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Part 3: The Stranger (AR mini)

Love Found..And Lost

Riddhima's POV:
Even his thought is enough for my face to creep into a tinge of red.I am seriously getting mad.Its been a week since I've met Armaan,and it amazes me to see the effect he has on me.

"Riddhima..",his velvety voice was dazed and we were very close.So close,that we could count each other's breathing.I could feel my heart pounding against my chest and it clearly demonstrated how nervous I felt.
His big manly hand slowly rose till it touched my face,and his bare touch sent shivers down my spine as his other  free hand grabbed one of mine. My eyes shut close andhe slowly stroked my cheek,very gently.His breath was making me lose my senses and his scent was driving me crazzy.Why wasn't he saying it already?

Now his hand slowly removed some locks of my hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear.The intimacy was driving me mad,and I could hardly think straight anymore.
"Armaan..",I whispered softly,gazing into his eyes. His gray-blue eyes owned me completely once again.I was lost in them,and my heart pounded harder..till I could hear his voice again.

"Riddhima..I am in love with you..",he said,his husky voice still sounding as dazed as I felt. I smiled,my expression showing him how much I'd wanted this.
"Armaan..I Love You..",I told him softly,shying away.
"Riddhima..Baby I Love You..I Love you.."

My eyes flew open.Armaan starred in my dreams,again.I kept reminding myself that its just a crush,then,why?Why the hell does my heart beat like that when I see him?His gray-blue eyes,his dimples..make me go weak in the knees.Even his voice makes my day.What is happening to me?

Muski says that I know the answer.Armaan is no mere crush.A Crush wouldn't starr in my dreams each night after I'd seen him,and tonight I told I loved him..Love him..I am in love..with Armaan Mallik?Who I barely know? Its so shocking,yet so beautiful,so dreamlike,yet so real..
Armaan and I have been working the whole week to see if Rahul and Muskaan are really seriouas and if they really have any feelings for each other.And they do.So we've finally decided to let them alone on a date..So that they can confesst to each other.We're really hoping it'll work.

I feel crazzy thinking about him now.Di sleeps beside me comfortably,and I get flashbacks of him with me or dreams of him.It drives me mad !! Its all so filmy,but seems so Real! Staring at the moon thinking if he'd do the same..Feeling the air on my face,as if he's touching me...I still can't believe myself.

Armaan,Armaan and Armaan..That's all I can think about now.Is he the one I was waiting for?My dream guy? He's so sweet,so caring,so thoughtful and sometimes so childlike..With his every action,I feel this amazing flip-flop within my heart.I've observed him all through this time.

I remember today when we saw Rahul-Muskaan really happy about the idea of a date,out of nowhere,Armaan jumped and hugged me tight.
"We did it Riddhima!We did it..Uff atleast Rahul will stop bugging me!Thanks Riddhima..Thank you so much..Noone else would've done this ! I-",he was speaking so entusiastically,excited like a child,but then he cut off,realizing that he was hugging me.

Even when he left me,how warm his arms felt around me was the only thought that came into my mind.I blushed a deep red and out of his embarressment,he ran a hand through his hair and mumbled a "sorry". Everything about him makes me realize now,especially his eyes,how badly and helplesly I've fallen for him.

Basically the only thing I know is..He's very popular and also the most wanted guy in the college..I wonder how I've never noticed him in my class before,to which Muski says that I was too busy studying and paying attention in how could I have noticed him? Almost all girls want to date him,and he's a type of a casanova,flirting with almost every girl coming his way.
Maybe he flirts..But he's So sweet ! I hate coffee,and he loves it,and so I was shocked when he offered it to me the day we met.I couldn't say no to such a good-looking boy(owing to the fact that I liked him way too much),so I accepted it,but soon he sensed my discomfort and changed the order.He,a stranger,could guess so easily?I was suprised.I was so embarressed to even ask him how,I'd just thanked him.And he flashed his dimples.I'd been speechless then.Oh Stupid ME!

I'd asked Rahul one day if he ever was in love.Rahul shook his head and said said that till then..Girls were just timepass to him.He didn't take them seriously.Rahul also added as an afterthought,that lately Armaan had been behaving strangely,he wasn't flirting around much,he'd broken up with his girlfriend and always looked lost or dreamy.

Did I cause the change?Does he feel it too?Does he? Oh Lord ! I am in love,with Armaan..Armaan?Feels like heaven..


Armaan's POV:

"Thanks yaar..You're the best !!",Rahul told me,giving me a big wide smile,probably the biggest I've ever seen on his face.

