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Part 27 :Betrayal (AR)

     Good News!

Recap: Armaan saves Riddhima, and Vivek is shot dead.  They spend the night together in a cottage.  They return back to the hotel where everyone is happy to see Riddhima back.  They have a  boys vs. girls fight, where Riddhima helps the boys.

" Riddhima zara towel dena. " Armaan called out from the bathroom.  Riddhima, who was catching up on the work on R & M Enterprise, heard his voice, and rolled her eyes in frustration.
" Armaan!  Khud le lo na!  Tumhare roz ki aadat hain towel bed par bhul jaane ki. " Armaan heard this, and his devilish mind started to work.
" So you want me to come out in the state I am in?  I didn't know that you are so tempted to see me without my clothes. " Riddhima's eyes widened in shock.
" Ruko!  Main le kar aati hoon. " Armaan grinned, and waited for her to come.  Riddhima slowly walked to the bathroom with the towel in her hand.
" Yeh lo. " Armaan opened the door slightly.  Riddhima held out the towel, and Armaan looked at it.  He held the towel for a second and then immediately grabbed her hand.  Riddhima eyes widened, and her mouth fell open as she looked at her hand, and Armaan.  She heard a knock at the door, and looked at the door.
" Ridzi  Darvaaza kholo!  Mujhe tumse baat karni hain! " Sapna yelled.

" Armaan... Armaan mera haath chhodo.  Dekho Sapzi aa gayi hain. "
" Toh? "
" Armaan!  Agar woh andar aa gayi, aur hume aise dekh liya, toh? "
" Toh? "
" Armaan tum... tum pagal ho.  Dekho haath chhodo please. " Armaan shook his head slowly with a smirk playing on his lips.
" Pehle tumhe mujhe kuch dena padega. "
" Kya? " He closer to her ears, and whispered.
" Kiss. " Riddhima closed her eyes for a second, but then opened them a again.
" Armaan tum pagal ho kya? "
" Soch lo.  The choice is yours. "
" Ok fine.  Aakhein band. " He immediately closed his eyes.  Riddhima smiled.  She went near him, and kissed him deeply on the corner of his lips.  Armaan held his breath.  He waited for Riddhima to go on further, but instead, Riddhima gave him a slight push and ran to the door.  Armaan opened his eyes in surprise and saw Riddhima giggling.
" Darvaaza band karo. " She said in a low voice, and then giggled.  He closed the door immediately.  Riddhima controlled her giggle and then opened the door with a smile.
" Hey Sapzi.  Kya baat hain?  Tum iss waqt yahaan? "
" Haan Ridzi.  Woh, actually Muski ko hum sab se baat karni thi.  Iss liye tumhe bulaane ke liye aayi. "
" Kya hua usse? "
" Woh... tum chalo na. "
" Ok, chalo. " She closed the door, and left with her.  They ran to Muskaan's room, and they were let in.  They saw Muskaan sitting on the bed eating chocolate ice cream with the girls standing around her.
" Muski?  Tum toh bilkul theek ho. "
" Nahin Ridzi.  Main theek nahin hoon. "
" Muski tum ice cream kha rahi ho!  Aur tum keh rahi ho ki tum theek nahin ho? " Riddhima said completely confused.
" Hum bhi kabse isse yeh hi poochh rahe hain, lekin yeh kabse yeh keh rahi hain ki sab ko aane de, phir bataayegi. " said Anjali.
" Ab bolo Muski.  Hum sab yahaan hain. " Muskaan told them what happened, and they were surprised.
" WHAT?! " They all said together.
" Oh my God yeh toh kitni achhi khabar hain! " said Riddhima.
" I know!  Aur yeh toh humme kitna darra rahi thi. " said Anjali.
" Muski, tumhe toh yeh baat sab ko bata deni chahiye. " said Sapna.
" Haan, lekin main yeh baat sab se, especially uss Rahul ke liye ek surprise rakhna chahti hoon. "
" Lekin hum karein kya? " They all thought for a while.
" Idea!  Kyun na hum... " Riddhima told them her idea, and they all agreed to it.
" Great idea Ridzi!  Tu toh life saver hain! " Muskaan hugged her immediately.
" Chill yaar Muski! " sadi Sapna.  They all chuckled.  They talked for a while, and then left for their respective rooms.  Riddhima entered the room, smiling, and Armaan came out of the bathroom.  He was surprised to see her smiling so much.
" Kya hua Basket?  Itna muskurah kyun rahi ho? "
" Koi khaas baat hain. " She said walking towards him with her hands behind her back.
" Aur woh kya hain? " She put her arms around his neck.
" Woh raat ko pata chalega. " He put his arms around her waist.
" Are you like planning to be naughty-naughty or what? " His hands crept under her shirt, and drew animated things on her waist, making her close her eyes for a second.
" Nope. " He pulled her close.
" Toh phir? "
" Hain kuch.  Usske liye wait karna padega. "
" Please Basket.  Bolo na kya hain. " Riddhima struggled out of his arms.
" No. "
" Please. " He pouted.
" Kaha na nahin.  Sabar ka phal bohat meetha hota hain. " She pulled his cheeks very cutely.
" Basket! " He whined.
" Amy! " He mimicked him.  Armaan gave her a challenging look, and she just smirked.  He suddenly took her by her waist, and started to tickle her, and Riddhima laughed uncontrollably, trying to stop him.
" Armaan... ple... please... stop! " While tickling her, he unknowingly trapped her between him and the wall.  He just stared at her, and smiled dreamily hearing her sweet laughter.  Riddhima stopped laughing as she felt his intense gaze on her.
" Armaan... " He placed his finger on her parted lips.
" Shhh... don't say anything. " He whispered.  Both stared into each others eyes, drowning into the ocean of love and passion.  She softly blinked her eyes.  He noticed her features very closely.  Her big emerald green eyes, cute nose, and tempting lips.  His eyes lingered on her lips.  He slowly traced her lips, making her go completely breathless.  She slowly closed her eyes, losing herself in him.
" Armaan. " She whispered softly against his finger, her hot breath kissing him.
" Riddhima. " He tilted his head slightly and captured her lips.  He sucked on her lower lip, and she snaked her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.  He took her lips between his teeth, and bit it.  Riddhima ruffled his hair, and he pulled her closer.  His hands went into her shirt, and he caressed her back.  He broke apart from her and looked at her.  She had her eyes closed, and was breathing heavily.  She opened her eyes and smiled.
" Ab chalo.  Lunch ke liye bhi toh jaana hain na? " said Riddhima.  Armaan smiled. They all met up at the restaurant.
The girls kept quiet, and just ate their lunch quietly.  They tried their best not to smile, or do anything that would give a hint to the boys about their plan, but they didn't know that the boys were already having doubts.
" Yaar inn girls ko kya hua?  Kuch bol kyun nahin rahi? " Rahul asked quietly.
" Pata nahin.  Riddhima bhi bohat khush lag rahi thi. "
" Pata lagaana padega. " The lunch was over soon, and the boys met up in the garden.

