Saturday, 12 January 2019

Part 49 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"And, in the end,The love you take is equal to the love you make."

He was walking when he saw Dev sitting quietly on pool side Its both of them's favourite spot for chilling out... He sat beside him quietly which made Dev amused who asked why he is awake?? To which he replied he didn't knew?? They both talked for hours in b/w Aditi joined them... They three joked also made fun of each others
"Acha... Tune Singapore offer ka kya kiya??" Dev asked in serious tone making Armaan and Aditi's smile faded
"Haa.. Kya decision liya tumne" Aditi asked slowly gripping Armaan's hand who was sitting b/w them
"Drop kar diya" he replied normally making Dev shocked while Aditi smiled
"Love u.. Tumne Shilpa ko choose kiya..." she hugged him happily who smiled

Part 17 & 18 : Instant Messaging

Part 17 :

Muskaan and Rahul are talking over the phone. Rahul is in Armaan's house.

M-hey rahul.. mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai
R- hey muskaan.. kyun? Kya hua? Koi problem?
M-haan.. rids aur armaan
R- batoa to sahi.
M- Riddhima hai flower…..Riddhima armaan ko april folls kehna gayi hai… armaan ko hurt karna gayi hai…. Par who armaan se pyaar karti hai… she loves him.. mujhe pata hai ki armaan bhi usse pyaar karta hai!! Par.. shes gonna hurt him….

Muskaan said widout taking a breath.. she knew Rids was gonna regret this.. she had to help make it ryte….

R-woah woah!!slow down muskaan…
Muskaan sighed.. and she told rahul the full story bout rids and armaan.

Part 12 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Riddhima had her fingers in Armaans hair. Her head was titled to side, so that Armaan had better access. As he bite her on her sweet spot, she let out a loud moan.

R: Armaaaann…

Armaan smirked hearing her moan, he gave her one more peck and then looked at her face. He put his hands on her face.

A: You are so beautiful Riddhima, so damn beautiful.

Riddhima also stared back in his eyes. She was lost in them. She felt loved. She felt beautiful. A lot of questions were running in her mind. But right now, she wanted to ban everything and just enjoy the moment with the love of her life.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Episode 32 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Sapna decides calling either Armaan or Riddhima. It has been a long time since they have left and they have not returned yet. She tries taking the phone while she sees Armaan and Riddhima enteering with load a hell of shopping bags. She gives out a sigh..

Sapna: Aa gaye tum log.. Pata hai mein kitna darr gayi thi ?

Veer: Woh bachche nahi hai sapna. Unhe kuch nahi hoga.

Riddhima: Sorry maa.. Late ho gayi thi. Aage se aisa nahi hoga.

Shashank: Its okay beta. But please inform us if you are going to get late. Because, hum sab yahan par thoda sa pareshan the.

Armaan: Sorry papa. Aage se hum inform karenge.

Part 15 & 16 : Instant Messaging

part 15: 

At Armaans house.. 

"Atul.. rahul .. yahan kya kar rahe ho??" Armaan asked.. completely shocked. 

"we need to talk to you" Rahul said. 

Armaan gave him an annoyed look.. but stepped aside to let them come in. 

"Armaan mujhe paata hai… ki aap mujhse itna pissed kyo ho! And woh baat sach nahi hai." Rahul started 

"kya pata hai?" armaan crossed his hands … widout a smile on his face. 

"Riddhima aur mere beech…. U don't like it" 
"haan haan… mene khud apni aakhon se dekh liya tha!!" Armaan shot back.. "agar aap mujhse jhoot kehna chahte ho.. then im sorry… i definetly don't believe you." 

"rahul and muskaan are going out armaan" Atul burst out! 

Part 11 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Armaan was standing very close to Riddhima. Any moment, someone could walk in, but that did not stop him. Not at all. Riddhima finally got her sense back and pushed Armaan back with all her strength. She was looking at him with furious eyes.

R: How dare you Armaan Mallik. Kyu aisa kar rahe ho tum?
A: What do you mean Riddhima?
R: Tum aachi tarha se jaante ho ke mera kya keh rahi hu.

