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Last Part : The Stranger (AR mini)

Believe in Happy Endings..And Beginnings

Armaan's POV:
I stared at Rahul as if I hadn't heard him right.
"What?",I whispered,that was barely audible. Rahul simply nodded.
"Yes.I'm sorry,Armaan." He looked away and was about to go,but then sympathetically patted my shoulder.

I stood there,Stunned. Rahul's words echoed in my mind,like a recording played over and over again...'Riddhima is getting married'   'Riddhima is getting married'...My heart felt heavy and I thought of all the moments we spent together...Her face..Her smile,Her touch,her blushes...Her voice..everything seemed to be going far away from me. I've lost her. Guilt and Pain filled my senses,I stayed numb.

"Rahul,I LOVE RIDDHIMA!",I shouted,seeing that Rahul hadn't gone far away. Atleast I could tell my ex-best friend that. I still consider him as a brother,no matter what. If I've lost Riddhima..I can't lose Rahul too. Rahul heard me,and stopped dead in his tracks. He was stunned and shocked..I knew that. He turned and came back to me.

"Armaan..",his voice was low,I could tell he felt bad that he couldn't do anything.
"No,Rahul.",I said,cutting him off,guessing what he was about to say,"I am not joking.I Love Her..I Loved her from the moment I met her Rahul..She's my angel,she taught me Love,How could I not fall in love with her? Please Rahul,Please..Believe me,I Love Her.I had locked myself into my past...I..But I Love Her..",I tried hard to control the tears that had welled up my eyes.It felt like It was the last time I was talking to him.

Rahul patted my shoulder once more and without words he nodded.I noticed his tears had welled up too. We both silently went our locker room,which was empty..and he sat down,sniffing his tears back,he smiled. His expression was more of relief than of happiness. "Armaan,mere bhai..",he said,"I always knew it.Duffer ke bacche,you thought I couldn't understand that much?I wanted you to realise yourself..but its too late,Armaan..Too late.."

"Please..",My voice cracked up.My tears overflowed and that was the first time I felt like crying my heart out,"Don't say that..Please.."
"Armaan...Riddhima has taken her desicion....she thinks you can never be in love with her..She's heartbroken."
"I broke her heart.",I said in a choked whisper.

I've never ever felt like this or cried.I remember very clearly that I was never a boy to pour out my tears in front of anyone else,even if that meant my best friend or mom.But today..It feels like the end of the world.I can't believe how much I'm in Love with Riddhima now..Maybe I haven't even loved myself that much..And she's going away..She's going to become somebody else's..The thought made my heart shatter into pieces..Riddhima..Riddhima..

"Can't I Do anything?"
Rahul thought for a while,"I'll try to talk to her...Lets all think,Don't worry,I'll manage Muskaan too.She always has a plan.She's bound to have one..Armaan,I am sorry I was rude..But I couldn't just believe-"
"I know,Rahul..I know.I was such an Idiot..I didn't realize all along that I love her.I hurt her so much,even myself.I'm sorry yaar...Tune jo kiya woh shayad main bhi karta if I was in your place.Do you forgive me?"
"Of course I do. Ab chal,I gotta go..Muskaan se baat karni hai. You look crestfallen,dude..Look at your eyes,they're Bloodred! You go take rest..Main notes le lunga."

I stood up along with him and hugged him.It felt awfully good,getting my friend-cum-brother back. He patted my back. "Thanks brother.",I said. Man! I was really getting senti..But,Whatever it was,I need to get Riddhima back.This Marriage Has to Stop. "Saale..",I heard Rahul say,"Bhai bolkar Thanku bolta hai." I laughed as I left him. It felt good for a chance,to laugh..After so long.

Rahul Left,And I sat down on the bench.Memories flooded my mind.Riddhima and I getting together for Rahul-Muskaan's date,Riddhima looking like an angel...Riddhima's eyes locked with mine,My arms holding her as she was about to fall...Her blush when I asked her to be my date for the party,The contented smile on her face when I called her "Beautiful" , her hands in mine and her body moving with mine as we danced...Her sensuous breaths on my face as I leaned my face closer to hers,her hands brushing on mine as she recieved the rose I gave her....I want to bring back all these,and SO much more! I want my angel back to me. The question is,How?

