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Part 2: The Stranger (AR mini)

The First Ever Feeling

Armaan's POV:
I know you like me, you know I like you
Let's get together girl, you know you want to
I know you like me, you know I like you
Let's get together girl, you know you want to

Raat din aate jaate, hoti hain sau mulakaatein
Aagey badti hai baatein, peechay chod de
Raaste mein hai thehre, aur bhi kitne chehre
Aaj phir apni aankhein unse jod le
Kho jaayega, lamha yeh kho jaayega
Mudke na phir aayega, raahon mein usko rok le
Ho jaayega hoga jo ho jaayega
You know you're so hot, you're on fire
1 2 3 go
Mil gaye jo chora chori
Huyi masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate love stories

"Na,Na,na na..",I hummed along with the song,one of my favourites..Because it so suits me.
I mean,Gosh,What is LOVE? To me,this four letter word is a mystery or you can better say, I don't believe in this.At all. People get shocked,but I don't understand them! And OMG Girls,you all are very hot, but oh no no I don't like how you all go 'Someday I will get my Prince Charming..' !! Bimbos,do they ever know who ever is this Prince Charming dude or whatever? Its all filmy or in fairy tales..Love does not exist and if it does,I don't believe in it and it can only lead to Sadness..Boo-hoo stuff. Oh come on ! Grow up dudes,life is Too Short to be spent in sadness!

"Armaan..Rahul is here!"
"Cooomingg Mommm!!"

I rushed over to the backyard to my bike,My baby! There,Rahul was trying hard,VERY hard to stifle a laugh,and I looked at him awakwardly. I gave a 'ARE-YOU-SICK' look.

"Um..Check your baby,na..Chal na Armaan.."
He looked really strange while saying it,I cocked an eyebrow up,"Why?"
"Arrey chal na.."

We soon reached My Baby soon and I was shocked at what I saw.
"NOO..Rahul ! You didn't !",I groaned at my best friend.
He grinned. Rahul Grewal had deflated the tyres of my bike(Yeah,All of them) JUST because he wanted me to see the girl he likes(Or,Uhm,Loves..Though I prefer Likes very seriously),who is infact my "future bhabhi" according to him.Since my so-called "future bhabhi" goes to our college in metro,I had to go too,to see her,or rather,catch a glance,since my deat best friend hasn't had the courage to go and talk to her about his feelings! I mean,Hello?I have a Reputation At college! Has Rahul forgotten that?
Gadha,Sicko,Moron,Idiot..Now I couldn't even repair the tyres,Because,Thanks to him,we didn't have Time!

"You know..I'll kill you for that",I glared at him while getting in the metro,but he grinned.
He easily got a seat, I didn't. It was too crowded.But,a sweet little girl offered me her seat,smiling up at me.I flashed my dimples back at her,clearly having some effect 'coz she had this dazed expression on her face.Aaha!See,This is the advantage of being handsome+hot , you know you'll always be lucky around girls.Like ME!

"So Filmy Hero ke Chamche,whos the girl?",I asked Rahul.
He pointed to a girl sitting beside the girl beside me. She had curly hair,was wearing a kurti and long sleek denims,and had a somewhat oval face.She was cute,good for Rahul.Thank God.

"She's Muskaan..Beautiful,na?",he asked,in his dazed voice,and then sighing.
"Ya,Um..Good choice."
"DON'T FLIRT WITH HER!",he said,warning me with a murderous glare.
"I'm Not.She's my bhabhi na? And I have no wish to die.Thank YOU.",I said,clearly showing him how disinterested I was in the idea.
"Hm..Good.",he looked satisfied.

I shook my head at him.See,I told you..Sickhead moron. I turned on the other side to check the time,just hoping I get to college in time.Yeah,I know that sounds weird,but I have a Lot of things to do! Suddenly I felt something on my other side.

I turned to see a girl's soft hands brushing on mine as she tied a band round my wrist.Clearly she wasn't noticing whose hand it was,since she was looking at her friend(Muskaan) and blabbering away while tying the thing.
"Excuse Me?",I called her.

She looked up.Her emrald-green eyes were amazingly fascinating and beautiful,and very captivating,they held something I couldn't name. I could see that she was beautiful,her fair face could be termed as perfect.She flushed suddenly,embarressed.

