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Part 28 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: The girls find out that Muskaan is pregnant, and they surprise the boys.

The gang had gathered up for breakfast, and were leaving no stones turned in teasing and scaring Rahul about Muskaan's pregnancy.
" Rahul beta, ab toh teri raaton ki neend udne waali hain. " sadi Amit.
" Kyun? "
" Muskaan ke mood swings tujhe jeene nahin denge. " said Armaan.
" Rahul, mujhe ice-cream khani hain. " said Muskaan.
" Abhi?! " He asked mortified.
" Haan! " He called the waiter and told him to bring ice-cream.  He brought it in a while.
" Yeh le. "
" Mujhe ice-cream nahin khani. "
" Kya! "
" Haan!  Mujhe kuch khatta khana hain. " Muskaan whined.
" Yaar isske mood swings abhi se kaise shuru ho gaye? " Rahul wondered out lod.  They exchanged looks, and then burst out into laughter.
" Kya hua? "

" Rahul, main toh mazaak kar rahi thi! "
" Muskaan! " They all laughed even more.  Even before they knew, the rest of the 4 days passed by quickly.  They all enjoyed Kasauli very much.  The cold weather had been successful in bringing the couples together.

New Delhi...

" Arre chalo bhai, jaldi se kaam khatam karo, abhi toh kitna saara kaam baaki hain! " Padma travelled from one side of the room to the other.  Tomorrow was Anjali's Haldi and Mehendi ceremony, and most of all, her marriage.
Shashank and Padma were utterely surprised on how fast their daughters had drown up.  They still hadn't gotten over the fact that Riddhima wad left them, and it was getting even more hard for them to Anjali go, as well.
Radma sat down and thought about her times with Anjali and Riddhima and smiled.  Shashank saw this, and came to her.
" Kya hua? "
" Waqt kitni jaldi badal jaata hain na? "
" Matlab? "
" Dekhiye na.  Riddhima ke shaadi hue ek saal ho gaya, lekin aaj bhi lagta hain jaise kal ki hi baat hain.  Aur aaj, Anjali ki shaadi ki tayaariyaan ho rahi hain.  "
" Sach kaha tumne Padma.  Lekin kissi na kissi din toh yeh hona hi than a?  Atul, Anjali se bohat pyaar karta hain.  Isse zyaada aur kya chahiye? "
" Sach kaha aapne. "
" Ab chalo.  Bohat kaam baaki hain.  Hmm? " Padma smiled and nodded.


