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intro & chapter 1: 25 With 18

Story Line
            Ridhima Gupta is starting her senior year of high school at Spring High School. She lives in a small town calleded Spring with a population of only three hundred. Her High School only has a population of one hundred and twenty. She is a quiet and simple girl whom the entire town loves, but everything in Ridhima's life turns upside down when her high school population goes from one hundred-twenty to one hundred-twenty-one. 

Chapter One

            "Armaan Khanna, you will listen to me, when I say you cannot sell this company!" Armaan rolled his eyes as his mother continued to yell at him through the phone. For the past two hours his mother was yelling at him of how stupid he was, talk about story of his life. "mom, its already done, I have already signed the papers this morning." Armaan said in his cool calmed voice.

            Helen, Armaan's mother burned in anger and started to yell at him again in the most irritating voice he had ever heard. "Armaan! You walked out on your wife to be a day before the wedding. You sold a hundred and thirty six billion dollar business empire. You bought a twenty four million dollar house in a middle of nowhere! And now you want to be a bloody art teacher!" Armaan held his phone away from his ear as he mother continued to scream in his ear. "mom, please! You know as much as me that I did not love Marry, and she did not love me back. As for selling the company, you still have your shares of the company, and the hundred and thirty six billion dollar that I got from it is mine to spend. If I want to buy the biggest house in a small town, it's my choice. And wanting to be an art teacher, that was something I had originally set out to be. I don't have a degree in business, I have a degree in art. I want to be an art teacher and that is what I am here to be." Armaan wasn't able to continue on his huffy lecture to his mother as he mother but into the conversation again.
            "Armaan think of what you are giving up!"
            "What am I giving up mother?" Armaan said in a more aggravated tone. "I was unhappy in that world. I did not ask to be a billionaire I just happened to land in it 'literally.'
            Armaan's mother started to say something but he didn't hear it as he shut his phone off to look at his new home. He was sitting in the ballroom, the favorite of all the rooms in the mansion of a home he bought. It is a big house indeed, all the other houses in the town are mostly small which only cost a hundred thousand on average.
            The house Armaan bought is old but large indeed, the master bedroom downstairs, while all the other six rooms upstairs. There were two kitchens in the home, one upstairs and one down. Six and a half bathrooms, four car garage at the back of the house so to not ruin the beauty of the front of the house, a large pool in the backyard, a game room, formal, dinning, breakfast room, living room, and lastly Armaan's favorite room the ballroom.
            In the empty ballroom Armaan lied down on the plain white marble floor, looking up at the beautifully painted ceiling. There were angles painted with such beauty, just the ceiling itself was the reason Armaan's house had cost twenty four million to start with.
            He lied there thinking of tomorrow. It was going to be his first day of school as a teacher. He was so excited; he just did not have words to explain it. He was nerves and scared. He was finally going to get to be a teacher, to inspire students to look at the world in a different way. No more press, no more lawyers screaming in his ears, no more the world of the rich. Just a wad full of money in his bank account and a simple life as a teacher.

            Armaan parked his car in the teacher's parking lot at Spring High School with a cup of coffee in one hand and his cell phone in the other. Today was the first day of school, and his first day of teaching.
            Out at the parking lot he noticed many students staring at him. He wasn't sure if they were staring at him or his Iron Man car but he was pretty sure it was a little bit of both. Armaan was pretty sure that no one in Spring town had ever seen such an expensive car as his and none of them had probably seen the guy on the front cover of time magazine just last week end up at their town, let alone their school.
            As Armaan entered the school's front office to pick up his teachers badge he could have sworn that the young secretary lady was checking him out. But then again she looked to be in her early thirties, too old for him. "Hi, Armaan Khanna" He said as the Secretary gave him his teachers badge.
            As soon as Armaan left the office towards his classroom, he let out a sigh. Just from the looks at the secretary gave him, he knew that his day was going to be a very long day. Woman were going to give him the looks as if they want to marry him, and the men are going to look at him with the desire to be his best friend. Armaan knew it was going to be hard for him to convince the town fokes of Spring to see him for him, not his money.
            Armaan reached his class room and opened his art class room 108 with his class room keys. Taking a deep breath in of the fresh class room smell. The start of the life he always wanted.
            "Ridhima did you hear?" Mark leaned against the locker beside Ridhima like he has been doing for the past three years of high school. Everyone in town was in buzz with the news of Armaan Khanna coming to teach high school at Spring High School.
            Mark is Ridhima's best friend since the day Ridhima had come to live in Spring town. While to Mark everyone is his best friend. Mark is the guy that everyone in town calls the jock. He talks to everyone nicely even the people he dislikes. He is kind and polite. Mark is the closest to Ridhima in the whole town, as Ridhima is very quite around almost everyone. "Everyone has heard the news Mark" Ridhima said as she filled her locker with her fresh new books. She loved the first day of school.
            "Come on Ridhima, Armaan Khanna! The dude can write a letter to recommendation to Yale for you and you will be in." Ridhima rolled her eyes at Mark's logic. She worked her whole life to get into Yale, she is most likely to be valedictorian of her class but still, the school is such a small school that it is more than likely that she will not get into any Ivy League university without a good solid recommendation letter.
            "Mark, it is highly unlikely that I will ever speak to the man, let alone get him to write me a recommendation later to Yale University for me." As Ridhima closed her locker she started to walk towards her first period class with Mark to art room 108.


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