Monday, 2 December 2019

Part 25 : True love never dies

Armaan take flower in one hand and ring in other kya tum hamesha ke lie MERI banogi?

Kya tum hamesha ke lie MERI life me aaogi? Kya hamesha Mera aise khyal rakhogi?

Shilpa: armaan me

Armaan: yar plz bolo na m waiting Shilpa came out of her thoughts and said kya Soch rhi Haan armaan she came near armaan and said huskily in his ear Haan armaan I will I love you alot she hugged him

Armaan wrapped her in his armaan and slides that ring in his third finger and kissed her I love you too love you alot finger Shilpa looked with shine in her eyes

She started to dance in rain feeling the love in rain armaan tum toh bahut romantic ho lagte ni ho

Armaan smiled and took support of car and was watching Shilpa he came near Shilpa and took her hand in his hand Mene ye aise plan ni Kia tha Mene tumhare lie Kuch or socha tha but I think ye b Bura ni hai

Shilpa said ye bahut romantic hai armaan she swirled in rain

Song started Teri MERI kahani ye baarisho Ka Pani

Armaan took her hands in his hands and swirled her

Banke Jo ishq barse ye baarisho Ka Pani

She came near armaan and put hand on his chest and shyed away armaan smiled seeing this

Shilpa started to shiver a little bit armaan said m sorry ye MERI jacket Dal lo

Shilpa are m fine it's ok armaan: it's not ok yar Tum kamp rhi ho m so sorry Shilpa

Armaan tum car me chalo hum Ghar chalte hai

Shilpa was very surprised to know that armaan cares and loves her that much

Armaan and Shilpa reached home and he opened the gate of his car and armaan took Shilpa in his arms

Shilpa: armaan ye kya Kar rhe ho?

Armaan: are humne abhi abhi sagai ki hai tum bhul gayi me tumhe Baho me utha sakta Hun armaan took her to his room

And made her sit on bed ye lo towel Yaha par ladki wale kapde toh ni hoge but Haan shirt de sakta hun Shilpa said sirf shirt

Me coffee Bana Kar Lata hoon

Shilpa was blankly watching shirt

And armaan came back and saw her looking at the shirt blankly

Armaan: kya hua?

Shilpa: mujhe ye shirt ni pehanni armaan ye bahut short hai

Armaan: are but ab me kya karu mere pas toh yahi kapde hai na islie

Shilpa: mere khyal se mujhe Ghar Jana chahiyr

Armaan: thik hai but coffee toh pi lo

Look I understand wait wait wait

Kahi tum mujhe galat toh ni le rhi I mean propose ke baad sidha me Apne Ghar par le aya

Yar Mera aisa koi intention ni hai

Shilpa pressed her lips slowly armaan: mujhe please galat mat lo he took her hands in his hands I really love you

And I won't take any advantage of you i got you ring as I wanted to be yours and I wanted you to be mine only that s it

Tum samajh rhi ho na?

Shilpa nodded in yes

And said armaan bahut late hogya hai

Armaan: me tumhe Ghar chod deta hoon aao he took those keys in his hand and dropped Shilpa at home and said m sorry Mera Sara plan fail hogya

Shilpa: m sorry armaan but Mera tumhe hurt Karne Ka irada Ni tha koi bhi

Hum baad me dinner par chale jayenge don't be sad na

Armaan lightly smiled and bid bye to her thinking about her only

Armaan went home heavy heartily thinking about Shilpa in his mind

He locked his main door and sit on his bed and then lied on bed kya Soch rhi hogi Shilpa mere bare me me b na socha b ni ek Baar b ki use abhi propose Kia or usi time ye shirt offer Karne laga stupid armaan aise koi Karta hai kya koi Baat ni Soch Soch armaan kya special Karega Tu Shilpa ke lie Soch Soch

Shilpa in her room changed in her night suit pink coloured as her eyes got fixed on ring which Arman gave her just some minutes ago Shilpa tune Haan toh bol dia armaan ko but aage kya are you totally ready for it? Kya ye rishta aage nibh payega I mean kya tujh me itni himmat hai ki Tu armaan ke past ko bhula Kar or uski fan girling ko bhul Kar Sab fresh start Kar sake then she smiled to herself that yes I can Arman she lovingly said I love you too

Hugging her teddy she said and both dozed off to sleep

Next day in college 

There were some kind of project thing was left after that All were ready for their new workplace

Miss Kapoor came in class hello class

All students good morning miss Kapoor

Atul and Anjali kept their project on table muskaan and Rahul theirs and Shilpa and armaan theirs

Miss Kapoor: Atul and Anjali your project is nice to read

Shilpa and armaan excellent work done by you both

Armaan smiled at Shilpa Nd he was surprised also because report was half written by yesterday remaining report was written by Shilpa

Rahul and muskaan s report was half written

Miss Kapoor : ye Sab kya hai apki report half hai kal tak mujhe Puri Chahiye

Muskaan gritted her teeth Dekha tere sath Kam Karne Ka natija nikamma Kahi Ka Kisi Kam Ka ni toh muskaan blabbered to Rahul

Rahul: sorry mam me kal tak apko Puri report de dunga

After the period armaan came running to Shilpa hey

Armaan said Shilpa: hi

Armaan: kaisi ho?

Shilpa: m fine armaan tum kese ho? She setting her hairs asked in nervous tone

Armaan: kal rat ko nind thik se ayi?