"Uhm..I-I'm..I..I'm sorry..I.."
I could see that I was making her nervous,and I tried to lighten up the situation.I felt strangely happy as I heard her voice..My heart fluttered,suprising me.I'd never felt like this ever before,I swear.

"Um..Hey.Don't get embarressed.Its fine.."
"I'm sorry,really..I didn't notice..I actually,I..Was tying this to her..",she said,looking at the girl standing.The girl who'd offered me the seat.
"Its fine,Its okay..Really.",I said,flashing my dimpled smile,hopind that that'd work.
"Thanks.",she smiled back.

She didn't take back or ask for the band,So I casually slipped it into my pocket. Why I did that,even I don't know.
Before I could ask the girl's name,I saw her destination had come and she stepped down with her friend.

"Armaan,lets go.We're here."
I got down with Rahul,thinking about the mysterious girl.She was a stranger to me,yet I found myself smiling absently to myself as her smiling face flashed infront of my eyes.My heart fluttered again,and I jerked out of my thoughts by Rahul's voice.

"Sweta must be bugging you,na?"
"Sweta?",I asked,bewildered,"Who Sweta?"
"Dude.",Rahul gave me a 'WHAT-THE-HELL-HAS-HAPPENED-TO-YOU' look,"She's your 27th girlfriend.Remember?"
I nodded absently.Who cared? " Yeah..Actually,I forgot."
"Are you serious?I mean,ARMAAN MALLIK,and forgetting his girlfriend's name?You never do that,no matter how many there are!"

I rolled my eyes,"You know na yaar..Girls aren't serious for me.I'm just flirting."
"Yeah,but..Well,is it because of that girl?",he asked,chuckling away.
"Which girl?"
"The one on the metro."
"Yeah..",I replied,thinking about her again,then realizing what I'd said,"Um,What? NO.Ofcourse not. She wasn't my type..but..she was kind of beautiful.."
"BEAUTIFUL?",he asked,his eyes wide in shock,as he opened the cab door for me,"Woah.I sure am shocked.Thats a new,very new word coming from you about girls."
I looked at his amused face,"No,I do say that."
"NO,you don't.You always say that girls are either 'HOT' or 'SEXY' but never beautiful..Hm.."
"Yes,Yes,I am seeing,very carefully,how MR.ARMAAN MALLIK is falling in love.."
"LOVE?",I waved away his words,with a frown,"Sheesh.You know that I don't believe in that thing.Whatever it is."
He shut up at that,and gave up,saying,"Well..If you say so.."

We were there at college soon,and Rahul started bugging me again,"Armaan,yaar..Do something.Muskaan.."
"Well,MR-I-AM-SO-HOPELESS-THAT-I-CAN'T-TALK-TO-A-GIRL-MYSELF,What can I do? Make her fall for me?"
"Yeah,As if I didn't know that.So,what else do I do?"
"Don't act Armaan! Chal na,yaar,Pleaseeeeee.."

He looked ridiculous begging like that,I had to laugh,"Okay..fine,chal. I'll do it,Happy?"
I didn't hear what he said,because the same stranger I met on the metro caught my eye.She was here?How?
I nudged Rahul,"Hey..she.."
"Haan! She's Muskaan's friend.Naam nahi pata.She studies here.Don't tell me,You didn't see her here before?"
"Um..No,How come.."
"Whatever.I have to go anyway."
"Canteen! Tera tyres puncture karne ke liye I had to work hard! I am HUNGRY!"

I grinned as I walked along with him some way and then walked backwards,without turning,I waved to him. Just I was about to turn,I was so engrossed in laughing at Rahul's sulky looks,that I bumped into someone.It was her,My mystery girl. She fell and I causght her in my arms,and again as her eyes locked with mine,I felt my heartbeats rising.Oddly,I felt that there was noone there,but we...I couldn't help but get lost in those emrald-green eyes..


Riddhima's POV:

Strong arms gripped me as I was about to fall,and at that moment my eyes locked with his.I recognised him immediately,and my heart did flip-flops as it had when I first saw him.His gray-blue eyes bore into mine,and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful his face was.
Somebosy suddenly cleared his throat.We stood and fixed ourselves.

