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AR os : Trip To God

"Riddhima" he whispered, trying to start a conversation.

But she slid further down, opened his shirt's button, kissed his chest and said- "Eight nights for eight months"

She didnt come back again, I waited but unlike other nights she didnt turn up at my guest house.

I am still wondering- What she said??? What she wanted to imply??


"Momma loves you angel" I said.

I felt a tender touch at my shoulder. I didn't need to see the person. He quietly sat beside me.


His face expressed NO clear emotions after facing another cruelty of fate and he just quietly caressed the tombstone.

A tear fell from his eyes on my hand. He didnt ask further. He didnt need any explanation.

"She loves you too. I know....she told me herself", I told him smiling.

Ashima Armaan Mallik

Feb 1,2004 - Oct 4,2004



"Aaah........" she let a groan escape her mouth. What I felt at that moment, could not be term as PAIN.

It was beyond that. I continued cleaning her wounds but as I was going to cover them with bandages, she stopped my hand

and said- "They are better without them"

"But you need them" I said in a terribly low tone. She understood my emotions and passed a little smile saying- They are already

being caressed in a far more soothing way!" I could not hold myself any longer and hugged her. I knew she was beaten, beaten by the

only person responsible for all the misery and curses in our lives, RAHUL GREWAL, unfortunately her husband and the one who sent me to jail for no crime of mine....

The one who made me suffer for two years in jail, away from my riddhima and that too in the charge of a r*pe...r*pe of my own love, my life RIDDHIMA!!!

but the harsh truth was that I could not do anything….I just could not.

I cried seeing her wounds, cried upon my fate, cried on seeing herself in such a miserable state, IF I COULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING!!! No longer able to control myself, I hugged her. I was trying to protect her in my arms.

She moved her arms inside my shirt at my back and I knew though I could not do anything to save her earlier, but at this moment I can

definitely relieve her of all her pains.....I parted myself a bit and put my lips upon hers for some moments...I found her body relaxed.

I freed her of her torn clothes and caressed her wounds with my fingers, sucked her blood coming out of her wounds, kissed them

and begging them not to hurt her anymore.

That was the last time I saw a smile of satisfaction gracing her lips.......Because that was the last time I actually SAW her!!!


Rahul Grewal, my blood boils when I remember his name. More than my suffering, I hated that man for harassing the most innocent and beautiful girl in this world.

I and Riddhima were living a peaceful life. We loved each other. Riddhima was doing her post graduation through correspondence.

I was working at a local firm as an assistant supervisor. I could not have got a better job at that time being qualified only till graduation.

But I wanted Riddhima to study further. So we together saved money for her correspondence program.

Every evening while returning from home, I visited her small pretty house. I used to have my dinner, sitting and chatting with Riddhima and her handicapped father. Life was going smooth. We were planning to get married after a year.

I could not be more satisfied. My each day ended after seeing riddhima's face which could convey thousands of inspirational quotes in just one expression.

But, as it is said, things always dont go according to us. There is a thing called FATE....For some its heaven and for some unlucky like me, it could not have cursed us in a worse way.

Rahul Grewal, the powerful politician, laid his dirty eyes upon Riddhima. Riddhima politely refused his proposal each time.

He again and again followed her and finally she told him that she loved me. But that rich spoilt brat got Riddhima's name on his mind maniacally. One night when I was out of town, he made her unconscious by secretly mixing her drink with a strong medicine.

Later he took Riddhima to MY home and molested her. When I returned to my appartment and saw her state, I was frozen and could not breathe.

And then Rahul played his master stroke. Police cops came and arrested ME for raping Rahul Grewal's lover!!

I would not be able to tell how my days were there. Perhaps pain was so much that it could not even come out. In a day, our world was crushed.

In jail, I met some young guys who were aggrieved by the same devil, they promised to help me to send me outside the jail and joined hands with me to DESTROY Rahul Grewal FOREVER.

Finishing Rahul Grewal forever was a tough task. I ran out of jail with outer help. I made good contacts and sent a mesage to Riddhima to meet her. In between I got the information that Riddhima's father passed away after listening to her daughter's plight. Rahul made Riddhima helpless and forcefully married her.

At one night she came to meet me at my hide-out when her so called HUSBAND was away from town.

As soon as I touched her, she groaned in pain and then................................................................

We spent one blissful night by soothing our visible and invisible wounds.

It took me 3 years to expand my network and finish Rahul Grewal. He was killed during a political rally. That day I fell on floor in my room and cried as loudly as I can. Again and again riddhima's bruised na**d body from that night came in front of me. But atlast the REVENGE was over. The suffering of years found an end. I would always be thankful to the people who helped me. But they were also feeling the greatest happiness they could have after reading the news that Rahul Grewal DIED!!!

My next task was to find Riddhima. I searched her everywhere but could not find her. I joined a good company whose owner believed

more in my skills rather than my past record. He sensed my true voice and offered me to join him. Now after 2 years I have everything. Good house, good money but still no Riddhima.

