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Chapter three : 25 With 18

            The end of the school day seemed to come by fast. School ended at 2:30, but Armaan stayed late till five to take care of paper work. He was sure that he was the last one to leave school when he ran right into Ridhima. She had her face buried in a book like usual and slammed into Armaan's rock hard chest.
            "Miss. Gupta, what are you doing here so late?" Armaan asked outside of the front building of the school.
            "I…I…" Ridhima did not know what to say. Ridhima had never been much of a big talker and being asked a simple question by her art teacher who was probably one of the top ten richest and handsome bachelors of all time, wasn't really helping the situation.

            Ridhima could not deny the fact that Armaan was handsome; she could not deny the fact that she wanted a piece of him just like every woman in the United States. Unfortunately Ridhima was a woman with her head grounded to the Earth, before she could think of a man like Armaan so close to her she would think of all the reasons why it was physically and mentally impossible for not only her but any woman of Spring town to woo such a man. 
REASON ONE- Armaan is seven years older than me, the man in clearly looking for a woman who is probably around his own age.
REASON TWO- He comes from the world of the rich; he is clearly looking for a woman with billions in her pocket, which I don't have.
REASON THREE- Armaan in my art teacher, he could get arrested for liking me, which he never will.
REASON FOUR- He is named by time magazine as the hottest guy in the United States to have dumped the hottest woman in the United States; he is clearly looking for Miss Universe if Miss America couldn't cut it for him, which by the way I am not.
REASON FIVE- Armaan has probably taken hundreds of women to his bed; he clearly is looking for someone who knows what he is doing in bed, which I have never done.
            "Hello you there" Armaan snapped his figure's in front of Ridhima to get her back from the unfinished sentence she had started. "What are you doing here?" Armaan asked again.
            "Sorry, I was at the library"
            "Already with homework on the first day of school?" Armaan asked, boy had high school changed since he was in school. When he was in school for at least a week teachers had spent their time just talking about themselves and getting to know the people in the class, but Ridhima was already in the library hitting the books.
            Ridhima did not say anything after Armaan's unnecessary question. Her not answering Armaan's unnecessary question got Armaan's interested in the girl even more. She was not a socializing girl and yet everyone in the school, as far as he could see, loved her.
            "Um, can I give you a ride home" Armaan asked as he looked straight at Ridhima's dark green eyes. She had such innocent eyes. Armaan shook his thoughts away as he waited for an answer from her. "No I can walk" Ridhima said. Although she needed a ride home as it would get dark by the time she reached home, it just did not feel right sitting in a teacher's car.
            Although Spring High School was named after Spring town, the high school itself was a good three miles away from the town. The school sat in a middle of a field with grass all around it. Armaan knew that by the time Ridhima reached the town it would be too dark to see. And from what Armaan could tell her backpack looked as if it must weight a ton.
            "Don't be silly by the time you reach the town it will be too dark. Just get in the car, we are heading in the same direction any way." on Armaan's persistence Ridhima got in his really nice car. She had never in her life seen such a car up close. She had only seen a car like Armaan's in only movies or the internet.
            Armaan expected Ridhima to comment on his car, all women, even men did, but Ridhima did nothing of the sort. She only said a polite "Thank you" and that was it, nothing more.
            "So, you don't have any questions for me?" Armaan asked, he was truly surprised that the nature of Ridhima. She was a young woman no drought. All day people young and old asked him questions of his personal life as if his feeling did not matter. It always stunk to have his personal life written out for the world to read, but what stunk more was that people did not mind asking him to his face the reason why he dumped Miss. America. Or why he gave up a billion dollar corporation.
            Ridhima did not ask him anything about his personal life, she kept herself to herself and she let others keep their life to them self. Something Armaan really liked about her, but also something that had Armaan really interested in about the girl.
            "No, it would be rude." That was it. It was probably the most Ridhima had said to him that whole day and that one sentence of a reply had Armaan smiling. A true whole hearted smile came to his face. She thought of his feelings, of whether he would like or dislike the questions she would throw at him.
            "Well, I'm an open book, there's nothing that you could ask me that I haven't heard already." Armaan said knowing quite well that indeed he was an open book. Anyone could read everything about him on the internet, magazines, books. With wealth came the price of a person's privacy. There was nothing about Armaan's life that was hidden, that no one knew about. Everyone knows from where he was born to what he had eaten a week ago. His life was like a display for everyone to look at.