"I know that!",I said,pretending as if his thanks meant nothing.Then I grinned and nudged him,"Bata diya?"
Rahul seemed to fall into his daydreams again and,"Uhm..Yeah..",he said,a little embarressed.God he was blushing!! Can you even imagine that !!

I am happy that Rahul Muskaan have hit off well,and they've confessed on their date.Everything had worked out so perfectly,exactly according to the plans.Well,Chalo,bechara Rahul got himself the girl he wants! Shocking I know..but it satisfies me.Atleast I could help him na?

Actually,I could've done nothing if Riddhima wasn't there..Riddhima.Her name itself gives me a strange sense of happiness.She's so different,so real.And oh,she's pretty cute. OK FINE!! Super-cute. And beautiful,too maybe..She looked really nice wearing that white churidaar.
Yeah,I know you people are shocked.Right? I am too! THE ARMAAN MALLIK, who ran behind girls in mini/short dresses,is noticing a  girl in a churidaar?But,OH no no no no...DO NOT GET THE WRONG IDEA,that I am in Love.Because,I still don't believe in a thing like that !!

Fine,I have been dreaming about her,the recent one being that I was dropping her home one night and her dupatta stuck on my shirt as she told me 'bye' and was going away,after I'd opened the door for her.She came closer and closer,to take the dupatta back,since my efforts had failed,and I kept staring at her.She was wearing red,my favourite colour,when I cannot argue that she was looking really pretty. Her hair flying on my face as we were very close,I raised my hand to remove the locks of hair from her face.She looked up at me,and I held her gaze,boring my eyes into her emrald-green ones.
"Riddhima..You are so beautiful..",I'd said.
She blushed and I could feel my heartbeats racing..

OMG CRAP ! CRAP ! CRAP ! Not again! I've been trying to get off this strange feeling off me,THIS IS SO FREAKING FILMY!! Gosh,I tell you,Rahul's idiotic romances are rubbing off me.I feel so annoyed.She keeps hovering around me,I think of her all the time and I stare at her ! For a good 5-10 secs! That's hell of a recorsd for me ! I swear I'm serious!!But,I have to admit,she's so different from other girls,and I like that.I get frustrated with those mini-skirts waalis.They're So Annoying! Not so free,so organized,so thoughtful,so. sensitive her.

OKAY! Now I get it.Maybe BECAUSE she is different I am ATTRACTED towards her.Just an infactuation,maybe.This love-shove is nothing.Its all nonsense!

"Um..Armaan?",I heard her voice calling me.
I turned to see her standing with her books,her hair was left open and falling past her shoulders,she was wearing a baby pink churidaar today.Man..She looks like an angel..

"Hey..Riddhima",I replied a little dazedly.
"Um..",she played with her hair,twirling little bits of it with her fingers,"Has Rahul told you about the party tonight?
"Party?What party?"
"Muskaan and his party.They've invited us..Especially,because we helped to get them together.."
"They're throwing a party to celebrate the fact that they're a couple?", I swear,this idea of a party was amazing.Tempting too!
"Yeah..Muski told me that we have to come with know..d-dates.."
"DATES ?!?!?!",I was freaked out.

I don't have a DATE. ARMAAN MALLIK  doesn't have a DATE. OH GAWD that is SOO HUMILIATING!!

"I don't have a date..",I heard her murmur.
Yayiee Riddhima doesn't have a DATE !! Wow that means- OK.WAIT.WHY AM I HAPPY? I don't have a date either! And how does it concern me if she had one?

"Riddhima,Will you be my date for the party?",I blurted out without thinking,suprising both of us.
She bit her lip,but despite her efforts,her cheeks turned reddish.When she blushes,its like the best ever - OKAY ARMAAN STOP GETTING CRAZZY! THIS IS SO NOT A FILM!

"Sure.",she softly said before smiling shyly and hurrying away.
"Hey wait !!I'll pick you..right?",she stopped. And nodded,smiling again.She is so beautiful.My God how..

OMIGOSH  did I just ask her to be my date?!?! why? WHY? I need a doctor now. But wait..The thought feels so right. If,what I am thinking right now is wrong..Why does it feel so right? I just LIKE her,right?I can't fall in LOVE ! I don't believe in it..It doesn't even exist,or does it?


Riddhima's POV:

I still can't believe it. I am Armaan's date. ARMAANS !! Oh my God,I will go crazzy now.I'm grinning away from that time.And most annoyingly,I can't choose anything appropriate to wear. Ofcourse I am not wearing denims with top or churidaar..It'll be a dress ! I am torn between three of my favourite and gorgeous evening dresses - Red,white or black? I wonder what his favourite colour is ! I don't even know that ! WOW..And I am hopelessly in love with him..!!Wonderful.

