Saturday, 16 February 2019

INTRO & character sketch : Will You Ever Love Me?

Intro :

'Papa plz I don't want to marry him''no beta you have to'but papa I hate him'and he hates me too''I don't want to listen anything'your marriage date will b fixed by next week'I love you papa'I want your happiness'.I am ready to marry him


Dad plz I don't want to marry that girl whatever her name is'dad I m just 24'

Armaan if u don't marry her you will not a single penny from my property and I will make sure that your account is freezed'But dad I hate her'Arman if you want your share you have to marry her'.I don't want to listen anything more'but dad'..

Wait and watch Ridd'.whatever her name is'oh yes'Riddhima shashank Gupta'soon to be riddhima arman mallik I promise to make your life hell it's a challenge'and Arman mallik do not lose any challenge and I will always hate you'


part 4 : Perfect

"Dad iv been thinking about what u said last night "started armaan...about time samrat thought....just giving him that 'I am listening ' look....."n well, cant say i have come to a concrete yes or no decision....i mean, i just feel it would be great if i could get some more time to think over the situation....i will be honest it came as a total suprise proposal to me last night when u mentioned it and all iv had time for is to think with great confusion and then sleep over it....its about my life...well i dont really care about the personal aspect since i dont care about all this matrimony stuff....but i do want to consider the issue professionally....ummmm....well yeh....thats what....." he ended...waiting for samrat's himself he thought...i did not really think of what i was gona say to you father before i started speaking but here's your reply for now...i hope u wont be disappointed....i dont quite understand where exactly my confusion is....cause like u said its the perfect deal sealing relation i could dream of....the perfect start to my new life after i graduate in a month from now...but somewhere....i just seem to be getting a nagging doubt..... whether or not this is a justified way to attain what i want in life....duno what makes me think like that....samrat who had interrupted neither armaans spoken nor unspoken chain of thoughts so far now quipped in..."i am proud of u

Friday, 15 February 2019

Part 3 : Perfect

There....perfectly finished....good job samrat....armaan definitely has something with that girl...of course it isnt love....but even if it is a flicker of point about guptas and malik should be enough to hit the sensitive spot in his business oriented mind...and at the same time...he will never think thats all i was interested in anyways....i still play the good daddy role for him....well he doesnt know about that loser shashank n me at oxford together and never he can never come to conclusions other than my concern for him....and if i have groomed him right, his professional ambition will make him see how lucrative this idea is....and since that girl is so obviously unlike her father...she will be easy to handle just like radhika once she is here...its the second most perfect deal after my marriage....and like the previous time...there is nothing to lose....afterall...if she is any trouble...its armaans life...he will handle it...and i will get to see the biggest collaboration in the history of london...GUPTA-GREWAL-MALIK tie....n i am the link....simply i come with my third n biggest hit!

~breakfast: gupta mansion~

Last part : Don't step on the Daisies

"Armaan remember we where in the hotel grounds and we where walking barefooted in the grass on the golf course and you accidental stepped on the daises… how I shouted at up and you just looked at me baffled as I sat on the grass looking at the tramped daisies …. That how I feel today… like some has stepping all over me …" as the tears ran down her cheeks looking at him as he laid so still on the bed… in the pass 4 hours he had not moved and she looked at the charts to discovered the knife had penetrated his lung … but his vitals where stable….suddenly the machines started beeping one by one…

"ARMAAN!" she looked as Dr Kirti and her father ran into the room.

"Dr Kirti… he is having difficulty breathing!" Riddhima looked at her father as he shouted over at the nursing in a numb and dazed state she watched her father pull off the sheet and stare at his tattoo with her name readable to everyone …he looked over at Riddhima as she machines all started to beep loudly.

Part 66: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

'"Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing and love what you are doing"

3 hours later
Tere deedaar ka
Yeh deewaana huaa...

