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Chapter four : 25 With 18

            As soon as Ridhima entered her house the clock struck six. Her aunt wasn't at home so it was safe for Ridhima to openly feel what she felt. She wished at the moment she was not so reserved around people. She thought that if she could be like the other girls in school at least she would have a chance to speak to Armaan Khanna more openly at least it would create room for a relationship of friendship.
            To Ridhima the thought of love was so out of the question. How could she fall in love with a man who is her teacher? Not only that but she barely knew the man. For bloody hell she had written research papers on that mans success and the idea of her actually liking his just was not comprehendible.

            But she had to admit he was quite dashing. She thought in her head as she smiled to herself. Ridhima opened the kitchen lights and started to make herself peanut butter sandwich. There was something about the food that was comforting to her, it filled an empty space that was there but never understood.
            As soon as Ridhima took a bit to the chewy goodness the house phone rang. "Hello," Ridhima said with a mouth full of peanut butter.
            "Ridhima, are you eating peanut butter?" Her Aunt Sheena's voice boomed through the phone. Ridhima could hear a lot of music in the background, which seemed unusual. Her aunt never went to clubs or anything. Usually when Sheena called Ridhima it would be from her quite office in the city. 
            "Yes" Ridhima replied. Chunking down the mouth full of peanut butter that was in her mouth.
            "Listen, my co workers forced to come to this club with them, but don't worry, I will make some excuse and get home." Sheena said screaming through the phone
            "No, don't do that, I'm just going to be going to sleep soon any way, have fun for once will you." Ridhima said hoping her voice would get across to her aunt
            "Are you sure?"
            "Yeah I'm sure! Don't worry, when was the last time you heard of a thief in Spring town anyway?" Ridhima said with a chuckle
            "Okay if you are sure then, don't stay up to late and make sure you do your home work, and…" Sheena was cut off with Ridhima's words
            "Don't worry Aunt Sheena, I'm eighteen years old, I can take care of myself, have fun I will talk to you when you get back, or tomorrow if I am already asleep."
            "Okay than, good night Ridhima"
            Ridhima put the phone up with a sigh. Her aunt cared about her so much that sometimes she left guilty to be alive. Her mother was still her alive her aunt would be out partying every weekend, maybe even have a husband by her side. Ridhima did not like that because of her, her aunt was living a life that was dull and boring.
            Ridhima finished her peanut butter sandwich and noticed that it was only six fifteen. She was still pretty hungry but not in the mood for food as she was in the mood for junk food. She did not know why but she was craving ice cream, and not just ice cream she was craving double chuck chocolate chip ice cream. She hated that flavor.
            Ridhima grabbed her coat as the fall cold started to kick in at night and walked towards the ice cream parlor in town. Spring town way small but Ridhima had to admit there were things in town that no other place could carry. The town had a old fashion movie theater that only sat twenty people and only played movies from before the 1970s. But the ice cream parlor was her favorite of all the places. It was an old style shop with real handmade ice cream and even factory made ice cream.
            It took five minutes for Ridhima to reach the Ice cream parlor. And she expected it to be empty as it usually is during the time of the day but she say Mr. Bubbles, the owner amiably talking to Mr. Khanna!
            As Ridhima opened the door the door bell on top of the door rang and both Mr. Bubbles and Armaan turned to look at Ridhima. Armaan gave a smile and Mr. Bubbles welcomed Ridhima.
            "Come on in Ridhima, what ice cream would you like to night" Mr. Bubble's was a big bubbly old man with a bald head. He was one of Ridhima's favorite town's fokes. Mr. Bubble's never took money from strait A students. All a kid had to do was show their most recent report card and he would give free ice cream. When Ridhima was in sixth grade Mr. Bubbles stopped looking at Ridhima's report card as he always knew she never got anything below a ninety eight on her report card.
            "Double chunk chocolate chip, please" Ridhima said
            "I thought you did not like that flavor?" Mr. Bubbles asked curiously.
            "I don't know, but I have a craving for it badly." Ridhima said joyously. As
Armaan watched from the parlor seat where he sat, a grin came across his face. Why couldn't Ridhima be so joyous around him? She obviously has a smile of gold, from what he could see.
            "Mr. Khanna, I would like you to meet Ridhima, you know she is going to bring greatness to this town, I can feel it" Mr. Bubbles said as if telling a prophecy.
            "Have a seat Ridhima" Mr. Bubbles said pointing to the seat beside Armaan. Ridhima took a seat beside Armaan, while Armaan locked eyes with her for a split second and then looked back at Mr. Bubbles.
            "We have met already, I'm her art teacher this year" Armaan said with a smile.
            Mr. Bubble's was going to say something but was interrupted when Mrs. Bubbles came through the parlor with their five children for an ice cream treat.
            Armaan and Ridhima were left to talk on their own, but Ridhima did not know what to say. The man intimidated her; he was the kind of man who could make a stadium fall silent by just his presence. 
            "So you had a craving for a flavor of ice cream you do not like?" Armaan asked with amusement.
            "Yeah" Ridhima said in a whisper. She was looking at her large filled cup of ice cream was Armaan was looking at her. He was interested in her, he knew the way he was looking at her, and he knew the effect it would have on her if she would just look back in his eyes.
            Before Ridhima could turn her face to look at his gaze, Armaan turned back to look at his own vanilla ice cream.
            "Ridhima don't take this the wrong way or anything, I'm just concerned but when my mom was pregnant with my baby sister Aliya she used to have cravings for stuff she hated eating." Ridhima understood loud a clear what Armaan was talking about and she could not help but laugh at the thought.
            "Me, and pregnant? I have never, I mean…" Ridhima was surprised that she heard what she was hearing. It wasn't so much of an insult to Ridhima as it was a surprise. No man had ever looked at her in a way to be able to get her in bed. And here a man, no her teacher was asking her if she was pregnant?
            "I get it, sorry I shouldn't have said that" Armaan said as he got up from his seat. Grabbing his half full cup of ice cream he said. " I will see you in school tomorrow bright and early" Armaan said as he drop down a hefty tip of fifty dollars on the parlor table and walked out.
            Ridhima could not help but stare at his back as he left. He had a way of how he walked that showed he was from a higher society. Everyone in town walk with a bit of slug but Armaan walked strait and tall with dignity. He stood out from everyone, he was different, and Ridhima liked different.


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