The gang had finished up packing their bags, and they all were down, loading the bags into the van.  Sumit and Molly had already left for Mumbai as they had to reach there to see one of their friends.
" Wooh.  Bags andar rakh di hain.  Ab chalo gaadi mein beath jao. " said Rahul.  They all nodded and sat inside the car.  Atul drove the car and Anjali sat beside him.  Amit, Sapna, Rahul, and Muskaan sat in the middle, while Armaan and Riddhima sat in the back.
They sat opposite to each other, as they had two small bean bags there.  Riddhima was looking outside the car, admiring Kasauli''s beautiful environment.  She always loved quiet places like Kasauli.  She was completely unaware of Armaan's gaze on her.
Armaan just admired her, taking in her beauty.  He saw her hair slightly flying over her face, and her moving her hair with her fingers.  Riddhima felt Armaan's gaze on her, and turned her face towards him.  She asked 'what' through her eyes.  He signaled her to come to him with his finger.  Riddhima shook her head.  He called her again, but her response was the same- no.  Armaan looked at her for a second, and then took her hand and pulled her into his lap.  Her hands were placed on her heart and shoulder, while his were around her waist.
" Armaan. " she said quietly.  He slowly raised his hand and caressed her hair.  She slowly blinked her eyes.  He brought his face closer to hers and closed his eyes.  He took in her sweet, but intoxicating fragrance and tightened his grip around her petite figure.  He kissed her cheeks deeply and slowly.  He moved on and kissed her earlobe.  He took it into his mouth and sucked on it and then between his teeth, and bit it slightly.  He slowly moved down to her neck.  Riddhima slid her hand into his hair, and caressed it.  He nuzzled into the crook of her neck.
" Riddhima. " He whispered, moving his soft, moist lips against her skin. He left a wet trail of kisses down her throat.  He traced her collar bone with his lips and went down further, biting and kissing her.  He went up and captured her tempting lips.
He kissed her slowly and gently, but passion soon took over.  He rolled over her, and kissed her hungrily.  His hands went into her shirt, and he started to kneed her back.  He went down and pressed his lips on her chest.  Without acknowledging the fact that they were in a car, he started to unhook her bra, when Riddhima opened her eyes as she realized where the were.  She placed her hands on his chest, and pushed him slightly.  He looked at her confused.
" Armaan... please. " She managed to speak.  He realized what she was saying, and smiled.  He rolled off of her, and rested his head on her hand.  Armaan stared at her, and Riddhima did the same.  Both stared at each other lovingly, for the rest of the ride.  They never knew when they reached Mumbai.
As soon as they reached Gupta Residence, Riddhima and Anjali decided to surprise Shashank and Padma.  They tip-toed in the house and saw them instructing the workers.  They giggled slightly, and then went towards them.  Riddhima stood behind Padma and Anjali stood behind Shashank.  Riddhima counted to 3 on her fingers.
" BOOOO! " Shashank and Padma were startled because of the sudden noise, and they turned around to see Riddhima and Anjali laughing.
" Anjali, Riddhima!  Tum dono aa gaye?! " said Padma.
" Haan, maa, hum aa gaye. " Both said at the same, and they all hugged each other.
" Kaisi ho tum dono? "
" Hum dono bilkul theek hain Mama.  Aap aur Papa kaise ho? "
" Hum bhi bilkul theek hain. "
" Baaki sab kahaan hain? "
" Hum yahaan hain! " They looked over, and saw everyone standing there.
" Aao, beatho! " They all sat down, and started to talk.
" Achha batao, Kasauli kaisa tha? "
" Bohat achha tha.  Hume bohat maza aaya. "
" Aur aunty, ek khush khabar bhi hain. "
" Kya? "
" I'm expecting. "
" Yeh toh bohat achhi khabar hain Muskaan!  Congrats! "
" Thank you! "
" Waise tum dono ko kya lagta hain?  Ladka hain, ya ladki? " asked Shashank.
" Aap bhi na.  Abhi, abhi pata chala hain ki Muskaan Maa banne waali hain.  Abhi kaise pata chalega? "
" Main toh bas pooch raha tha. "
" Lekin agar poochhna hi hain toh kuch dhang ka poochhiye na. "
" Arre yaar tum hadh karti ho Padma.  Mujhe kya pata ki kya hota hain. "
" Do betiyon ke baap hain aap, lekin ab tak yeh bhi nahin jaan paaye ki kab, kya hota hain? "
" Arre yaar uss baat ke toh kam se kam 23 years ho gaye hain.  Mujhe kaise yaad hoga? "
" Sahi kaha.  Issi liye aap ko humari shaadi ki anniversary bhi yaad nahin rehti na? "
" Tum kaun si baat ko kahaan le jaa rahi ho? " While the two were fighting, the gang was just gawking at them with their jaws literally touching the floor.  They all were in shock seeing them arguing the way they all do.
Shashank and Padma realized this, and looked at the gang and then down in embarrassment.  The gang exchanged glances, and burst out into laughter.  Shashank and Padma realized their stupidity, and joined the laughter.
" Mama... Papa... aap dono bhi... aise... ladte ho? " Riddhima managed between her laugh.
" Haan.  Main aur Shashank bhi Armaan aur tumhari tarah hi hain.  Baat, baat par jhagadte rehte hain. "
