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Part 29 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: The gang returns back to New Delhi.

Gupta Residence was filled with noise the next morning.  Today is Atul and Anjali's marriage, the long awaited day for every single person present there.  The day, obviously, was going to be very tiring for everyone.  In the morning they would do Anjali's Haldi and Mehendi and the marriage would be at night.
The most irritating thing for everyone was that the girls and boys were not allowed to be together, alone, in one place until the marriage was over.  This had really disappointed the boys, as well as the girls.  Staying one whole day without being able to have nice, lovely moments with each other?  Impossible!  But what could they do?  Rules, were rules.  If they were caught, it wouldn't be good for anyone.
As of now, everyone was busy instructing the workers on the decorations.  They had strictly prohibited Shashank and Padma from doing any work.  As they already had worked a lot.
In the kitchen, the girls were working really hard in setting everything right.
" Ridzi, yeh zara store room mein rakh de na.  Please. " said Muskaan.

" Ok. " She took the box that Muskaan was handing to her, and took it to the store room.  She was placing the boxes in order, when she heard the door being closed with a click.  She looked behind and saw Armaan leaning against the door with his hands crossed, and a smirk on his lips.
" Armaan?  Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?  Agar kissi ne humme yahaan dekh liya, toh kya hoga yeh pata hain na? " Riddhima said worriedly.
" Well sweetheart, yahaan par koi nahin aayega kyunki Muski sab kuch sambhal rahi hain. " Riddhima's eyes widened.
" Isska matlab Muski ne mujhe yahaan jaan mujh kar bheja? "
" Yup. "
" Armaan tum hadh karte ho.  Yahaan par kitna saara kaam baaki hain, aur tumhe masti sujh rahi hain? "
" Haan.  Sujh rahi hain.  Toh? "
" Armaan tum bhi na. " Armaan stood straight and walked towards her.
" Main bhi, kya? " Riddhima started to go back and hit the wall.  Armaan came and stood very close to her.  Riddhima gasped when she saw that Armaan wasn't stopping, even after being less than an inch apart.  She couldn't even move her face because if she did, then she would end up kissing his cheek.
" Armaan. " She said in a very low whisper.  He took her hands in his and brought them up to his lips.  He placed a very deep kiss on her hands, sending tingling sensations down her spine.  He went even more close and kissed her forehead, letting his lips linger there for a very long time.  He placed several kisses on her face.  He tilted his face and slowly leaned in to capture her lips.  Riddhima parted her lips and closed her eyes.
" Ridzi!  Kahaan ho tum?  Jaldi neeche aao. " Sapna shouted for her.  Both came back into the world, and Riddhima walked past him, but Armaan caught her wrist.
" Armaan.  Please.  Mera haath chhodo.  Mujhe jaana hain. " He pulled her close.
" Aise kaise jaane doon? "
" Armaan, please.  Haath chhodo. " Armaan left her hand and Riddhima smiled inwardly.  She walked to the door, holding her wrist, and then stopped at the door.  She turned around with a small smile.
" Itni jaldi haath chhod diya? " Armaan looked at her shocked and Riddhima giggled.
" Riddhima. " He ran after her, but Riddhima was quick.  She opened the door, and then ran down.  She quickly ran to the kitchen and got back to work, while Armaan slid to a stop seeing the girls there.  Riddhima gave him a naughty smile, and Armaan gave her an angry look.
" Arre Amy.  Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho? " asked Sapna.  Armaan was caught off-guard, and Riddhima made a straight face and looked down.
" Woh... woh... woh main... main tum sab ki h... help karne aaya tha. "
" Kitchen mein humaari kya help karoge? "
" Woh... woh... "
" Jhooth bolne ki zaroorat nahin hain. Mujhe pata hain tum Ridzi ka peecha karte hue aaye ho. "
" Tum dono ka kabhi khatam nahin hota kya?  Kahin bhi shuru ho jaate ho.  Kuch toh sharam karo.  Aur waise bhi, tum ladke humse nahin mill sakte.  Toh jao yahaan se.  Warna main Padma aunty ko bula lungi. " Riddhima blushed on this comment, and Armaan ran his hand through his hair.  He smiled at Riddhima, and then left to do his part of work.
The decorations were done in no time, and soon it was time for Anjali and Atul's Haldi.

Girl's Headquarters...

