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AR one shot :cappuccino

"One hot cappuccino" she said to road shop, while pulling her white coat collar closer to her neck....

"One hot cappuccino" a guy shouted right after her, she turned to see, who it was – he passed a mischievous smile and winked at her... she rolled her eyes and looked away

both stood on the road shop waiting for the coffee...

Soon she felt his gaze on her - "What?" she asked annoyingly

"nothing" he sniggered

part 15 : Pyar ke mod pe....

“nani,kya aap thoda chup nahi reh sakti?”

Hearing it riddhima looked at sonu and smiled. They were in flight and it was going india..and after boarding in the flight,padma was blabbering constantly and obviously sonu was the only one person who had to suffer because padma refused to sit beside riddhima. Shshank whispered smilingly : “teri ma aaj bahut khush hai.”

Riddhima didn’t reply only smiled but heard padma’s voice : “meri khushi ki kisiko parvah kahan hai? Ab toh sonu bhi bolne laga hai,aap hi aa jao,at least apne india ki baat kehke khush toh houngi.”

part 6& 7: Tumhare hum

A couple weeks go by, with
no major developments. I have been
surprisingly nice to him during those
few weeks and when I say nice, I
mean really nice. That pleasant
streak is soon broken though as you
will soon find out. The following day,
when I arrive at my office I find
Armaan outstretched on my chair. I
clench my fists in anger, but decide
I need to cool down in order for him
to fall in love with me. I slowly and
very hesitantly sit across from him,
while he passes me a file. He sits

Part 11 : Perfect

As he opened his eyes slowly, a sharp pain shot across his head, which made him scrunch his eyes hard...with effort he opened them again, and realized, he was..AT ATUL'S HOME???exactly at that moment atul walked in with a cup of hard black coffee and a painkiller....handing over both to him and grining at armaan he said..."so ammy, leme guess....this must be the worst headache of ur life, considering that tray of shots was not the only thing u were drunk on!!!!" tha tablet literally got stuck in his throat and he choked hearing what atul had just said....he looked up in complete shock..."atul what are u " interrupting him atul said "ok no digressions i know u lawyers get paid for ur words.....straight to the point....u didnt think it worth to tell me about ridhima right until u were too drunk to keep it inside anymore????" now armaan almost fell off the bed, but not quite since atul held him with a stabalising hand still giving him a stern questioning look....for once he thought um playing your role ammy, the strict guy in charge here....armaan replied slowly, slightly stammering, and completely embaresed "ummm atul....r r ridzi...i mean ridhima... i mean i....its just that....well i never figured i loved her until after the exam today...."he said finally speaking an entire sentence....and then got completely shocked as atul pulled him into a back breaking hug...."OMG armaan, so u did not

Part 70 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"I was looking for someone that can improve my life, but then I met you and found my life in you which were already perfect"

"Princess... Aapko pata hai... Jab mai bahot chota tha.. Mai ek bahoot bade... Box mein band ho gaya tha... Vo bhi two hours k liye... Jahan papa stuck ho gayye the..." to take her attention he diverted her mind carefully which worked also coz she is staring him concentrately while taking a morsel he forwarded towards her mouth who slowly took that inside making him smile
"Toh... Pphir... Aap Ock(Lock) ho gaye... The...??" she asked innocently who gulped her food
"Haan... Mai bahoot ro raha tha andar... Aur phir so gaya... Lekin kuch der baad..." he said in fake sad tone giving her another spoonfull morsel which she took easily "Mujhe ek... Sound sunaayi diya..." his voice was fake serious one while she is listening him attentively
"Kya??" she asked in full serious tone after taking a sip from water
"Mujhe... Kisiki... Rone ki awaaz aayi jisse mai bahoot dar gaya tha..." hearing his voice she became curious

Friday, 22 February 2019

part 14 : Pyar ke mod pe....

sorry guys for super duper late update..hope you will not forget this you will get update regularly...

part 1-13

“Jhootha jag rain basera
Saancha dard mera.
Mrig trishna sa moh piya
Naata mera tera...