Riddhima turned around and hugged herself. She closed her eyes, to compose herself. She knew that she would eventually fall weak infront of him. By now, Armaan was also fed up with Riddhimas rejection. Yes, he understood her situation, but he can not accept the way, she is behaving with him. He moved towards her and grabbed her hand and spun her towards him. He put his hand on her waist, to pull her even closer to himself.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Part 48 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



" I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul."

"Shilpa kya huaa??" he asked worriedly cupping her face as he saw her sniffing who stared him for minutes thinking he was not that person whom she fell for first "Shilpa... Ro kyun rahi ho??" wiping her tears wd his thumb he asked softly to which she nodded in NO and removing his hand ran from there leaving him confused he was about to ran behind her when Shivanya approached towards him and narrated everything at the end asking it is true or not?? Hearing this he became shocked thinking May be that was the reason behind Shilpa's tears?? When he saw behind her KV & Dev were standing requesting him to say yes which made him understood that they were making her fun... So making a innocent look he replied to her How would he know?? He didn't remember right? Shivanya thought its true and became shocked when Dev & KV burst wd laughter hinting her they were again making her fun who started beating them while Armaan ran were Shilpa disappeared... He looked for her everywhere but didn't found her when he asked to the lift-man showing Shilpa's pic and seeing that pic lift-man answered in YES also informed he stopped the lift for her on Terrace... Armaan immediately reached on upstairs looking for her whom he found on a bench near the railing of Terrace

Part 13 & 14 : Instant Messaging

Part 13 :

At 12:30.
"WOH VISHAAL HAI?" Rids asked muskaan..
'haan .. best of luck rids."

Riddhima walked over to a boy who wore a black coat and brown tie.. very very thin.. and very nervous looking.. his pants were a bit too high.. and his socks definetly did not match his outfit
Since they were bright red

Ridzy looked back. She saw armaan and a whole lot of other guys laughing behind her.. Armaan gestured her to go forward… he didn't look too happy..

Take a dee breath..! sirf ek hi dare hai!! Rids kept telling  herself.
Vishaal turned to see riddhima walking towards him.. and the commotion tht followed.

Part 10 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Kal mene Facebook pe Armaan ki ek pic dekhi. Uski cousin ke saath. Aisha naam hai uski cousin ka. Wo un dono ki childhood picture thi. Armaan ne Aisha ke shoulder pe apna haath rakha hua tha. Us picture ko dekh ke mujhe aisa laga, ke jaise koi mujhpe khanjar chala raha ho. Bar bar, dil me wo khanjar se war kar raha ho. Kyunke har waqt bas sirf yeh khayal aata tha, ke kahi Armaan aur Aisha ka rishta pakka na ho gaya ho. Us waqt jo mere dil pe guzri, wo me chah ke bhi nahi bata sakti. Bas puri raat roti rahi me. Ek second ko bhi aankhe band nahi hui, aur jab band hui, tab har waqt bas Armaan aur Aisha ki picture samne aaye. Aisa laga, ke jaise mere jeene ka maqsad hi khatam ho gaya ho.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Episode 30 & 31: Love Birds (AR ff)

Episode 30

Both of them enjoy the time together and finally riddhima tells Armaan that she is going down and expects him there in another 1/2 hour.

She then goes to Anjali and wakes her up telling that Abhi and Sameera are leaving and it doesn't look good if she does not bid a proper good bye to them.

Finally, all the Mallik's and Gupta's bid a good bye and a bon voyage to Abhi and Sameera. They also tell that they should definately come to Riddhima and Armaan's wedding and it is a must for which they agree.

Part 11 & 12 : Instant Messaging

Part 11 :

Next day… near the locker.

"Muskaan .. aap rahuk se baat kyo nahi karti? Rids said as she saw her starin at rahul.
Widout lifting her gaze off of rahul
"Rahul.. nahi yaar… woh mujhe nahi chahta hai… kisi short skirt wali ladki ko chahta hoga" she said frowning at the gurl he was talkni to.

"tum kaise keh sakti ho muskaan? Who tumhe hug karta hai… hes nice to you.. aur aapko kisses bhi deta hai" rids said.. putting her hand on his shoulder.