The girls had made their own headquarters in the left side of the house.  Everything for Anjali would be done there.
Right now, the girls were busy applying Haldi to Anjali.  Anjali was sitting in the middle on a round mattress in a loose salwar, with all the girls surrounding her.  They all were applying the haldi on her.
" Mom.  Yeh shaadi ke pehle haldi kyun lagate hain? " Anjali asked.
" Woh iss liye, taaki shaadi ke waqt, dulhan ke chehre pe nikhaar aa jaaye. " Padma said with a smile.
" Haan bhai.  After all, Suhaag Raat ko toh dulhan ko toh nikhar na hi chahiye na. " Riddhima said teasingly.
" Ridzi main maarungi. "
" Kyun?  Jab meri shaadi ho rahi thi, toh aap bhi toh mujhe yeh hi keh kar chidha rahi thi na?  Ab aapki baari hain.  It's payback time babes. " They all chuckled at this.  Anjali blushed at the mention of her Suhaag Raat.
" Ooooh.  Dekho, dekho, Anji kaise sharma rahi hain. " said Muskaan.
" Shut up Muski. " Anjali said while blushing.  The girls laughed even more.

Boy's Headquarters...

Along with the girls, the boys had also made their special headquarters for them on the right side of the house.  As of now, they all were  making a mess of the Haldi.
" Beta, aaj ke baad toh tu gaya kaam se. " said Rahul.
" Anji tere ko chhodegi nahin. " said Armaan.
" Kya kaha? " said Shashank.  They all got scared, and looked down.
" Arre sahi kaha!  Yeh ladkiyaan hoti hi aisi hain.  Shaadi ke baad jeena haraam kar deti hain. " They all looked up, and sighed in relief seeing Shashank on their side.
" Sahi baat hain! "
" Yaar aap log mujhe daraana band karoge?  Anjali itni buri nahin hain. "
" Ohhh!  Wah bhai wah.  Shaadi ke pehle hi yeh toh joru ka gulaam ban gaya. "
" Achha sunn.  Aaj teri shaadi ki pehli raat hain.  Aaj chhodna matt ussko.  Dikha dena, ki tu bhi shaer hain. "
" Abe saalon.  Shaadi ki pehli raat ko hi pitvaaoge kya?  Tum log shaadi ki raat ko shaer banne gaye the, aur aaj tum logo ki haalat dikh rahi hain mujhe. "
" Kya kaha? "
" Sahi kaha. "
" Abe saale tere ko toh main... " Armaan took a handful of the dry haldi and threw it at Atul.  They all laughed seeing Atul's face.  Atul looked at him in shock, and aimed it at him, but it accidently hit Amit.  They all laughed even harder.  He took some and aimed Atul, but he ducked, and it hit Rahul.  Soon, the 'Haldi' fight started among the boys, and they made a mess of the room.
Riddhima was passing by, and heard noises.  She slightly opened the door, and was completely shocked to see the condition of the room.  She tried to stop them, but all in vain.  She took a deep breath.
" STOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT! " She screamed over the top of her lungs, and everyone fell on top of each other, hearing the sudden scream.  Seeing Riddhima's light-stricken face, they understood that they all were dead.  They all got scared seeing Riddhima's nose flaring with anger and her hands on her hips.
" Yeh kya haalat bana kar rakhi hain aap sab ne!  Poore room ka satyanaash kar diya hain!  Ab kaun saaf karega issko?  Papa, aap bhi inn sab ke saath mill gaye!? " Shashank gulped.
" Woh... woh... Ri... Riddhima beta... main... main toh inn sab ko rokne ki koshish kar raha tha.  Lekin ooltah inn sab ne mujhe hi rang laga diya. " Shashank said innocently.  The boys' eyes widened hearing Shashank.
" Oye!  Aap jhooth kyun bol rahe ho?  Aap bhi toh humaare saath mille the. " said Armaan.  Riddhima looked at Shashank again with anger.
" Papa.  Mujhe aapse yeh umeed nahin thi.  Now you all listen to me very, very carefully.  Jab tak yeh poora room saaf nahin ho jaata, hum Anji Di ko shaadi ke mandap mein nahin laayenge. " Atul almost had a heart attack hearing Riddhima.
" KYA!? "
" Haan.  Ab agar shaadi karni hain, toh jaldi se room ko saaf karo. " Saying this, Riddhima went out of the room, and the boys looked at each other.
" Oh no! " The boys said together and looked at the room's condition.  They took out the broom, mops, and all the cleaning tools and got to work.  They all finished up the work in about an hour and they all were completely completely exhausted by then.
" By God, life mein kabhi bhi kuch nahin phenkunga. " All the boys said together.

Girl's Headquarters...