Arman ,who was lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling up and took out an album from drawyer and started seeing the photos..since five years this album and some video clips were only the reason to survive for him in this cruel world where no place of love in anyone’s life....this album was full of riddhima’s pic...not only after arman met her..some photos of her childhood and very young age also present there which arman had taken from padma and requested her not to tell riddhima. Arman thought to give surprise riddhima on their 1st anniversary making a beautiful ‘photo collage’ and a video of their love story..he had selected the beautiful romantic songs and secretly took riddhim’a video when she was angry on him and used to mumble and behave like a kid ...when she was happy and in romantic mood ..when she used to sing songs in her sweet voice.arman captured the photos and also took videos of those times secretly. All those videos he kept safely in his laptop.

part 4& 5 : Tumhare hum

part 4

The next morning when I arrive at
the office, I immediately notice the
red and light pink roses lying on my
desk. I mentally smirk as I read the
sappy note Armaan has written, or
probably had someone write for him
being wealthy and all. My thoughts
are suddenly interrupted by the
vibrating of my cell phone. It's
Muskaan. I quickly answer the
phone and then dart across the
room to look the door. I absolutely

Part 3 : Will You Ever Love Me?

First day in Mallik and Gupta group of Industries

Mr.and Mrs.Armaan Mallik entered the office.Riddhima was addressed as Mrs.mallik by the employees in the office. She was highly irritated as she was called so because she hates when the words armaan mallik is added to her name. Jai mallik also entered with them. As Riddhima was new there jai mallik introduced her to all the employees. After the introduction she asked him"Dad where is my cabin? Actually I have to keep my things" '.Jai mallik said "Beta don't worry your cabin is in armaan's room. As he will need you everytime I have decided that armaan n you will be working together and share the same cabin and I have also change the name plates attached to that door'from today it is 'Armaan mallik and riddhima mallik'..its a good idea and you two can spend some time also" he smiled. Riddhima and Armaan was shocked afterhearing this. Armaan thought "oh god! Why are you doing like this first she is with me in the same room in my house and now same room in the office too'why'I don't want her here atleast..i have to do something to remove her from here."

Part 10 : Perfect

He stepped out of the hall, after 2 hours of that grilling final....this was the last was taking a wile for the feeling to sink in....finally armaan...ur a law graduate....its all done....welcome to the real world....he smiled to himself...instinctively he looked at the diamond ring in his third finger....he looked at it smiled and said "hey honey, ur husband just became a law graduate....wont u give him a congratulatory kiss???" following his impulse he kissed the ring, wishing it was ridhima herself....he did not stop to wonder or correct himself as to why he thought that way, nor did he try to refute his feelings....his impulses had been reigning over his better judgements for quite a few days now....unlike before.....n he was really happy right now...and the only person he wanted to see was tell her he had made hear her sweet voice expressing happiness for his success....his success...their success he thought blushing....for the first time in life he felt his achievement had a true meaning because there was someone with whom he just could not wait to share it....someone who would be happy not just because he succeeded but simply because he was happy about it...he walked towards the parking fast, knowing ridhima would be waiting there for him, like she had been at the end of each one of his exams...but reaching there he frowned slightly not finding her BMW

Thursday, 21 February 2019

part 3 : Tumhare hum

After spending countless hours in
the office, I finally head home to get
ready for my "business dinner" with
Armaan Mallik as I like to call it. Oh
who am I kidding? I bet he has full
intentions on interpreting this
appointment as a date! Whatever, I
guess it's better for me I quickly go
upstairs to my room and head
straight for my closet. I flip through
my clothes rapidly and finally come
across a satin black dress. It's
elegant, tasteful, and the best part

Part 9 : Perfect

She had no clue of what he was upto....she tried to talk to him to ask him where he was driving both of them but he started singing 'mysterious girl' n she had no option but to wait in silence....he grinned thinking of her current confusion and anticipating her reaction to his they stopped at a red signal he turned to look at her, and was captivated by her looks again....she looked so innocent and cute with those wierd expressions she was giving while muttering something he couldnt hear but knew well they were no compliments for him, atleast for now....he had a sudden urge to pull her into his lap in a hug and cuddle her and sit like that for hours....and then suddenly the honking from behind brought him back....he shook his head violently and chidded himself in silence....armaan dude get a this rate u will never be concentrating on ur work once she is a part of ur life, ur house,....ur bedroom....bedroom he thought drifting away again....smiling unknowingly...he wondered what it would be like to share his room with have sections of this walk in closet covered with her clothes and see her before sleeping an wake up to see her face first thing in the see her come out of a shower no

Part 69: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"I love you more today than yesterday but I do love you less today than I will tomorrow..."
"Calm down Shilpa... Calm down... Aisa kuch nai hai... Tu bhi jaanti hai... Yeh sab sirf rumours hai... Kyunki Yeh thodi Armaan ko jaante hai..." her heart said to her who calmed herself down and concentrated on Armaan's answer
"What?? Who told you??" Armaan asked wd a chuckle which made the host frown
"I just got to know from my staff members... Is'nt it true??" that host asked hesitatingly which made him laugh "What??" he got confused now
"I think someone has given wrong information to you... Coz... How can i marry someone when i have one already..." as Armaan replied in chilled out tone everyone's face turned into shock
"What??" Host asked in shocked tone
"I am married..." hearing his answer a relief ran inside Shilpa where as others got shocked
"What?? Are you serious??" host asked shockingly to which he nodded in Yes wd his dimpled smile
"Haww... Iski toh shaadi ho chuki hai..." as Surbhi heard this from a girl she giggled
"Haa dekhna yaar..." the other girl also made a face

