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part 9 : Here to change his life forever

Riddhima: Armaan 15 minutes mein ready ho javo, hum kahi baar ja rahe hai.
Armaan (confused): kya hum kaha ja rahe hai.
Riddhima: woh toh ek surprise hai. Ab bata diya toh surprise kaise rahega.
Armaan: nahi mujhe batao. Keeping his hands across his chest. He says kahi tum mujhe kuch karna do.
Riddhima: showing eyes. Armaan hits him on his arm. Shut up main itni giri hui bhi nahi hoon'Shut up and get ready in 15 minutes.
Both go to their rooms to get ready. Armaan was waiting at the door for Riddhima when a bike stopped in front of him and the person on it removed the helmet and it was none other than Riddhima. Armaan was shock seeing Riddhima drive the bike, She is stunning wearing skinny jeans and sauce wala red color top with sports jacket on top and cool shades
Riddhima: chale.
Armaan: coming out of the shock. Haan haan chalo par hum is pe ja rahe hai. (pointing towards bike)
Riddhima: Starts giggling and says haan kya problem hai is mein. Don't worry tumhe kuch nahi hoga, mujhe bike chala na ata hai. Mar nahi jaoge.
Armaan: Hesitating says Yes.
Riddhima sits in the front we Armaan on the back holding her tightly from waist, putting his head on Riddhima's back. Riddhima zooms off the bike. Both enjoying the bike. Armaan asks Riddhima where she is taking them but Riddhima doesn't tell him saying it's a Surprise. Riddhima stops the bike in front a place.
Armaan: Riddhima tum mujhe yahan kyu layi ho.
Riddhima: Enjoy naam ki koi cheez hoti hai zindagi mein. Life is to enjoy and have fun. Toh meine socha Goa mein beach ki jaise koi enjoying place ho hi nahi sakta. She pulls Armaan with his hand and takes him near the beach. As soon as they go near the beach she takes her shoes off.
Armaan: Riddhima yeh tum kya kar rahi ho.
Riddhima: Armaaaaannnn'. Beach pe khule par ghumne se acha kya hota hai. I love walking on the beach with bare feet. Armaan starts removing his shoes and both of them start walking hand in hand. None of them realize when their hand held the other ones but they loved it so didn't bother to let it go. When they were walking they passed a child who was asking everyone for money and seemed like he hadn't eat anything from past couple days, without thinking twice Riddhima took money out of her purse and gave it to the child. Armaan was touch by Riddhima's action, how can someone care so much for a stranger.
Riddhima: Armaan woh dekho waha ferris wheel hain. Kya hum baath sakte hai us par. Please. had all
Armaan: started laughing looking at her childish behavior.
Both of them sat on the ferris wheel and had lot of fun exploring the whole city from the top. When they got down Armaan got a phone call from someone, Riddhima took his cell phone and disconnected the phone call and switch the cell off.
Armaan: Riddhima yeh kya tumne?
Riddhima: Armaan hum yaha enjoy karne aye hai naki Business karne. Hume joh bhi business karna tha hum kar chuke. Now it is time to enjoy.
Armaan: Riddhima mujhe mera cell phone vapas do.
Riddhima: Nahi dungi and she starts running with Armaan chasing her.
Armaan: Riddhima muhje mera phone do warna main'
Riddhima: kya kar loge tum. Haa warna kya'Riddhima slips and fells with Armaan on top of her. They have a eye lock session.
Armaan: I m'I m sorry Riddhima'
Riddhima: its okay'but plz ab utoh warna mujhe hospital jana padega'Kitni heavy ho tum'maan'kya khate ho'.
Armaan: Yeh muscles hain'jiske liye bohot mehenat lagti hain..tumhe in sab chiso ke bare mein kya pata'
Riddhima: Excuse me muhje saab pata hai. Mein bhi rooj gym jati hoon. Mr. Cool bane ki koi zarurat nahi. Samjeh.
Armaan: Cool bane ki zarurat nahi, main toh cool already hoon. Samji.
Riddhima: Nahi hoo
Armaan: hoon
Riddhima: nahi hoo
Armaan: hoon
After a minute both of them start cracking up, how stupid they were to argue on such a thing.
Riddhima: mujhe bhook lagi hai kahi khane chale.
Armaan: Haan mere pate main chuhe dod rahe hai. Chalo. They go to a restaurant for lunch and have a nice lunch while doing tang khichai of each other.
Riddhima suddenly remembers her parents and a tear falls down her eyes. Armaan is higly disturbed seeing this. He goes towards her and
Armaan: Riddhima what is wrong
Riddhima; nothing Armaan the food was just a bit spicy
Armaan; You know you can't lie to me tell me what happened
Riddhima: Nothing Armaan I am just missing my mom and dad haven't seen them for a while u know they were my everything
Armaan: Oh that is why you are upset. I know you love your parents a lot but Riddhima they are not with you right So you can't sit upset like this. I am just disappointed that you called your parents everything do i not hold any importance in your life are you not happy around me.
Armaan was clearly upset riddhima did not realize this would hurt him so much
Riddhima: Armaan why do u think you are not important in my life. You know since i meant you my life revolved around you. You are one person i never want to loose i love you more then anything in this world and you mean everything to me. She said crying
Armaan had actually hurt her more he knew she did consider him the most important guy then why had he said such stuff.
He wiped her tears and hugged her
Armaan:Riddhima i didn't meant to hurt you but i want you to know that i am always there for you and you will never be alone afterall we are great friends right.
Riddhima: great friends. Oh yeah thats all us being together means to you armaan
Armaan: i told u i need time for all this. I need to know you more
Riddhima; I understand armaan i am sorry for breaking down. Its late we should talk tomorrow
They both proceeded to their own rooms
Armaan could not sleep the whole night as he thought of riddhima where as the same was the case with Riddhima
None of them knew what the next day held for each other
She awoke Next morning Armaan saw her come down she looked stunning as usual but she wasn't smiling today
Riddhima: Hi armaan
He noticed that she did not sound her usual self today he tried starting a conversation but after last night they did not seem the same. He knew Riddhima wanted him to confess but he needed to give it some time.
Armaan: riddhima i know you are mad after last night but can we both just be normal and give it a try
Riddhima: Armaan arghh fine ill try
They both planned to go shopping today even though Armaan hated it riddhiam desired it and he could not say no to her cute puppy face
Riddhima bought a shirt for Armaan. He saw her looking at a dress but she did not buy it so he went and purchased it for her thinking he'd gift it to her later.
The two were getting extremely attached to each other Armaan had started to like her more and more. Maybe the time ahead that they were going to spend in Goa would finally make him realize he loved her more then anything in this world.

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