Running a hand through my hair,I walked slowly towards my car,sighed and put my hands on the steering wheel and turned on the music. The song played on the radio,and tears once along formed in my eyes as I thought of her.

Kaise batayein
Kyun tujhko chahe
Yaara batha na paayein
Baatein dil o ki
Dekho jo baki
Aake tujhe samjhaein
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na
Tu jaane na aaaa..
Tu jaane na

Hmm milke bhi, hum na mile
Tumse na jaane kyun, milo ke,
Hai phasle tumse na jaane kyun
Anjaane, hai silsile
Tum se na jaane kyun, sapne hai
Palko tale tum se na jaane kyunnnnnn…

Her image floated in my mind.What if she doesn't agree to come back to me?What if she hates me now?What if....she doesn't believe me? What if,she marries this guy?I'll never see her again...My Riddhima,My angel..I'll get you back,I just have to! I just can't imagine my life without you..Even this sounds really cheesy and filmy,its too damn TRUE!

"Mom..I'm home.",I said in a dull tone to my mother who sat at the dining table.
"Arrey Armaan! Beta,I've made your favourite aloo-",she stopped,probably seeing how weary I looked. I sighed and was going to my room,to probably wash my face and cry horribly some more..before I breakdown in front of mom.
"Armaan,whats wrong?Let me guess..Riddhima didn't listen?Arrey buddhu girls are like that! Try some more..then she'll come round! Tu bhi na...Kuch jyada hi senti hai!",she shook her head at me,trying to make me smile.
Without words,I hugged my mother tight.She was taken aback,"Armaan,beta...Are you okay?" I shook my head in a no in her embrace and said in a choked whisper,"Mom..Riddhima..Mom..She's..She's getting..Mar-married.." My mother stayed silent.I continued,"She said yes..Mom.."

My mother gently soothed me,ruffling my hair,whispering some words of comfort in my ear.Finally I put my head up from her embrace,10 minutes later...and she ordered me severly to go and fix myself.I took a shower and washed my face,and went back to my mom.She looked calm and serious as we talked...and by the end of the conversation,I smiled at her and hugged her again.My mom is the best,no doubt. She told me to go have a ride on my bike..that I had been "Devdas" for too long..and that I had to become "Lover Boy" now.

So,I took out My Baby after a whole strechy two months and suddenly out of nowhere,I remembered the biker who I'd defeated the day I met Riddhima.He was good competition...A really good one,'coz I have a lot of experience with bike-racing.I was in such a hurry that day that I couldn't even see who the guy was..But whatever! Why is the biker coming to my mind all of a sudden?Idiot me! "Baby..",I told my bike,"See what u did !! Now I'm thinking about your competitor and not Riddhima! Bah!" I sat on the bike,took a deep breath and placed my helmet on my head. I zoomed on the familiar road and felt the air around me.

Riddhima was on my mind..Again.Her image constantly flashed in and out of my mind..And suddenly,a familiar bike rode past me.It was the same bike..the same red-and-black bike I'd defeated that day. This guy was seriously in a mood for competition,and I could see that. I watched his every move and today he looked like he was prepared.My mind calculated his speed,and in that moment..He swiftly overtook me and I was defeated.

"HEY!",I shouted at the rider who stopped at my voice. He wasn't going anywhere today..I'll get to now who he is.
The rider turned his bike and I held my helmet on my lap,waiting. I saw him stop his bike,take off the helmet...And-WAIT.WHAT???!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?


The biker who'd defeated me had LOOONG hair,like Riddhima...AND EEEKSSSS!!! She is A Girl...and WAIT. OH.MY.GOD. NOT ONLY THE BIKER IS A GIRL,BUT SHE IS RIDDHIMA!! MY RIDDHIMA! NO NO NO HOW THIS HAPPEN??God FREEEAAAKKK she Looks HOT in this biker suit..and OMG,Riddhima,RIDDHIMA,rides a BIKE? Shocker of the century! Anywayz,She came towards me,and I found my jaw dropping as I saw her.She looks DAMN SEXY. Completely opposite to the Riddhima I know.

