain, but she didn't want him to stop.
" Harder. " She whispered against his lips.  Their hips moved together in sync, and they made wild and passionate love for hours.


Armaan looked at the sleeping beauty in his arms.  He was extremely grateful to have her in his life.  Only he knew what he went through in the last 24 hours.  He removed the hair strands that were falling on her forehead, and placed a soft kiss on her cheek and let his lips linger there for a while.  He layed his head back down, and looked at Riddhima.  He remembered how broken she was when she had gained consciousness.  Tears formed in his eyes thinking about it.
Riddhima opened her eyes, as she felt something.  She was surprised to see Armaan looking at her with watery eyes.
" Armaan?  Kya hua? " She asked worriedly.
" Kuch nahin. "
" Jhoothe.  Bolo na, kya hua? "
" Riddhima, tumhe iss baat ka ehsaas nahin hain, ki jab tum mujhse door thi, toh main kitna ghabra gaya tha.  Riddhima, tum mujhe dobara chhod kar toh nahin jaaogi na? " Riddhima smiled with watery eyes.
" Never. " Armaan pulled her into a long kiss, conveying all of his love, his needs, and his longing.  They kissed for a long time, and then broke apart.
" I love you. " Armaan whispered.
" I love you even more. " Both chuckled.  Riddhima snuggled more closer to him, and they slept in each other's arms for the rest of the night.

The Sun shone through the windows of the small house, waking Riddhima up from her sleep.  She looked at the Greek God in front of her and smiled.  She caressed his hair, and just watched him sleep.
" Armaan. " Riddhima said lovingly.
" Armaan utho.  Dekho subah ho gayi.  Armaan. " Armaan smiled at the touch, and opened his eyes.
" Good morning Shona. " He said sleepily.
" Good morning.  Ab utho.  Hume wapas hotel bhi toh jaana hain na. " Riddhima said lovingly.
" Hmm.  Chalo.  Anji bohat pareshaan ho rahi hogi. " They sat up and Riddhima realized that their clothes weren't there.
" Armaan.  Mere kapde kahaan gaye? "
" Woh, actually raat ko bohat baarish huyi thi.  Tum bheeg gayi thi, aur maine tumhare kapde utaar diye the taaki tumhe thand na lag jaaye.  Main kapde le kar aata hoon. " Riddhima smiled.  She felt so lucky to have a husband like Armaan that always cares about her.  She thought about the night, and a blood rushed into her cheeks.
Soon Armaan came in and they got dressed and soon left for the hotel.

At the hotel...

Armaan and Riddhima entered the hotel and saw the gang sitting there, waiting impatiently for them to come.  While coming, Armaan had called, and informed them about their arrival.
" Ridzi! " said Muskaan.  She went and quickly hugged her.
" Tu theek toh hain na?  Uss Vivek ke bacche ne kuch kiya toh nahin na?  Bol na Ridzi.  Kuch bolti kyun nahin? " Muskaan in one breath.
" Muski mujhe bolne toh de.  Main bilkul theek hoon, aur Vivek ne kuch nahin kiya. " Riddhima lied.
" Jhoothi.  Mujhe pata hain uss kameene ne tujhe bohat maara tha.  Achha hua ki woh marr gaya. " This caught Riddhima's attention.
" Vivek marr gaya? "
" Haan Riddhima.  Kal jab hum tumhe chhoodaane ke liye aaye, toh ussne mujhe maarne ki koshish ki thi.  Tab hi police aa gayi, and they killed him. " Riddhima sighed.
" Khaer yeh sab chhodo na.  Ridzi, Amy, tum dono jaa kar fresh ho jaao. " They nodded and then left for their room.

In their room...

Armaan had already freshened up, and was reading a book.  Riddhima came out of the shower, not aware of Armaan's presense in the room, with just a towel wrapped around her.  She walked to the closet, and took out her clothes.
Armaan looked up and saw Riddhima taking out her clothes.  Seeing her in a towel, he just got lost into her.  He got up, and walked towards her.
He saw the little water droplets on her neck and shoulder, hidden behind her messed up hair, which made her look even more desirable.  He moved her hair to the side, and Riddhima gasped lightly, feeling his touch.  He bent down and kissed her on the shoulder, making her close her eyes.  He started to lick the water drops, making her breathless.
" Riddhima. " He whispered softly inside her ear.  She immediately turned around and hugged him.
He felt her hot breath kissing his nape, creating a havoc inside his body.  He started to kiss her nape.  She snaked her hands into his hair, and caressed them.  He bit her ear and she hissed.
" Armaan. " She whispered into his ear.  Both looked into each others eyes and saw love and the need they had.  He took her hand and kissed it.
" Armaan... please.  Neeche sab humaara wait kar rahe honge. "
" Theek hain.  Abhi ke liye chhod deta hoon.  Lekin baad mein nahin chhodunga. " Armaan said naughtily and Riddhima blushed.  He left the room, and Riddhima smiled and dressed up.
In a matter of a few minutes, they all gathered up for lunch at the restaurant.

At lunch...