"Red.",my elder sister winked confidently at me,entering the room.
" did you..",I asked,taken aback.
"Chal na Ridzi,Anyone can make out you're in love..",she shook her head,"Red.Go for it. Its so sexy ! He'll fall for you at first sight of you in it.",she grinned.
"Hm..Are you sure?"
"1000 percent.Now,fast,he'll be here soon..As I can predict."

So I wore the red one,Di did my hair very prettily and I was content at what I saw in the mirror.Di was right,it was sexy.I just prayed silently that Armaan likes me in it. Please God!!
Soon,he was right on time,and his car's honk made me restless. Was I looking okay? Would he like it? Was my make-up too loud? Was this dress nice ? What will he tell me? Anywayz,calming myself all the way downstairs,I saw him,standing by the passenger door,leaning on his black sleek SUV. He was wearing blue jeans and a white Jacket cum shirt. He looked perfect...So...Irrestible.He flashed his dimples at me.

"Hello,dear beautiful lady..",he greeted me as he opened the door for me like a gentleman.
HE CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL? Oh my God I can't believe this. Today is the BEST day of my life..I,am so happy. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happyyyy!!

He  got into the car himself ,and closing the door,he said,"Lets go?",I nodded,smiling.

We reached there soon.Muskaan even complimented I looked 'sexy' while Rahul laughed at Armaan's poor jokes. The DJ was playing quite good songs, and Rahul-Muski dragged us to the dance floor. I wanted to shout 'I CAN'T DANCE!!' But just then,the music tuned into one of my favourite romantic numbers,and hesitantly,but smiling,Armaan put his hand around my waist and my hand on his shoulder and held my other hand.His touch sent electric currents run through me,and I slowly gazed into his eyes.

"Armaan..",I whispered,feeling his gaze,"I can't dance.."
"I'll teach you..Come on.."

And he taught me,very paitently..and I was looking at him more than his lessons..His eyes..Him.
"By the way..",he whispered,grinning,"You look really sexy.Muskaan was right.And especially in red..Its my favourite colour." I was already on cloud9..He was serious? OMG I love my Di so much !!
So we danced,slowly in each other's arms..gazing into each others eyes.The song ended pretty soon,and I had to leave him! OH DAMN IT!The rest of the party was really FUN. We made Rahul confess his love again,and 'oohed' and 'aahed' at Muski's red face. Armaan and I both didn't drink,just took small sips of coke.Soon,it was time to return.

In the car,I could feel him stealing glances at me,and my heart lept at the thought.And I wanted to ask if he likes me,atleast. But,Oh God! That'd be embarressing,so,I dropped the idea, It started raining outside. I was excited at once,and told him to stop the car. I LOVE RAINS! So free,so the nature around such a perfect soft touch. I immediately spread my hands as soon as I got out,and it felt wonderful.

"Riddhima ! You'll catch a cold ! Come back inside!",he called out,and I could sense that he'd come out too. WOW!! He was concerned for me. I looked at him.
"I don't care! I love the rains!",I shouted back. He laughed lightly at me.

All the film sequences came rushing into my mind.Ladka Ladki akele in the rain..So Romantic.I blushed at the thought. Suddenly,out of nowhere,I felt his hand grabbing my waist. I gasped as he made me turn towards him,and I looked into my eyes.It was almost simliar to my dream.I was lost in his eyes,when he came closer and removed the locks of hair from my face. My body jolted by the touch,it sent shivers down my spine.

"Armaan..",I whispered.
"Ssh..",he quitened me,"Riddhima you are so beautiful.."
I didn't know how to react.His words sent my mind in a frenzy.I slowly put my hands round his neck,for balance sake,and the next thing I knew,was..his face was too close to mine,and his lips slowly pressed on mine. My first kiss..I just grabbed him as he sucked my lips gently.I let him kiss me,savouring the moment and my body was on fire. It was as if I was melting as one with him.It felt wonderful. When he left me,he touched his forehead with mine,breathing slightly uneven.I didn't even realise,that out of my bewilderment,I didn't kiss him back..I just forgot how to react. But he kissed me..The feeling is like..Something I just can't describe.Heavenly.

I couldn't imagine  a day better than this. His phone buzzed,and we both were brought out of our reverie,and he gently moved me away,and took the call. I slowly returned to the car,blushing on the way back.He came back,gave me a nervous smile,and he took me back home.None of us spoke a word,and I could only think of the kiss..What did it mean? Did he love me?
Did Armaan Mallik love me back? I had to find out.


