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PART 27 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Finally after the eventful morning, everyone returned home by the lunch time. As insisted by Vijay, Shashank agreed to have the lunch with them. Ananya insisted on calling for the caters for lunch but the relatives said it would be fun to cook themselves which later she obliged to. Raji was more than happy to find the home fully packed with people. Things are definitely changing, she thought. Smiling, she looked around for Riddhima and Armaan whom she failed to spot in the living room. She noticed the door of their bedroom closed and thought to let them have few moments alone with each other.

Riddhima, as soon as she entered their home, ran to the bedroom and stood infront of the mirror staring at her image in awe. Her hair above forehead was covered with sindhoor and neck adorned with mangalsutra. She touched her mangalsutra slowly and smiled feeling blissful. She had waited for this moment for long. Finally she became Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik. She was startled for a second, when she felt a hand wrapped around her waist, before relaxing the next second.

Armaan watched her staring at her own image in the mirror. He smiled at the display of emotions on her face. He walked up to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. Resting his chin on her shoulder, he pulled her closer planting a kiss on her cheek. They looked at the image in the mirror and a contended smile made its presence felt on their lips.

"What are you thinking?" he asked her, supporting her when she leaned back on him.

"I don't know. I feel different." She replied looking into his eyes through the mirror. She didn't quite understand what the feeling was except that it was good, extremely good that she wished it lasted forever. It was inexplicable. She wondered if he felt the same.

"Me too. After all I got a license to romance with you." He whispered nuzzling her neck with the tip of his nose. She trembled as he traced the length of her neck but was shocked when his words reached her dazed brain. She smacked his arm that was resting around her waist and tried to move away.

He chuckled at her futile protests tightening his grip on her. "Okay sorry, I was just kidding. What do you feel?"

She stopped twisting and rested her head back on his shoulder and closed her eyes. "I don't know. It's so overwhelming that I want to cry. Everything is so perfect." she said after a moment turning around in his arms.

He didn't say anything, just pulled her into a tight hug assuring her of his love once again. She sighed in the warmth of his loving embrace. He knew that is what she needed at the moment. "I love you wifey." Her lips curved into a smile listening to his words. He drew back after few minutes and leaned down to her level. Just when he was about to join their lips, the door flew open and in barged an excited Muskaan.

"Oops! Sorry, I didn't watch anything." Muskaan said closing her eyes with her hand. "I know you want to stay here forever, but Sanjay came for lunch. He would be happy if he gets to meet the newlywed couple. You can continue this at night." She added and ran out immediately.

While Armaan cursed her for the interruption, Riddhima was glad that it was not any of her aunties. She made a note to limit their romance for some time until the relatives left. But their hearts raced at Muskaan's last words. They looked into each other's eyes and knew they were thinking on same lines. They would become a man and wife today, they thought. Little did they know what was lined up for them!


By evening, Muskaan, Rahul and Sanjay, who joined them for lunch, left along with few of the relatives. Shashank and Vijay both left for UK to attend some business meeting. Ananya stayed back with few other relatives. They all sat in the living room chatting away to glory. Riddhima was drifting in and out of sleep, with her head in Raji's lap and Armaan was no less. Not able to fight his sleep any longer, he went to his room and fell on bed, dozing off soon enough. With Raji caressing her forehead, Riddhima too drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

It was around 10 in the night, when Armaan woke up feeling hungry. He got off the bed and went into the kitchen rubbing his eyes in search of Riddhima. He found Raji and Ananya in the kitchen with his other aunty.

"Raji, where is Riddhima?" he asked Raji, grabbing an apple placed on the dining table.

"Oh Armaan, you are up? Have dinner first. Riddhima is in your room." Ananya spoke smiling at him which he gladly returned. He thought of going against the dinner, for he wanted to go to Riddhima asap but his grumbling stomach made it impossible. So he quietly sat at the dining table while Ananya served him.

Armaan was drowned in his own thoughts about his plan for tonight. Finally he could have Riddhima all to himself. His heart somersaulted at that thought and a smile got plastered on his face which didn't go unnoticed by Raji and Ananya. Raji was very well aware of the reason behind his dreamy smile but Ananya was slightly confused. But nevertheless she was happy finding his face glowing with some unfathomable happiness. She sat beside him at the table and watched his expressions quite amused.

He completed his dinner quickly and was about to go into his room when two of his younger cousins pulled him to the living room pleading him to teach them some video game. Cursing them under his breath, he followed them faking a smile staring longingly at his room. He wondered what Riddhima might be doing in as she didn't come out. She might be getting ready for him, his heart soothed his agitated nerves and he smiled inwardly.

After struggling for an hour, he slowly slipped away from his cousins and made his way towards his room. As he stood out the door, his pulsed quickened suddenly, with blood gushing to his head in ecstasy. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and was mortified at the sight infront of him. All the excitement he felt a minute ago vanished almost instantly and his face fell.

Riddhima was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face with his cousin's son snuggled at her chest and the other kid slept beside her with his hand wrapped around her waist. He glared at his nephews in rage. Wasn't it his place beside her all snuggled up, on the very first night of their wedding? He thought bitterly.

Fully charged up, he went to kitchen where Raji and Ananaya were cleaning the kitchen to complain about the injustice done to him.

"What happened Armaan? Go and sleep. It's already late." Ananya spoke spotting him in the kitchen.