" So guys, tum dono raat bhar kahaan the? " asked Muskaan.  Armaan and Riddhima looked up at Muskaan with shocked faces.
" Ab... woh... main Riddhima ko h... hospital le ke gaya tha. "
" Lekin hospital mein poori raat tum dono saath mein rahe? "
" Haan, lekin phir main Riddhima ko lekar aa raha tha par baarish ho gayi toh hum... " Armaan realized what he said, and bit his tongue.
" Ohhhhh. " They all said together.
" And let me guess baarish mein tum dono drive toh nahin kar sakte the. " said Anjali.
" So obviously tum dono kissi jagah par jaa kar saari raat guzaari hogi. " said Amit.
" Aur vahaan par koochi-koochi-koo. " said Atul.  Armaan and Riddhima blushed and looked at each other, and then away.
" Dekho, dekho, dekho.  Dono kaise sharma rahe hain. " said Muskaan.
" Haan.  Chehre ka rang toh dekho.  Kaise laal ho gaye hain. " said Molly.
" Socha na.  Andheri raat... ek ladka... ek ladki... dono akele... zor daar baarish... thand ka mausam.  So romantic na? " said Muskaan.
" Haan. " Sapna agreed with her.
" Agar tum chaaho, toh main yeh wish poori kar sakta hoon. " said Rahul.  Muskaan looked at him shocked, and then blushed.
" Oooooooooooohh! " They said together.
" Tum log toh bade romantic, shomantic ho rahe ho. " said Sumit.
" Sumit, sab tumhari tarah boring nahin hote. " Molly said angrily and looked away.
" Maine kya kiya?! "
" Kuch nahin kiya!  Yeh hi toh problem hain. "
" Kya? "
" Kya 'kya'?  Jabse hum US se wapas aaye hain, ek baar bhi tumne mujhse pyaar se baat nahin ki!  Humesha kaam mein busy rehte ho!  Aur poochhte ho, 'Maine kya kiya?' " Molly mimicked him.
" Arre!  Roz toh tumse pyaar se baat karta hoon! " He said mortified.
" Yaar tum dono lad kyun rahe ho? " said Sapna.
" Sapzi, tumhe nahin pata.  Shaadi ke baad saare ladke badal jaate hain.  Inka yeh jo pyaar, vyaar hota hain na, sab khatam ho jaata hain. " Molly whined.
" Bilkul sahi kaha Molly.  Shaadi ke baad sab badal jaate hain.  Shaadi, shaadi nahin, saza ban kar reh jaati hain.  Yeh khota toh humesha mere saath ladta rehta hain. "
" Oye tu mere ko kahaan se le ke aa rahi hain? "
" Chup kar! "
" Kya zamaana aa gaya hain yaar?  Pyaar ki toh koi kadar hi nahin hain. "
" Anji, Sapzi dekh, main tum dono se keh rahi hoon.  Iss AJ aur Amit se shaadi matt karo.  Jo mera aur Muski ka haal hain na, woh tum dono ka bhi ho jaayega. "
" Ey!  Kyun meri vaat laga rahi hain?  Anjali, tum inn dono ki baat matt sunno.  Yeh hum dono ko juda karne ki koshish kar rahe hain.  Oye Amu!  Kuch bol na! " said Atul.
" Haan yaar.  Sapna, I promise.  Shaadi ke baad mera pyaar kabhi kam nahin hoga. "
" Yeh kya, main bhi promise karta hoon. " Atul looked at Armaan and Riddhima, who were trying their best to stifle their laughter.
" Aur isse dekho.  Issko koi tension hain?  Yahaan humari band baj rahi hain, aur yeh hain, ki maze le raha hain. "
" Abe saale, kyun meri khushi par grahen laga raha hain?  Problem teri hain na, khud solve kar na! " said Armaan.
" Rehne de AJ.  Isska kuch nahin ho sakta.  Yeh na, joru ka gulaam bann gaya hain. " said Amit.  Armaan got irritated, and threw the apple at him.
" What do you mean?  Patni ko pyaar karna kya Joru ka gulaam banna hota hain? " asked Sapna.
" Forget it Sapna.  Inn ladko ka kuch nahin ho sakta.  Come on, let's go. " said Anjali.  All girls, except Riddhima, got up and left.
" Yaar, yeh kya musibat hain? " said Rahul.
" Sumit I hate you yaar!  Molly se pyaar se baat karta toh aaj meri Sapna mujhse naraaz nahin hoti. "
" Yaar tu mujh pe kyun gussa ho raha hain?  Main toh khud pareshaan hoon. "
" Yaar Ridzi humari help kar na. " said Atul.
" Haan Ridzi.  Tum toh inn girls ko bohat achhe se jaanti ho.  Please help karo na. " said Rahul.
" Umm... haan.  Tum log girls ke liye kuch special, kuch romantic karo. "
" Jaise? "
" Like AJ, tum Anji Di ke liye candlelight dinner ka arrangement kar sakte ho.  Rahul tum Muski ko ek necklace de sakte ho.  Amit tum Sapzi ko ek cute sa teddy bear de sakte ho.  Aur Sumit, Molly ko tumse yeh problem hain na, ki tum usse pyaar se baat nahin karte.  Toh usse pyaar se baat karo na. " The boys thought, and then smiled.
" Wow Ridzi!  You are the best! " The boys went and hugged Riddhima at the same time.  Armaan's eyes popped out of his sockets when he saw them hugging Riddhima.  His head turned between the boys and Riddhima, boys, and Riddhima.  He immediately went and separated them, and brought Riddhima closer by her waist.
" Door se baat karo.  Ok. " Armaan said sweetly.
" Haan, haan theek hain. " They went away leaving the two alone.
" Armaan, yeh tum kya karte rehte ho? "
" What?  Riddhima tum inn boys ko nahin jaanti.  Yeh boys na, bohat kamine hote hain.  Inn se door rehna hi achha hote hain. " Riddhima looked at him challengingly.
" Really?  Aur tum kya ho? "
" Boy. " Armaan said carelessly at first, but then realized what Riddhima meant to say.
" Apne aap, apni tareef kar rahe ho? " Riddhima giggled and went to her room.  Armaan smiled and ran his fingers through his hair.
In a matter of no time, everything was alright again.  The boys had done exactly, what Riddhima had said, and they all were together again.  Even before they knew, the day was over.



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