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Episode 36 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Pundit takes the Kundali's of the four of them and match them.

He tells that, these both are some rare and will form as best jodi's in the world and complement eachother while all of them feel happy. But he tells that, there is some problem with the kundalis.

He tells that, the Kundali's of the girls are completely compatable with the boy's but it will be good for the girls if both these marriages are done on the same day and on the same time.

All of them dont have any problem too and they now want to fix a date.

Pundit: There is a good and an auspisious day after 2 weeks. Shall we keep it then ?

All of them agree since it is also time for their weddings and the Bride's and the Bridegroom's are more than over excited for their wedding.

Part 4 & 5 : Heart Attacks & Seizures

part 4

She looked over at him as he looked so nervous and smiled to reassure him. He looked uneasy about the whole thing…

"You sure about all this?" rolling her eyes she looked at him.

"Look you have to be seen as dashing, hip and a babe magnet… and the clothes fit.. So lets work on your attitude!…OK!" Jeez he has no problem flirting with and you just mention Kirti he sweating and freaking out!?

"OK but I totally ignore her?" placing her arm on his shoulder she looked at him in the mirror.

"Do you trust me?" he stared at her in the mirror and nodded.

"Good just follow my lead and act cool like a good friend …I will take it from there..main hoon na!" he looked at her giggling

part 31 &32 :Instant Messaging

part 31:

"congratulations Armaan And Rids!!!!" everyone shouted.. giving the two basketball stars a fright..

"thankz guys.." Armaan said enjoyin the attention and fame
Rids on the other hand tried to get away from this excitment...

Just then... Miss keerti walked in..

"yeh sab kya ho raha hai??" keerti said as she walked into the chaotic class

Immediately all thsoe standing on the desks got down... and the entire class fell into silence as they returned to thier places..

Once everyone was settled down.. Keerti walked to the board...

Friday, 18 January 2019

Part 38: college life

Back on dance floor.
Everyone is enjoying.
Armaan n: anyone need drink .
Atul: ya lets go.
Armaan an and atul excuse themselves and go for bringing more drinks.
Anjali and riddhima is dancing together both are enjoying . Every boy eyes on riddhima because she is looking so hote and her moves are sexy every boy is drooling over her. Some boys are dancing near riddhima anjali . One of them touch riddhima back and try to dance close to riddhima. Riddhima get angry she turn and slap that boy directly on his face .
Boy get angry and grab riddhima wrist and pull her .
But at same time armaan come and punch that boy directly on his face.
That boy and his friend come forward to beat him but armaan push them hard and they fall on ground and then armaan punch that boy again. And I mean time bouncers come and throw those boys out of the club and apologise to riddhima and armaan. 

Part 52 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Kaise main Armaan ka interest unki puraani chizo mein laaun... I know ab vo pehle se zyada change hue hai.. But vo Akdu aur Sadu waala mode abhi bhi baaki hai..." a confused Shilpa thought while playing wd her hairs She was sitting in breakfast table waiting for him who was in Gym on their Terrace "Par Shilpa kuch toh karna hoga na.. Jisse unka interest firse baaki sab chizo mein aaye like Basket ball Football Parties aur Boxing..." she mumbled while stooding up from chair "Kya tu bhi Shilpa boxing toh Armaan on the spot karte hai... Basket ball aur Football khelne k liye toh main unhe Sunday ko mana hi lungi" she said to herself while ascending on stairs "Parties to mushkil hai... Par Dev ne kaha tha ki Armaan College mein sabse zyada Parties hi attend karte thae... Aur ab unhe Parties mein bore hota hai just like me... Par main toh paida hi issi khubi k saath hui thi... Lekin Armaan ka toh interest laana hi hoga.. Varna hamesha gusse mein hi rahenge... Aur gussa kya kar deta hai mujhse accha kaun

Part 3 : Heart Attacks & Seizures

"WHAT THE HEL…" she looked at him confused as he placed his hand on her mouth to silences her…she looked at him mortified…as he looked at the door…

"Someone's been hanging round the door I have heard voices this morning…OK!" he whispered… nodding he released her as she looked at the footsteps by the door.

"Hmm they are spies!"….the churali does not miss a trick!!

"Spies?" he looked at her as she got up and approach the door… she looked at him sitting in the bed topless and smiled as she opened the door.

"DIDI!" Armaan started at the children running into the room and hug her.