" Wow!  That's something new! " They all started to laugh again.  Even before they knew, it was time to make dinner.  The girls rushed into the kitchen, and started to make sweet dishes because of the good news.  The girls made Padma and Muskaan not do any work, and Riddhima, Anjali, and Sapna handled the kitchen.
The dishes were split between the 3, and Anjali and Sapna were finished with their, leaving Riddhima alone in the kitchen.
" Shakar kahaan gayi?  Abhi toh yahin thi. " Riddhima started to look for the sugar jar, and found it on top of a counter which was very high.  She went towards it, and tried to get it, but couldn't.
" Oh God!  Aap mujhe paanch inch lamba nahin kar sakte the?  Mtch. " She tried to reach it again, but couldn't.  She felt someone's hand rubbing against hers, and she stopped.  She looked to see who it was, and saw Armaan right behind her with an angelic smile on his face.  She turned around and looked into his eyes.  He got the jar, and put it on the counter, without breaking eye contact with her.
" Armaan " She whispered.  Armaan cupped a side of her face, and covered her lips with his.  They kissed each other slowly, sucking and biting their lips.  Just then, Sapna and Anjali entered the kitchen, and saw the two kissing.  They immediately turned around, and covered their eyes.
" Oops!  I'm sorry.  Maine kuch nahin dekha. " said Sapna.  Armaan and Riddhima broke apart immediately on the sound and looked at Sapna and Anjali in shock and embarrassment.
" Agar tum logo ka khatam ho gaya ho, toh kya hum mud sakte hain? " Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other in shock.  Anjali and Sapna looked at each other with a smirk playing on their lips.  They turned around and looked at an embarrassed Armaan and Riddhima.
" Guys, seriously.  Romance karna hi hain, then get a room.  For God's sake guys, yeh Kasauli nahin hain, jahaan kahin par bhi ek doosre ko kiss karte rahoge.  Agar Mom ya Dad aa gaye, toh woh kya sochenge tum dono ke bare mein? "
" Saali. " Armaan muttered under his breath.  Riddhima and Anjali heard him, and stood in front of him with their hands on their hips and eyebrows raised up.
" You said something? " Both asked together.  Armaan got scared.
' Baap re.  Yahaan toh ek se kuch kaho, toh doosri toh gala dabaane ke liye tayaar ho jaati hain.  Buy one, get two free.  Inn dono ke kaan itne sharp kyun hain?  Sab kuch sunn lete hain.  Bacchao!  Inn do khoon peeti vampires se BACCHAOOOOOOOO! ' Armaan thought.  Riddhima snapped her fingers in front of Armaan's eyes, and Armaan looked at her.  She arched an eyebrow.
" I'm waiting. " Armaan gulped seeing the little murderous look on her face.
" Umm... um... Ri... Riddhima... mai... maine Anji ko gaali nahin di.  Woh toh... " Armaan stammered.
" Woh.  Toh.  Kya? " She stressed on the words.
" Yaar dekho na.  Tum meri wife ho, aur Anji tumhari behen hain.  Toh isska toh yeh matlab hua na, ki Anji meri 'saali' hui.  You know, brother-in-law, sister-in-law. "
" Really Amy? " Anjali asked.
" Sachi.  Kasam se. " He pinched his throat.
" Oh. " Riddhima and Anjali said together.  Armaan sighed relief.
" Ab niklo yahaan se. " said Sapna.
" Kyun!? " Armaan asked bewildered.
" Kyunki agar tum yahaan rahoge, toh tum baar, baar Ridzi ko tang karte rahoge.  And there's no way that Ridzi will be able to cook with you around.  Hum sab jaante hain ki tum kitni masti karte ho. " Riddhima blushed.  Armaan looked down and then at a flushed Riddhima.
" Theek hain, theek hain.  Zyaada bhao khane ki zaroorat nahin hain. "
" Jaate ho ya belan phek kar maaru? " Armaan immediately ran away as she took the 'belan' in her hand and aimed it at him.  The trio laughed at Armaan's antics.  Anjali and Sapna turned to Riddhima.  She realized that the teasing session is going to begin, and the two will kill her with their teasing.
" Main chalti hoon.  Mujhe kuch kaam yaad aa gaya. "
" Haan, haan, jao, jao.  Tumhe tumhara 'adhoora' kaam bhi toh poora karna hain na? " said Sapna.  Riddhima looked at them, with wide eyes.
" But seriously yaar Ridzi.  Amy ke saamne aate hi tu bilkul pagal ho jaati hain.  Kya tujhe sach mein kuch yaad nahin rehta? "
" Jab aap AJ ke saath hoti ho, toh kya aap ko kuch yaad rehta hain? " Riddhima questioned back.  Anjali's mouth fell open in shock.
" Ridzi! "
" Anji! " She mimicked her.  The two giggled at their childishness, and got back to work.  The dinner was soon prepared, and they all relished it.  The dinner went good, of course not without some teasing on the Anjali and Sapna's part regarding the kitchen part.  Soon the dinner was over, and Atul took Anjali to his room.

Atul's room...

" Atul, yeh tum kya kar rahe ho?  Koi dekh lega. " Atul trapped her between him, and the wall, and covered her mouth with his hand.
" Anjali.  Kal humari shaadi hain.  Humari zindagi ka sabse bada din.  Ek vaada karo mujhse. "
" Kya? "
" Yeh hi, ki tum humesha mera saath nibhaogi.  Mujhe kabhi chhod kar nahin jaogi. "
" Tumse door reh kar kya main jee paungi?  Never. " Atul smiled, and hugged her tight.
" I love you Anjali. "
" I love you, too. "
Soon, everyone retired to their rooms, and prepared themselves for the D- day.  It was going to be a very big day, for every single person.


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