Friday, 6 December 2019

Part 1: The Stranger (AR mini)

Riddhima's POV :
My di,Anjali,always told me that I look and dress like a girl,But my antics could hardly be called girly.Today,too,she did not hesitate to repeat herself when I took out my bike,at 5 in the evening.I just grinned at her.

Being "Daddy's Special Little Girl",I got almost everything I wanted.Plus,being good at academics,that wasn't so hard.This bike,Lovingly "MH" for "My Hero" was given by my,Ofcourse,Dad on this birthday when I turned 21 !! I LOVEEE this!

As I zoomed on MH across the familiar streets of Mumbai,I looked around for competition.I had defeated numerous boys who couldn't understand I was a girl,then were shocked out of their DUMB wits to find out.Baahhaa.

One yellow and black bike zoomed by my side,and I was excited again.
'Ahaan!',I thought,'Some dumbo again!Great!'

But after some time,I realized this guy wasn't really a dumbo.He was kind of a good competiton,because I couldn't go past him,no matter how hard I tried,He always overtook me! When I finally felt I was winning,because he was a little behind,out of nowhere,he zoomed past me and skided to a stylish stop in front of me.

The roder showed a thumbs up sign to me,indicating that I was good competition.And before I could let him know,that I was a girl or I could see him,he turned his bike and left.He had won! For the first time in my life,I had been defeated. Inwardly,I felt angry and at the same time surprised. I wish I could see this Stranger..The Stranger who had defeated me.


"Diii!",I protested as she threw back the sheets to wake me up.
"Hmm,Madam,have you forgotten its Monday?College! Wake up !!"

I rubbed my eyes and pouted at my elder sister.She was already in her formal pants and jacket,totally ready to go to her office.She was doing a job now! I am SO jealous.

"Coming Dad !",she shouted back at the call.

Then turning to me,said,"Dreaming of your prince again,huh?Dekhna ekdin tera prince bhag jayega!You have to find someone else then..",she smirked,teasing.
"Di..You know na,I believe in love for the first and last time..",I said,willing to argue,even in that half-awake state.
"Yeah,Yeah.",she rolled her eyes,flipping her hair back,"Chalo,Sleeping Beauty,get up and get going.Main Dad ke saath jaa rahi hu,I'm already LATE!",she turned to leave,"Oh,By the Way,Muskaan is here."

I sighed.Muskaan Chadda,my best friend,wouldn't let me in peace. So I quickly changed and joined her,and soon,we were on the metro to college. My parents may be easygoing,but they never take risk with my Safety. So,I don't get to ride MH to the long road to college,instead I have to travel by metro with Muski. I don't mind,but sure,I'd love to flaunt MH to the college boys.Dumbhead idiots.

"RIDDDZZZIII !! Happy Friendshiipp Daayyy!",Muskaan sang,excitedly for the fourth time till then,but tying a band round my wrist this time.I laughed at her antics.
"Muskiiii,Happy Friendshiipp Daayyy to you too! Pagal hai tu!",I said,laughing again,and tying a band round her wrist.

Anybody who knows me can get surprised.I am a really unpredictable girl.They say,there are two Riddhimas.But no,to me..Its actually,Just two very diverse sides of me.One side-the freedom-lover,zooming on my bike,and the other-a somewhat reserved person,but cheery,and waiting for her dream man..Like any other ordinary girl.

For me,falling in love is for once,first and last time.Love means Faith and commitment,happiness and sorrows which make you strong,dreams and passion.In short,love is equal to life for me.

I quickly turned to the other side to tie a band to my other friend Nikki and without noticing who it actually was,I tied the band round the wrist,blabbering with Muskaan at the same time.

"Excuse Me?",I heard a husky voice.
It was then I realized that Nikki was standing,and I had not tied the band round her wrist,but on somebody else's.A Guy!! Super-embarressing.I bit my tongue,realizing what I done.

I looked up to see gorgeous gray-blue eyes staring intently at me,a perfect face smiling weiderly at me.Oddly,my heart skipped a beat seeing this Stranger...

To Be continued..


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