Wednesday, 11 December 2019


"Armaan ye kahan le aaye ho mujhe? Aur please meri aakhon pe se ye patti hatao...I am starting to get scared now.."

"shhh..." he put a finger on her lips and put something in her hand. She touched and felt it was a paper... "kya hai ye?" she asked now getting restless with all the blindfold thing...he was behaving so weird from the morning itself!

"kaha na chup raho..." he made her quite and softly opened her blindfold.. she flickered eyes quite a times and starting reading the paper...


OK, when the idea of this date struck me, I had thought I would make it the best date ever. And trust me, I tried my best too. But when it came to the best part of the date, that is, this letter, I was blank. Totally, totally blank. All my life I had been thinking I am such a romantic person and all, par aaj pata chala it was all wrong! And you know writing this letter has been the most difficult thing of my life! I know I shouldn't be writing all this but if not this, then what? I still don't know how to say what I want to say. But I'll try. Okay, see, I know you love me and you know I love you. we both know we both love each other. And now I think we should take it to the next step. Shit, that came out so unromantically! Cancel the previous sentence. Cut it all. Okay, so the thing is, that I love you. I love you very very much ms. Shilpa-to-be-mallik. I have been loving you since I first saw you and I intend to love you till my last breath. I love each and every thing about you and I intend to love it all, till I
am alive. I love it when you shout at me and I love your soft whispers in my ear. I love your short dresses and saaree me toh aaj aap mashallah lag rahi hain! I love it when you bring home cooked food for me, and I love it  when you persuade me to take you out for a dinner. I love your pranks and I love your requests. I love your red nail paint, and yeah, vo toh I bas love only :P

 As much as I say I hate shopping and walking around in the mall, with your presence shona, I love it. As much as I say I hate waking up early in the morning, I love it when you come home to wake me up. As much as I say I hate khichdi, trust me, I love it when it is cooked by and you and especially, accompanied by a kiss in the desert! As much as I say I hate parties, I love it when I have you to hold my hand.  As much as I say I hate to stay for late night shifts, when accompanied by you shona, they turn into a bliss.

You turn my loneliness into privacy, silence into calm, screams into cheers, survival into life and shona, you have turned me, the arrogant ever armaan mallik into a helpless lover boy. And now that you have done the damage, I suggest you take care of it, of course, for the rest of our lives. No, for the rest of our LIFE (we have a joint life na? not lives.)

Since my first meeting with you, till now, has been a dream. Each and every moment has been unbelievably ecstatic and as you already know of my greediness, I donot want to give up on this delight ever. I donot want to give up on you and I donot want to give up on us, ever. I promise to be by your side, in all thick and thin, in all shades of days and nights and in all your moods. (what? I am just making clear [once again] that you're the more cranky one).

Shilpa, I know I iritiate you a lot, and I may not be the best guy for you. I know I tease you for your hindi and I am too arrogant to apologise whenever I am wrong. I know you don't like it when I pretend to flirt with girls to make you angry and I also know you hate me when I say a word against dr. shashank. But shona, I know you love me too, and you're the only one who can give me as much  love as you do. And do you know why that is? That's coz you yourself are a lovely human shona. You cry when you see others in pain and overlook your own pain to make others smile. You're an angel. And you deserve much better and much more than me. I may not be as great as you are, as kind as you are or as angelic as you obviously are, but I promise to be my best, how little ever does that account to be.

I have upset you so many times, and the jerk I am, I know I will still keep on doing it, but I also promise to apologize and make it up to you each time.

I know I ignore you many a time for work, and I can't promise that it won't happen again, coz yeah I am indeed a jerk, but I can at least promise that I am ready for all the chiding you have to give me for that.

I have it all planned, we are gonna have a happy life. Happier than my parents' and happier than yours. A happy life, that we both have wanted since childhood. We are gonna have a happy family. 2 kids- a girl and a boy. The girl has to be elder one coz since girls are wiser, she can take care of her younger brother when we have to romance. And I will always take side of my daughter whenever our kids fight. And I will make sure they fight often, coz I think it' ll be real fun.

Okay, no. if you don't want, we won't make them fight.

And then we will have a dog, a brown fur dog, jiska breed ka naam mujhe nahi pata...but I saw it in some looks really cute babe...I'll show you that newspaper after this date.

Coming to the date, so I was saying...will you marry me?"

As she finished reading the letter, he was on his knee, holding out a ring for her and waiting for her answer...her eyes were teary and all she could do was to nod a mild yes between her tears...


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