The girls were laughing really hard on what Riddhima told them.  She told them about what she saw in the boys' room, and their faces when she told them about the consequences.
" Yaar, mujhe bhi vahaan hona chahiye tha. " said Muskaan.
" I know.  Aur pata hain, Papa ka chehra dekhne laayak tha.  Woh toh itna darr gaye the na. "
" Jaa dekh kar aa, unhone kaam khatam kiya ki nahin. "
" Aap log bhi chalo na.  Maza aayega. " Riddhima offered.
" Yea, chalo. " They all went to the other side of the room, and saw the boys lying practically everywhere.  The girls surpressed their giggles and looked at the room.  The room had been cleaned very well and it was shining again.
" Very good.  I'm impressed. " said Riddhima.  The boys looked at her, and gave her a mean look.  The girls giggled and went back to their side.  Soon it was time for Anjali's Mehendi.


It was around 5:45 and the girls were getting their hands decorated with Mehendi.
" Wow Aunty.  Yeh Mehendi toh aapne kitni achhi banaayi hain. " said Sapna.
" Thank you beta. "
" Mama... woh... aap... mere haath par... " Riddhima said shyly.
" Armaan ke naam ka 'A' likhoon.  Right? " Riddhima nodded.  Padma smiled.
" Oooooooooooohh.  Armaan ka 'A' huh? " said Muskaan.
" Kyun?  Tumne Rahul ka 'R' nahin likhvaaya kya? " Muskaan blushed.
While the girls were busy with the Mehendi, the boys were outside of their room, thinking of ways of getting inside the girls' room.  It had been such a long time since they've even talked to the girls, forget about having some sweet moments.
" Yaar, mere se na, ab yeh dooriyaan bardaasht nahin hoti.  Yaar poora din ho gaya, lekin main Sapna se theek tarah se baat bhi nahin kar paaya hoon.  Main toh jaa raha hoon. " Amit whined and started to go inside.
" Abe marvaayega kya? " Rahul said, stopping Amit.
" Agar aise hi andar jaayenge, toh vahaan jo moti, moti aunties hain na, woh hume kacha chaba jaayengi. " said Armaan.
" Baat toh sahi hain.  Lekin hum karenge kya?  Main bhi Anjali ko dekhna chahta hoon.  Socho na.  Mehendi mein kitni khoobsurat lagegi. "
" Haan Champ, tu Anji ko dekhega.  Lekin hume ek plan ke saath andar jaana hoga. "
" Lekin plan kya hain? " Armaan thought for a while.
" Come here. " They got into a circle, and Armaan told them their plan.
" Lekin agar kissi ne hume pehchaan liya, toh sabse pehle toh Padma mom ki daant dunni padegi, aur Ridzi ka atyachaar sehna padega.  Daayan kahi ki. " said Atul.  Armaan gave him a murderous look on what he said about Riddhima, and Atul gulped.
" Ma... ma... ma... mere kehne ka... m... matlab yeh tha ki... ki... Ridzi bohat strict hain.  Slip of tongue. " He gave him a nervous laugh, and he nodded.
" Ok now let's go. " said Rahul.
On the other hand, the girls were enjoying the Mehendi to the fullest.
" Oh ji, aap ho kaun?  Aur aap Anjali ko kaise jaante ho? " Lovely asked the 5 women.  Shubhankar, Kirti, and Lovely had also come for Atul and Anjali's wedding, as they all were very close to Shashank and Padma.
" Oh ji, hum Shashank Bhai sab ki bohat achhi friend hain.  Unhone hi hume yahan bulaaya tha. " The woman in the red sari answered.
" Apna chehra dikhaaye. " Lovely tried to look under her veil, but she wouldn't let her.
" Nahin ji!  Hum apna chehra na, kissi ko nahin dikhaate. "
" Kyun? "
" Kyunki yeh humari param para hain. " The woman in green sari answered.
" Param para? "
" Haan.  Humari yeh param para hain ki hum kissi ke bhi shaadi ke waqt apni surat kissi ko nahin dikhaate. " The woman in yellow sari answered.
" Aisi kaisi param para hain? " Lovely wondered.
" Oye!  Aap hum par shak kar rahe ho? " The woman in blue sari asked.
" Oye nahin ji!  Main toh bas soch rahi thi. "
" Theek hain.  Toh kya hum andar jaa sakte hain? "
" Haan ji. " They started to go, when Lovely stopped them again.
" Ek minute!  Pehle apnaa naam toh bataaye. "
" Mera naam Armita hain. " The woman in red sari answered.
" Atula. " The woman in green sari answered.
" Amita. " The woman in yellow sari answered.
" I'm Rachel. " The woman in blue sari answered.
" Ji mera naam Lovely hain.  Aap aaye na andar. " They laughed and then entered.
" Yeh decorations bohat achhi hain. " said Rachel.
" Thank you ji, thank you.  Saare arrangements na, Riddhima ji ne kiye hain. "
" Riddhima ji kahaan hain? " Armita asked.
" Woh toh Anjali ji, Sapna ji, aur Muskaan ji ke saath andar hain.  Mehendi lagva rahe hain. "
" Main Anjali se milna chahta-chahti hoon. " said Atula.
" Woh vahaan hain. " Lovely pointed in the direction where the girls were and the 4 followed her gaze.  They immediately walked to them, and sat in front of Riddhima, Anjali, Muskaan, and Sapna.
" Aap kaun hain? " asked Anjali.  Atula raised her veil slightly, and Anjali was shocked to Atul there.
" Atul! "
" Shhh.  Atul nahin, Atula. "
" Ji aap kaun? " asked Riddhima.  Armita raised her veil, and Riddhima had a mini heart attack seeing Armaan there.
" Armaan tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho? "
" Armaan nahin jaan-e-man, Armita. " He winked at her and Riddhima just stared at him in shock.
" Oye aap kitni soni lag rahe ho. " Rachel said to Muskaan.  Muskaan looked at her.
" Ji? "
" Maine kahaan tusi bade sone lag rahe ho. "
" Aapka naam kya hain? "
" Rachel. "
" Matlab aap Christian ho? "
" Haan ji. "
" Toh phir aap Punjabi kaise bol rahe ho? " Rachel lifted her veil.
" Kyunki main Punjab se hi toh hoon, soniyo.  " Muskaan stared at him with wide eyes.
" Rahul? "
" Shh!  Pehle kabhi mujhe nahin dekha kya? " Muskaan just blinked.
" Ji, maine aapko pehchaana nahin. " said Sapna.
" Lekin maine aapko pehchaan liya. "
" Ji? " Amita lifted her veil, and Sapna almost fainted seeing Amit there.
" Amit?  Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho? "
" Apni girlfriend se milne aaya hoon.  Aur kya kar raha hoon? "
" Kya baatein ho rahi hain? " asked Padma.  The boys dropped the veil immediately, and turned around.
" Kuch nahin ji.  Hum toh bas inn ladkiyon ko aashirvaad de rahe the. " Armaan spoke in a female voice.
" Lekin aap hain kaun? "
" Oh ji Padma ji, yeh Shashank ji ke dost hain.  Anjali ki shaadi ke liye aaye hain. " said Lovely.
" Oh.  I'm sorry.  Mujhe nahin pata tha. "
" Koi baat nahin. "
" Ab hum sab baatein hi karte rahenge, ya phir gaana bhi gaayenge? " said Kirti.
" Haan.  Riddhima beta, tum gao. "
" Main? "
" Haan. "
" Ok. "