In the Garden...

" Yaar yeh girls pakka kuch plan kar rahi hain. "
" Haan.  Basket keh rahi thi ki raat kuch special hone waala hain.  Lekin yeh nahin bata rahi thi ki kya. "
" Haan yaar.  Muskaan bhi bohat khush, khush lag rahi thi.  Jab bhi usski taraf dekhta tha, toh woh muskurah rahi hoti hain.  Pata nahin kyun. "
" Aakhir kya wajah ho sakti hain? "
" Yeh hi toh pata lagaane aaye hain AJ. "
" Lekin hum pata kaise lagaaye? " They all thought.
" Hum ek kaam karte hain.  Inn ladkiyon ko pyaar se behla, phusla kar unse sach ugalva lein? "
" Lekin kya yeh work karega? "
" Of course work karega!  Pehle try to karo! "
" Haan, try to karna padega. "
" So what are you all waiting for?  Get to work! "
They all went, and got to their work.

Armaan and Riddhima...

Riddhima was standing in the balcony, talking to someone on the phone.
" Haan.  Saara kaam time par khatam ho jaana chahiye.  Alright?
Haan.  Theek hain.  Aur haan, kissi ko kuch bhi pata nahin chalna chahiye.
Ok.  Ab main phone rakhti hoon. Ok? " Riddhima disconnected the call, and sighed.  She closed her eyes, and put her hands on her hips.  She suddenly felt someone's hands creeping up her waist, and a smile formed on her lips, knowing that it's Armaan.
" Aa gaye? "
" Yup.  Tumse door rehna itna asaan nahin hain. " He said nuzzling into her neck.  He moaned taking in her sweet fragrance.  Riddhima closed her eyes and twitched.
" Armaan. "
" Riddhima. " He placed deep kisses on her nape, making her go insane.  He tightened his grip on her stomach, and Riddhima placed her hands over his.
" Riddhima... tum girls ka aaj raat ka kya plan hain? " Armaan asked in a whisper.  Riddhima opened her eyes as she realized that Armaan was being all lovey dovey with her to find out what's the plan.  She smirked, and decided to play along.
" Aaj... hum... "
" Hmm... "
" Aaj raat ko hum... "
" Bolo na. " She turned her face a little and whispered in his ears.
" Raat ko pata chalega. " Armaan opened his eyes and looked at Riddhima.  Riddhima burst into laughter and came out of his arms.  Armaan put his hands on his hips.
" Oh God!  Armaan... tumhe seriously laga... ki main tumhe bata dungi? " Riddhima said in between her laugh.  Armaan went towards her to catch her, but Riddhima was quick.  She ran inside and Armaan ran after her.  He chased her for a while, and they were tired in no time, causing them to fall on the bed.  Armaan looked at Riddhima.  She was breathing heavily.  His eyes fell on her breasts, which were heaving up and down.  He slid his hand under her waist, and brought her over him.
" Armaan. " She gasped.  She felt his grip tightening over her waist, and his skin on hers, and looked away.  He placed his finger under her chin and made her look up.  He caressed her cheeks and saw blood rushing through.  She closed her eyes, and took in his masculine scent.  His hand went into her hair, and he slowly brought her face closer.  He captured her lip and kissed her slowly.
On the other hand, it was pretty much the same with the other 4 couples.  They tried their best to make the girls spill the beans, but they ended up having a moment together.  Even before they knew, it was night time.