"Mujhe toh samajh me yeh nai aata... Ki aapko car se bahar nikalne ki kya zaroorat thi..." a angry Shilpa scolded her husband who was rubbing his hairs wd the towel
"Maine bola na... Car kharaab ho gayi thi... Toh usse dekhne... Aaaccchhii!!" he was answering annoyingly when he sneezed making Shilpa to shook her head so snatching the towel from his hand she glared him who put his wet hairs behind from his forehead
"Baitho yaha chup chap..." pointing on sofa she ordered angrily which left no choice for him to follow her "Ek toh itni tez baarish uper se... Pura bheeg k aa gaye aap... Agar bukhar ho gaya toh..." she was

Thursday, 14 February 2019

part 57 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Yaha to kafi blockage ho gaya hai” Armaan said looking around.
“Ha beta, kal se lagatar barish aur hawa thi isliye” Mishra uncle said.
“Koi baat nhi uncle, rescue team jaldi hi sab kuch clean kar degi” Rahul said coming towards them.
“Sir, mausam to shant ho gaya hai, infact dhoop v nikal gai hai, it will get better soon” Doctor said.
“Ha, Riddhima beta, Armaan aur Rahul ko andar le jao, they might be tierd all the way from Delhi to here wo v is mausam me” Mishra Uncle said.
“Ji Uncle” Riddhima replied and look towards Armaan who was smiling as her face was relaxed from the moment they arrived.

Part 2 : Perfect

Shashank frowned deep in thought. ridhima had retired to her bedroom after their short talk...she told him rahul liked someone else. she never mentioned who, and it had seemed she was hiding something...he wondered what until he got a call...from none other than Anshuman grewal, rahul's father. could u believe that man's audacity he did not mention ridhima even, he had called to invite the gupta's to his son's wedding with muskaan...THE MUSKAAN MALIK....shashank couldn't take it anymore he felt like he had been beaten down three ends...ridz his own daughter, the less said about her the better she dint deserve to be a gupta heiress, could they have done this to him????and that Anshuman, dint think it befitting to even offer an explaination, no he talked like they had never discussed a prospective wedding between their kids...and lastly that bloke...Samrat...he ought to be sent back to the gutters he came from...he was a big shot today that slug, but shashank n he had been together at oxford and he knew where this so called malik empire headed from. it had started back then when radhika turned him down, him, shashank, for that 'hailing from the slums'

part 15 : Don't step on the Daisies

Muskhan looked everywhere for Armaan as she looked over nervously at Riddhima standing next to Anjali as the some of the guests where leaving to eat…she noticed Vivek approaching Riddhima and ran towards her.

"Me and Rahool shared a lot of stuff growing up!" Riddhima avoided eye contact as he spoken with her heart beating rapidly.

"I have a special gift for you…some pictures!" she looked up in horror as he spoke grinning at her

"Why don't you see me outside and we can talk about what you want me to do with them… as I really don't want to give them to Rahool as a wedding gift if you don't come in 10mins…" Muskhan stared at Riddhima in tears as she watched him smirk before he left.

"What's he talking about?" Muskhan looked over at her.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

part 1 : Perfect

"Yeh dude i fixed it all for u...yeh no trouble....infact she was quite easy to manage...dint even have to mention muskaan's name...she seemed to have come with the plan to dump u as well!!!but just to save ur ego, not for another guy...just some reasons she dint prefer to mention n i wasnt dying to know them...i mean who cares anyways right....WAT???o c'mon...yeh well ok if u insist on knowing...yeh she was pretty i guess and had a certain different kind of charm...not the stylish chick look u expect from the usual ladies in our class though!!...anyways chum...peace for now...i'll catch up with you later!"

well well wat was that all about armaan????i mean c'mon man...what lines...just n fame...importance of love....gosh rahul and muskaan i am gona get you both to save my neck from some deep soup like this too when the time comes...i mean what statements...n those coming out of me???armaan!!!the guy who believes in No love is

part 14 : Don't step on the Daisies

eh jo silli silli aundi eh hava
kittay koi ronda hovega*2
yaadan mere wangoo seene nal la ho
yaadan mere wangoo seene nal la
kittay koi ronda hovega
eh jo silli silli aundi eh hava silli silli aundi eh hava
kittay koi ronda hovega-2