 The girls sang and danced together, expressing their joy for Anjali.  Not only were they impressing the aunties there, but they were also mesmerizing the boys there.
Unknown to themselves, they got up, and went towards the girls.  Their veil slipped off, revealing who they were, and all the ladies there gasped.  The girls saw this, and tried to stop the boys, but they were way too busy staring at the girls.
" Armaan ji! " Lovely yelled.  The boys came back to the world, and were shocked to see themselves in their real forms.
" Armaan, Atul, Amit, Rahul?  Tum sab yahaan kya kar rahe ho?  Don't you know ki tum ladke yahaan nahin aa sakte? "
" W... woh... aunty hum... " Rahul tried to explain himself, but Padma cut him off.
" Chup raho.  Ab galti ki hain, toh saza bhi bhugatni padegi. " said Kirti.
" M... matlab? "
" Matlab yeh, ki ab tum saare boys ko pachaas baar, kaan pakar kar uthak, beithak karni padegi. "
" Kya?! " The boys said together.
" Haan.  Chalo shuru ho jao. " The boys held their ears, and started to do their 'uthak beithak'.  They finished their in no time, and then were sent outside of the room.
" Amy, main life mein ab tera plan follow nahin karunga. " said Amit.
" Haan yaar.  Tere plans bohat bhaari padte hain. "
" Yaar mujhe kya pata tha ki plan fail jo jaayega. "
" Chal chhod na.  Abhi ek do ghante mein tayaar hona hain.  Chalo aaraam kar lete hain, warna shaadi ke waqt bohat thak jaayenge. "
" Haan, chal. " The boys went into their room, and they slept, and the girls did the same.

7:45 PM...