Armaan's POV:

I lay down in my bed,thinking of all that had happened.It shouldn't have. I shouldn't have done that. God, dammit,what made me do that? I've never kissed anyone before,not even those idiot girls I dated.Then why her? She doesn't even know me well..And I don't too!Everything,everything's gone wrong.

All I remember is,I was standing behind her,watching her. She did look very beautiful today..Breathtaking,infact. Her red dress complimented her figure,and I could see thousand jealous eyes on me,because I had her with me. The boys staring made it difficult for me to keep my calm,since all I wanted is to rip their heads off. I am asking myself,Why?Why the sudden possesiveness? Maybe that has not affected me since what happened at last did. The kiss.

In the rain,she looked even more irrestible.I could easily say,the best looking girl I've ever seen.Even her dress wet,she looked like an angel..I don't understand why this damn ATTRACTION towards her is So strong. Its attraction,right? I mean,How?How can just one girl come in my life suddenly and change me completely? I can still feel my heart thudding hard inside my chest. I can still feel her around me. Its as if now,everything starts and ends with her.It shouldn't be this way,Right? Yeah.

I can't be angry with her.It was my fault. SO what that she looked irrestible?It didn't mean that I had to grab and kiss her all of a sudden.Gosh,whats gotten into me?How the hell have I become so unthinking? She is very special..not like other girls.She gives this strange sense of contentment to me when she smiles..Even in the worst times,I feel like everything's alright. But,I don't believe in all this LOVE!

LOVE doesn't exist,and if it really does,I can't put myself into a mess like this.She's just on my mind 24 x 7 !! Its making me crazzy. I am not supposed to feel like that,Am I? NO! NO! NO! I feel Just SO angry with myself.She must be crying out her heart now.I didn't feel her respond to my kiss,God,maybe she was too taken aback to do so. She even tried to stop me! But I've messed up everything!And she's paying for it..I hurt her.

That kiss was a heavy mistake,a BIG one.And I have committed it. I just have to apologise to her.
I need to stop myself from thinking about her.
Because,whatever's happening,It feels So right...Yet,is so wrong !


Riddhima's POV:

"Armaan?",I called him as I saw him sitting in an empty classroom all by himself,"You..called me here?"

Today when I came to college with Muskaan,Rahul turned up and told me that Armaan had called me.I was super-excited and nervous. I still don't know what else to say. After yesterday's kiss,I have been like..Flying.My first and last love,Armaan..*sigh* It feels wonderful. To be in love is like the best feeling ever.Maybe Armaan felt the same and he wanted to tell me? Oh God,My life is perfect. My angel,my saviour,my Armaan..Its like I want to lose myself once again in his eyes.What if he kisses me again?

He nodded silently,looking sober. Thousands of emotions flickered across his face. Pain,somewhat Guilt,Fear,Confusion..Something else too..Is it of Love?

"Sit,Riddhima.",he said,his head low.
I sat down and looked at him.Whatever was the matter?He still didn't look into my eyes.
"Riddhima..I..I want to tell you something."
"Yes?",I replied,a little eagerly.

He stood up and faced his back towards me.I waited.
"Riddhima..I know..I mean,I don't know how to say this..But,Riddhima..I..I'm..Sorry.",I'd never seen him so hesitant before. I was confused. He was apologising.What was wrong?
"About what?"
"About yesterday..I know the kiss must have hurt your sentiments very much.I'm so sorry..I don't know how I lost control..It was a mistake Riddhima..a big mistake..I,I'm sorry.."

His words Hit me like a Blow.I sat there,trying to control my tears. He thought the kiss was a mistake?It didn't mean anything to him? I feel like I'm already dead.My heart is slowly breaking,realising what he's trying to say.I let him say,because I was too speechless even to say anything.

"I don't believe in Love,Riddhima..I..I never have.I know I've hurt you..I'm sorry.It was a big mistake,I'm really sorry."

With that,without even turning,he walked off.His voice echoed in my ears,like a death statement.
'I don't believe in Love,Riddhima'...He doesn't believe in Love.He doesn't Love me.

'I don't believe in Love,Riddhima'

My tears overflowed,and I didn't stop them,as I hugged my knees tightly to myself.Normally,I am not a girl who cries at every point or other.But today..It feels like my whole world is colapsing. Its finished. My love,my life..My dreams....everything is shattered. I found my love..and now,I've lost it.
Maybe Forever.



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