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PART 29 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Sated and spent, Riddhima was in deep slumber when she felt some movement near her collar bone. Ignoring it, as she was in a beautiful dream, she turned to the other side pulling the blanket closer. She frowned when the movement persisted, this time on her shoulder and nape. Shrugging her shoulder slightly, she tried to get back to her dream, but was drifted awake when she felt something slightly wet this time. Opening her eyes slowly, she caught the sight of the clock showing the time as 3 am.

However she sighed contently, closing her eyes again, feeling the lazy fondle on her skin which now reached her neck slowly moving towards her earlobe. She tried to recognize its source, but her mind, still being numb with the euphoria of her previous moments chose not to process anything. May be a feather, she thought, a wet feather. Or grass? She wondered as her body enjoyed the adept caress.

"Riddhima..." she heard his hoarse whisper amidst his now sultry kisses. Kisses? She wondered and then suddenly realization hit her as her sleepy brain recalled the passionate moments that transpired between them two hours ago. At the mere recognition of the source of the deft caress on her skin, her heart raced in haste and her cheeks aflamed.

Armaan watched her sleeping in his arms peacefully. For some reason, sleep was miles away from him. Though after few hours from their passionate encounter, his heart was thumping against his chest, demanding for something more. Earlier, though their union had been intense with emotions, he restricted himself in a way to be gentle with her and make it easy. But the demons in him were eagerly waiting to be unleashed, which he realized were difficult to hold back.

Sliding down, he started kissing her near the collar bone, gingerly, waiting for her body to respond back. When he felt her movement, he made his way up to her neck and earlobe leaving fervent kisses. He smiled when he felt her sigh deeply and whispered her name, trying to gain her attention.

Riddhima turned around to face him and found him smiling at her when she opened her eyes. The next moment she felt his palms moving up and down her abdomen ever so sensually. She looked away not able to meet his gaze as she knew that she was being sexually charged by his antics. When she slowly raised her gaze to meet his, he placed his lips on hers, kissing her lovingly yet deeply. She closed her eyes and pulled him closer tangling her arms around his neck, getting ready for another journey of their love.

His hand that was on her waist slowly found its way up. She gasped amidst the kiss as she felt his palm groping for her soft bosom and then fondling, arousing her all the more. He moved on top of her body, pressing her hard into the mattress, as he explored her deeply. Parting from her lips, his found their way down to her throat, and then her shoulder while she felt his hard back muscles with every move of his.

He rolled to his back and pulled her body to his trying to engage her as much as him. She obliged him, kissing his chiseled chest, feeling his perfect abs with her tiny palms. He groaned at the friction caused with the movement of her soft body over his. When she caressed his body with a painfully slow pace, he turned suddenly pinning her beneath him. Looking into her eyes for a moment, he jammed his lips on her roughly, driving her to the edge.

She felt it different, which she failed to decipher why, as she felt his hands everywhere on her body at the same time. He was careful not to hurt her but was not gentle. Rather she felt him hungry and eager, which, however, she welcomed fully. He slipped into her suddenly, causing her to arch her back and cry in a painful pleasure, as he guided himself and her into the world of love, love and only love.


Armaan walked out of the bathroom, rubbing his wet hair with a towel. He found Riddhima sound asleep, under the pile of two blankets that were sprawled on the bed. She pulled the blanket closer to her face when he switched the light on. Smiling at her, he wore his denim jeans and put on a shirt. When he was done, he moved to the bed and sat be her.

"Basket.. Get up." He called her, caressing her cheeks. He was still surprised at the color that adorned her cheeks. When he didn't find any movement from her, he shook her slightly. "Riddhima, its 6.30. We have duty at 8."

"Tch. Armaan, let me sleep na. I just slept an hour ago." She whined irritated at him disturbing her sleep. He had barely let her sleep the whole night. They made love again all night and it was early in the morning when they fell asleep.

Armaan chuckled when he heard her. The next moment, he blushed to himself at her remark. He indeed didn't let her sleep until it was something around 5. But that was not an excuse. He was awake too, wasn't he?

Riddhima opened her eyes when she felt the blanket slipping away from her body followed by an early morning breeze wishing her body. That immediately hit her that she was without clothes. Hurriedly, she pulled the blanket closer to her body frowning at him, who sat there with a stupid grin on his face and the other end of the blanket in his hand.

"Armaan, why can't you let me sleep?" she yelled, trying to hide her embarrassment of her nudeness, except for the blanket covering her, infront of him.

"Why? Don't you want to go Sanjeevani?" he asked.

"No, I don't want to go. I am taking leave today. Submit my leave application to Dr. Keerthi." She said stubbornly, pulling the blanket over her head, as she felt her eyes heavy. Why can't he just go and let her sleep?

"Acha! What should I tell the reason?" he asked again, trying to pull the blanket off her face.

She scowled as she again felt her blanket sliding away. Irritated with his disturbance, she yelled, "Tell her that I am sore and exhausted because we made love all the night. Now go and let me sleep." She closed her eyes once again, not quite realizing what she spoke.

Armaan was baffled as he heard her. Off all the things, this was the least expected of her; talking boldly of their private moments. But that was replaced by his concern, maybe he should have let her have some sleep last night, he pondered.