"haan.. but rids.. mujhe usse baat karne ki himat nahi hai yaar.. aur tum yeh sab kab se bolne lagi ho?" muskaan said.. suddenly looking at her.. after all.. RIDS was giving her boyfriend advice!

Part 9 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Riddhima run off from there, as fast as possible. She found it very hard to breath. What is the life playing with her? Why is the life playing with her? What had she done so bad? Why was it hurting so much? She run and run, she heart Armaan calling for her, but she did not stop till she reached her house. She got inside and closed the door and sunk instantly on the floor, finally letting her tears free run.

R: Kyu, mere saath hi aisa kyu hota hai? Mene aisa kya gunah kar diya hai, ke aap har waqt sirf mera hi imtehaan lete rehte hai. Kyu Khuda kyu?

She could not stop her tears, no matter how much she tried, it was just not possible.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Part 9-B : Kash SS Saathiyaa


"Bata sakte ho yeh sab kaise hua? I mean yahan tak tumhaari kahani kaise pahuchi? Only if u want" after ten minutes of silence finally Shilpa asked in hasitating voice to Arjun who was sitting beside her blankly 
"Of course tumhe toh bata hi sakta hun tumse thodi kuch chupa hai" looking at her he replied softly which made her smiled slowly
"Haan.. Par strange na hum ek hi city me hoke kabhi nehi mile" as she said amusingly he smiled while crossing his arm then putting his back against the chair post he sighed
"Nehi actually main yahan just one month pehle hi shift hua Zaara aur Zinnia (Zaara's adopted 9 year old sister) I mean Zaara ki behen ke saath par haan Aakash ka murder yehin hua tha Lonavala me" as he started she frowned on which he narrated his whole story

Part 47 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"The very essence of romance is uncertainty."

"Isse accha main tumhe na entertain kar dun" as he said smlingly she chuckled
"Joke of the day... Kyun ki mujhe farq nai padta aap kuch b karen..." she said in extra fake sweet tone pointing at his chest who hide his smile
"Really dekhte hai..." he challenged to which she rolled her eyes
"Dekh lena..." saying this wd attitude she turned to go when

Ek ho gaye
Hum aur tum...

Hearing his voice she stopped wd wide eyes did she heard his voice?? She thought confusedly... No no she must be over thinking How can he sung that is for her?? But may be?? No

Humma humma

Part 10 : Instant Messaging

Late at night at around 1:30 Am

Ridsy's home…
Gosh.. I cant sleep… kya ho raha hai? She thought as she remembered her encounters wid armaan. The basket ball match.. and in the Library
She smiled as she remembered bumping into Atul.. Armaan had certainly done Somethin to her.. she just couldn't say wat..she didn't want to even think about it
When ever she was alone.. she thought about armaan.

"anytime" .. the one word she started LOVING!.. she blushed just thinking bout how close he was to her. Se felt her hand which armaan had held… remembering how he had pulled her in front of everyone.. in front of him. Those winks armaan gave melted her veins.
Armaan called HER teeam.. HIS favorite team.

Part 8 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Riddhima was sitting in her hall and watching TV. Suddenly it automatically switched off and even the light dimmed down. The she heard voice from her front door. Riddhima got scared, and was only looking towards her door. And then the door snapped open, and in front of her eyes was none other than Armaan. Standing there, from head to toe wet, as it was raining like cats and dogs outside. Riddhima whispered his name.

R: Armaan….

She was still sitting on her place and clutched the sofa. Even though Riddhima just whispered his name, he heard it. His eyes turned darker, even by just her voice. Riddhima whimpered as she heard his authoritative voice and looked into his lustful eyes. She couldn’t resist and obligated him.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Episode 29 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Riddhima: Armaan.. Tum na.. Bohot ziddi ho.. Theek hai suno..
Armaan, I have NEVER dreamt of my future husband and you might be shocked to know that. I never had any fantacies regarding anything. And haan. This is a fact.. But I always wanted to get a romantic husband just like you.
And i also like your dedication towards me. And I also love you for accepting me for who I am.
Ek aur baat Armaan.. I love you for what you are and I never expect anything from you. You are my jaan armaan.. I cant live with out you...