(bina badlan toh hoyi jaave barsaat jo
chunni nu nachodi jave kothhay chadi raat jo)*2
palla chann da vee
palla chann da vee pijh jo geya hoo
kittay koi ronda hovega
eh jo silli silli aundi eh hava
kittay koi ronda hovega
yaadan mere wangoo seene nal la
kittay koi ronda hovega

"Omg Armaan what with the depressing songs in the car" Armaan looked over at Sapna as she skipped through the CD tacks on the stereo… Looking up at his rear view mirror he looked over at Riddhima as she sat in the back with her mother and Muskan.

Part 65: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special"

Night time
Sun le sada
Oo mere sanam...
"Ohnu... Aapko kaisa laga Papa se milke...??" Shilpa asked carefully hugging Ohnu from back who was sitting on her lap playing wd Shilpa's soft hairs This mother daughter duo were sitting inside Arsh's room spending their time after making her to had her dinner also Ohnu is feeling a little sleepy where as Armaan was talking in lawn wd his Mom n all coz they got to know from Dev that he is back in India So they are taking his class
"Acha... Laga mumma..." in her innocent tone she replied staring up at her mother who smiled cuddling her
"Toh aap unke saath rahogi na...??" caressing her hairs lovingly she asked again
"Nai... Ohnu mumma k... Saath rahegi..." she replied hugging Shilpa tightly who smiled

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

part 56 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

After lunch, doctors and interns get busy with check up routine. Mishra uncle was observing everything. Riddhima and Muskaan send the villagers whose check up was done.
“Yaar aaj thoda ajeeb lag raha hai na” Muskaan said.
“Ajeeb?” Riddhima look towards her.
“Ha kuch alag sa, pata nhi kyu. Khair chhod mai baki logo ko leke aati hu” Muskaan went towards the camp.
“Ajeeb nhi Muskaan mujhe ek bechaini si ho rahi hai darr wali, lekin mai aise bol k pareshan nhi karna chahti kisi ko. I hope sab theek ho, ho sakta hai ye mera waham ho aur kuch nhi” Riddhima murmured once Muskaan left.

Introduction : Perfect

She looked around, waiting to see who it was gona be this time, her face reflected her dim enthusiasm for the afternoon ahead....everytime she resolved to have an end put to this her family came up with a new deal....DEAL...perfect word for these blind dates set up by her they were indeed... deals in the making... same story everytime, "ridz beta you must understand so and so is a really nice boy.." (he meant his father is another one of those potbellied rich millionaires striking a collaboration with whom will take the family heritage to even greater heights if thats even a possibilty), "he's just perfect for you and our family, rich mature well educated...wat more can u ask for???"
right dad...i couldn't ask for anymore...the thing is...can i ask for less???like a usual boy next door who would love me to bits just for being me RIDHIMA n not RIDHIMA GUPTA, the heir to the huge empire called Gupta Legal Offices??? but i guess thats what life is like when you are born in that perfect home where you name it and you have it...that's how i grew up, getting everything much before i asked for it or even knew what it was about...and mind you i got only the very best...the best clothes toys books music mansions cars...n now...the best eligible bachelors in town...for heavens

part 13: Don't step on the Daisies

Muskhan looked over at her as she they sat in the canteen…so silent and never had she seen her in such a state she smiled and laugh at home when deep down she was totally torn up by the ordeal.

"I hate you Armaan!" they turned to see Sapna looking at him annoyed as they walked into the canteen…

"OMG try to understand I am on both side of the wedding …" he looked at Sapna as she pulled out a chair at Riddhima table.

"Riddhima explain to him he was my best friend and has to be at all my functions…" Armaan looked over at Riddhima and then back at Sapna.

"Can we discuss this alone and not in front of strangers!" Sapna turned to look at him surprised as Riddhima lowered her head feeling her eyes filling up.