"I'm sorry.",we both said together and then laughed.
"No,its fine..For the 2nd time in the day.",he grinned,"So,we meet again.."
"Yes.",I smiled at him.
"Well,I'm Armaan..Armaan Mallik.",he stuck out his hand. I shook it lightly,noticing how easily and perfectly my hand fit into his."I'm Riddhima..Riddhima Gupta."
"Ooh,Really? I thought you're name was MISS Apology!",he joked easily and I laughed.

Armaan. Such a beautiful name..Perfect face..Simpled smile,Great quick sense of humour,husky voice,Strong arms..OMG Riddhima! Snap out of it ! NOW! You stupid,foolish Girl!

"Um..Actually,I wanted to talk to you..Its about Rahul."
"You wanted to talk to me?"
"Yeah..You know,its kind of related.."
"Ok,so,what about him..?"

His tall dominant frame struck me as I walked along with him.He was so undeniably handsome.Rahul's name reminded me of Muskaan's very strong liking towards him and I felt nervous,suddenly.

"And also about your friend Muskaan.."
I wondered how he knew Muskaan and not me! Anyways,I looked at him,urging him to continue.
"Well,you know..Rahul is,I mean,He likes Muskaan very much and he's serious about her,um..actually he says he loves her and he wants me to help him,since he's shy and all..So I figured,that you could help me?"

I thought about Muskaan with a rush of pleasure.Muskaan would be soo happy to know that Rahul likes her back.I smiled,imagining her reaction.

"Well..Rahul's a good guy,you know..he's decent,from a good family and he's never ever flirted..and oh,he never ever had any girlfriends,padhai mein accha hai,and,he's nice,you know..",I laughed.
It sounded as if Armaan was fixing up a marriage for Rahul ,and he was his dad,while Ridzi was Muskaan's mom. It sounded ridiculous. She giggled.

"Um..No,I know everything about him.You see,Muskaan likes him,too..very much,infact,but she didn't have the courage to tell him..So basically she's researched all about him!"
"WOW! That's great!",he said,excited,"Then what do you say,we work together to bring them closer?"
I smiled at the offer,"Yeah,but I want to ask you something."
"Are you flirting with me?"
He laughed,"No I swear I'm not.This is just for my dumb best friend.Although,flirting is my best hobby.",he winked.

Working with Armaan..even the thought of it made my heart jump and do flip-flops.Plus,Muskaan would get what she wants too.And me,well..I will get to spend time with him.Nice tempting offer.

"Deal.",I said,finalising the offer.
He grinned," you want to join me for coffee sometime?Lunch break maybe?So we can discuss what we should do..I'll keep Rahul away."
I gave a skeptical look,"Are you sure you're not flirting with me?"
"Arrey nahi ! Pakka I am sure. So?",he chuckled.
"So okay..I'll join you.See you."

He flashed his dimples at me and started to walk away.I watched till he completely disappered from view.I smiled unconciously,then jerked back to reality. RIDDHIMA GIRL,ARE YOU GOING MAD!!?!


Armaan's POV:

I turned,cursing my luck, see my current so-called "girlfriend". I plastered a smile on my face.

"Baabbbbbyyy,how di I look?",she said,showing me her attire,twilring around.Seriously,some girls are too annoying to handle.Like this one.Sweta had put on a pink n black top with a baby pink mini skirt and high-heeled pumps. I just didn't feel like I was in the mood of flirting then.

"Uhm..Sweta,why don't we sit? I'll close my eyes,see you from my heart's eyes..",OMG what a horrible cheesy line,EW!,"Then I'll tell you?"
"Arrey sit na ! You don't want me to tell you how you look?"

I closed my eyes to gather my thoughts.A lot was on my mind.Rahul and Muskaan's plan,what to do,class notes from Rahul...clearly this idiot girl wasn't.She is annoying! Why the hell did I agree to be her boyfriend?God,help.

Out of the blue,her image floated in front of my eyes.Her angelic face glowing,her cheeks held a tinge of blush,and she was smiling.Her figure is perfect,she wore a light peach coloured top and sleek jeans,as she was today.Riddhima is beautiful..Sweta has no competition...OMG.WAIT.WHAT?

I jerked my eyes open,shocked at what I saw.RIDDHIMA?!?!? A stranger,who i met in the metro?? A girl who studies in my college and I didn't even notice her until today ??!! RIDDHIMA?HOW? Most importantly...WHY???


To Be Continued..



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