"So,Mr.Mallik..Finally Defeated you.",She smirked sarcastically.
"UH..hhuh..??",I mumbled out,too shocked with what had happened.
She showed a thumbs up to me and then turned it down,"You can defeat me in Love,but I wouldn't have let you defeat me in this race for anything in the world."

She turned round,took her bike and went off. I sat in awe,digesting the incident.Then her last words made me smile,'You can defeat me in Love,but I wouldn't have let you defeat me in this race for anything in the world.' I defeated her in Love...??Interesting.Very Very Interesting. Now,I just HAVE to get her back. RIDDHIMA GUPTA,HERE I COME!


Riddhima's POV:

As I sat on the bed with my elder sister,My thoughts unconciously moved to him. Today,I don't know...Why I took out MH after so long..Maybe because it was my last time with my bike? Who knows what type of a boy he'll be..The one I've agreed to marry already.He's coming to see me today,8p.m. I feel so nostalgic. You all may ask,why did I agree to the marriage even without seeing the boy?Its weird I know,even after taking into account that my heart is broken...its absolutely illogical. But I know,what I've done is right...Even if I'd have turned this proposal down,some other boy would've been there...and whichever boy I marry,I can never love someone else except Armaan. And Armaan...Maybe he'll never ever fall for me.Its just too late.Too late for everything.

"Ridzi..",My Di hesitated once more,to ask me if what I was doing was right for me.
"Yes Di,I'm sure.",I said in an emotionless voice,"My desicion isn't changing...And its fine.I've forgotten him."
"FORGOTTEN? Ridzi,if you had done so,you would have been happy.And you're SO not."
"Di,I am happy.Don't worry about me..You go for your meeting.I'll manage."
"Ridzi,I can tell Atul to cancel if you want..I'll help you with the preparation and all.."
"No,Di.",I told her firmly and gently,"You go..I'll do everything.",she hesitated,"Di,Please.Please?"

She nodded sadly.She got ready,hugged me a last time,told me take care and left with a sad face.Half-an-hour,I thought as I looked at the clock,then the boy would come to see me..and everything will end.Maybe forever. I got out my white saree with a wonderful embroidery and sighing,I changed into it and sat infront of the mirror.I could no longer see the Riddhima I was...The freedom-lover,the jolly,sweet cute and down-to-earth Riddhima..I could just see a lifeless body sitting in a white saree. I took out matching earrings and a jewellery set...and for the zillionth time,I recalled the incident with my father.

"Riddhima..Come,Come Beta.Sit.",my father guestered me to sit beside him.
My father and I have always been very close.I've always been his princess,his "Special Little Girl" and for me,he's always been my "Superman". My dad loves me a lot,I know that..But today,he sounded nervous.Not the same cheery like he alwys is. "Yes,Papa?",I said looking at him.
"Beta..I know you want to complete your studies and all...but you know..there's a marriage proposal for you.You know the family is your mom and mine's friends from college...and their son is really nice.Beta,I don't want to force you,even if you say no,Its fine..Its just that I want you to atleast see the boy once.They've promised us,that they'll let you do anything you want..and their son..is also in college,his last year...He's gonna take up the family business as the M.D. right after his graduation..I know,I know..its too soon..I'm sorry..",He lowered his head.

I was surprised,I must admit.But more than that,I thought to myself,that if everything's just breaking apart in my life..Then,if my father wants something for me..Can't I atleast do that for him?He deserves it ! And if he's chosen a guy for me..It'll always be the best.