            "It would still be rude to ask." Ridhima said, staying solid on her ground. Ridhima did not like the idea of people praying into her life then how could Armaan like the same. Yeah sure everyone in the world knew who Armaan Khanna was but still how could she ask him personal questions about himself if she did not like the idea of him doing the same to her.
            All of a sudden Ridhima heard Armaan's car ring like a phone. "My phone is built in with the car. As soon as I turn on the car my cell phone is activated in the car and my portable cell phone that I carry around is deactivated." Armaan explained to Ridhima.
Armaan clicked the accept button on his GPS system and his mother's voice blared through his car speakers. Armaan frond inwardly "not now mother" Armaan said, preparing for another hour of his mom yelling at him.
            "I was just going to ask, how you liked your first day of school."
            "It was great mom"
            "That's good, because I was at home doing a little research about teachers and do you know all the things teachers have gotten fired for! I do not want you to get fired, after all this is your dream job" These were the times when Armaan could proudly say his mother was his mother. She yells at him nonstop, she embarrasses him like she is doing at the moment, but in the end she is just a good hearted woman who means well and just wants her child to be happy.
            "Mom will you please shut up; I am not going to get fired from my dream job. And what happened to you, just yesterday you were yelling at me about how stupid I was being for giving up my old job."
            "Well, I only have one son. The last thing I need his for him to not be speaking to me. You know I expect you to let me meet my grandchildren one day that is if you ever do get married. You know there are plenty of women out there who…" 
            "Mom! Shut up! I am capable of finding myself a woman and grandchildren are a good years away from coming. Will you please put a break on your train? Listen mom, I got company and I have to cut you short, I will call you back when I get home." Armaan hung up on his mother and turn to glimpse at Ridhima and wasn't sure if she was smiling at his mother's ridiculousness or if she was smiling at him.
            "What are you smiling about" Armaan asked looking back at the road.
            "It would be rude to tell you" Ridhima said in a quiet and shy tone.
            "Not if I asked you first, beside there is nothing I haven't heard already."
            "It's just that I heard you and your mother do not get along well, but you both seem to have a close relationship." Armaan laughed when he heard Ridhima tell him the reason for her smile.
            "The media has a way of exaggerating things. It is true that my mom and I don't get along but then again she is my mother, we have our moments of love as we have are moments of disagreements."
            "What else has the media said about you that aren't true?" Ridhima asked boldly, her curiosity got the better of her.
            "Ah, so now you are in the questions eh. Well the popular belief of me looking for a woman my own age is a flat out lie, I did not dump Miss. America because she was three years younger than me, and shoot I did not dump her at all in the first place. We just realized we were getting married for all the wrong reasons. Personally I like younger women vs those my own age. Now don't get me the wrong way but in love age doesn't matter, she can be a day younger or ten years younger as long as there is love." Reason number one on Ridhima's list of reasons why her and Armaan would never work disappeared with a flash, but there were still four more reason to go as to why her and him could never be.
            "My absolute worse one is the whole, need to be rich thing" Armaan said making air quotes with his figures as he drove closer to town. "I mean what's up with that, it's not like I'm looking for a woman who is loaded with cash, I got the money why would I need a woman who has money also." Well reason number two went down the drain. Ridhima thought to herself. But there were still three solid reasons as to why Armaan and she would be so wrong. And those reasons were probably not going to change ever.
            Armaan reached town and sure enough anyone who was outside noticed his car. From all the houses in town, Armaan's stood out like a sore thumb. It was larger than all the houses by at least ten times. "so where do you live?" Armaan asked Ridhima.
            "Just turn right here and it will be the second house on the left" Armaan turned his car and sure enough it was the second house of the left. The house was small from what he could see from the outside. There was a rust old car in the drive way with the front house lights open. The house looked dull and tired looking.
            "Thank you for the ride home" Ridhima said with an assuring smile.
            "No problem" Armaan said as Ridhima got out of the car and closed the door with her backpack slung to her shoulder walking towards the small house door. He waited till she was inside the house before he drove off thinking of the girl that was sitting in his car right beside him, just moments ago.


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