"Strangers? Ok? you been sniffing the meds?" Armaan pulled the chair next to Riddhima and looked over at Sapna.

Monday, 11 February 2019

part 55 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next day, all get busy in their work. Armaan in office, Rahul in court and ladies in preparation.
Riddhima and Muskaan were busy with other doctors for check up.
Mishra Uncle was guiding being senior doctor while others were following his instruction.
Since, this camp was quite big so they need to get more villagers for check up as it will be beneficial for them.

part 12: Don't step on the Daisies

A lone tear ran down his cheek, he stared at the ceiling feeling her naked body next to him…feeling her breath kissing his neck and her arm so loosely holding him he ran his finger tips across her arm as his other hand was tucked under her body holding her close to him… All night they had made love and he was scare to face the morning to feel her wrath again…. This was all his fault as she was drunk but what was his excuse as he closed his eyes and could see how he was how he was aroused by her acceptance and totally made love to her like a manic …feeling her every curve like it was for the last time and feeling her equally matching his passion as she touched him like now other woman had…but he knew that in the morning what will take place last night would be totally forgotten and misinterpreted as lust and not love….but was it lust? He thought feeling her body move closer to him

Part 64: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Don't care how hard being together is,
nothing is worse than being apart"

Next morning
7 am
Na mai sikwa karoon
Naa na sikayat karoon...
"Armaan..." a scared Shilpa immediately sat up after coming from her deep sleep "Kya... Kal raat sachme...??" she mumble softly looking down while the whole scene till she fainted of last night revinded inside her head "Par... Armaan yaha kaise ho sakte hai...??" she got confused also sad May be she dreamt?? She thought when she felt a hand on her waist which made her to look beside her only to find Ohnu sleeping peacefully which maked her to look around in the room which was showing no sign of him "Mai yaha kaise... Aur Ohnu bhi yaha kaise??" now she really got confused when it clicked inside her brain that may be last night's incident was real he must have came That's why she is here Ohnu is here "Matlab sachme..." a smile reached on her lips thinking he was real and carefully removing Ohnu's hand from her waist she moved down from bed and ran outside when
"Bowww bowww..." hearing Breezer's loud barked near her she got startled

Sunday, 10 February 2019

AR os : "......but your words are platinum"

'Speech is silver but silence is golden' I have grown up listening to this line. But is it so? I wonder as I look back to where I stand now. It emphasizes on the importance of silence over speech, in general terms. But can we generalize it? Isn't it a little misleading? On the face of it, it does convey an impression that it's better to stay silent than speak our heart out. No, I am not citing the faults in the proverb. Neither am I trying to justify my decisions. But it is up to one that he/she decides when to voice out his/her thoughts and when to adhere to silence.

All I have learnt is that, this one proverb fails miserably when it comes to relationships. I wish I had realized it back then when I thought silence conveys the feelings through eyes. How wrong I was! or maybe I was not. But it is late now, in my case atleast., or may be not! I have lost the most important relationships of my life due to my preference to silence. I wish I had discussed it with them before acting in haste.

part 11: Don't step on the Daisies

Atul looked over at Armaan and Shub as they looked in the jumping club for the girls.

"Armaan you sure there in here!!" Atul looked worried as he looked around.

"Anjali would not drink she pregnant and.. " Atul looked over at Shub pointing at the bar as he saw them….with there mouths open they looked up to see Riddhima, Muskhan and Sapna on the bar dancing…as the men and Anjlai and Kirti waved there hands in the air with the rest of the hen party girls.

Tuk Tuk Dekhe, Pal Pal Dekhe, Dekhe Aankhe Phaad Ke - (2)
Dur Dur Se, Ghur Ghur Ke, Maare Najariya Taad Ke
Arre Yeh To Bata -2 Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Arre Yeh To Bata Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Khul Ke Bata De O Rasiya, Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Arre Yeh To Bata Dekhata Hai Tu Kya