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Part 423: Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me

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Although aspects of this story are loosely based on medical drama, artistic liberty has been taken as this is a FICTIONAL story. Please take note that the author does not have a medical background and that the incidents, medical and law procedures may have a vast difference from reality.

Dill ki tadapti saanson me
Preet ki mehekti baahon me
Dabe-chhipe se alfaazon me
Behke pal ke jazbaaton me
Band palkon ke khwaabon me
Khatti-meethi si baaton me
Jhuki hui si nigaahon me
Nayi-purani kuch yaadon me

Kabhi bichhde dill mill jayenge
Kabhi mill ke bicchad jayenge
Kabhi ladenge, kabhi manayenge
Kabhi rooth-rooth se jayenge
Armaan-Ridhimaa ki muhabbat ka
Hum fir se saath nibhayenge

Fir ek baar...
Manzil ki nayi chhaaon me

Fir ek baar...
Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me


 Ridhimaa felt dazed. Would Armaan ever stop? She had been feeling his gaze over her for the last thirty minutes.
Ridhimaa: (very softly) Armaan!

 Armaan did not answer. Ridhimaa knew he was pretending not to listen.

Ridhimaa: (a little louder) Armaan!

 Still Armaan did not answer. Ridhimaa glanced up at him. Armaan's bright blue eyes were shimmering in the dim light of the moon trespassing through the window.

Ridhimaa: (waving her hand in front of Armaan's eyes) Armaan! Armaan!

 Armaan looked lost. A deep flush covered Ridhimaa's cheeks as she ruffled Armaan's hair.

Ridhimaa: Armaan!

 Armaan's concentration broke. He looked at Ridhimaa enquiringly.

Armaan: Haan? Kuch keh rahi thi tum?

 Ridhimaa wanted to beat her own head. Armaan noticed her exasperated expression.

Armaan: Kya hua? Aise kyun muh bana rahi ho?
Ridhimaa: (pouting) Maine tumhe itni baar awaaz di. Tumne ek baar bhi nahi suni.
Armaan: Kab? Oh... wo main... actually... tumhe...

 Ridhimaa smiled. Armaan was looking so cute while blushing.

Ridhimaa: (prompting) Dekh rahe the?

 Armaan did not answer. He was again getting lost in Ridhimaa's smile.

Ridhimaa: (patting Armaan's left cheek) Ab dekh liya na? To so jao...

 Armaan removed Ridhimaa's hand from his cheek and kissed it. Ridhimaa bowed her head and Armaan planted a quick kiss at her forehead too. Ridhimaa looked up. Armaan was still gazing intently at her. He seemed unable to get tired looking at Ridhimaa.

Ridhimaa: (trying to infuse sense in him) Tum thakte nahi Armaan? Kab tak sirf aise hi dekhte rahoge?
Armaan: (mischievously) Oh... to meri Basket chaahti hai ki main kuch aur bhi karun? Hmm?

 Ridhimaa, surprised, reconsidered her own words and turned crimson.

Ridhimaa: Armaan!
Armaan: Ridhimaa!

 Ridhimaa's eyelashes clouded over her face.

Armaan: (bringing his face near hers) Aur kya-kya karun, Ridhimaa?

 Ridhimaa had whole-heartedly wanted to say "kuch bhi nahi", but the last word got lost in her mouth as she got lost in Armaan's eyes.

Ridhimaa: Kuch bhi...
Armaan: (whispering, his nose touching Ridhimaa's) Kuch bhi?

 Ridhimaa was captivated. Her body craved for Armaan's warmth once again. She nodded. Armaan gently caressed Ridhimaa's lips with his. The kiss intensified when Ridhimaa submitted herself to its influence.

 The moon gleamed brighter than ever. Every moment was bliss. They were in paradise, just the two of them, Armaan and Ridhimaa - together.

 Both broke apart after a few minutes to welcome oxygen into their lungs. Ridhimaa again felt Armaan's gaze caressing her.

Ridhimaa: Ab so jao Armaan... kal jaldi uthna hai...
Armaan: Kal?
Ridhimaa: (trying to remind him) Haan... kal subah saari rasmein... tumhi ne to kaha tha...
Armaan: Basket! Kal subah nahi... aaj subah...

 When Ridhimaa seemed puzzled, Armaan indicated the wall clock. Ridhimaa glanced at it and let out a huge gasp of surprise.

Ridhimaa: Char baj gaye? Itni jaldi!

 She looked back at Armaan, expecting the same look of surprise on his face too. Ridhimaa was shocked to see him smiling in a way that reddened her cheeks.

Armaan: Time ka pata hi nahi chala, hai na?

 Ridhimaa lowered her gaze. Armaan separated himself from Ridhimaa to let her sleep comfortably.

Armaan: So jao... ok?

 Ridhimaa moved forwards and kept her head on Armaan's chest. Armaan turned to face her. Ridhimaa hugged him. She turned her head this side to that side, and finally, hid her face in Armaan's chest, just next to his heart.

Armaan: (thinking that Ridhimaa might be uncomfortable like this) Ridhimaa... tum aaraam se... I mean...
Ridhimaa: (raising her face and smiling) I love you, Armaan...

 The honesty and the contentment in Ridhimaa's voice touched Armaan. He now knew that Ridhimaa found this to be the most comfortable position in the world to sleep. That he was the reason for her smile and comfort.

Armaan: (holding Ridhimaa's face tenderly) Tum meri zindagi ka sabse haseen khwaab ho Ridhimaa...
Ridhimaa: (glancing right back into Armaan's eyes) Aur tum meri zindagi ki sabse khoobsurat haqeeqat...

 After a few minutes of staring at each other, Armaan broke the silence.

Armaan: I love you too, Ridhimaa...

 He slid under the covers and pulled Ridhimaa to himself, tucking her in and wrapping his arms protectively around her. Ridhimaa again buried her head in his chest, and listened to his steady heartbeat. She kissed Armaan's heart passionately. Armaan returned the kiss on her forehead, whispering "Good Night", as Ridhimaa slowly slipped into unconsciousness, safe and secure within Armaan's embrace. Armaan kept gazing at her for long before drowsing off to sleep with "only his" Ridhimaa.


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