Shilpa: hmmm she nodded

Armaan: thank you for making full report

Shilpa: my pleasure

Armaan: kya hum aaj dinner par chal sakte hai? Armaan asked making pleading face

Shilpa: armaan but usse pehle tumse Kuch Baat Karni hai

Armaan: Haan bolo

Shilpa: I wanted to ask ki r u totally ready for our relation? I mean tum ache se Soch chuke ho na?

Ki u nd me

Armaan: of course Shilpa that s why I gifted you ring

Ok fine come in library he locked himself and Shilpa in library

Only two of them were theres

Shilpa became horrified armaan ye tum kya Kar rhe ho?

Armaan: bharosa Karti ho mujhpar?

Shilpa: Haan but

Armaan: agar bharosa Karti ho toh but ki koi jagah ni honi Chahiye na anyways

I think u need some time mujhe prob ni hai me ache se Soch chuka hoon but I don't know what s stopping you from coming near me

Shilpa put hand on his shoulder aisa Kuch ni hai armaan I trust you alot

Armaan: that s good to know I hope I can keep ur trust like this ISI trust ki wjah se ek or Baat batana Chahta Hun tumhe Vicky se MERI prob khatm hogyi kyuki m leaving my presidency of college as me koi ladai ni Chahta kyuki ab tum MERI jimmevari ho me tumse pyar Karta Hun me tumhe kho ni sakta Shilpa u don't know what u mean to me

Shilpa: armaan she became sad knowing this ki he is sacrificing so much for her

I don't doubt your love

Armaan: hmm

Shilpa:Acha ok aaj dinner par chalte hai now plz cheer up na

Armaan: ya m fine

Shilpa tried to open the door

But the door was jammed armaan armaan: ya what happened

Shilpa: door ni khul rha hai

Armaan: abhi toh khula tha but as armaan saw door was locked

Lagta hai jam hogya hai he shouted koi hai?

Shilpa: armaan mujhe ghabrahat ho rhi hai

Armaan: Kuch ni Hoga Shilpa m right here

Ok all will be fine

Hello koi hai? We are stuck here anybody there? He shouted at top of his lungs

Shilpa said armaan m chlostrophobic

I can't breath now

Armaan tapped her cheeks Shilpa Shilpa listen to me hosh me raho suno MERI Baat

Suno armaan: smacked himself for taking her to library even for small talk Shilpa Shilpa he shouted utho utho he sprinkled some drops of water on her face utho

R u fine?

Armaan forcefully tried to open the door

In the mean time peon came and opened the door from outside and it opened

Armaan: thank god armaan Shilpa ko APNI Arms me uthata hai and

And took her to medical room

He checked her blood pressure it was high than average

He quickly checked her pulse rate from her hand

Shilpa slowly opened her eyes

Armaan: thank god tum thik ho

R u ok?

Shilpa: Haan m fine don't worry she herself sit on bed

Armaan: Tumne toh Dara dia tha mujhe

All came in medical room

Rahul Atul muskaan Anjali all came

Anjali: r u fine now?

Kya hua tumhe! Or tum thi Kahan I was searching for you

Atul: Haan hum Sab dar Gaye the

Muskaan: armaan Tu or Shilpa the Kahan

Armaan: guys she was about to faint hum library me fas Gaye the

All gave puzzled look

Shilpa: we needed a book for our project jab hum Gaye toh Iska door jam hogya tha but now m fine

Anjali: let's go aao

Tabhi corridor se police ate dikhti

Dr. Armaan Malik Kaha hai?

Armaan: police

Atul: yahan par kaise

One student pointed to armaan s direction wo Raha sir

Armaan:ji sir m armaan Malik kahiye kya hua?

Shilpa was thinking police armaan Ka kyu Puch rhi hai?

Police inspector: j were last seen with Ritika in a party

Kya wo apko like Karti thi

Armaan: Haan yes sir but hua kya

Inspector : she did suicide yesterday night

Armaan: what

Inspector: toh apko Puch tach ke lie Chalna padega

Shilpa: but sir armaan ne Kuch ni Kia hai

Inspector: wo toh baad me pata chalega apko hamate sath ana Hoga

Armaan was going and Shilpa s heart was sinking

Armaan said with eyes don't worry

In police station

In her suicide letter Ritika mentioned about you that she liked you very much so first suspect aap hi bante hai

Armaan: sir Mene Kuch ni Kia hai infact aap Kisi se b Puch sakte hai wo muje like Karti thi but I did not like her

And Mene Uske sath Kabhi Kuch galat Ni Kia

Inspector: report me likho

Is time to aap ja sakte hai lemon agar jarurat PADI toh apko phir ana pad Sakta hai

Armaan was thinking aisa kya hua Hoga ki she commit suicide

God knows armaan thought in deep heart pta ni Shilpa ko Kaisa lag rha Hoga

M worried for her is she fine or not?

Aap Ghar ja sakte hai but hamari najar aap par hai

Armaan nodded anytime sir m ready to help

Inspector thank you

Armaan went to his house armaan called Shilpa s no

Shilpa picked up in one go hello armaan kya hua? Tum thik ho na? R u at home?

Armaan: are don't worry me Ghar par hi Hun Nd me thik Hun

Jab Mene kuch Kia hi ni toh wo mujhe wahan kyu rakhenge ?


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