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Part 56 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"Ooo... But bhabhi baccha aapki tarah hi hoga na... Ku ki iswaqt aap bahoot beautiful lag rahe ho" Neha complemented which maked her to show her red chubby cheeks Yes she is glowing more than before yaa she have gain weight but in healthy way Her chubby cheeks are showing more glow in them Her green eyes were more shinning feeling the inside happiness This is her 9th month of pregnancy her delivery is on next week
"Aree... Yeh sab mehnat mere dever ki hai" as Aditi teased Shilpa started beating her by cusion trying to hide her blush which maked everyone laughed "Aree pagal... Raat raat ko vo tere tantrums sunta hai" still laughing she teased which maked her more blushed
"Aditi tum bhi naa... Bechaari" Naina giggled
"Mai jaa rahi hoon" Shilpa said wd grumpy look
"Nai babu... Mai toh masti kar rahi thi aaja" saying this she hugged her who smiled slowly

Intro & Part 1 : Pulse


Feeling his heart race as he help the scalpel in his hand he closed his eyes to see her there again… "Who was she?? and why has she effected him so much?" …. Opening his eyes he looked down at the chest of his heart patient on the operation theatre ..and smiled under his mask as he made the incursion… It had been barely a two days yet he could not get the holiday of Goa out of his head. Slowly the site and interaction with the beautiful stranger had effected him in so many ways and she had invaded him in a matter of days… He could not shake off the feelings… It was as if he had left part of himself somewhere on the shore of the beach where they had met….

"Why did he have to get paged? …. Who was that beautiful stranger? Why cant I get her out of my head?…." So many question and yet no answers… As he removed his hands from under the running water Dr Armaan shook his head as he wiped his hand.. Hating the feelings now residing within him of not knowing!!

"Salaam, Nameste and Sat Shri Kal… You're listening to the Dr Riddhima on 97.18 FM on Mumbai Radio… we fast approaching the love corner part of the show so please call , text and email me…we discussing love at first sight... Is it possible? or is it Lust or Love?" Hitting the button she looked up at Nana as he gave her the thumbs up through the glass window. She smiled as she looked at him.. He approached her 3 months ago and offered her a spot on the radio station as a DJ co physiologist… well her Phd would be useful and slowly the callers where getting to know her and she them… Hitting the mute button she looked at Sam her producer he was very helpful and supportive as he smiled at her.

Friday, 25 January 2019

last part : Jab We Met


rahul and muskaan were walking from the opposite ends of the had been a month since the dance..but the closeness....d attraction towards each other..was still the same......lost in each other thought they bumped into each other..not fighting but blushing
ra-wooo ...errrrmmm....wooaaaahhh..i am sorry
mu-nahiin..meri galti thi
mu-oyee band kar nahiin toh makhi ghus jayegi...
rahul-closes his mouth-nahiin meri galti thi..
before muskaan could say something
armaan and atul come..they hug rahul....

Last part :Instant Messaging

Riddima walked in staring in disbelief... what the hell was happening??? What she saw was plain mesmerising.. the entire auditorium was filled with flowers... and that aroma.... killing.. Every step of the bleechers had gorgeous flowers and the court.... the court was covered with rose petals.. riddhima spun around to take a look around... too bad every one else was dazed as well... or she would have definetly thought that something was wrong with her ... just her... people started taking wild guesses as to why this sudden new decorations were put up.... then suddenly it hit her.... Armaan malik..

 she remembered chatting with armaan telling him that flowers meant so much to her.. how could she forget?? her eyes glistened with tears.. heated tears.. her insides were even burning..with emotions.
Just as took a step further.. she finally saw him..

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Part 55 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"I have tried to let you go...and I CANNOT!!!
I CANNOT stop thinking of YOU!!
I CANNOT stop dreaming about YOU!!!"

"Mil gayi... Ab dekhta hun... Kaise tum log bachoge mujhse" he mumbled angrily looking at the phone and called Surbhi to unlock its password coz Surbhi can hack any machine coz she is an engineer So in just one hour she unlocked the phone... They both saw the video which maked them hell shocked seeing a murder happening in front of them
"Haww Mr Khan... Ab??" she looked at him who calmly kept the phone inside his pant's pocket
"I have plan..." as he said this Surbhi looked at him smilingly
"Kya Mr Khan?" she asked excitedly to which he looked at her calmly

Part 4: Jab We Met

armu-so guys is everything ready??

all nodBig smile

armu-great den.Big who is bringing rahul and who is bringing muskaan?

anjie-mein la sakti hoon..mujhe koi problem nahiin hai..

armu-ohk phir mein riddhima ko le lunga

an-yep ohk den

at-magar mein?

ar-anjie yeh bhi tumahre saath aa sakta hai na

part 41:Instant Messaging

part 41 :

Armaan walked into the basketball court as soon he got away from the crowd...nothing was going right.. Armaan sighed.. serves me right... but now what  do i do... ??
Basketball... perfect.. the one thing that could calm his mind. breakups were never difficult, why was this eating the insides of him?? Armaan thought as he missed the shot... oh yeah, shots never go in on a broken heart... everyone knows that...
still he continued.. until he finally gave up and sat down. The presentation...our efforts.. her effort... was in a couple of days.. and he knew that if this continued they would fail. she would fail....  everything seemed like a blur now..How could he fall so hard into love?? deosnt it take time for that? yet he feld so hurt.. pain never felt so strong before..