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

part 2 : Tumhare hum

I walk down the stairs and hug my
mother, Padma Gupta, who is the
best mother in the whole wide
world… well according to me
anyways. I give a quick peck on the
cheek to my father, Shashank Gupta,
who is a wonderful father and a
superb businessman himself. I
quickly dash out of our mansion for
work as I realize I am running a bit
late. I jump into my silver Aston
Martin Vanquish sports car and

Part 2 : Will You Ever Love Me?

                              1st morning in mallik mansion

  As the sunlight was hitting her face she got disturbed. So she woke up. She stretched her arms and told herself good morning riddhima gupta'oops not gupta any more'its mallik'.. I hate it'

    She saw armaan sleeping like a kid with a big smile on his face and saw that he was getting disturbed by d sun rays so he just covered his face with a pillow 'seeing that she said to herself so cute'.and she smiled'.again after a moment she thought why I m thinking all this he is not at all cute he is just a devil'

 She stood in front of the mirror and saw the vermilion in her head which was filled by armaan last evening

Part 8 : Perfect

As the rays of sun penetrated the slight crevice between the 2 curtains and hit her face, she frowned slightly and tried to bury her face deeper into the pillow, only to be interrupted by...HUH???was she still dreaming about yesterday????or was it really 'mysterious girl' playing she pulled off her sheets she saw her radio was turned on and that was where the song was she slowly made a move to get out of bed, smiling slightly because she so loved this song...and because...oh well she self confessed...because of last evening....she saw herself still in the dress from last evening, the helen of troy costume, and the whole evening came back in a flash....she remembered how on entering the house after armaan had dropped her she had briefly mentioned to her father about their decision to marry and then excusing herself on the pretext of being tired had just come up. she also remembered how she had decided to sleep in the costume since she just did not feel like parting from the dress she had worn on the evening of her first date...well yeh she could call it a date now she guessed...with armaan....she thought with certain amount of regret how she had yelled at him, like she had at no one before, and though she still felt the same way about his actions

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Part 1 : Tumhare hum

8 years ago…
In a secluded garden sits an
innocent girl dressed in a churidaar
with a very cute boy dressed in
jeans and a fitted polo shirt. It is
their last day of school, he will be
going away forever after today and
there is something she needs him to
know. The girl is Riddhima Gupta,
who is merely 17 years old and the
boy is Armaan Mallik, who is merely
19 years old at the time. She turns
to him and says, "Armaan I have to
tell you something?" Armaan

Part 7 : Perfect

Mrs Ridhima Armaan Malik....the words echoed over n over again in her head....she felt dizzy with the tornado of thoughts and emotions spinning in her mind....she was so baffled that she no longer had any realization of being literally dragged out by armaan, nor of the silent 15minute long walk to the parking lot outside the basketball court, where armaan had parked his car....the walk was silent on the outside...but the two minds were inundated with a flow of thoughts way beyond their capability of handling....ridhima was still in complete shock when they approached armaan's car, but he had by then made up his mind of what he had to do and how. for the first time that day he felt clear headed in the earnest knowing his exact thoughts and future course of action. as he made ridhima stand leaning against the car, he called out her name to catch her attention.."ridhima.."he started softly, but observing that his voice would not reach her so easily he repeated saying it much louder this time "ridhima....listen....look at me...." the words slowly registered in ridhima's still partially numb brain she looked up, into his he looked back into hers he could see they were full of nothing but unanswered questions...he thought to himself, i will answer them all but first u have to answer me....aloud he said "i am still waiting for your reply ridhima..." WHAT IN THE NAME OF HEAVENS....NO, WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELL is this guy talking she thought, finally finding some way within her thoughts....he wants me to reply????to what....i mean when did he put up a question....i thought he stated a fact....a fact concerning both of us, but he stated it...just like

Part 68: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

Your cute smile creates the sun, your eyes sparkle, your lovely voice is my play list & your true heart is forever in my soul.