Armaan is on top of the world after hearing it from her.

Armaan kisses her on her forehead, a kiss whch showed all his love towards her.

Armaan: I also cant live without you...

Part 8 & 9 : Instant Messaging

Part 8

Later that afternoon in the library

Armaan notices a gir walking inside.. headed for a computr.
"wow,new girl looks hott! Meine isse pehle kabhi nahi dekha.. very pretty..' armaan said to himself as he was checking her out. She sat down.. to face armaan..
"MACCHAR? Oh my god!...." but even though he knew it was Riddhima.. he couldn't stop lookin at her and he couldn't help smiling.

BB: abhi tak online kyon nahi ho?
2 minutes later

"Riddhima.. just chat.. he is waiting fer you…" riddhima told herself.. as she logged in
FF: sorry … kuch kaam tha..

BB: koi baat nahi… you're here.. thts enough!!

Part 7: Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Two years have passed. Two whole year, Riddhima being married to Siddhant. Her wedding day was the last day, she saw Armaan in person. As much as she tried, but she never could get him out of his mind. He was always present there. Her marriage life was not what she had expected to be. It was a total disaster. As soon as Riddhima flew back to Sydney, this time with Siddhant, everything changed.

Soon she realised that Sid had married her only for the green card he could get, he married her only for the luxury to come to Sydney. In front of her family, he was the perfect husband and the perfect son, but as soon as Riddhima and Sid were alone in their apartment, it was like Riddhima met a new Sid. They hardly talked with each other. Most of the nights, Sid would spend outside. They even slept in two different rooms. Sometimes, just sometimes Sid would try to come near Riddhima, but she would always make excuses and go away from him.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Part 46 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



Closing the door Armaan turned back at her who is shivering making him guilty for shouting on her but she didnt left any choice for him.. He only knows what was his condition when he came back in their Room after outing wd Dev Aditi but when he saw the room empty his heartbeat skipped he called her name many times but no response... He dailed her number which was not reachable at that time he moved out to ask Aditi who was standing in corridor arguing on something wd Dev... As Armaan asked about Shilpa they also got tensed when Rehaan came hurriedly there and informed about incident which Surbhi informed him from phone.. Armaan became shocked hearing this and immediately ran out to search her following by three Snant was wd Aaysha at that time so no tension of him in whole way Armaan's mind & heart were not at all in peace thinking soo many negative things but concentrating on road he drived... They reached at the place where Surbhi informed Shilpa went last but the biggest problem was cold which was getting heavier wd each passing seconds Surbhi called again on Armaan's phone who picked and asked about the shop... She told it was near a coffee shop at corner side So Armaan immediately ran there and tried to opened the door which was locked from outside then Rehaan took the address which was written above the shop and went to bring the shopkeeper Armaan's heart

Part 6& 7 : Instant Messaging

Part 6

Back at home
"Ridsy jaldi ao.. Biker online hai" Muskaan shoutedas she saw biker_boy 247 send her a PM

"wait im coming.. Armaan ki homework finish kar rahi hun. Rahul ka home wrk finish kiya?? Riddhima shouted back from another room.

"haan.. obviously.. we are talkin bout RAHUL!! u think i wont d it?." Muskaan said as she saw riddhima come into the room. "yeh lo.. tumhara Biker."muskaan gave the laptop to riddhima.

FF: hey biker.. how was ur day?

BB: really good.. everythin went the way I wanted it to. Aur tumhara?

FF: Horrible.. just horrible..actually biker I don't wanna talk bout it.. sorry.

BB: no problem …. But I promise.. ill make the rest of the evening as pleasant fer you as possible.. I promise!

Part 6 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Riddhima was still lost in Armaan. Armaan was also standing there lost in Riddhima. The time stopped, their bodies stayed on their places, but their souls moved towards each other.

R: Tum yaha pe? Kahi phir se me koi…
A: tum itni shiddat se mujhe pukarao, to phir me kyu nahi aaunga?

he put his hands on her cheek, caressing it with love.

R: me bohot majboor hu, mujhe koi rasta nahi dikh raha. Me kya karu?