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Chapter five :25 With 18

            "Romantic Art, can anyone from you thee tell me what Romantic Art is?" Armaan said. It was the second day of school and work was really going to kick in for his students without a drought.
            Mark and Justin looked at Armaan like he was speaking a different language while Ridhima was the only one able to follow what he was speaking of.
            "Romantic Art was the time when painters were obsessed with the idea of having their paintings look perfect" Ridhima said as Mark and Justin looked like they had stepped in to a different planet.

            "That's correct. Romantic Art was a time when artist were obsessed with the idea of painting or drawing the perfect human, with or without clothes." When Armaan said without clothes it got Mark and Justin interested in the subject.
            "Without clothes!" Justin spoke up and as soon as he did, Armaan realized that he should not have mentioned that part to the two idiots in his classroom. 
            "you will not be drawing nude, so you can get that disgusting thought out of your head" Armaan said bring Mark and Justin back to the thought of uncaring.
            "Your assignment is to write a four page essay on the topic of Romantic Art, from where the art form began to who you would consider the greatest Romantic Artist during the time period. I expect the paper on my desk tomorrow morning."
            "What is this, Art class or English class" Justin mumbled under his breath.
            "I heard that! Armaan yelled after Justin as the class bell rang and the three students headed out the classroom door."
            He was going crazy, he had to be. Armaan couldn't believe himself. It was the second day of school and there he was standing outside the school hoping Ridhima would come out of the library so he could give her a ride home.
            Over and over Armaan would tell himself about how stupid the idea was. He had no feelings for the girl; there was nothing special about her. Just because he was interested in the fact that she was not interested in him, was not a good reason to stock the poor girl.
            Oh god, he was stocking her! No, he was just waiting for her to come out of a library, that is if she hadn't felt school already. If she did not come out by five thirty then he was going to leave, there was no point in waiting on a student. She was after all just a student.
            Armaan looked down at his watch it struck five fifteen, and at the very moment he looked up to see Ridhima come out of the library. He saw that she saw him, she smiled a nice pleasant smile from a distance and Armaan returned the same to her. He then walked up to her.
            These's were the time when Armaan felt like he goofed up. What was he going to say to Ridhima, I was waiting outside to give you a ride home? Would she even buy the excuse that he had paper work and just got finished with it the same time she just happened to come out of the library?
            "Hey Ridhima, What are the chances that we both came out of the school the same time again" Armaan said with a little laugh and a little bit of a guilty face.
            "Yeah" Ridhima replied back, Armaan noticed Ridhima had her research paper in her hands as the title cove of the good ten page essay read out Romantic Art Research Paper by Ridhima Gupta.
            She was one heck of a fast worker. He had only asked for a five page report and here the girl gave him a full ten or more page essay. "Would you like a ride home? After all we are headed in the same direction." Armaan said not really giving Ridhima much of a choice but to follow Armaan back to his car and get in. 
            "So, Ridhima tell me a little about yourself" Armaan asked he turned out of the school parking lot.
            "I'm pretty sure the towns fokes have already told you" Ridhima said looked out the car window. The clouds above her were starting to look gray. It was the time of year when the rain would bring cold weather. If it did end up raining.
            "They had, but they did not tell me your likes and dislikes." Ridhima was getting tired of the BS from Armaan and turned from the window and looked at him. Never in her life had she been as bold as she was going to be with the man sitting right beside her. He was a guy full of money and good looks and she was going to say what maybe no girl would have the wits to say to any man.
            "Why do you care about my like or dislikes?"Ridhima retaliated back. Armaan caught on fast, she was on to him. He never in his life had been asked by anyone such a question, most times people just went along with his conversations because it was him. But Ridhima was different after all.
            "Maybe I was just trying to be polite and make conversation" Armaan said. He did not want Ridhima to know he found her interesting. He did not find her interesting in any wrong kind of way, but he found her interesting in the ways that every once in a while the things she did seem to surprise him.
            "Any polite person would not wait for a student to come out of a library, just to give them a ride home" Now Armaan stiffened. Ever muscle in his body tightened. He glanced over at Ridhima as he was driving to see her big green eyes looking at him, strait.
            "Alright, no lies, just truth. That's what you want right?" Armaan asked
            "That's what I want" Ridhima said
            "Then I'm gonna tell you strait off, what I am gonna say it's either gonna be total hell for me and total profit making for you, or it is going to be total hell for both of us."
            "Just tell me" Ridhima said, she did not expect Armaan to propose to her, it wasn't like they shared anything like such, but she also did not expect what Armaan was going to do or say next.
            Armaan moved his car off the road to the side of the field, the corn field with the grass covered his car real well as he parked his car in the hidden.
            Ridhima's heat stopped for a moment. Her breath became quicken. Shivers passed through her spin. Just the idea being in a car with Armaan, a parked car, hidden in the corn field scared her. He could do anything to her and no one would no. He would get away with it too with his money and fancy lawyers.
            Armaan looked at her, she saw it in her eye's she was scared, but her body looked strong. He looked at her for the first time, really looked at her. He took he's eyes away from her eyes and he trailed it down. He looked at her lips, rosy and pink. He looked at her bare neck. So smooth and tough. He looked down at her chest, small but perfect for him. Her flat stomach.
            Ridhima could see him looking at her; she did not have to look at his face to know it. She could feel him looking at her differently. No one looked at her the way Armaan was looking at her. She saw when he looked at her lips, neck, chest, stomach, and now she felt him looking at her legs, almost as if he could see through the jeans she was wearing. He had not once touched her but by the time Armaan's gaze reached Ridhima's knees she felt a twisting knot in her stomach her chest feel tighten and an empty feeling between her legs.
            "Are you sure you still want to know?" Armaan said. He knew she was not strong enough to hear what he had to say. But this time it was up to her. If she still wanted to hear it he would tell her. He expected her to say yes. Instead he heard "No" come out of her mouth. "No, I do not want to know" She was looking at his brown eyes. She was looking at them innocently. She knew what he was going to say, but she did not what to hear it. She did not want to feel the way she had felt moments ago, because that feeling felt so desiring and so scary all at the same time.
            Armaan started his car again. Breaking away the gaze he had on Ridhima's eyes, he brought the car back on the road as he picked up on their last conversation they had left off on "So what are your likes and dislikes?" This time Ridhima did not say anything just looked out the window. She understood perfectly what Armaan was saying behind the silly question of likes and dislikes; he just wanted her to keep her mouth shut, and that was exactly what she was going to do.


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