Saturday, 2 February 2019

part 2 : Don't step on the Daisies

"Ridhima?" Padma looked at her youngest daughter as she was not her normal bouncing self…it had been 4 weeks and she looked at Shanshank and gestured him to say something as they looked at her stare into space at the dinner table for breakfast….

"Beta everything ok?" she looked up at her parents and smiled weakly… I don't know I feel so strange and I don't know what to do? I feel like I have lost a whole part of me…I feel so odd?

"Hmm I think you're missing Anjali!" they looked at Ridhima nodding and smiling but inside she felt to violated…

"She did call and say that Atul is driving her insane and will be coming to Mumbai soon…" placing the toast in her mouth she listened to the conversation at the breakfast table not taking anything in as she thought about him.

Last Part : Pulse

Vivek smiled as he looked at him watch…"Genius Vivek" he smiled think how he was going to trap her like before….he looked over at Anjali and Rahul as walked in there father shadow and smiled…. "I control the Gupta's…now this thing will pay off with Riddhima assistance…" Closing his eyes he remembered how he instigated the whole thing….

He watched close Shanshank had gotten to Riddhima and how she totally foiled his plan by being a donor match…. He manipulated Rahul's report as he too was a match but had no idea Anjali discover Riddhima existence… next part marry Anjali and control the business….but that too failed on Riddhima's arrival.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Part 59: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Synopsis of Part 58

"You don't need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely"

"Love means always have someone around who understands us, even without having to tell them specifically. Love means having someone who always put you first, even if you yourself don't! that happened wd Arsh their belief on love gave them their fruit of wait...Embarrassed

Arsh's life turned more joyful when that cute little tiny puppies joined their little family whom first Shilpa ignored but at the end accepted.LOLeverything was going perfect like a dream until she started feeling something strange and thought to live ArmaanCry but when Armaan got to know he forced demanded or whatever you want to say brought her backWink but then sudden entry of some goons kidnapped ShilpaShocked whom Armaan wd his intelligence saved her from the goons also got an unexpected news...

Part 8 & 9 : Pulse

"Riddhima what's wrong with Diya?" Armaan looked at the bathroom door as he held Diya in his arms all morning she was a little was moody and Riddhima did not seem herself since they arrived.

"What the matter angel? I know lets see if we can find Dora on the telly!" seeing the famous Mallik dimple smile on her face he kissed her cheek as they both sat on the bed flicking channels….

Feeling the cool water on her face washing her salty tears she closed her eyes as if he had walked over her grave ….Vivek Kapoor the man who raped her had shown up into her life….

"Riddhima! Breakfast is here Jaan!" hearing his voice she jumped up regaining herself …. There was a man who loved her and their child in the room. There was nothing on this earth that was going to hurt her or the two most important people in the world.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Arsh os : My Nerdy Prince Charming


Shilpa is a beautiful girl, but no guy asks her out because she's considered someone who's not approachable so they just look and admire her from afar considering her to be perfect. She's not only beautiful but also really good in everything. Not only she's a topper like Armaan, she's also really involve in her extracurricular. She's perfect just like Armaan however this is just an image she puts for others to see. She originally considers Armaan her rival since he's pretty perfect in everything just like her but always seem to beat her by few points in the exams. This compels her to try harder which means that she has even less time to think about boys. Girls usually keep their distance from Armaan not because he's not good looking but because he wears glasses which makes him seem more like a nerd.

Sid is Armaan's best friend and Ridz is his GF. He's also friends with Shilpa since Shilpa is really good in sports and Sid is too. He's more of athlete while Armaan is more like a book-worm but Armaan is better than him in basketball.


Part 7 : Pulse

Riddhima smiled as she looked over at Sapna she had noticed Diya had drifted of to sleep in her arms and looked over at Sapna as she looked at them both.

"So how long is Armaan away for?" Riddhima smiled feeling Diya snuggling up against as they sat in the lounge.

"He be back by the end of the week? He is in Delhi attending a seminar.."

"So how have you been keeping" Riddhima looked at the serious look on Sapna face and got up holding Diya.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Part 58: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"When you miss's weird...your body doesn't function it should. Because I miss you, and my's not soul it sings numb. Fingers are you...your soul"

Arsh's room
"Acha... Ab tu baith yaha... Mai Anant ko dudh dekar aati hoon haa... Aur agar late ho jaaye toh so jaana... Mai aati hoon haa" Aditi said in caring tone while making her sat on bed carefully
"Haa thik hai..." keeping her back against the bed post she said smilingly while pulling the blanket up and caressing her head Aditi went out of the room "Hmm... Tumhe pata hai mumma iswaqt papa ko bahoot miss kar rahi hain... Par papa ko toh dekho jabse gaye hai phone tak nai kiya... Lagta hai kaam me itna kho gayye ki hum dono ko hi bhul gayye vo" caressing her baby bump she complained wd pouted lips when she felt a light kick on her stomach who smiled "Awww... Jaanti hoon mujhe hi karna chahiyee... But mai hi kyun" she said in grumpy look when she again felt a kick "Aaaghh... Thik hai baba mai hi karti hoon" she giggled wd pain look then grabbing her phone dailed his number

Part 6 : Pulse

Dear Armaan

This is the fifth letter I am trying to write.. the others are in the bin. I have to leave in an hour and I am all set to embark on this new chapter in my life but before I do I want to tell you a few things about me.  As you know I was raised in an orphanage … but the truth was my mother re married and moved on with her life.  As I was an illegitimate child when I came into this world. I lived briefly with her and landed up in the orphanage… She had an affair with a married man and it was to late to terminate the pregnancy and she decided to put me up for adoption… but that failed.  I guess no one really wanted me and the orphanage where the only ones who tool me in!  I guess there was room in the inn…

My birth father is dieing and confessed to Anjali about me… she wants me to met my father? … I feel strange even saying those word mother? Father?. .. It feels so alien like?… I remember when I was eight years old and would dream bout my parents coming to find me as it had been a terrible mistake… but that dream faded with all my hopes that maybe one say I would discover why I was cast away…

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Intro & part 1 : Don't step on the Daisies

As she sat on the plane to go back to Mumbai… the tear ran down her face as she look out towards the clouds the last two days came flooding back…..

