Saturday, 9 November 2019

part 5 : Here to change his life forever

Life and work was hectic and usual. Meetings to attend, couple of discussions and load of work. Riddhima was engrossed in a file when there was a knock on the door. It was none other than Armaan he had come to tell her they will be going to home together since the weather was bad outside and therefore she agreed to accompany Armaan while going back home. It was around 7pm, and it looked like it was going to rain heavily so both of them left to go home from Mallik Empire. In the midway there car stop and there is smoke coming out from car bonnet. Driver gets out of the car and checks and comes to Armaan and tells him that they need a mechanic to repair the car. So the driver leaves to get a mechanic. Riddhima gets down the car as she is not comfortable, Armaan follows her. They are standing outside the car, the weather is cloudy and it seemed like it is going to rain any moments. Suddenly it starts lightening Riddhima gets scare and hugs Armaan. Her head is touching his bare chest with her hand touching his chest. She has all her weight on Armaan. After two minutes she realizes she just hugged him and mentally kicks herself for going near him. Even though Armaan
doesn't like anyone coming near him, he didn't feel bad nor did he shout at her for hugging him. They were waiting for the driver to come with a mechanic and it started pouring like crazy, both of them were fully drenched. Seeing Riddhima shivering Armaan tells her to go sit inside the car otherwise she will fall sick. Riddhima didn't feel like arguing with Armaan and as she was shivering she listened to Armaan and went and sat inside the car. Armaan knew Riddhima wasn't conformable if both of them were sitting together in the car so he stood outside waiting for the driver. After 15-20 minutes Driver came with a mechanic and the mechanic fixed the car and they left for Mallik Mansion. After coming home they got changed and came down for Dinner. Both had dinner and then retire to their rooms as they were tired from the hectic day at work. The next morning Riddhima got up, took shower and was ready to leave there was a knock on her bedroom door, she opened it and a servant told her that Armaan was sick and that he wasn't going to the office today. So Armaan wants to meet her before she leaves for the office. After hearing this Riddhima got scared and worried about Armaan's health, she went downstairs to get something to eat for Armaan. She came upstairs with coffee and sandwich, as she knew Armaan won't eat breakfast. She knocked on his door and enters inside seeing Armaan wide awaken lying on his bed. She goes and puts the tray on the table in his room and goes up to him and asks him how he is feeling now. Armaan tells her he has cold and fever. She takes the thermometer which is lying on the night stand and measures his temperature which is 103. Armaan you have a high fever, you eat something and take medicines and take some rest said Riddhima. After seeing Armaan is a bad condition with high fever she told him she isn't going to office today instead she wants to stay home and make sure he has his meals and medicines at time and takes rest. After lot of arguing Armaan finally gave in and didn't stop her from not going to the office. Riddhima got up and gave him breakfast and told him to finish everything and then take medicine and go back to sleep. Armaan made faces and said he didn't wanted to eat, but Riddhima being Riddhima forced him to finish everything and gave him his medicines and told him to take some rest. In the evening she again check temperature and it was 101, is did come down but still wasn't normal. Seeing Armaan being suffocated and not able to sleep well, she decided to put water clothe on his head so that the temperature goes down. The whole night she was sitting next to him dipping the cloth in cold water and putting the clothe on his head so that the temperature comes back to normal. While doing this she didn't know when she fell asleep next to bed with her head on his bed next to him seating on a stool. In the morning she woke up when she heard something next to her head. Finding Armaan moving uncomfortably in his sleep, she started thinking how did she get here and why was she sleeping here the whole night. She went to her room before Armaan saw her there. She went to her room and sat on the couch and started thinking about what happen yesterday and last night. There were billions of questions in her mind: why is she being attracted to him? Why does she have feelings towards him? What is making her care of him? Why does she prefer not to go to work and instead stay home and look after him? Why does she feel bad and is worried when she sees him in pain? Why can't she stop herself from not going near him? Why does she feel bad when he doesn't take his meal or take medicines? Why does she feel protected in his arms? On the other hand when Armaan found out Riddhima had taken care of him he was once again depressed. No one had cared for him so much so why had she sat there the whole time looking after him. Why did she care so much neither his parents never gave a damn about him. His parents didn't care for him, and that's why they didn't try to find out about him, how was he, where was he, what was he doing nothing. God did not also care about him and that is why God Separated Saniya from him. Of course Saniya didn't care either and that is why she left him. Maybe his Partners would care or his workers but all they wanted out him was money. No one gave a damn about him and this girl who he had just met and was just his business partner took care of him when he was ill why. Why did she care so much about him he had noticed since the past few days that she was trying to take care of his needs. He banged his fist against the table and cried out loud he drank another glass of wine and said "I don't know why I am still alive when no one cares about me, Life has just become a joke for me". Armaan had come to the conclusion that Riddhima did not care for him, she also wanted his money and therefore had decided not to thank him. Riddhima was not sure why she was doing this but had decided she'd bring the Original Armaan out. She will get Armaan out of his depression. She doesn't know why but she can't see Armaan in this condition, she can't see Armaan depressed, she can't see him drink every night, she can't see him being a stone hearted man who doesn't have feelings towards anyone. She knew if Armaan didn't come out of this situation soon he may end up being

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