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Chapter two : 25 With 18

 Ridhima was lucky that Mark had taken art five with her. She knew that Mark disliked the idea of drawing and painting as much as he disliked watching the history channel, but he had just taken the class with Ridhima as he knew that they were gonna end up in the same class since there were only three people taking the class. There was Mark, Ridhima, and Justin.

            Justin was a friend of Marks who also just took the class as a blow off class so as to not have to take an extra science class. Justin and Ridhima aren't good friends like Mark and Ridhima are, but Justin loves Ridhima's quite nature and politeness. Maybe it is Ridhima's quite nature and innocent features that has the entire town in love with her. Everyone loves her as a sister or a daughter and a friend, but so far no one has loved her like a lover would.

            The three friends entered the large class room together and stopped dead in their tracks right at the door to see Armaan Khanna. Well at least Mark and Justin stopped dead in their tracks; Ridhima's continued to walk on as she had her face glued to a book.

            Mark tried to warn Ridhima's to stop as she was about the run strait into a stool, but it was too late. Ridhima walked straight into a stool, her book flew out of her hands, her glasses fell across the ground luckily not broken, and she fell on the ground back first.

            Of all the things Armaan had seen in his life, he had never seen that before. Many times before he had women fall or run into things absent mindedly when seeing him, but never in his life had he seen a girl fall like that by reading a book. He was amused, more than amused, after a very long time he was interested.

            Armaan gave a grin as he walked over and picked up Ridhima's book and glasses as Mark rushed over and helped Ridhima stand up. "You okay" Mark whispered in her ear. All Ridhima did was give a shake of a nod to indicate she was okay.

            Ridhima saw a hand in front of her one holding her book and the other holding her glasses. Ridhima first took the book out of the hand in front of her and then her glasses, as soon as she put her glasses on she looked up to see Armaan Khanna in front of her, standing there grinning at her.

            "Hi, I'm Mr. Khanna, and you are?"

            "Ridhima" was the only reply that Armaan got, no Oh my god, no Ah, no surprised. Just a clam normal girl just saying her name to a teacher. "Well how about you three take a seat and get class started" Armaan said as he walked up to the chalk board.

            "My name is Mr. Khanna, for those of you who do not know my name already. I am going to be your art teacher this year." Armaan said as he wrote out Mr. Khanna on the board, as he heard two boys sinker in a giggle.

            "May I ask what is so funny" Armaan asked still facing the board as he continued to write out the requirements of his classroom.

            "Nothing is funny" Justin said trying to hold in his laughter. On the wide table sat his three students Justin on the very left, Ridhima in the middle and Mark on the right. "let me guess you two were talking about how stupid I was giving up a three billion dollar yearly income and dumping the hottest woman in the United States?" when Armaan said this he turned around to see Mark and Justain's face in shock at the fact that he guessed right on the topic of their conversation.

            Armaan snickered in his laughter this time. He noticed that Ridhima was not even paying attention to their conversation as her eyes were glued to her book. "you guys will probably never understand how good it feels to dump the hottest woman in the United States or the feeling of happiness of giving up an income of three billion a year, just to do what your heart desires to do. Look I'm not here to tell you my life story, I'm here to inspire you. I'm her to get you to look at the world in a different perspective. There are a lot of mean people out there in the world who will want to put you down in life and art is one way to dig your way out of it. To let your emotions and feelings speak for themselves.

            "Wow, that's inspirational" was all Mark said before Armaan got back to topic about the requirements of his classroom.


            Armaan had to admit the first day of lunch as a teacher is just like the first day of school for any high school student. Even the teachers had their own cliques the math teachers hung out with the math teachers, the science with the science. Armaan looked around and noticed some teachers from his own department and walked up to them with a fresh cup of coffee in his hand. "Mind if I join you" Armaan said with a smile.

            There were three other teachers from the art department all of whom were ladies and all of whom looked old enough to be his mother's age. "Not at all, have a seat Mr. Khanna" Linda the oldest of the art teachers said.

            "Mr. Khanna, don't take this the wrong way but why did you come here" Jane, the youngest of the art teacher, probably in her mid forties asked. "I love art, and I wanted to inspire the future with art"

            "Now that's a man worth going down in the history books for" Linda butt in with.

            "You know, I met a pretty interesting student this morning." Armaan said with the thought of Ridhima in his head. During all of first period not once had that girl looked at him. She did not give any bit of interest in him. Not only that but she did not talk to anyone in the classroom except for Mark, and even then she barely spoke to him, even when Mark talked to her for minutes at times she only spoke a few words in reply.

            Armaan, never in his life had met such a woman, but her quietness, her awkward jeans skirt, with the beaded white blouse had him interested, and when he was interested it is really hard to keep his mind on anything else.

            "There are always those interesting students every year." Elizabeth said the third art teacher.

            "I have met interesting people all my life buy this student is different" Armaan said taking a sip of his coffee. "who is this student you speak of" Alison asked.

            "Ridhima Gu... Something" Armaan said not able to remember the girls last name. "Ah, Ridhima Gupta, an interesting student indeed. She is the heart of Spring town. " Linda said with a motherly smile "I don't understand" Armaan said confused. Ridhima was such a quite girl and it didn't even seem like she had many friends either. But then when Armaan thought about it, it made since. Mark talked to her so much even when Ridhima only spoke a few words to him. Justin respected her by the way he treated her fairly. All of a sudden Armaan understood, everyone loved Ridhima because of who she was, people loved her for her. She gave him hope. The people of Spring town excepted her for her, then maybe they could except him for him also.

            "you see Mr. Khanna, Ridhima moved to Spring town with her mother and her aunt when she was ten years old. She never used to be as quite as she is now. She was loud and joyous. But a few months after she had moved to the town her mother pasted away and it was her aunt who was left to take care of Ridhima. At the time Ridhima's aunt was seventeen."

            Armaan was so surprised "a seventeen year old taking care of a ten year old child! That's absolutely insane" Armaan said

            "her Aunt is the same age as you, twenty-five, she gave up everything for Ridhima and although Sheena, Ridhima's aunt does not expect  anything out of Ridhima we all know that Ridhima always feels like she owes her life to her aunt." Alison explained to Armaan.

            "I would feel like I owed her my life too if I was in Ridhima's place too. Gosh I feel so bad for Ridhima and her aunt."

            "Well there's more to the story, you see Ridhima has been working her whole life to get into Yale University because her mother was also an artist, and Yale is known for its art department. But you know how it is, this school is so small, even if she becomes valedictorian, which she probably will be, there is no way she is going to be going to that school without an act of god." Jane said filling in the story of all of Ridhima's life.

             Armaan thought in his head of the sweet innocent girl that he had seen in his first period class. Maybe he was brought to this small town school by god to be an act of God for Ridhima. Maybe he was sent to make that girls dream come true. He had the power to get her into Yale, he has and open opportunity to make a difference in a student's life, something he had set out to do as a teacher.

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