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part 6 : Here to change his life forever

Two weeks had passed since Armaan's sickness. Armaan still believed that Riddhima is after his money, and that is the only reason she taking care of him. Armaan had started avoiding Riddhima as much as possible. Even though Armaan was avoiding Riddhima, Riddhima continued her efforts to try and get him out of this depression. Riddhima wouldn't leave a single chance of trying to get Armaan to forget his past and come out of his depression. Life had been busy with hectic schedule and a heavy work load. Armaan had become a workaholic like before, Riddhima tried her best to help him but she wasn't as such successful

The construction of their new hotel had started. Both of them knew that today was going to be a very important day as government inspectors were coming today to check the materials and how the construction of the hotel was going along. Armaan and Riddhima therefore left early to go to the site of the hotel to make sure everything was in order and under control. If there was any mistakes or errors found today then the construction of the hotel would be stopped and there would be major consequences. It was time for the inspectors to arrive so Armaan and Riddhima went out to the gate to receive them. Inspectors went around the whole hotel checking if the construction was done legally and there was no problem. But unfortunately it wasn't a pleasant day for Armaan and Riddhima, one of the inspectors came up to the head inspector and told him that the material that was being used was cheap and it wasn't the one they were supposed to use. Armaan and Riddhima were shocked hearing this, they didn't know about the faulty and illegal material. They were starring at each other and there were lots of questions they needed to ask each other. They knew there was a major consequence and which was that the construction will be stopped and the owner of the hotel will be arrested. Riddhima knew that the hotel was in the name of her and Armaan. So the first person to get in trouble would be Armaan. So even without thinking twice she took the blame on herself tell the inspector she knew that faulty material was being used and she was the one who asked for it . Armaan was completely shocked hearing that Riddhima was responsible for this. Riddhima was arrested and was taken to jail for further investigation.
Armaan somewhere deep down inside his heart knew that this is not possible and Riddhima can't do this. So he went to his office and told his PA to bring all the documents of material used in the construction of hotel. After going over all the documents, Armaan couldn't find anything that proves that Riddhima didn't do it as all evidence seemed against her. He also started believing that indeed she was at fault and had done this purposely. In anger he decided to leave the office, when he was walking out he heard two people over talking in a room. They were talking about the material used in the construction of the hotel. Armaan couldn't believe what he had just heard. The manager of his company had just back stabbed him for money. His rivals have given him money to change the order of the material, and instead of using the material that was good and was supposed to be used the manager was told to order cheap material to get Armaan Mallik in trouble. Armaan felt guilty for even thinking Riddhima was responsible. Armaan's was extremely angry and could not control it anymore and went in the room where the manager was talking to one of the other employee of Armaan's company. The manager was shocked to see Armaan there boiling with his anger, after looking at angry Armaan manager figured that Armaan had found out about his exchanging of the material. Armaan punched the manager, the manager started bleeding but he couldn't control. Other people from the company stopped Armaan from beating the manager any further as he would have gotten in trouble. The manager tried to act innocent and ask Armaan what he did. Armaan fuming with anger told him that he knows his truth and that he has called the police. They are on their way Police comes and takes the manager. Riddhima is released and goes home. Armaan goes back to his cabin, in deep thought. Why did Riddhima take the blame on herself when she knew she didn't do anything? Why did Riddhima save him from going to jail? This made him believe that Riddhima wasn't after his business and partnership but she did really care for him but he needed answers to his questions and there was only one person who can answer him which was Riddhima. Armaan went home early that day and saw Riddhima was in her room sleeping. So he didn't disturb her and waited for her to get up so that he could get the answers to the questions he had. Around dinner time Riddhima got up, Armaan didn't question her at the dining table but after having dinner Riddhima went out in the Garden and was sitting on the swing. Riddhima was thinking about something when Armaan came from back and sat next to her on the swing which made her come out of her thoughts.
Riddhima: Hi tum kab aye?
Armaan: Main bas abhi abhi aya jab tum apne khyalo main khoyi huvi thi. Riddhima I want to ask you something? Will you answer me truthfully?
Riddhima: I will try to. What do you want to know?
Armaan: Riddhima why did you take the blame on yourself when you knew that you didn't do anything.
Riddhima didn't know what to tell him. She tried to make something up. She told Armaan that she knows the project needs him so she took the blame on herself.
Armaan knew she was lying. Her face said it all. Armaan could tell from her face that she was lying.
Armaan: Riddhima jhoot mat bolo. I can tell from your face that this is not the reason you took the blame on yourself.
Riddhima felt embarrassed as she was caught lying. She tried looking here and there to ignore eye contact with him. She got up from the swing and stood near the pillar. Armaan followed her and put a hand on her shoulder and asked her again.
Armaan: Riddhima please tell me why did you take the blame on yourself?
Riddhima knew she can't lie this time. He could read her face. So she didn't have any other option then telling him why. So trying not to have any eye contact with Armaan she said:
Riddhima: Armaan I can't see you in trouble. I don't know why. I can't see you in pain.
Armaan: Me in Pain? Riddhima No one in this world has ever cared about me
Riddhima: Armaan I am not everyone I can't see you depressed every day I can't see you like this
Armaan: Riddhima you should stop caring about me seriously because no one ever cared for me and never will. I am used to this life. My Life has become a joke and don't know where it is taking me.
Riddhima: Seriously Armaan you need to stop thinking that no one cares about you, there are people who care for you and I certainly do for some odd reason
Armaan: ya right, neither my parents did nor Saniya and I don't think anyone will ever care even if I die.(he screamed with pain in his voice)
Riddhima: Armaan I don't know why you are so depressed and what happened in your past(Shewanted Armaan to tell her his past, so she lied to him)
Armaan: Leave it Riddhima leave me and let me be the way I am. I am happy the way my life is.
Riddhima: Armaan stop behaving like you are happy no one can be happy this way. You sit and drink the whole night, you have ruined your life               
Armaan: Riddhima I am really thankful for what you did today but please leave me alone and stop trying to help me, trust me it won't work.                                                             
Riddhima: Okay fine as you say but can we be friends atleast.
Armaan rolled his eyes this girl really did care and he did not even know why. Armaan agreed to this friendship because she had done so much for him. Riddhima went back to her room she sat there on her bed thinking finally she had managed to become his friend it was going to be so much easier to bring about a change in her life. She become more concerned for him as time went by she could not see him hurt or in trouble. That is why she had taken the blame on herself. What was happening to her she had never cared for a guy so much she had never lied to save a guy before she had seriously lost it. She just felt that she needed Armaan and she needed him to be happy. She needed to know why she had feelings for him, why was he so important to her, why couldn't she see him in trouble or in pain. She thought to herself. Riddhima are you sure this is friendship. Are you sure there is no more than friendship. After long of thinking she realized she was in love with him. She knew deep down inside that he will never love her but her love was very strong and she was eager to help him out of this mess. She promised that she would do anything to bring him back to his normal self and hide her feelings. She convinced herself by saying that if they were destined to be together, no one can stop them to be one.

Friendship will lead to bringing a further change in Armaan's life watch out to see what will happen and how she will completely change him for good. But will this be friendship or anything more than friendship from Armaan's side. Will Armaan be able to move on in life, forget his past? Will he be able to trust Riddhima after all the losses he had in his life? Stay tune.


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