Wednesday, 25 December 2019


He shut the door behind him entering the house as stealthily as he could. Seeing all the lights off, he assumed her asleep. It was anyways late in the night and he had already told her to have her dinner without waiting for him. As he made his way to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, he was reminded of his promise to her, of taking her on an ice cream date today. He still wanted to in fact, but it wasn't possible now for 3 reasons:

He was hell tired

Shilpa was already asleep

And, well he was hell tired!

But he still felt guilty for not taking her, having promised in advance.

Taking out some ice from the freezer, his eyes fell on a big colorful box, well the box wasn't really colorful but the ice cream inside sure did look so! He took out the box gently and read what was written over it.. "WORLD'S BEST DADDA" how sweet! How- oh f**k! What? He read it again.. "WORLD'S BEST DADDA" is it what that read? Oh yeah it did. He took a breath realizing what it MIGHT mean.. was he going to be a –oh shit! No I mean OH wow! No I mean what the- shit let me think what I mean!

Shil- on an instant, he called out for her but stopped in the middle realizing why she suddenly wanted to eat an ice cream! She was pregnant and this was how she wanted to tell him! And okay, now things did make sense. She had made the ice cream herself! And had written those words especially for him. He was more than elated. That was why she was not upset when he had said he'd be late. And he remembered discussing it with her that whenever they plan to have a child, he would love to be called "dadda" instead of 'daddy', 'dad' or the plain 'papa' . That is why she had especially written those words! He didn't realize he had tears in his eyes. He didn't realize he had starting loving her folds more in that one moment. He didn't realize the world suddenly felt complete.

Smiling to himself, he took the ice cream in his hands as he made his way upstairs. He wondered what would've she done if he had not been late! Of course, she had made the ice cream herself only after realizing that he won't be able to take her out. And then it hit him. Probably this was also a part of her plan.. maybe she didn't want to make things obvious and had only asked for an ice cream date today when she knew he had three surgeries back to back. And he stopped in his way recognizing that taking the ice cream up might just spoil his beautiful wife's surprise!

So being the armaan mallik that he was, he decided to play along and give shilpa her own way of breaking the news… he smiled thinking how would he react when she brings the ice cream…would he be able to show his exact emotions? He wondered if he'd be able to bring the same natural smile seeing the surprise again…

"hey" she smiled seeing him entering through the bedroom door. She had been waiting for him watching tv..

"you didn't sleep?" he went over and gave a peck on her forehead..

"wasn't feeling sleepy!" she smiled at him..

Yeah right! He could clearly see her red eyes. She looked so darn sleepy! But he felt proud in the same moment.. she had been awake only so she could give him the biggest happiness of his lifetime.. how he wished to smack his lips right on hers in that very moment.

"kya hua?" she asked him not receiving a reply from him.. he smiled her kissed her on her lips.. she blushed, like she always did but managed a little frown..  "What was that for?"

"For being you! Thank you!" he kissed her again..

"uhm.. I'm sorry I couldn't take you on your ice cream date today..i had thought main manage kar lunga, par the surgeries took time.." he decided to play her a little…

"koi baat nahi… hum ghar par hi-"

"actually agar tum chaho toh hum ab bhi jaa sakte hain… I'm sure bandra me we'd get a 24-hour shop.."

"uh..nhi…tum thak gaye hoge na?" she tried to reason. She spent alost the whole day making that ice cream and he was talking about a 24 hour opened shop! No way in hell would she let him destroy her surprise! He always did that.. either he was too slow to grasp her surprises or would catch it before hand.. and she could not let that happen this time..

"actually haan…thank toh gaya hoon!" fine, he wanted to tease her,but he too was getting impatient now.. all these games could be saved for some other day… he just wanted THAT ice cream now!!

"tum change kar lo..and then we can have ice cream at home itself!" she smiled, and for an unknown reason to him, her smile look fresher and better and more dazzling than ever.

"ghar pe? We have ice cream at home?" he tried to fake some astonishment but he doubted if he smiled too much..

"uh…I think…I mean I'm sure freezer me rakhi hogi.." her smile was sheepish this time, but was dazzling than ever. Again.

"oh..okay…main change kar leta hoon…kya pehenna hai?" he moved to his wardrobe and she gave him his three fourths. He never needed t-shirts at night.

He waited impatiently in his room for her to get back. He thought of what position should he be sitting, or should he pretend to sleep? No, shilpa would be disappointed then. He got up and started pacing around the room, quite involuntarily well. He sat on the corner of the bed but that seemed too desperate and fake. watching tv would make him look uninterested..He went towards the window and looked at the stars outside, it seemed such a starry night! The gods too seemed happy for them.. a smile crept up his face as he realized the fact once again… he was actually going to be!

He heard the door knob turn and looked at her entering with a tray in her hand… in that moment, he realized where he was standing was just the perfect place, just the perfect position..

As he started making his way towards her, she stopped him.. "no. close your eyes.."

"what? Why?" now he didn't know that was a part of her plan too! This closing eyes business is always very intriguing, no matter what..

"armaan! Maine poora din se plan kiya hai..please don't spoil it now.." she reprimanded..

"okay okay.." he quietly closed his eyes..

"armaan.." he heard her whisper softly near his lips..

"can I open my eyes?"

"hmmm.." he could her smiling..

He slowly opened his eyes and saw those words written with the ice cream jam.. "WORLD'S BEST DADDA" reading them again made him believe once more that it wasn't a dream.. "shona.." he looked up at her and all his plans of smiling or reacting went in vain. One look at her face and his cheeks were wet with tears.. she too was fluttering her eye lashes to keep her tears in check.. without saying another word, he softly captured her lips in a kiss… he rubbed her wet cheek with his thumb as he murmured a "thank you" near her lips.. her hands on their own accord, went to the back of his head as she massaged his scalp with her eyes closed.. his other hand went round her waist picking her up and leading her to the bed…

She opened her eyes slowly breaking the kiss, as he leaned forward again, she put a hand on his chest.. "ice cream taste toh kar lo armaan!" he smiled.. "it's the most beautiful ice cream! I don't wanna finish it!..and, I better eat you up instead!" he captured her lips again making her lie down on the bed.. "I won't put much weight on you, I promise.." he mumbled towering over her.. she smiled..

They did know for how much time had they made love as now both laid in each others' arms talking as he fondled her hair..

"aur agar main late na hota?"

"I had a back up plan then! I would've faked stomach ache.." she chuckled leaning more into his chest..

"very smart mrs. Mallik!" he nuzzled into her hair taking in her intoxicating smell.. "you smell so good.." he whispered..

"but you know, sometimes you don't spoil my surprise!" she smiled and kissed his lips..

"yeah I had no idea in hell about this surprise!" he pecked her lips again and she chuckled proudly.. "see! Mumma is smarter than dadda!"

"oh she sure is!" and he took her into another round of love making…


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