"What???" he is shocked hearing this on which in chilled out tone she replied in Yes "Par Shilpa tum bhi acche se jaanti ho... Ohaana abhi tak mere saath itna involve nai hui hai... Aur uper se agar tum bhi nai rahogi tab toh bilkul nai reh paaygi... Mai kaise karunga sab kuch handle" he asked still in shocked tone
"Kyun aap toh the great Armaan Malik hai... Sab kuch handle kar sakte haina??" she taunted
"Shilpa yeh badle ka waqt nai hai... I am serious Ohnu kaise rahegi tumhaare bina... Most important mai kaise rahunga..." out of frustration he blurted out which made her quiet for seconds but not showing that she thought to teach him a lesson for lying to her
"Excuse me!! Mai koi badla wadla nai le rahi hoon... Mujhe sachme kaam hai isliye aayi... Shayad aapko yaad nai parso mai aur Surbhi isi topic pe baat kar rahe the... Aur raha sawaal rehne ka meri beti bahoot hi samajhdaar hai... Agar mai usko samjhaaungi toh vo samjhegi..." she argued

Monday, 18 February 2019

Part 1 : Will You Ever Love Me?

The wedding is over and she has become Mrs.riddhima armaan mallik..she hates her name now as her name now consist of d 2 words she hate in dis world thatat is armaan mallik.
Their 1st night---

         Ridhima sitting quietly on the bed waiting for her so called husband armaan mallik. She was lost in her own world feeling uncomfortable and had a fear within her heart. She was sobbing as se had left her own house where she  has spent 23 years of her life. Her eyes were swollen and had become red. Armaan entered d room and locked d door of his room. She did realize as she was lost in her own world .Armaan came and saw riddhima'his wife,his life partner from today was sitting on his bed. He went near her and shouted her name Riddhima in her ear. She came out of her thoughts and was fuming with anger and he was laughing at her' seeing her face he got lost'he saw her green eyes n her luscious lips'.As her eyes met his blue eyes she also got lost somewhere..Armaan move closer and touched her cheek with his hand. As she touched a current flowed in her body.

Part 6 : Perfect

Guess i spoke too soon about the day not getting any worse, thought ridhima, as she stared into those captivating hazel gray eyes she had fallen for so inescapably that they wouldnt let her be alone even in her dreams....OMG....did i have to collide with him of all the people she thought rubbing her head slightly at the spot where she had hit it against his....oh what a mockery um going to make of myself before my knight in the shinning armor....she looked at him with a mixed look: smitten, embaressed, blushing all at the same time....
as he stared into her emerald green eyes, he wondered how he hadnt noticed them in the two previous encounters....and a smile which had started to form the moment he had seen her was now vividly playing on his lips...."its ok armaan you dont have to limit your amusement to a smile out of sheer courtsey, i know um presenting quite a sight here with this whole scene...."she said in a tone of resignation to facts....there wasnt much she could do about it she thought except curse her fate..... he was brought back to reality by her words...he shook his head slightly to get back to clear headed thinking and said...."ridhima...what a pleasant suprise...ummm....guess we have to meet with a bang all the time...n u got me all wrong there...u look beautiful....i mean....different and ....nice....havent

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Part 5 : Perfect

Ok ridzi, that wasn't bad at all, she thought to herself her smile reaching the corners of her lips. For every minute of playing Helen of Troy on stage, she had imagined armaan doing the romantic lead opposite her....and the lines had flowed so smoothly, the expressions gaining perfection effortlessly, cause she wasn't acting at all, she had been herself in Helen's character. As she crossed over to the end of a whole surge of people congratulating her on her performance, she almost walked into a lady standing at the door of her changing room. "you were the perfect helen dear, beautiful graceful and loving. that performance looked nothing like a performance, it looked real. congratulations and good luck for the week ahead." saying this the lady walked off....ridz smiled and then...huh????what was that she did not even let me think or react....and hang on....why did she look so familiar....interupting her thoughts, (somebody always seemed to do that) emily came up to her smiling and excited "wow ridz...that has to be undoubtedly your best performance better maintain the level all through the week and....ridz????are u even listening what happened????something on your mind????" "that lady????came and congratulated me n walked off before i could get time to react....she looked

Part 67: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Synopsis of 66

"To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this

"I was looking for someone that can improve my life, but then I met you and found my life in you which were already perfect.! Arsh starting from a beautiful married life they became parents after lots of hustle bustle... Ohaana their little princess who is not only mischievous but also their replica...Embarrassed

Everything was going normal until Armaan got a Singapore opportunity for two years which he refused to do but our dear Shilpa forced him to go just for his successShockedbut little did they knew it only gave pain to them...Cry two years passed they missed each other like hell... but also adjusted wd their present