"Minnie and Dhoni …this is

Part 29 & 30 : Instant Messaging

part 29 :

Armaan slowly lifted up her face making riddhima look at him.... she was completely captivated.. everythin seemed so perfect...

just then.."ummm Riddima?? do u mind if i dance wid Armaan???" Rids broke out of armaans arms almost she came back to the real world..

"oh hey Preeti..." Armaan said giving her a wide smile

"hey.... Armaan.. can i dance wid you??"

"ask the lady ..." armaan said winking..

" i mean.. shure shure.. go ahead.." rids said nervously..

"oh thankZ!!" preeti said grabbing his hand and pulling him deep into the crowd..

Oh God!!! preeti ke pass ek date already hai!!!! Armaan ko chraliya!!!! UGHH!!!! Rids mumbled as she stormed away angrily.. seating herself at a table to get a good view of them.


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Episode 35 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Anjali: All the best guys.. Rock on and do the work properly. Bye and see you later in the canteen.

She winks and leaves the place..

Armaan and Riddhima follow her and she guides them in all the important works and the rules of the hospital.

Finally, their first day goes in a really comfortable manner since they were used to all the environment and they even knew that they are not going to get any bangings from their senors if they do minute mistakes.. But they decided not to take any advantage of that opportunity. They wanted to work hard and become good doctors.

Part 1& 2 : Heart Attacks & Seizures


Riddhima sat in the caf and let out a sigh and looked over at Lovely as she ate her second blueberry muffin.

"Lovely this guys ok yeah! I mean he is going to show up right… I have 2 days to sort this mess out!!" she looked at her smile at her… Lovely was an old housemate and very warm and bubbly human being…we where now training at the same hospital and hung out together when we had time, the truth was Lovely was the only Indian person i know in the whole of New York… You would think in one of the worlds largest city I would find other fellow Indians …but the truth was with the studying and the work load I really did not get time to socialize as much as I wanted too… Wanting to be the best cardiologist was tough the long hours and the studying…Smiling she placed the coffee cup..

"HI! Atom bomb!" nearly chocking on the sip she looked up to see him. As he smiled through his beard taking hold of lovely's hand and kissing it…seeing her giggle like a school girl…Riddhima closed her eyes and collected herself.

Part 27 & 28 : Instant Messaging

Part 27:

At home
Rids tells muskaan about Armaan's last wish

"so?? kya korogi?????" muskaan asked... secretly smiling to her self.
She knew armaan would do somethin like this

"jaana hoga..."

"hmmm...actually why not???" muskaan said smirking.

"oh.. shut up" rids said as she hit her wid a pillow." lekin ab kya pehnu???"

"kyon??? peeli (yellow) sari mein kya problem hai?? woh to pehne wali ho na???"

"haan... lekin.. ab.. mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe kuch aur hi pehna chahiye.." rids said looking at her borin saree on the bed

"theek hai... to mall chale??? ready made sarees avaliable honge.."

"mall?? thankz muskaan" rids hugged muskaan... she wasnt too shure she would come wid her... and she really needed to wear soemthin nice.


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Part 51 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Armaan... Aaap... Yahan... I mean aap to subhe??" he sensed how nervous she is right now which he want to threw away from them forever Gadhi Shilpa tujhe aaj hi kuch... Comfortable pehenna tha... Pata nai kya soch rahe honge Armaan tere baare mein" she thought worriedly while staring down Its not like that she is not comfortable in front of him she is nervous coz she first time wore this type of dress in front of This Armaan whom she can't guess how will he react...?? Coz in Avni's Mehendi function when she wore that white dress which was exposing from back he scolded her not to wore in front of anyone except him then how will he react on this...?? While seeing her lost he shook his head and walked in front of her who was still busy in her thoughts when he clicked his fingers in front of her
"Kya soch rahi ho kabse??" he asked calmly as she looked at him slowly

Introduction: Heart Attacks & Seizures

Riddhima stared at the engagement card and let out a sigh… her step sister was getting engaged to a famous surgeon Dr Atul Joshi… and was rubbing her face with the fact she has the man and the career off her dreams and everything she always wanted… while I was still single and working hard to get what I wanted and still an intern doing my final year.  Don't get me wrong I love her to bits but she can be so insensitive at times and a horrible snotty cow.