She frowned, her eyes still closed, when she didn't get any response back. As she recalled what she spoke a minute before, her eyes fluttered open suddenly, she sat up straight, pulling the blanket to her neck. May be she didn't utter anything, she hoped. But knew the damage was done as she found him looking at her with an amused expression on his face, followed by a slight frown.

"Are you really not feeling well? Shall I get a tablet?" he asked worried.

"No, no. Umm I am fine... Just...umm.... " she stammered, and lowered her eyes in sheer embarrassment, not knowing what to speak. "You leave the room. I'll get ready and come in 30 mins" she added. She knew she had to go to Sanjeevani, by any cost today as there were many of her pending cases owing to her leave of one week. But if she has to reach there, first she had to get ready and for that she had to make him leave the room. No way would she walk to the bathroom draped in a blanket, that too with him in the room. She looked up find him grinning at her and that pissed her off. "Stop that!!" She seethed throwing a pillow at his face.

"What? Why should I leave if you have to get ready?" he asked, acting innocent, moving closer to her. But he stopped grinning and stood up to leave when he found her glaring. When he moved towards the door, she relaxed slightly and was about to get off the bed. He turned around abruptly and blew out a kiss at her before adding. "Basket, you look extremely sexy in a blanket." He ran out when he found another pillow coming his way.

Riddhima, as soon as the door was shut, ran into the bathroom pulling her robe from the wardrobe. When she closed the door of the bathroom, she heard him laughing loudly, coming into the bedroom. She closed her eyes, leaning back on the door, hitting her forehead.

After completing her bath, she came out in a robe, that reached her knees, her hair dripping wet. She noticed him, standing infront of the mirror combing his hair, from the corner of her eyes. As she rummaged through the wardrobe, she could feel his eyes on her and hence didn't dare look at him. She heard his mobile ring and thanked the person. She heard the one sided conversation pulling out her dress.

"Oh, hie Muski." She picked some random salwar kameez. Throwing the dupatta on bed, she moved towards the bathroom.

"Yeah I am coming. I have to report at 8." She closed the bathroom door and was getting dressed when his words caught her attention after a minute.

"Riddhima? I don't think she is going to come. She asked me to submit her leave application." She heard him and frowned. Did he take it seriously? She wondered. But he didn't appear so. But then her frowned deepened as she heard him speaking too loud. But was horrified when she heard his next words.

"Reason? Hmm?" she quickly put on the dress and opened the door hurriedly. "She said she was -"

"ARMAAN!!" she yelled at him and snatched the phone away from him. "Muski, I am coming to Sanjeevani. I'll talk to you later." She replied to Muski on call and threw his mobile on the bed.

"What? I was just telling her the reason." He replied making a puppy face, when she turned to look at him. But was taken aback when he found her eyes filled with tears that were ready to spill down. He ran to her and cupped her face immediately, wiping her tears, his heart twisting in pain.

"Riddhima, I was just kidding. I didn't mean it." He said softly and asked "You really thought I would say that to Muskaan?" he smiled, relieved, when she nodded her head negatively vigorously.

"Then what happened?" he asked taking her into his arms, hugging her gently.

"I don't know. I just felt like crying." She mumbled into his chest, holding him tight. She was overwhelmed with the turn of events lately. Their marriage, meeting her sister, Raji leaving for Delhi and then them consummating their marriage. She was emotionally disoriented suddenly, which she didn't understand why.

"What? I'll ask Dr. Keerthi to grant you leave. Take rest if you are.. umm.. I mean exhausted." He spoke fumbling with words trying to use them right. She drew back from him when she heard him. Her heart raced again at his mention. Why does he mention it again? Not when she was comfortable discussing? But she brought it herself. She should have shut her mouth then!

"Armaan!! Who told you I want leave. I am fine." She scowled at him, though slightly blushing leaving him flabbergasted. She moved towards the door assuming he would follow her. But as he stood rooted to his spot, she said again. "Armaan, we are getting late."

Armaan moved out of the room still unsure of her behavior. What was happening? He tried to cite the reasons for her weird behavior. When they moved towards the dining table, he frowned when he found her stand still staring at the kitchen. "What? Now don't tell me you are pregnant!" he blurted out suddenly when she looked at him. That was the first thing that came to his mind. What's with her mood swings suddenly early in the morning.

"Armaan!!" Riddhima was aghast listening to him. "Shut your mouth." She shouted at him. "How did I fall in love with you!" she muttered.

"I came with only that reason to your sudden mood swing." He added smiling nervously, scratching his forehead.

"Oh." She said. Why was she behaving in a weird way? she thought. "Maybe PMS." She added looking away.

"Is it? But I don't think it's time yet." He said casually, deep in thought.

She stared at him astonished at what he said. Can the day be more embarrassing? She cursed. But then he might have noticed.  And he was actually right. They had been living together for the past few months. He would have easily noticed her weird behavior sometimes. "Stress might do it." She added moving towards the living room.

"Okay!" He nodded. "Oye! Breakfast?" he asked and that's when he realized that Raji wasn't there with them. Who was supposed to prepare breakfast?

"Thank God! It hit you now! I was thinking about it few minutes back. Let's have it at Sanjeevani. It's already 7.30." she replied and then they moved out, heading towards another beautiful day.


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