Tuesday, 3 December 2019


Some night

2.08 A.M

"actually it wasn't really my fault you know, the papers had acidentally got mixed up on my table and i shouted on my P.A. But that's not the problem you see, the thing is that office me i'm not really known as the apologising kinds...i can't go and say sorry like i do to your mum...what do you say then? Maybe give him a day off and tell him i don't need any resignation? Yeah, gusse me maine keh diya tha resign karne ko.."

he carressed shilpa's bloated tummy, talking to the little one, he was expecting a girl.

Some night

12.36 A.M

"no armaan the bed is too soft.." she whined helplessly, sleeping was one of the biggest problems these days..

"uh...what do you say then? Maybe we can put some sheets on the floor...you want to try that?"

"its too hard...my back aches will start again.." she was almost crying now.."

he took a deep sigh and suddenly his face lit up with an idea.. he laid flat on the bed, telling her to come over him.. but she protested "armaan tumhe pata hai i can't sleep on my tummy, varna ye idea to mere paas bhi tha na.."

"arre don't sleep on your tummy, seedha leto, on your back, come on.." so he made her lie on top of him, but on her back, flat...and then finally she fell asleep with some sweet murmurings in her ears and soft caresses on her tummy..

on a bed, not too soft, not too hard, just perfect.

Some night

09.37 P.M

"its too early to sleep armaan..." she protested once again and he brought her closer, one arm under her head as her pillow and the other over her stomach as her comforter..

"but its important you sleep on time na baby.." he kissed her head..

"let's talk.." she took a slight little turn and held his shoulder possesively..

"about what?"

"anything.." she came closer and nuzzled in his neck closing her eyes..

"anything like?"

"mmhhmm.." with her nose, she tried to shoo away his face itself, to get more space in his neck..


"lemme sleep.." she hoarsely spoke and he smiled, kissed her forehead and looked at her tummy, "we won't let her sleep all night once you come baby!"

Some night

11.26 P.M

she was watching KABOOL HAI repeat telecats while he mssaged her swollen feet..

"armaan your chance na...A se bolo.." she shook her leg a little to make him aware..

"haan uh...A se..afghanistan..N.."


"already done.."

"uh then..neitherlands.."

"that too.."

"uhm...new zealand.."

"vo toh tum already do baar bol chuki ho..pichlli baar bhi you wren't agreeing you had already said this.."

"this is not done yaar..mujhe ache se yaad hai new zealand nahi hua armaan.."

"phir vohi baat...ho chuka hai.."

she made a pout, squeezed her eyes showing her disaproval and whined again..

"armaan you're saying this coz you're losing.."

"arre...jab do baar bol chuki ho pehle...you're cheating now.."

he saw her flaring nostrils and decided otherwise, "okay fine..i think mujhe hi theek se yaad nahi..you win.."

"yaayyee!!!" she clapped her hands like a two year old and increased the volume of the tv again to go back to her serial.


08.56 P.M

She was sitting on the round stool in front of the dressing table, combing her hair, as softly and slowly as she could, raising her arms like that for more than a few moments used to result in sever pain in her elbows and upper arms..

"lost in a thought?" he entered the room and kept their dinner plate on the side table before coming over to her..

she took a deep breath and "nahi ho rha.." said dejectedly, handing him the comb and turning around to face him, resting her head near his stomach as he stood in front of her and started solving her locks..

"you want to tie a bun?" he asked picking a clutcher..

"hmm.." she nodded and wrapped both her arms round him..

"armaan.." she looked up in his eyes questioningly. Since he was done, he kept the clutcher and the comb on the bed beside, and knelt in front of her.. "hmm.."

"please say my weight doesn't affect your love for me.."

he kissed her hands and without leaving them, replied.. "i think it does, i've started to love you even more since you grew triple of your original size..i love it this way. I think you look really sexy.." he kissed her forehead and waited for her answer..

she smiled wide at that reply.. "i love you armaaannn!!!!! mujhe laga tha tum kahoge 'no its okay don't worry.." but i love you armaan! You're so so so sooo good!" she squealed in joy and kissed both his cheeks tightly with each of her "so's"..


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