"So Ridzzy you coming right!" Riddhima held her mobile close to her ear feeling her sister's excitement as she opened the door to her apartment.

"Yeah Di… I will be there wouldn't miss it for the world" she pushed opened the door to see her little bright pink girly pad and smiled it was so good to be home she smiled.

"Oh I got a call from Kirti last week she say you have finally got a man!"  OMG!! NO I have NOT…She gossiping as usual the two face cow!

Part 25 & 26 : Instant Messaging

Part 25 

The whole auditoriums was givng Armaan Malik an encore!!
L.U had one both the titles.
The next two matches were for 2nd and 3rd place

St. joseph had gotten the 2nd place in the boys tournament.. and josephs won 2nd fer the girls.

As the awards were given out... Mr. Deshpande the priniple of the college cae to recieve the award along wid rids and armaan by his side.
in the cafeteria... everyone sat there to celebrate.
"Hey armaan... Kya kare???" Lovely said (Student Cultural president)

Lovely basically decided what functions to have and where....

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

part 54 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan was having little weird feeling but he ignored that and get ready for office.
“Ammy, tum Rahul k sath nikalna, mujhe Bhaisahab k sath ek kaam se jana hai” Anurag said getting up as soon as Armaan reached at dining table and Rahul look towards him being confused.
“Mai chalta hu, he is waiting for me in car” Anurag left hurriedly.
“Ye Chachu ko kya hua hai? Itni jaldi me kaha ja rahe hain?” Armaan asked looking towards Rahul.
“No idea” Rahul shrugged off his shoulder and turn towards ladies but they also signed in no.
“Vansh kaha hai?” Armaan asked.
“School gaya” Nikki said coming towards them “Bhai mujhe v college drop kar dena please, I’m late” she said sitting down for breakfast.

Episode 34 : Love Birds (AR ff)

They were like a pair of engagement rings.

Nikhil: Hey.. Yeh tum donon ke rings kitna milte julte hai na..

To this Riddhima smiled and said..

Riddhima: We are engaged..

Armaan: Yeah.. And that too, before two weeks or so..

Nikhil: Oh my god, Congratulations guys. Aap ne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya ? I am really happy for both of you..

Armaan and Riddhima: Thanks Nikhil..

Part 23 & 24 : Instant Messaging

part 23 :

In college .. on the basketball court.

"Armaan.. im getting really scares." karishma said as soon as she met armaan..Hugging him as though if she lost the match she would die.

"dont worry... you'll do great.." Armaan said giving her a peck on her cheek though a bit confused.

Look at her!!! Armaan thodi bhagwan hai!! Aise behave kar rahi hai jaise hamai aakhri match hai!! Aur armaan bhi!! Riddhima said watching armaan give her a kiss..

"so... everyone... all set?? lets have a practise match again... boys vs gurls.. and then lets chill out... after all... hum hi to jeetne wale hai... ryte???" Rahul getting the basketballs

Last Part : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Its almost unbelievable how fast the time flies. Two months, it has been two whole months since Armaan had fallen in coma. As Riddhima fell unconscious at that time, it was because of low BP and all the stress. But luckily she got back fine after some days.

Since then, she went every day to hospital, to stay the whole day with Armaan, speaking to him, telling him how her day was. Even Zulaikha would come after kindergarden to her mother and father. Just for the night Riddhima would go home.

Today was also the same, Riddhima was sitting in the hospital, next to Armaan, holding his hand and looking at him.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Part 50 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"When you're in Love, you're capable of learning everything, and knowing things you had never dared even to think, because Love is the key to understanding of all the mysteries"

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt,Sing like there's nobody listening ,And live like it's heaven on earth. About heaven yes after lot of hustle & bustle Arsh started their new journey of Love!
Turning wd the Passion ArSh had explored each other wd pure love...Blushing but still a little distance made Shilpa insecure as always her KnightWink Armaan took everything in his hands blewing her all insecurities away and they once again understood each other...SmileThey filled each other wd love & care... They tour Mumbai Manali...Embarrassed
And after their romance n lovey dovey journey they returned back to their home Bhopal Smile but what made Shilpa shocked was Shao Pao's look alikesLOLand fearing for future she locked herself in room Cry leaving a poor Armaan outside the roomLOLLet's read What would Armaan do ??Wink

"Love changes everything. It changes what you feel and what you do. What would you say to me if I told you... I love you?"


Three weeks later...