But I knew one day we would be together.


Some days later, I travelled to a small city in north-east region. After finishing my work, I took a walk to market, as usual buying stuff for Riddhima. I knew it was crazy.

But when we were together, I was unable to buy her any expensive gifts. Neither she demanded any.

And now the irony is that I have got all the money but Riddhima is not there. But still I buy all those things which I once thought to gift her.

I made my way to my guest house. Later at the same night, I heard a knock on the door. Wondering who could be at this time, I went to open the door but little did I know that I was not opening the door standing in front of me but the door which my heart always wanted to open to welcome its permanent resident.

There she was, looking at me and slightly smiling. I forgot to react. My legs were jammed. I was seeing her after whole FIVE years. My body and soul still remember her touch from that night. I came back to earth when she held my hand and took me inside my room and slept there with her head on my chest.

We didnt speak anything. I because i was too shocked to see her after a time which felt like ages and moreover I was scared that i might strike some badly sour chords. And she remained silent because…..


She carried on the same routine for a week. She would come to my place at night, just sleep in my arms and in the morning, would go away before I get up.

On the eighth night, I gathered some courage and whispered "RIDDHIMA"

But she slid down further, opened my shirt's button, kissed my chest and said- "Eight nights for eight months"


I found her finally. I asked some locals and they gave me her address but I was surprised to read her address as it was of a cemetery. I saw her and boosted up myself. I went to her, touched her shoulder and sat beside her.

But what I read next on stone, shook the remaining earth beneath me.

Ashima Armaan Mallik

Feb 1,2004 - Oct 4,2004

The next words which came out of her mouth were- "She loves you too. I know....she told me herself"

She knew I wanted to listen everything. So without making me more miserable which I thought was not possible in anyway as destiny didnt spare any room in my life where more grief can enter.

"Your gentle touch at that night filled my life with happiness.......a happiness which could only remain in my heart, becoming one of our most special memories, a happiness which I could not afford to express in front of this evil world.

But nature got its way to do that. Nature wanted to present our one sacred night full of love as a night of social crime in eyes of others. Your love blossomed inside me as our child. Rahul thought it was his child, he didnt want me to give birth to that child because in that case he would have to miss some nights when he can fulfill his intoxicated desires by abusing me physically and emotionally. EMOTIONALLY.....................I was no longer hurt by such things..........because all the emotions died inside me when I saw the only two pearls in my life suffering, You in a castle surrounded by deaf bricks and papa on the death-bed.

Rahul's colleagues suggested him to bring a SON in this world so that in future he could help his father in destroying some more people lives.

But rahul could not control his hunger and came to me drunk again when I was in last month of my pregnancy.

As he was again ready to pounce over me, I became determined to save my child. And a strange power forced me to say the truth in front of him that-


He dragged me to the floors, kicked me, slapped me continuously and threw me outside his house.

I dont know which power was that.........who could save our child. I opened my eyes in hospital and saw our daughter for the first time. She was the only ray of happiness in my large void life. She looked just like you.

But before even I could feel the touch of her tender lips in my chest, she was snatched from my hands by Rahul's men and later I got to know that she was sold to a rich house to a lady who could not become mother.

My only happiness was gone. Rahul didnt dump me as if the news leaked out that I was pregnant with your child, his image would have been ruined. So he was advised to keep me and sell the kid to someone else. But Rahul deliberately sent our daughter to a home where she could not be taken care of properly.

The lady who bought her was also just a puppet in her own house. Later I got to know that she died in an accident and the little care which my daughter was receiving there, vanished.

One day I sneaked out of my house to see my daughter. I thought that I would run away with her and spend the rest of my life with her and your memories.

But when I reached her, she was planning to meet God. She was famished. I took her in my arms and rocked her gently.

She held the locket in my neck which was keeping your photo secretly and smiled--

I knew what she wanted to say. She said that she loved you!!! And then she closed her eyes forever.

I promised her that I would get her the love which she needed from you, I promised her that I would stay for eight nights with her father, trying to feel your love for her. Eight nights for her life of Eight months!!!!!!!!!!

At the same time, Rahul was attacked in a rally and died. May be he got what he deserved.

I brought my still Ashima here, I didnt know by which name she was called earlier but I knew that you liked this name.

So for those five minutes when she was in my arms, she was ASHIMA ARMAAN MALLIK.


There she is standing, watering the plants in the cemetery. She is looking happy even after what all she faced in her life.

I knew why she is happy.....She is happy because finally she lives with her daughter now. But I still feel that Ashima doesnt deserve love of just eight nights.

My child deserved muchhhhhhhh more than that. She has gone to meet god, perhaps to ask for happiness in her parents' lives.

But now I will make riddhima's smile permanent on her face. A smile which me and Ashima will now see each morning and each night.

Yes now I and Ashima will give Riddhima all the pleasure in this world.

Because now I and Riddhima will be together for our whole life and we'll call Ashima back from her TRIP TO GOD to live with us forever.....!!!!


with lots of luv

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