"Papa..",I said softly,putting my hand below his chin to make him look at me,"I trust you Papa..I know whoever you've chosen for me will be very good,and I won't say no Papa,I promise..I will marry the guy and then continue my studies...I trust you.."
He looked up,"Beta you don't have to do it if you don't want to.."
"Papa,I want to do this.You're right..Its time for me to settle down.I am saying a yes,Papa."
"Really?",he asked,tears welling up his eyes.I nodded,smiling."I Love You my princess..",he whispered,hugging me.
"I Love You too,my Superman..",I replied,hugging him back..Tears spilling from my eyes,not for him..But for myself.

I left the jewellery on the dressing table and went to the window to feel the air on my face.His thoughts rushed in my mind.And I cherished them..Maybe for the last time.I closed my eyes. His dimpled-adorned face flashed immediately infront of my eyes,and a lone tear escaped my eye. I thought out loud,"Armaan..I wish,I wish you'd love me..",wiping the tear from my eye.

"Your Wish is My Command,My Lady!",I heard his voice and my eyes jerked open.And I got the shock of my life to see ARMAAN holding on to my window platform,his full body supported by the pipeline on the wall.
He pretended to frown,"Uff,bak bak,kitna bolti ho! You don't have manners or what,miss...You should welcome guests inside! And you're shouting at me,Disgusting! Ab hato,let me get in."
I moved,my jaw dropping in anger with what he said. He got in,dusted his jeans,and took a deep breath,smiling. HE SAID,I DIDN'T HAVE MANNERS,HUH?WHAT DID HE THINK OF HIMSELF?

"What the hell are you doing here?",I asked again,hands on my hips.
He ignored my question,"Nice room,Riddhima..Ooh,and Nice Saree.You sure look sexy.",he winked at me.
That was uncalled for.I was taken aback by everything thats happening- Me meeting Armaan in the bike race,Armaan suddenly coming to my house by the WINDOW,Armaan calling me 'Sexy' and behaving as if nothing had happened..It was confusing me.

"Waise,Riddhima..How do you always manage to look so SEXY and Beautiful...Like with denims and tops,also with dresses,then with churidaars,then with the biking jacket..and then Saree?I mean,How?Man! You're some talented woman." I was surprised to see him speak.He'd noticed everything I wear?And that I looked beautiful?I tried hard to suppress the blush that was coming and said,"Armaan...answer my question..What are you doing here?"
He smiled,guestered me to sit beside him,and hesitantly,I sat down. "Riddhima..Please Listen.Don't speak,alright?I've come to say something very important,and very urgent..My life depends on it."
His life depends on what he was going to say?It surprised me.Greatly. So I nodded and stayed silent and he began.

He sighed."Riddhima,I Love You." I looked up at him.He was playing with his fingers,and looked extremely nervous,and his eyes..They gazed into mine,intoxicating me." I know..I know you'll say that its too late,but I promise Riddhima,Its not.I've loved you ever since I've met you,Riddhima..You are the angel who took my heart away,and taught me Love..Riddhima I was afraid,that I'd lose you..I Love You,So much that now even if this world goes against me and beats me up,I'll keep saying it till I die..'Coz I mean it Riddhima,I am Sorry.I am sorry that I hurt you..I'm sorry that I couldn't understand what I was feeling for you..Because I was cheated of love ever since I was 10..",his eyes turned moist and redenned a little bit,and I could feel my heart thumping against my chest."But now I've come to Love you So much Riddhima,that I want to push off that past..I know I'm late,but Riddhima,Please..Please,Tell me if you love me..I..I Love You.My mom..My mom,Riddhima..She came back to me because of you,I got my Mom because of you..You're My Angel Riddhima..I didn't realise I was losing an angel..Please,Riddhima..I..I Love You."

I don't know why,but my heart believed him.I yearned to touch his face and wipe his tears away,but I resisted and stood up,"Armaan..I'm getting married.Its too late..And why should I believe you?Wasn't I always a fling to you,Armaan? " He came and grabbed my hands,and turned me to him,"you think I'm joking?You think it didn't hurt me when you ignored me?IT KILLED ME RIDDHIMA..IT KILLED ME! I Love You..And if your heart believes it,Riddhima..Its never too late.Never."