Sun zaalima mere
Saanu koi dar na
Ki samjhega zamaana ...

"Nai yaar Surbhi... Kuch aur suggest karo... I know ye Armaan ko pasand nai aayga" A confused Shilpa rejected that idea while looking at men watches

Part 21 & 22 : Instant Messaging

Part 21:

"Anjali??? ur back??? kab?? " Riddhima asked completely shocked once she realised wat was happening around her.

"haan... actually.. phirse transfer ho gaya tha.. came back day before yesterday... aur princi ne phirse admission de diya... soo?? armaan kaha hai??" anjali asked looking around.

"haa.. woh abhi abhi class gaya hai.. shubhankar sir ka..."

"oh thankz.. hey rids.. how deos this look? armaan will like it??" Anjali said showing riddhima a black jersey..

"haan.. he'll like it.. he loves black.." remembering thier chat conversations.

"oh.. thankz.. ur coming na?? hum dono ek saath ja sakte hai!! " Anjali said pulling riddhima's hand.

As they got to thier class.. Anjali left her hand and ran over to Armaan and hugged him from behind.
Riddhima was staring at Armaan and Anjali in disbelief.

Part 14 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Riddhima was still in shock, she could not digest the news. Armaan had an accident? Her Armaan had an accident? As the realisation struck her she stood up and run out of the room.

R: Maaaa, Babaaa

Everyone run in the hall hearing Riddhimas cry. Ananya rushed to her.

An: Kya baat hai beta, sab theek to hai?

Riddhima clutched Ananyas hand. All the while tears were running out of her eyes.

R: Maa, Armaan….wo Armaan….

Billy stepped forward as he was really concerd because of Riddhima’s outburst.

R: Baba Armaan ka accident...

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Part 37: college life

As arman look towards ridhima in next second arman stand on his feet and move towards ridhima .
Arman: ridhima.
Ridhima give hard glares to arman and then show her hand to to stop him .
Arman stay mum but hurt is shown in his eyes.
Ridhima look towards meera .
Meera: am sry ridhima , maine bola tha na tumhe arman hum ise phele hi bata dete hain .
But before she can speak more ridhima give her tight slap on her face .
Meera: ridhima.
slap ridhima again hit meera .
Meera : what the hell tera bf cheat .
This time ridhima itni zor se slap marti hai
Meera ko ki meera ka balance bigad jata hai or vo sidha bed par girti hai .
Or arman shock me hota hai due to happenings but jaise hi meera girti hai arman apni sense me ata hai or jo ridhima meera k pass ja rhi hoti hai use aker rokta hai .

Episode 33 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Soon, the professor comes and asks them to introduce themselves while they do that.

She then announces that Armaan and Riddhima are the toppers in the 2nd year exams with equal marks. They get double congratulations...

She even announces about their course and all and gives them some cases to go through.

Armaan and Riddhima, as usual, get into one team, while the professor asks Nikhil to join in their team since he is new, which is not at all liked by Armaan.


Part 19 & 20 : Instant Messaging

Part 19inst :

"score hai.. 4-2.. Armaan hai 2 aur rids 4." Rahul announced.
"time out.. Time out" Rids shouted.
"Alright.. fine Timeout." Rahul said as he was the referee of the match.
Riddhima's team mates went over to her to find out what tactics they were goin to apply.

"Ok... we are goin to pass and play... kissi ke pass ball 7 seconds se zaada nahi hona chahiye." Rids said..

"haan aur kajol shoot karne wali hai.." she looked as kajol "so stand under the board...alright?? lets play!!"

As Rids and armaan stood next to each other to get the jump ball.. Armaan mouthed the word "kiss" which made Rids lose complete concentration and armaan got the ball!

Part 13 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Its been over a week since Riddhima moved with Armaans family to North Carolina. Yes, it was very heart wrenching, the departure from her mother, but at least she was not alone, as Ishita and Zulaikha were with her. Armaan has been since day once very nice to her. He flirted with her very openly and left not even once chance to see the blush on her cheeks. He has been the perfect husband one can wish for.

Without even Riddhimas knowledge, Armaan made sure, that Sid lost his nationality and was sent back to Pakistan. Siddhant was officaly banned from Australia. He was not allowed to enter that country ever again. Armaan also made sure, that Sid wont be allowed to leave Pakistan ever again. He literally lost his own status, even in Pakistan.