As the warm sunlight seeped through the bedroom curtains a little smile formed on her lips…pulling up the covers she rolled over as she moved forward a frown appeared on her face. 'what is this?' she thought as her ran her hand forward… feeling skin she opened her eyes. 'What the hell?" blinking and finding her bearing she remembered the medical seminar she was in Las Vegas for….  she looked at his black hair and muscle body draped in the black sheet as he lay on his front.

"No I did not?" pulling up the covers to see herself she gasped and clutched the sheet covering herself up as a lone tear ran down her cheek

'Oh my god I have to leave? Before he gets up?' she thought shifting her weight towards the end of her bed.

"Morning wifey?" feeling a arm take hold of her she closed her eyes feeling two pairs of hands pulling her back into the bed as she struggled.

Part 5 : Pulse

"I have spoken to Amit to postpone the wedding!" Sapna looked over at her parents in the living room.  Riddhima need her now more then ever and she wanted to be there for her and not think about anything eles.

"Why?" Sapna turned to see Riddhima walk into the room dressed in her red satin sleeping attire…

"You need me!" Riddhima looked at her as she shook her head.

"I do not! Infact the wedding is helping me to keep my mind of the facts… anyway I don't want to get in the way of your future!" Sapna looked at her as she sat next to her mother and placed her head on her shoulder gentle.

"Amma Sapna is scared of commitment and using me as an excuse she's got cold feet!… especial since the marriage is in a couple of days…" Sapna looked at her mother placing her hand gentle on Riddhima face as she closed her eyes.

"You two need to talk… come on Ji lets leave them alone!" Riddhima watched them leave the room and looked over at Sapna as she stood looking at the she got up and walked over towards Sapna

Monday, 28 January 2019

Part 57: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



Kamli kahaaniyo si
Jangli jawaniyon si
Jamti pighalti hai pal-pal paaniyon si
Behti rawaaniyon si
Hansti shaitaaniyon si
Chadh gayi hum pe badi meherbaniyon si...

"Nai... Mujhe tumhe colour lagaana hai..." she whined moving away from him
"Kya uske baad tum change karogi..." he asked in strict tone to which she nodded in yes innocently "Thik hai... Colours lagaane k baad change karna okay..." saying this he stood up to brought colours where as she threw her duppatta on bed when he came back wd a plate full of colour "Yeh lo... Jo karna hai karo... Aur plzz change kar lena..." he requested standing in front of her who kneeled on bed facing him
"Par mai isse lagaaun kaha...??" fisting the colours on her hands she looked at him wd cute confused face making Armaan to held his head when "Armaan..." she called in loving tone making him chuckled

Part 3 & 4 : Pulse

Part 3 

Hearing the music blasting as they approached the beach house apartment Ridhima looked at Sapna as she opened up her compact mirror for the second time…

"You look fine!…I don't get it you see him all the time and he knows what you look like?" Sapna looked at her and handed her the silver compact mirror.

 "here have a look! Yourself as you might meet the man of your dreams" looking at Sapna giggling she narrowed her eyes at her .

"Please tell me you have not set me up tonight with some cheese friend of his?" letting out a deep sigh she looked at her annoyed.

"Gosh Ridz enjoy yourself for once let down your hair and forget the past and live it up!"

"Look Sapna don't talk to me about my past OK! I seriously don't want to be here but I have only come for you and nothing else… there no such thing as a knight in shining amour or prince charming… once these guys screw you over you are thrown away like yesterdays news…"

"Dame it! Ridhima what happen to you mother will not happen to you.. heck you are so scared letting anyone come near you… look I'm not asking you to get involved just to have some fun.. and not stand as a piece of furniture and not wishing to be out of the room… Amit is celebrating a contract win and I want to be part of his happiness and not worry about you there…" Ridhima looked at Sapna march off and enter the apartment.. some times Sapna was so self centre it easy for her to wear her heart on her sleeve for me who has nothing but myself I will not be taken in for a mug…

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Hope (Arsh OS)

I look up at him and smile. Why wouldn't I? He is someone I like dearly.  With his white lab coat caressing his picturesque frame, it is hard for me to take my eyes off of him. This is certainly something that is not to be ignored.

He smiles at me and asks me, "Kya hua?"

I am stunned at his innocent question, bringing me out of my trance. I smile that reassuring smile at him, "Kuch nahi. Bas aise hi".

He looks at me with suspicion which seems to be gone right at the moment we hear a melodious voice calling out to us.

Part 2 : Pulse

"Hi Dr Ridhima my name is Guppo!" pushing up the bar on the console to hear the callers voice Ridhima smiled.

"Hi Guppo! Isn't past your bedtime?" she looked at the clock and it was 11pm.

"I'm home alone and I wanted to talk to you… your ad did say you are there to talk?" there was something in his voice and she just could not pinpoint what it was..

"That's is right what do you want to talk about?" hearing the line go very silent she looked over at Sumit very concerned.

"My sister has cancer and ….I don't know what to do?" his voice quivered and she looked blankly at Sumit and then back at the flashing console.

"I am very sorry to hear this Guppo…but you know with modern science so advance we can cure it!" the line went dead again.