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Chapter six : 25 With 18

            Ridhima ran out of Armaan's car as soon as he had reached her house, neither had said a word to each other. It had been the most awkward and nerve racking moment or Ridhima's life. And what scared her most was that she wanted it to happen again.
            As soon as Ridhima entered her house her Aunt Sheen was home. "Her Ridhima how was school today" Sheena asked from the kitchen when she heard the front door open. "Good" Ridhima said and then went straight to her room before her aunt could see her pale face.
            Ridhima quickly closed her bedroom door and locked her. She leaned against the door as she slid down to the floor. She covered her mouth with both her hands as she started to breathe deeply to get her heart beat back to normal.

            How was she going to face the man tomorrow in school, how could she just sit in class and pretend like another normal school day. As far as anyone knew, the most Ridhima knew about Armaan was as much as he lead on to be in class, but he looked at her differently.
            Ridhima throw her backpack across the room. She felt scared; no one had looked at her or showed any interest in her in that way. How was she going to face him tomorrow? Ridhima closed her eyes and dozed off on her bedroom floor.
            "Ridhima?" Ridhima woke up around nine at night when she heard her aunt knocking from the other side of the door. "yeah?"
            "Are you okay? I have been calling you for some time" Sheena said concered from the other side of the door.
            "Yeah I'm fine I think I just dozed off"
            "Well dinner is getting cold, come out…"
            "I'm not hungry" Ridhima said. She was too afraid that her aunt would be able to see right through her.
            "You haven't eaten anything since you came back from school."
            "I'm really tired; I will eat in the morning"
            "Okay if you say so" Sheena did not want to persist Ridhima. Every day Sheena always tried to be close to Ridhima. Every day Sheena felt like she was not giving enough to Ridhima as an aunt should.
            Sheena missed her sister so much and she was sure that Ridhima felt the same. They were each other's family. They only had each other, what would happen when Ridhima went to college. How will she survive on her own without her. Over the years Sheena really started to love Ridhima like her own daughter. In a way she raised the girl for eight years without any help.
            The next morning came, and Ridhima had gotten the best sleep of her life. She did not understand why she was able to sleep so peacefully after what had happened yesterday. Maybe everything had been a dream, but no dream could have made her feel like she had felt yesterday.
            Ridhima opened her closet and suddenly she became conches about what she wore. She did not want to wear anything that would be attractive, she was too afraid of his gaze. But she did not want to wear something completely unattractive because she wanted his gaze on her.
            What was wrong with herself she thought. What did it matter? It wasn't like he actually said it, and she was sure until she asked him straight up to his face he was not going to tell her.
            Ridhima picked out dark jeans and a regular black t-shirt. No man or teacher in her case could make her change who she was.
            After she got dress, Ridhima saw that like always her aunt had already left for work. As Ridhima passed the kitchen she realized how hungry she really was and stopped to grab an apple for her long walk to school.
            Like every day Ridhima closed the front door without locking it, Spring town was so small that no one had to worry about thief's mostly because there was nothing to steal in the first place.
            Every step Ridhima took towards school seemed more and more dreadful. It wasn't the long three mile walk that seemed to slow Ridhima down. It was the idea of being in a class room with Armaan Khanna that seemed to slow her down.
            After a good hour walk Ridhima reached school. As Ridhima got closer and closer to the art classroom, more and more knots were being formed in her stomach. There was still ten minutes left till class started. She entered the classroom with Mark already seated, and Justin missing.
            Justin always had a habit of reaching school at the last moment. Ridhima took a seat next to Mark as usual, relived to see that Armaan had not entered class yet, but her luck had just run out because right then Armaan entered the class room.
            Armaan wore regular clothes just like everyone else in Spring town, but his were more classy. Still he never wore clothes like those Ridhima had seen him wear on T.V. or magazines. No fancy suites, just regular dress shirt with a tie. She liked the tie the most.
            He acted like nothing changed. He acted like another regular day. After a few minutes the class bell rang and everyone was in class ready to study. "Okay class, please have your essay's on my desk please" Armaan then went up to the bored and started to right the days agenda.
            "Today we are going to draw a still life of one of you three. Which means one of you three are going to be our model for fifteen minutes while the other two draw. So do we have any volunteers?" no one raised their hand. "I guess I will just have to choose for yawl" Armaan said as he walked over to the three students.
