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part 3& 4 : Here to change his life forever

Part 3 :

As Riddhima is about to close the door of Armaan's room something falls from the table accidentally by her hand. She goes to pick it up. It is a diary, due to the wind the first page of it opens and she finds a very depressing statement
"She never found out how much I tried - all of the sadness she kept made me blind she never found out how much I cried - the rope so tight on the night that she died..."
As she was going to read more, suddenly she hears Armaan uncomfortably moving on the bed, so she gets scared as what will she tell Armaan if sees her reading his diary. So she keeps the diary where it was on the table and closes the door behind her and goes to her room. She gets fresh, changes and lies down on the bed. It's already been an hour since she lay down on the bed but she wasn't able to sleep all she was thinking about Armaan and his past. She sits up leaning on the wall and is in deep
thoughts about the statement she just read in Armaan's diary. Whole night she isn't able to sleep. Its 6 already and her alarm rings which brings her out of her thoughts. She goes to the bathroom and gets ready for to go to the office. She comes down, has her breakfast when the driver comes and tells her the car is ready. Riddhima asks the driver about Armaan and she is informed that Armaan already left left and that Armaan told the driver to take Riddhima to Mallik Empire. Riddhima leaves for Mallik Empire. On her way there she is still thinking about what she read last night. As the car stops, due to the jerk she gets out of her thoughts and goes inside. Everyone welcomes her; Armaan's PA shows Riddhima her cabin. Riddhima is doing her work on her laptop and there is a knock on the door.
Riddhima: Come in
Voice: Armaan sir has told me to inform you that there is a meeting at 9:00 for the project.
Riddhima: Thanks for letting me know. I will be there. She thinks she will finish what she is doing until then it will be time for the meeting. She finishes her work and leaves for the meeting. She enters the meeting room.
Armaan: So ladies and Gentleman this is Riddhima Gupta she will be working with us on this project. Welcome Miss Gupta please take your seat.
Everyone introducing themselves and they start discussing about the project. After 3 hours the meeting is over. It is lunch time. Everyone leaves from the room; only Armaan and Riddhima are left behind. Riddhima ask Armaan to join her for lunch but he says he is not hungry. Riddhima is quite surprised by his answer. In the morning she found out from one of the servants that he never has breakfast. Riddhima is extremely worried,as to what is wrong with this man? Why is he so depressed? Why is he so careless towards his health? Riddhima leaves the room and goes to the canteen. There she sees Muskaan and Nikita are sitting talking to each other and having their lunch. She goes and joins them.
Riddhima: Hey Miss Chaddha and Miss Malhotra.
Muskaan: Hello. Why are you being so formal? Just call me Muskaan.
Niki: Yes stop being so formal. You can call me Niki.
Riddhima: Okay than if I call you guys with your names, you also have to call me Riddhima. So friends?
Muskaan and Nikki: Friends. (They shake their hands).
Riddhima: I will be right back. Riddhima goes and gets herself a sandwich and juice. All of them eat lunch and get back to their work. It's already 4:00 so Riddhima leaves for to get back to armaans house
As soon as she gets back to the mansion she looks around for Armaan, she wants to see what he is up to. The servant tells her that he has gone to his room and won't come out until dinner time. Riddhima once again wonders what is wrong with him why he locks him up in the room. She realizes that this guy seriously needs help and she should somehow find out the raaz behind all this. She goes out for a walk later in the evening and when she comes back and is going upstairs she slips but Armaan catches her and then they get lost into each other eyes for 2 seconds. She just loves the color of his eyes and the charm in them. He suddenly starts to shout at her
A: what the hell is wrong with you if I would have not caught you would have gotten into an accident and died .
He was just so rude and loud tears rolled down her eyes
R: Why are you so screaming so much, I just slipped from the stairs
She then ran up to the room
What the hell is wrong with this guy she thought to herself each time I think of helping him I just see another side of him. Armaan on the other hand in the room drinking he just felt so stupid because he had over reacted. He closed his eyes and says "There is one pain I often feel, which you will never know. It is caused by the absence of you". I miss you
Riddhima over hears this and wonders who he is talking about?
That night she decides she has to find out about his past and about the reason of his depression. She thinks of ways to find out.She knows Armaan will never tell her and no one else will. suddenly she remembers something and the diary from last night comes to her mind. She suddenly gets over excited and realizes that is the only thing which will help her find out about Armaan and his past. So after he is in deep sleep she sneaks in his room and grabs the diary and comes to her room and starts reading it.

Part 4 :

Riddhima starts reading the diary, she is flipping the pages and on the second page it dated September 9 and it was written:
Today was my first day of third year of college. And today was the day I first saw her. She is just gorgeous and my type. During lunch we introduce each other and became friends. She also found me hot and sexy, I know this because one of my friends is also her friend and she told my friend. Ohh by the way her name is Saniya.
Riddhima flips the page. Date was September 10.
We exchange numbers today. We started hanging out together and become best friends.
As she further read the diary all the bits and pieces came together and now she understood why Armaan was depressed. The last page of the diary said it all. This is what was written on the last page:
We weren't friends anymore, there was more to it. Today we realize that we were in love with each other. After that day we started going to dates, movies, parties and we loved each other more and more as days passed. Everyone was happy with our relationship so we decided to get married. Our marriage was fixed two weeks from now. The two weeks flew by in the excitement and preparation of the marriage. The night before the marriage we decided to meet at a restaurant. I was waiting for her and suddenly I got a call from her father. That night was the worst night, it ruined everything. It took away everything from me. She was everything for me. I loved so much, that night she met into a major accident and she died on the spot.
Riddhima couldn't control her tears. now that she knew about his past and the reason behind his depression. She thought about getting Armaan out of it. She went to his room to check on him and see if he had fallen asleep. She noticed that he was sleeping without a blanket and he was shivering so she took the blanket lying next to him and covered him with the blanket. She looked at him and felt bad that he was suffering for something that he didn't do so she touched his forehead and vowed to get him out of this state. The next morning she woke up earlier than him so that she could ensure that he doesn't skip his breakfast. She remembered reading last night in the diary that Armaan's favorite dish is Aalu Ka paratha. So she walks down, goes to the kitchen and starts making Aalu ka paratha. When she is making aalu ka paratha she notice him coming downstairs and approaches him.
R: Mr Malik i know you are in a hurry but i made some aalu ka parathas i was hoping you'd try some.
A: I am not hungry and I am in a rush (He said rudely)
R: Oh sorry I guess I'll eat them myself
He went to pick up a file from the table and saw her enjoying the parathas
They smelt really good and when he saw her eat them he was more tempted.
R: Are you sure you don't want some Mr Malik I am not a bad cook
A: He smiled slightly and Grabbed a Paratha and sat to eat it
He ate a bite and smiled
R:How are they Mr Mallik?
A: They are Good. I think since we are working on the same project and live in the same house we should stop being formal and call each other by our names.
He then left she was glad that she succeeded in making him eat breakfast. She thought to herself that she needs to find out small thing about Armaan so using them she will be able to win his heart and become friends. They both sat in the car and went together as Armaan offered. Both of them were silent so to break the silent Riddhima ask if she can turn on the radio. Armaan didn't want to hurt her  or create a  bad impression of himself in front of her so he allowed her to put some music on. Riddhima thanked him and turned on the radio, increasing the volume which disturbed Armaan as he wasn't use to listening to music. He stopped listening to music long time back, all this reminded him his past days and all the fun and enjoyment he used to have. He dint say much however because she was his partner and it sounded rude. Foremost he wanted to apologize to her for screaming at her yesterday. However he just ignored it.

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