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Last Episode : Love Birds (AR ff)

armaan: ohh.. toh baat woh hai... idar dekho.... dekho.. see, what is the difference if we get married ? the only thing is that, we are gonna live together, which will be like the world's best gift for both of us and moreover, we all are like ONE family and we can meet at any time we want. see, we planned many things all these days and we had many dreams right.. so, let us cheer up and come on yaar.. bass ek aur ganta hai.. hum ek ghante ke baad, just after one hour, we will be officially wife and husbands.. wow.. i am so excited....

riddhima: me either armaan... come on you go now.. people will be searching for you

armaan makes his way to the mandap and sits beside atul.. the pundit finally starts chanting the mantra's... both of them, have their 100000 dollar smile on their faces. their happiness was reflecting through their eyes.. their actions were like mirrors to their own self, and their soul. an urge to meet their bride and spend some quality time with her, was the only thought that was running in their minds...

Part 3: Jab We Met

rahul-so...umm how did u guys get together??

armi-well....simple...we fell in love

rahul-oh gawddd....i mean how did u guys fall in love....temme..i wanna noe about ur relationship our relationship was a love-hate one...den eventually it turned into serious love

ridzy was blushing

at-haan ab khali love hai maar yeh log abhi bhi ladte hain

part 39&40 :Instant Messaging

Part 39

Armaan is annoyed wid riddhima :
"then wat did u say??????" but armaan noticed riddhima's gaze switching to some one behind her... getting even more pissed at the fact tht she was hardly even listenin to him... he turned around....

"WHAT THE.....???!!? oh my god.. wats he doing?????" armaan said as he saw rahul

15 minutes ago
Rahul walked into the cafeteria ... trying to balance himself on his heels, and walked straight for the centre table.

"oh my god !!! i cant believe im doin this!!! Hai bhagwan!!! " rahul murmered to as he realised tht he had grabbed enough attention to last him a life time. Muskaan nudged at her friends next to her who turned around just to burst out laughng at rahul.

Rahul was dressed in a bikini top wid a long flowy indian skirt... and a wid long enough hair to throttle himself with.. whic was somethin he wished he could have done.

Rahul being one of the most popular boys at college... seemed to get more attention."Okay umm... i umm... amm.. dressed like thi.. because.. i " whispereing suddenly " to bring out the woman inside me..."

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Part 54 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"It takes 3 to make love...not 2 you...your spouse... And...God!"

"Kitna miss kiya aapko Armaan... Mai bata nai sakti... Sirf ek wajah se aapse dur hui thi... Vo dar jo hamesha se mujhe hai... Par aapko dekhne k baad kch feel nai ho raha..." staring at him she thought while playing wd her food "Ajeeb sa lag raha hai... Kyun ek excietment ho rahi hai... Jaise kch alag hone wala hai..." keeping her hand on her stomach she looked at him when she felt an unknown joy inside her heart feeling something inside her "Kya aisa ho sakta hai..." her heart said happily but knowing her destiny she tried to ignored when
"Ho gaya... I feel full..." keeping the glass on table he said tiredly making her looked at him "Tumhara plate bhara lag raha hai... Tumne khatam nai kiya isko??" staring at her he asked in strict tone which maked her to looked down

Part 2 : Jab We Met

recap-muskaan meets everyone...rahul cums late as his car broke down...RM have a fight....AR2(armi-rahul)LOL...face to face

ra-tu yahaan kya kar raha hai??


ra-ab vaapas se pura samay isse ki saath rehna hoga

armi-mein bhi tumko dekh kar kush nahiin hoon

ridz realises another verbal/physical fight may start...and smiles at rahul and pulls armaan away

part 37 &38 :Instant Messaging

Part 37

back at rids house where armaan and rids had met up to work on thier presentation..

"so.. first u can say this part... and then ill say this... or do you wanna say both and me the next two parts????"

"you start off... ill say the next few parts.. " Armaan said smiling as he went through thier entire presentation..

rids smiled back weakly.. armaan was definetly making this quite easy for her.. or was he? he hadnt mentioned chirag ... the last thing she wanted was to armaan mention the "reveaing" word again..Confused

"oops.. im sorry.. armaan would you like soemhtin?? coffee?? tea??? juice?? pepsi?? anythin???" rids asked getin up almost instantly...

"coffee will be fine...."