Everything was set.  All the guests had started to arrive, and the hall was filled with laughter and joy.  It was finally the time for Atul and Anjali's marriage.  They were very happy for the duo.
On the other hand, Riddhima was in her room, getting ready.  Because she was with Anjali all the time, she never got the time to get ready herself.
As of now, Riddhima was trying to tie the strings of her blouse, but she couldn't.
" Oh God!  Yeh dori kyun nahin banti?  Kissi ko toh help ke liye bhej do! " Riddhima said while looking at the ceiling.  Just then, Armaan entered the room.  He had come to take something, but when he saw Riddhima, he just froze.
Her back was completely bare, which was driving him insane.  He realized that Riddhima was trying to tie the strings, but was failing constantly.  He walked towards her, making absolutely no noise.  He looked at her face through the mirror.  She had her eyes closed, and a very cute frown on her face.  Without having another thought, he took the strings and slowly tied them.
Riddhima felt Armaan's touch on her back, and she opened her eyes.  Looking in the mirror, she saw him staring back at her.  She turned around, and faced him.
" Ar... Armaan... " Armaan walked towards her, and Riddhima walked back.
" Armaan... tum... " She suddenly hit the wall, and Armaan placed his hand on one side of the wall.  Riddhima looked into his eyes, and saw the desire in them.  She felt weak in the knee under his passionate gaze, and tried to escape from the other side, but Armaan placed his hand on that side as well, trapping her completely.  He dropped his gaze to her perfect, lushious lips.  They were so tempting and appealing to him.  Riddhima breathed heavily feeling him so close to her.  He tilted his head and went closer to her lips.
Riddhima parted her lips feeling his hot breath kissing her.  She was getting deeply intoxicated by his masculine fragrance.  He captured her lips and kissed her slowly.  He nibbled on her lower lip and Riddhima responded back with equal fervor.
She took hold of his collar and brought him closer.  Their bodies were attached together as if they were one.  Armaan aggressively pulled her hands down, and pinned it to the wall beside her face, entangling their fingers together.  He started to kiss her passionately driving her completely insane.  His hands dropped down to her waist and he pulled her perfect body closer to his.  He started to feel the curves in her body, setting her entire body on fire.
" Riddhima. " He whispered against her lips. They broke apart for breath.
" Why do you make it so hard for me to stop? " He said in a hoarse voice.
" Amy!  Tu kahaan hain?  Jaldi aa! " Amit shouted from outside.
" Main jaun? "
" Hmm. " He planted a soft kiss on her forehead and then left the room.
" Pagal. " She slowly shook her head and called Sapna into the room to help her.  They all were ready in no time.
Very soon, it was time to bring Atul down in the mandap.  As soon as the boys were down, all the girls down there went gaga over them.




" Wow man.  Dekho na yeh boys KITNE hot hain! " One of the girls said.
" I know! "
" But sweetie, bad luck.  ALL of them are taken. "
" Oh man! " They whined.  The boys smirked hearing the girls whine, but they decided to leave it.  The boys took Atul to the mandap.
" Dekh dude.  Last chance.  Bhaagna hain kya? " said Armaan.
" No thanks. "
" Kaniyaan ko bulaaye. "
" Ji, main abhi bulaake laati hoon. " Kirti said and went to the girls' room.
" Anjali, Riddhima.  Chalo.  Panditji bula rahe hain. " Riddhima nodded.  They got up, and took Anjali downstairs.
The boys were talking when they heard a few people gasping.  They turned around and saw the girls descending down the stairs and were completely mesmerized.





The girls made Anjali stand in front of Atul with the garland in her hand.  They were told to exchange garlands, and when Anjali tried to, the boys picked Atul up.
" Hey guys, not fair! " said Sapna.
" Everything is fair in love and war sweetheart. " said Amit.
" Laga thava de, pachhi batao tane. (Let our marriage happen, and then I'll show you.) "
" Yea right. " Amit rolled his eyes.  Atul saw Anjali pouting, and bowed in front of her.  Anjali smiled, and made him wear the garland.  When it was Atul's turn, the girls pulled Anjali towards them.
" Kya yaar! " said Amit.
" Everything is fair in love and war sweetheart. " Sapna mimicked him and Amit narrowed his eyes.
Anjali smiled looking at Atul.
" Ok girls stop it. " Atul smiled, and made Anjali wear the garland.  They did the rest of the rituals, and soon became husband and wife.  As soon as the marriage rituals were over, it was time for Anjali to go to her REAL house- Atul's house.  They all cried very much, but were equally happy for the couple.  It was a new beginning for both Atul and Anjali, and they all wished them luck for their married life.



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