"Mom, how should I sleep? Arun and Neeraj are sleeping beside Riddhima." He whined. Raji understood his problem but Ananya failed to see through it. Raji thought to sort it out. But before she could open her mouth, Ananya spoke.

"Oh. They were very stubborn that they wanted to sleep beside her. Let them sleep there. If we wake them up, they won't sleep all night. However the bed is large enough for four people. Adjust with them for today na! By tomorrow the guests will leave."

Blood drained off his face listening to his mom's words. What was that? He wondered whether he heard it right. Here he was planning over the top for something and his mom threw a bomb on his head. But how could he tell that to his mom. She must be thinking that it was another normal night for them, being legally married for eight months by now. But it's not! His heart screamed. He wants his wife.

Raji watched the change of his expressions and couldn't help but giggle at his restlessness. Her heart melted when he looked at her pleading with his eyes.

"Ananaya that's fine. I'll shift the kids to our room. Let him sleep comfortably. Even yesterday he didn't sleep well and-" Raji was cut midsentence by Ananya.

"Raji, but Riddhima's aunty is sleeping in our room. And the gents are in the guest room. Even the living room is packed." She told her and turned back to him. "Armaan, please adjust for today. Huh?" she said caressing his cheek and his heart gave in to her words though his brain warned him. Raji looked at him helpless. Hesitantly, cursing his luck he moved back to his room.

He slammed the door shut and sat at the edge of the bed sulking. This, definitely, is not what he planned the night to be. It turned out to be a disaster for him. Ofcourse what more could he expect from his fate. Everything happened the other way round in his life when it comes to Riddhima. He wondered when their relationship would be on par with normal ones!

He carefully shifted Neeraj to the other side of bed, placed pillows to make sure he won't fall off the bed, covered the kids with blanket and settled beside Riddhima hugging her from back. He inhaled her scent and sighed deeply pulling another blanket over them. Nuzzling his face in her hair, he placed a soft kiss on her nape.

Riddhima, as if responding to his silent pleads, tuned to his side and snuggled into him as usually. Inspite of the disappointment in his heart, he couldn't help but smile when she did that. He pulled her more close feeling content for some odd reason. Holding her close to his heart, he drifted off to sleep even before he knew.


"Armaan! Get up." Riddhima smacked him again, trying to wake him. She woke up with the alarm ring at 7 am. She looked to her side and was surprised to find one side empty and with him almost lying on her. As far as she can remember, she was telling some story to Neeraj and Arun last night. She didn't remember when she fell asleep. She can only recall herself waiting for him while telling the story. The next moment, she was disappointed. Last night, she was excited to spend her wedding night with him. She knew he would be disappointed too.

"Pleaaaaasssssseeeeee. Its Sunday today." He sang it sleepily, in no mood to wake up. He rested his face at the crook of her neck securing her hands within his refraining her from smacking him again. She tried to push him off but gave up after few moments. She would have chosen to stay in the bed with him all day had the door been closed. But it was slightly open and she was scared that any of their aunties would find them all cuddled up. The next moment, she felt lazy kisses on her neck and knew he was awake.

"Armaan please." She whispered trying to stop him. As much as she enjoyed the moment, she knew it was not the appropriate time.

"I planned for so much but you were asleep last night when I came." He complained making his way down to her collar-bone, leaving her shivering slightly.

"I am sorry. I never knew when I dozed off. I was telling story for the kids." She replied genuinely sorry for him. Though she couldn't admit it as easily as him, she anticipated the night as much as he did. She knew he would be disappointed or even mad at her.

He looked up at her listening to her words. "You have to take the punishment then." He said and smiled to himself. She frowned at his words.

"What puni-" the word was never completed as he slammed his lips on hers, kissing her with a passion she never knew existed in him. He slowly released her hands and she ran them in his hair. They kissed each other shoving all their inhibitions aside.

"Riddhima" she heard her name being called form somewhere and pushed him off her roughly. Before he could grab her again, she jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom blushing to herself. He punched the bed smiling and pulled the pillow over his head ready for another session of sleep.

After half an hour, he received another smack from Riddhima. "Armaan get up. Everyone is leaving today. You have to drop them at the airport." She yelled at him and was surprised when he got up suddenly and rushed to the bathroom. He was happy to listen that their relatives were leaving today. He could have all the time with Riddhima.


Armaan returned home after dropping everyone at the airport. Ananya's flight is in the evening, so she stayed back. Ananaya and Armaan sat in the living room watching TV, while Riddhima and Raji were in the kitchen preparing lunch.

"Armaan, when is Abhi's flight?" Riddhima asked him from the kitchen.

"In an hour or so." He answered back, smiling.

"Aren't you going to the airport then?" she asked again.

"No. He said he would come."

Just then the door bell rang and Armaan beamed in happiness. "Riddhima, open the door." He shouted, surprising Ananya.

"I am busy Armaan. You open it." She shouted back.

"No I am busy too. Open it please." He yelled back. Ananya frowned at him and he smiled sheepishly at her, signaling her not to open the door.

Riddhima cursed him once before moving towards the door when the bell rang again. She opened the door and frowned. She smiled recognizing the person after a moment. As she made way for him to step inside, her smiled vanished looking at the sight infront of her. She stood rooted to the spot, positively mortified.

As her knees shook, she leaned back on the door for support. "ARMAAN" she screamed, with tears rolling down her cheeks.



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