Monday, 11 November 2019

part 7 : Here to change his life forever

Riddhima and Armaan had came closer after he his realization that she was not after his money but really did cared for him. Her tries of making change in Armaan were still on and she was getting somewhat positive result. She had stopped his drinking to a great extent. She assured he didn't skip his meals and tried to make him get out, instead of home and work all the time. So Riddhima decides one way to help him is to make him socialize and take him to a party where he can meet people and interact with them, first it was hard for her to convince him to go to the party with her but Riddhima being stubborn convinced him somehow, and plus since now they were friends Armaan couldn't say no to Riddhima. Riddhima wore a black dress, where Armaan wore a white suite.
They both arrived at the party Armaan did not like all this much but he came because of Riddhima and he did not want to let her go alone. It was Riddhima's cousin's party but Armaan didn't know they were attending Riddhima's cousins party, since Riddhima only told him that they were going to a
birthday party. As soon as they got their her cousin welcomed them. She hugged him telling him how glad she is to see him. Armaan did not like the close proximity between the two of them. Meeting her cousin after so long, Riddhima was totally involved in catching up with her cousin, she didn't realize Armaan was with her at the party, so unintentionally she was ignoring Armaan which he didn't like. He had come to the party just because she had asked him to and now she did not even give a damn about him. What was bothering him more was how close she was to this Rajeev guy he did not like him one bit. He hated how he was pretending to be Riddhima's boy friend. Armaan wondered what was the relationship between Rajeev and Riddhima and why was Riddhima so close to him. Armaan wondered if Riddhima liked Rajeev or something since he wasn't that great looking either. Armaan got more annoyed when he spotted Riddhima doing a close dance with Rajeev and he felt disgusted with the scene in front of him. The worst thing was that he did not know why he was feeling this way. He went to the bar on the side and asked the waiter for beer he had promised Riddhima he would not drink but obviously she did not seem to care about him so he did not bother either. He then asked the waiter for another one and he kept drinking. Riddhima noticed he was nowhere in sight and therefore she got looking for him. She saw him sitting at the bar drinking she was pissed off why did he promise her if he could not control his urge to drink. She went to him but he was drunk and he tried messing around with her she started screaming at him. She took him outside so a scene would not be created inside. "What the hell is wrong with you Armaan, sometimes you act normal and sometimes you just get depressed" Screamed Riddhima. "Riddhima I came here specially for you but you did not even give me 5 minutes" Said Armaan. Riddhima was confused. You are one of those other people who don't care about me, every one left me and went away and now you started ignoring me said Armaan with tears in his eyes. "Stop it Armaan" said Riddhima. First it was that Saniya who left me the day before we were going to get married, she left me forever. I was the only one left behind, no one cared for me nor even thought about me for once Armaan said falling on the floor. That was the day when my life ended for ever I distanced myself from this selfish world and became a workaholic. He said crying louder. Riddhima could not see him like this and therefore sat down next to him so that she can support him and give him a shoulder to cry on and to make him feel that there is still someone who does care for him. Armaan took everything out, all that was in his heart from past couple years was coming out today. Riddhima had tears in her eyes looking at Armaan's condition. She couldn't control herself and was thinking about what things Armaan went through when there was no one to support him in his bad times. Riddhima took Armaan home and made him sleep on his bed and lightly kissed him on his forehead making sure she didn't disturb him. She covered him with the blanket and left his room deciding that she has to talk to him tomorrow morning.

Aliya & Komal

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