Monday, 21 January 2019

Episode 37 : Love Birds (AR ff)

a huge wait was now finished for armaan, riddhima, atul and anjali. today is their first rasm, their haldi rasm but everyone is sad because, from today onwards, they are not getting the permission to meet their beautiful brides... there is another 10 minuits more for the haldi rasm to start, when riddhima rings to armaan...
armaan: hi jaan..

riddhima: hi armaan.. i arranged everything. you can come now. no one can find you...

armaan: have i ever told this to you ? that, you are the best girl ever ! here you are helping me to meet you and there, anjali is telling atul not to come to your place.. thats so sweet of you jaan.. love you... muhwa.

Intro & Part 1 : Jab We Met


AR-they are together and everyone knows about them

AA-they are the same as in dmg...but the only difference is anjali is a bit softer with atul

RM-its their first day at sanjeevani and their first this ff they dont know each other from the beggining!!


Last part : Heart Attacks & Seizures

"YOU DUFFER!" Ridhima turned to look at Muskhan as she shook her head at her…Muskhan was staring at her in her London flat as Ridhima told her of the events that happen in New York and Delhi.

"Paagal you should have kept the diamond ring …to pay off the debt!" WHO CARES ABOUT THE RING YAAR??? I AM HEART BROKEN!!

"I can't believe you YAAR!! Diamond ring would have been pay back… you could have e-bayed it and paid off the car repairs and his flight… Yaar!??! Kasaam Nu Khaan!! Took you for a ride!… I hate men like him… and Rahul!…they make me so angry… UFF!"  Ridhima looked at her as a little smile formed on her Muskhan waved her hands in the air karate chopping like a madwoman….

"Yaar!!.. Sapna called me and told me you whooped the charali on the dance floor.. man I missed it I would have showed her my Jalwa!"  Listening to her laugh Ridhima laugh out loud with her on the bed holding her stomach.. as Muskhan moved her hips..

part 35 &36 :Instant Messaging

part 35:

On Muskaan's dhano (bike)

"toh kab tak armaan ko msg kar rahi thi???"

"muskaan??? AAGE DEKH!! i dont wanna die today!!"

"haan yaar!!! Armaan mujhe mar dalega!!"

"CHUP!!! " rids said giving muskaan a wack on ehr back, making her lose control of her bike...

"AAAH!!! rids!!!oops sorry uncle!!" Muskaan called out as an angry man looked out of the window glaring at the two college girls.

"serves u right.."

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Part 53 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his oeauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him/her in the mirror of another loving, caring human being."

What's danger, what danger,
What danger
Take me down, down, down..
Take me down, down, down..

"What the..?" he made face as some cloth landed on him who removed the cloth angrily when he observed it was her shirt which she wore few minutes ago "Ye sach me pagal ho gai hai kya..." stooding up he moved to ask when her pant landed on him "What in the world is going on here...??" looking at the clothes stunnedly he moved to ask her "Mere khayaal se ye pagal ho chuki hai..." mumbling this he he threw her clothes on bed and went to asked when she herself came out wd wide smile on her face
"Armaan mai... Kaisi lag rahi hoon" she chiripped taking his attention whose eyes became big in astonishment

Part 6 : Heart Attacks & Seizures

Stop biting your lip!" Ridhima looked at Anjali as she stared at her. They both walked into the shopping arcade.

"Sorry Di!" Man its 1pm and Armaan is probably sitting with her laughing behind my back as to how stupid I am. Witch has got him wrapped around her finger I bet! CHURALI

"What the heck is wrong with you?… Ever since we left the house you have been weird??" Di you have no idea the Bandar took two hours to get ready and then he over did the hair and we had to do the whole thing again.. it was murder and then he hugged me kissed me on the cheek and left grinning… *sigh* I am dieing a thousand deaths right now and no one cares..

"Don't tell me you have had an argument with Armaan?" Anjali placed her hand on her arm and looked at her concerned… Ridhima smiled to reassure her.

"Di nothing like that… I think he is bored with me!" its true and anyway there is no US! You meantion the witches name and he has this look in his eyes… OMG he so digs her!!

part 33 &34 :Instant Messaging

part 33:

Armaan slowly lifter up her chin... kissing her cheeks lightly..

"ab to batao.. do you love me??" Arman asked tigheningher grip..

"armaan... please... we have a lot of history... aur...friends.. aur.. hum...aur"

"pyaar karti ho??" raising her higher... he whispered

"Armaan.. h-hum..a-abhi tak.. t-to" rids mummbled as she felt armaan buried his face on her neck..

"pyaar karti ho ya nahi??" armaan repeated this time in a more audible voice.

"h-haan..armaan p-par.."rids whispered.. tryin to find an excuse.. Armaan immediately lifted his head and held her a bit more 'leniently'

"you love me??"smiling innocently..

"i love you armaan" Embarrassed

armaan put his hand around her neck pulling her in very close...