"Go from here,Armaan..Pleasee..."
"Tell me you love me.",he now had pinned me to the wall,his grip on me tighter,his breaths on my face.I shivered. His voice was hoarse,demanding and serious.I could feel that whatever he was saying was true..and he meant it from the bottom of my heart.But wasn't it too late?
"Armaan,Please..",I groaned.
"Please,Riddhima..I Love You..",he went on saying it.
"Its hurting,Armaan."
"HURTING?Have you even noticed the way you're hurting ME,Riddhima..You're Killing Me,every second,every word you speak! Please,Riddhima..Please..Say it.."
"Armaan,it can be that easy for you..But not for me.I'm not the most popular guy in the college,nor the most beautiful..that I'll go around using people as a fling and later go on to tell them that I love them."
"You're the most beautiful girl I know,Riddhima...and popularity?As if I need that! Let them take away my everything..But you stay with me,Riddhima,Please..You were never a fling to me,never,I love you..Believe me.."
"Then what am I Armaan?What relation do we have that I should tell you what I feel?"
"My Life..Riddhima,you're my Life.My Everything...And We have a relation of hearts,Riddhima..You Love Me,Say it,Say it..Please..Don't Kill Me.."
"Armaan..",I hesitated,his touch still putting my mind in a frenzy.
"Say it,Say it..Please,Say it..Riddhima..",he pressed on.
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I answered,"I...I..I Love You,Armaan."

He didn't wait for me to say anything.His hands gently moved to my waist as he pressed his lips gently on mine.My hands went around his neck,and as I felt him kissing me..I kissed him back.More fresh tears rolled down,and I cherished the moment,holding on to him..wanting for more.My last kiss,maybe..A Last Goodbye..Atleast I knew Armaan loves me..Thats enough for me to live with for a lifetime.I Love You Armaan,I said it once more to myself and through my heart..To him.I'll Love You Forever.

He stopped kissing me as he felt my tears.Slwoly as he wiped them off,I hugged him tight and sobbed uncontroably.He soothed me and whispered,"Everything's gonna be alright,now..Riddhima..I'll fix everything.."
"No,Armaan..I promised my dad I'll marry the boy he wants...the boy's coming to see me...Armaan,I Love You.."
"I know,I know.I Love You Too..and I think you should marry the guy he wants.I heard that the boy is quite smart,handsome too! And From a nice family..He's nice."

I looked up at him,surprised.Here I was crying my heart out 'coz I couldn't bear to be someone else's and Armaan was telling me to marry the guy?Was everything a pretense then?Again,my heart felt heavy."You know the guy?"
He nodded,fixing himself,"His name's Armaan Mallik."
As soon as his words registered into my mind,I hugged him again.I was getting married to Him?My Armaan?It felt like a dream...and yet SO real..But then,How?
"But,How?",I asked him,perplexed.
"Riddhima..My mom and your parents are friends from their college times.I was never so close to my Mom after what happened with Dad,so I never met Mom's friends.Then when Rahul told Mom about us,before confronting me..Mom straight away went to your parents to arrange your marriage with me.I was taking over officially over Mallik Industries right after Graduation,So our marriage wouldn't be a problem.She's the best,isn't she?I was so heartbroken,Riddhima...But when she told me about it today..I was..I mean I am,in the top of the world.."
"Armaan..Are you...Is this True?"
"Every word is True,My Angel."

I didn't say anything.I was too overwhelmed with happiness to even speak.I never expected my life to take such a Amazing yet Shocking Turn.But whatever it was...I am the Luckiest person alive.
He left me and kneeled down,smiling he asked,"So..Riddhima Gupta,Will You Marry Me?"
I couldn't stop the few tears that went down my cheek,"Yes..",I answered as he took me in his arms again.

Today I learnt a thing..Even Strangers Fall in Love,And it happens with Practically everyone..You just have to believe.Like Armaan is THE STRANGER,who owns me completely and will forever...Like that,every person has the stranger who win their heart..That is,if you Believe in Happy Endings..And Beginnings.


|~*The End*~|



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