            "Ridhima, how about you be are model." Armaan said not giving her much of a choice as he already had her standing.
            Ridhima walked over to the middle of the classroom as Armaan showed her how she was to stand. He then lightly touched her neck to get her to tilt it a little, that little touch spiked shivers down Ridhima's spin.
            She knew what he was doing. He knew what he was doing. And she was letting him do it. He lightly touched Ridhima's shoulder's to get her to bend them a little. "okay that is perfect" Armaan said to Ridhima. He then turned to Mark and Justin "okay boys, you have fifteen minutes to capture Ridhima in a drawing." 
            As each minuet passed Mark and Justin tried their best to draw Ridhima, while Armaan took the advantage of the time to watch Ridhima. She was so still. He walked slowly across the classroom never breaking his gaze away from her body. He was watching her in that same way, the same way that he had in the car. He watched her while he stood right behind Mark and Justin, no one could see the way he was looking at her except for Ridhima.
            She wanted to run from there. She felt like she had been standing for hours but it had only been five minutes. There was still ten more minutes to go. Armaan grinned and dazzling grin at Ridhima. He knew the effect he could have on women and he was using it quite well.
            Ridhima saw his calm cool composer as she stood there with his eyes moving up and down her body and every once on a while he's eyes would stop at her chest a bit longer than any were else. Her whole body felt heated up and her stomach felt out of control. Armaan looked right at her eyes when he said "Times up"
            Ridhima relaxed her body and quickly took her seat between Mark and Justin as Armaan went back to his desk in front of the three students.
            Soon enough the bell rang for the end of class and Ridhima never thought she would feel so relived to be out of Art class for once.
            He was waiting for her, just like yesterday he was waiting for her. Today Ridhima had left school at five forty-five hoping Armaan had left already, but he was there, leaning against that very shiny rich car of his.
            "Would you like a ride home Miss. Gupta, after all we are headed towards the same direction."
            "No, thank you Mr. Khanna, I can walk home." Ridhima did not want to give him a chance to say anything that would get her in the car but he got the words out before she could walk away.
            "There's no one here, it won't be that hard for me to shove that tiny little body of yours in the car."
            "I will scream" Ridhima said as turned away Armaan ran in front of her.
            "Who will hear you? Everyone has gone home it's just you and me here."
            "I'll put up a fight" when Ridhima said that Armaan let out a smirk. Ridhima understood what he was thinking when he thought of a fight, and just went back to Armaan's car without a fight.
            Armaan turned on his car and started to drive off the school parking lot. "So how was school today?" he got no reply. "So, Ridhima, how did you like art class today, I certainly enjoyed it. We should have you model for our class every day." When Armaan said this Ridhima replied. "you could get arrested."
            "Who's gonna tell on me" Armaan said with confidence.
            "Maybe I will" Ridhima said trying to break Armaan's confidence but it was not working
            "Maybe you won't" Armaan shrug as she continued to drive down the road with corn fields all around them.
            "What if I looked at you the same way as you were doing to me yesterday and in class, see how you would feel about that?"
            "Baby, if you looked at me the same way I was looking at you in class, I would have taken you on right then with two idiots still in the room." The thought of such got Ridhima feeling a jolt though her whole body.
            "Why are you doing this?" Ridhima asked, what was so special about her? No one had ever found anything to look in her before then why him? He was named most eligible bachelor in the United States. He had dated and almost married Miss America, and of all things he saw her? 
            "I find you interesting. You say things I don't expect, and I like that."
            "So if I talked like all the other girls in school, you would leave me alone?" Ridhima asked hoping he would say yes.
            "It might have worked before but I found another interest in you than just the way you talk." Armaan tore his sight from the road to look at Ridhima. When he looked at her, Ridhima's body flared up with heat.
            "Can you please, stop looking at me that way? it's disgusting."
            "I would if I could" Color flashed to Ridhima's cheeks. Ridhima then made an effort to change the subject.
            "People in town are gonna start talking if you keep dropping me off every day from school"
            "it's not like I'm doing anything wrong…" there was a pause in Armaan's sentence almost as if he was unsure if he should say the next sentence but he did any way. "…yet."


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