At night...

The boys had gathered up in Amit's room.
" kuch pata chala? "
" No. "
" Yeh girls na, bohat chaalaak hain.  Kuch kehti hi nahin. "
" I know man! " There was a moment of complete silence in the room.  Just then, Rahul's phone rang.
" Hello? " He asked.
" Hello Rahul? " It was Muskaan.  Rahul stood up.
" Muskaan?  Tu itni ghabraayi hui kyun lag rahi hain? " Rahul asked worriedly.
" Rahul tum jaldi yahaan aa jao. "
" Kahaan? "
" Garden mein. "
" Lekin ky- Hello?  Hello Muskaan? " Rahul looked at the phone, and put it in his back pocket.
" Kya hua Rahul? " asked Armaan.
" Muskaan.  Who bohat ghabraayi hui lag rahi thi.  Ussne garden mein bulaaya hain. "
" Toh chalo! " They all practically ran to the garden.  When they reached there, it was completely dark.
" Muskaan!  Tu kahaan hain? " Rahul shouted.
" Muski! " They all shouted.  A light appeared, slowly lighting up the entire garden.
" Rahul. " He turned around, and saw Muskaan standing in a rick pink sari, looking very pretty.
" Muskaan, tu theek toh hain na? " He asked very worriedly.
" Haan Rahul, hum theek hain. "
" Toh phir who phone? "
" Kyun?  Kya hum tumhe aise hi phone nahin kar sakte kya? " A word caught his attention.
" Hum? " Muskaan smiled.  She took Rahul's hand, and placed it on her tummy.  Rahul was confused.
" Baby... yeh tumhare papa hain.  Inhe 'hi' kaho. " Rahul just stared at her in shock.  Muskaan looked up, smiling through the tears in her eyes.  She saw numerous expressions passing through his face.
" You... a... are... you... "
" Yes Rahul.  I'm pregnant.  Main 'Maa' banne waali hoon. " All the boys were shocked.  They were extremely happy.  Rahul smiled.  He picked her up and spinned her around.
" I love you Muskaan!  I love you! " Everyone smiled widely, and clapped.  Rahul put her down.
" Toh yeh baat chhupa rahe the tum log? " said Amit.
" Haan. "
" Kyun? " asked Armaan.
" Woh, actually hum log aap sab, especially Rahul, ko surprise dena chahte the. " Riddhima replied.
" Itna achha surprise mujhe kabhi nahin milla. " said Rahul.  Muskaan arched her eyebrows up.
" I mean humaari shaadi ke baad. " Muskaan smiled.
" You know what Muskaan.  Tumne mujhe iss duniya ki sabse badi khushi di hain.  Thank you very much. "
" Tumne bhi.  Thank you very much. " Rahul smiled.
" Ab chalo bhai.  Iss khushi mein party toh milni hi chahiye.  What say? " said Sumit.
" Of course! " Molly smiled and clapped twice.  A place with a huge dining table was lit up.  The boys were literally awed to see such a beautiful decoration.
" Ab chalo!  Ya aise ghoorte hi rahoge? " said Anjali.  They all went and started to eat, and relish the food.
" Muski ne Rahul ko toh yeh khush khabri de di.  Ab mujhe yeh kab milegi? " Armaan said quietly.  Riddhima looked at him surprised.
" Armaan! "
" What? " Riddhima shook her head, and went back to eating.  He went closer, and whispered very softly in her ear.
" Tum chaho, toh hum isski tayaari aaj raat se hi kar sakte hain.  What say? " Riddhima blushed as her brain registered what he just said.
" Oye hoye.  You make it so hard for me Shona. " Riddhima blushed even more.
They all enjoyed the dinner, and spent the night with lots and lots of happiness.  They couldn't wait for the new member to arrive!



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